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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 131

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Genius Assets
Roman Erokhin
4.2 (5)
How does it work Genius Assets EA?  Simply put, Genius Assets will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolutely perfect entry point, at which point GA will begin to open and manage real trades automatically. No automated system can last long without constantly updating settings. Genius Assets EA has an automatic update system, so you can be sure that your copy always has the latest, most effective settings for current mark
599 USD
Petani Uanx MT4
Maldini Yoga Pratama
5 (3)
Petani Uanx MT4 -   is a Integrated  Pair Expert Advisor. this is  Multi-Currency(MultiPair) EA, Dynamic Trading Logic,   and has a profit or loss security Next price --> $499 Lifetime The main strategy uses scalping at the speed of candles per second, the system only focuses on Small and Stable Profits. EA can use Hedging, Martingale, or and not use other dangerous strategies. It uses a fixed stop loss for each position or closed orders integrated with all open pairs General Strategy Definit
44 USD
Voluntas  is the advanced Martingale-  G rid System   which already works. It was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make profit. All costs (Commission & Swap) are included in the Trades. Only 1/2  copies  of the EA left  at $149! Next price -->  $199 Supported currency pairs:  AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD Recommended Timeframe:   M15 UPDATES:  09.10.2022 16:26   User friendly attitude Features: Multiple  C urrency Pairs Supp
149 USD
Rhalf Wendel David Caacbay
This Ea uses breakout strategy. The strategy is very reliable but still future is not a guaranteed. Backtest and forward test for you to see the result. FEATURES:          -Using BreakoutStrategy     -Operation is Automated     -Can exit anytime, Orders last for only seconds or minutes.     -No Martingale, No Grid and No Hedging     -100:15 Risk/Reward Ratio (TakeProfit, StopLoss)     -CurrencyPair: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD     -Works on perfectly on 0-7 Spread. Low spread accou
400 USD
Lock Recovery is created with the aim of to recover a position that suffered a loss. How to use Lock Recovery Properly & Setfile: Click here | MT5 Version : Click here Input Settings: 1. Manage Open Positions + Trade Buy: allow buy + Trade Sell: allow sell + Trade At New Bar :ea open and close positions at the birth of new bar. 2. Manage pending orders + Delete trendline after opening a position: set false for continuous pending orders. 3. Manage Lot + Lot Type: Select lot type + Multip
145 USD
MOMENTUM DETECTOR PRO MT4 The indicator shows the overall momentum of the market for each pair. Simply attach Indicator to chart, The indicator will automatically update. THE FOLLOWING MOMENTUM VALUES WILL APPEAR: Current Momentum:   in pips Last Momentum :   in pips 2nd Last Momentum   :   in pips Momentum Change   :   Will show either  INCREASE LEVEL or DECREASE LEVEL The Indicator works with all MT4 Platforms.  MT5 version of this Indicator coming soon. Colors are customizable to matc
55 USD
LINE Notify
Vitaly Muzichenko
Sends notifications and a screenshot of the chart about all trading operations from the MetaTrader 4 terminal to the LINE Notify apps account The EA sends notifications about all actions on the account: Opening a position, placing orders, modifying orders, including pending ones, closing positions and deleting orders Settings: Configure Metatrader to allow the EA to communicate with LINE Notify In the MetaTrader4 application, click: "Tools" -> "Settings" -> "Expert Advisors" In the
30 USD
This indicator has good trend malleability and a good trend resistance support line. Index characteristics The color changes, following the trend of different levels. The support and resistance line means that the price follows or reverses. Basic display A price tag showing historical support and resistance. Shows the approximate recommended range of historical entry positions, as well as take-profit and stop-loss recommendations, and target forecasts. Display the judgment of the current direc
50 USD
Your software provides you with more than just buy/sell signals. And the next few minutes you  will learn how to use it for maximum results. The most important part of this area, is the signals section. When there is no signal at the   moment, this area would be empty. But if there is a current signal, entry point, stop loss point and take profit point would be given  to you in this section. All you need to do is to copy/paste these information to your trading  platform. Also note that when
55 USD
Profit Tracker Pro MT4 Reliable monitoring of your performance is a crucial part of your trading plan. This indicator automatically monitors results of your trades and shows them in different timeframes. You can see your results for the current trading day and also 4 days to the past. Also, you can monitor your overall performance in each week or a month. Usage: The indicator gives a simple overview of performance in real-time and sort data at practical timeframes. Don’t forget to set your acc
55 USD
SHI Channel Pro
Thapelo Maqalika
Indicator   SHI Channel Pro   automatically shows   Barishpolotv  dynamic moving channels on the chart. This indicator is looking for the most common (based on time) fractals in history and connects them with the line.  After that, it shows a parallel line and maximum fractal at the opposite structure. It also makes a median line between those lines. Parameters: BarsForFract(0) – lenght of a fractal “shoulder” The classic  fractal  consists of five candles – extremes and two candles (“shoulder
55 USD
AutoFibo Premium
Thapelo Maqalika
It is pretty much self-explanatory from the name itself on what does this indicator do. It automatically draws the Fibonacci retracements according to the latest High and Low. The Autofibo Premium uses ZigZag indicator for determining High & Low. According to the ZigZag settings, we can influence the accuracy and size of individual swings. Simply attach Indicator to chart, the Fibonacci retracement levels will automatically be drawn on the chart. Fibonacci retracement levels can be changed acc
55 USD
NSA is designed to operate in the night market when the volume is low and everything tends to offset the movements, the basic idea is Newton's third law, thought that every action will have a reaction. The system detects the action and operates the reaction. Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. Following the logic of Sir Newton, the magnitude of the action will be proportional to the reaction, that is, the greater the action, the greater the profit of our system. NSA is a f
30 USD
MT5 Version Elliot Wave Oscillator MT4 Elliot Wave Oscillator MT4 is an indicator designed to support Elliot Wave counts. The default settings help filtering out the noise in the market allowing a clear perception for the waves counts in differnt timeframes.   Elliot Wave Oscillator high customization level allows the you to optimize this indicator to your personal preferences. Shorter Periods and faster reactive MAs will provide more infomation but will require a higher level of experience for
99 USD
Brainstorm MT4
Nina Yermolenko
The EA is based on artificial intelligence that you can train to trade using eight standard indicators. The EA is very flexible - all training and trading parameters used in the EA are available to the user. The EA has a news filter to reduce the risk of high currency fluctuations when big news is released, virtual stop loss and take profit levels allow you to hide these values ​​from your broker, high spread and slippage filters allow you to avoid losses when opening orders. During the first pa
199 USD
Anton Zverev
Our signals:   mql5.com/en/users/varkotechnologies/seller The official website of the developer company, you can find here       MQL5 Profile Welcome to our public channel       MQL5 channel Our other products       Varko Technologies Recommendations Currency pairs:   GBPUSD, EURUSD Timeframe: M1 Be sure to use a VPS or a server with minimal network latency for the broker's server. Use a broker with the lowest spread and commission. Before using it on a real account, test it with the lot y
50 USD
Binary Strong Indication Indicator is Designed Based on 14 Different Strategies Based. You can Use Binary Strong Indication Indicator for Binary Option Trading or if you want you can Try it for Forex. Time-Frame : M1 Depend on your choice on which time frame you want to get Indication. Trade Time Duration: 60 Seconds or 5 Minutes Mostly we Used it for 60 seconds in iq option but you can use it for any binary broker. Input Parameters : HLB = 30 it means Highest & Lowest Point of 30 Bars. This Val
50 USD
separate indicator window for Currencies Strength smooth lines for up to 20 symbols based on (5) time frames  &&& MAIN Window Power TABLE for up to 20 Symbols for (5) timeframes and the Total calculated Symbols strength for each 1- Currencies Strength  - It draws smooth lines for up to 20 currencies pairs representing Volatility  strength and power calculated by 5 selected time frames not only ***Works on any Time frame  but i recommend from M15 M30 H1 .... (lowest frames need higher index of
30 USD
Boom and Crash Spike Detector indicator is coded based on an advanced strategy primarily for detecting the Boom and Crash in the prices. Complex algorithms were implanted to detect high probability Booms and Crashs in the prices . It alerts on potential Boom or crash phases : Boom Phase: When the price increases too fast. Crash Phase: When the price decreases too fast. LIMITED TIME OFFER : The  Indicator is available for only 50 $ and lifetime. ( Original price 125$ )     Key Features Sends
50 USD
1:This is a strategy for the development of gold varieties,It has been running for 2 years 2:No Martin and Grid,Only one transaction at a time 3:Suggestion: starting at $100/0.01(perhaps RISK) 4:Please trade at 15m level 5:Its risk is very low, please rest assured to use it 6:Please use it on GMT + 2 platform(XAUUSD 15M) 7:This is a long-term strategy, and I'm sure you'll love it signal: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1403219?source=Site +Profile+Seller
400 USD
Rustem Ibraev
1 (2)
Bunnahabhain is an unique Expert Advisor that uses an arbitrage system. Multi-currency Expert Advisor makes it less vulnerable to market fluctuations. The trading system can work with both large and small deposits. Do not forget to write to me in private messages, I am ready to help each buyer and suggest about the adviser's work. Unfortunately, MT4 does not provide the ability to test multi-currency EAs. PROMOTION PRICE 30% SALE NO MARTINGALE. NO GRID. NO AVERAGING!!! Please if you have any
100 USD
This utility shows the performance of the account (closed operations) in a graphical panel attached to a graph as an indicator. The purpose of the utility is to have a quick and clear view of the performance of transactions organized by different EAs or any desired combination. The utility has the following features in the current version 1.0: - Custom groups can be defined, to analyze and compare different performances within the account. The groups can contain filters of two types, filter
60 USD
Советник ищит точки входа на активных местах рынка по авторскому индикатору Открывает позии по индикатору против тренда  Докупает по более выгодной цене закрывает позицию при достижении профита на активности рынка предусмотрен запуск на одну валюту и без сторонних советнико Наблюдай  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1395888?source=Site +Profile+Seller дополнительно можно подключить телеграм  бот для оповещения от советника
30 USD
Breakout MA
Rustam Tairov
Торговый робот, простой в использовании и понятный. Ордера открывает при пробитии уровней максимума и минимума текущего дня, закрытие осуществляется по двум стандартным индикаторам Moving Average, при желании можно изменить значения в настройках. Стратегии типа Мартина, хеджирования здесь нет!!! Рекомендуемая пара для торговли  USD/JPY. Данный робот очень хорошо показывает себя в трендовых движениях, не очень эффективен во флэте.
30 USD
The indicator signals the appearance of a possible divergent bar based on the shape of the bar and its standard deviation from the Alligator indicator. A bullish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its upper half (the higher the better), has a lower minimum than the previous bar, and drops sharply away from the Alligator. A bearish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its lower half (the lower the better), has a higher high than the previous bar, and moves up sharply from the Alligator. Stand
50 USD
The indicator signals the appearance of a possible divergent bar based on the shape of the bar without angulation detection. A bullish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its upper half (the higher the better), has a lower minimum than the previous bar, and drops sharply away from the Alligator indicator. A bearish divergent bar is a bar that closes in its lower half (the lower the better), has a higher high than the previous bar, and moves up sharply from the Alligator. SETTINGS History - h
30 USD
Scalping Snake Pro is a unique scalping indicator that shows the trader the price reversal moments and does not redraw. This indicator, unlike many others on the Internet, does not redraw its values. It draws signals on the very first bar, which allows you not to be late with opening deals. This indicator sends notifications to the trader by phone and email when a signal appears. You get all this functionality for only $147. How to trade with this indicator? Open the H1 timeframe. Currency pa
147 USD
Observation account  : https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1339268 This EA is a lock arbitrage strategy. It includes a variety of strategies such as adding positions against the trend and adding positions with the trend, as well as complex detail control. When the order forms a pair lock, it starts to make a positive order in the direction of the trend . The minimum opening is 0.02,do not less than 0.02. Treat different markets differently. For unilateral markets, the lock mechanism will be ado
9 998 USD
The whole day there is no opportunity to monitor the terminal, but the phone is at hand. This is both an indicator and a utility for trading buttons from Telegram on a fixed lot. You can both scalp on M5 chart or wait for a good entry point on Daily chart. I decided to combine 3 projects into one (MTF Demarker values, profit calculating with cross orders and updating content-info in the buttons themselves), I wanted to make the functionality more easy and convenient than the standard Metatrader
49 USD
SBS Trade EA
Anton Zverev
A trading system built on the analysis of channel trading systems. It uses smart algorithms in its strategy to search for pivot points of entry into the market. An adaptive algorithm for tracking and controlling transactions is applied. The Expert Advisor also determines and adjusts to any spread expansion and slippage in the Forex currency market. Live Trading Signals: Varko Technologies The strategy has been successfully tested throughout the available history, with a simulation quality of
500 USD
The One Scalper
Constantin Eduard Stefan
The One Scalper expert advisor is made up by two strategies  . First strategy  uses important trade levels in order to open it's trades and the second strategy analizes the price movement continuously and if specific movement is detected it places pending orders very close (using the default settings) to the price , using small stops and trailstop for taking profit .  No martingale or lot size increase is used . First strategy opens market orders at the most probable institutional target price
95 USD
Market Profile iMT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Definition : A Market Profile is an intra-day charting technique (price vertical, time/activity horizontal). Market Profile is best understood as a way to see order in the markets. Market Profile was a way for traders to get a better understanding of what was going on, without having to be on the trading floor. The current indicator is developed based on Easy-to-Use architecture including a wide range of visual settings. Major Features of Indicator : Various Views of Market Profile The indica
60 USD
The indicator plots sloping support and resistance levels for one of several oscillators based on DeMark points, displaying them in a separate window. On the price chart, when building support and resistance levels, for example, the volumes of bars or the difference between high and low prices are not taken into account. These data can be added to the calculation using an oscillator and build supply and demand levels based on them, which will more accurately and earlier show a breakdown or rebo
30 USD
Hengping Liu
5 (1)
The promotion is in progress. Now buying is equivalent to saving 100%! Real account 1、Principle introduction Goldboxea is a fully automated trading (Foreign Exchange Trading Robot), whose main product is a basket of cross currency exchange transactions. The strategy is based on the regression level of monetary value, does not use lag indicators, processes each profitable entry point with millisecond level operation, and uses high pass distribution statistical algorithm for periodic historical d
74 USD
Trigger KX5
Mikhail Tcvetkov
5 (1)
The indicator gives buy and sell signals in real time. When choosing a direction according to the main trend, about 75-80% of the signals are processed into profit. Absolutely all signals remain on the chart and do not change their position, so you can easily test the operation of the indicator both on the history and in the strategy tester. The indicator settings are simple and logical: the Velocity parameter is responsible for the number and frequency of signals, the optimal value is from 10 t
30 USD
Scalping channel - indicator of price movement direction. Where the channel looks, the price moves there. When the channel looks down and the price is at the top of the channel, we open a sell trade. When the channel looks up and the price is at the bottom of the channel, we open a buy deal. This is a simple scalping strategy for intraday trading on M1, M5, M15, M30 timeframes. Everyone who buys this indicator will receive a scalper robot as a gift, which trades on this indicator automaticall
147 USD
MT5 Version Multi Timeframe MA MT4 Multi Timeframe MA MT4 is an indicator that offers the representation of up to 3 MAs with different Periods and Timeframes. This allows the user to reprensent in one chart and timeframe information coming from other timeframes and get notified as any of the MAs crosses another one. Multi Timeframe MA is the   first   indicator in the market that offers Multi Timeframe interactions and a high customization   level from up to 7 different MA types (SMA, EMA, WMA,
129 USD
Leopard MM
Fatme Othman Goehringer
4 copies left at $100                                                                                     Next price - - > $150                                                              **Leave a 5-star review and get a second EA for free**   Introduction: Are you tired of losing you money with curve fitted experts or so called holy grails which promise thousands of dollars every day? Did you spent hours o
100 USD
Rhalf Wendel David Caacbay
An enhanced martingale bot with very minimal drawdown of 0-20% Depending on configuration.  This bot is based on our old bot but with added features and some enhancements for better automation, performance and ease of making strategy. Set file will differ depending on the currency pair. The default set file is for GBPUSD. FEATURES: Lots Lot - Lot is the initial lot or base lot that will be used on the very 1st order. Lot will be dynamic (calculated base on buffer and current balance) if Comp
599 USD
Frank Paetsch
if I could only use one of all my experts,  it's the PipRetriever PipRetriever  work in standart settings for allmost every instrument and is not Broker sensitiv at all. Standart settings is use a negativ Martingale System. Mean the EA start with higher lot to make huge profit if he catch the price movement. If he fail, he decrease the lotsize and grid untill he reach the average Take Profit. Best is to run the PipRetriever for any currency and settings on a single account. Standart s
250 USD
VinaSun Scalping MT4
Pham Duy Dat
3.5 (2)
VinaSun Scalping   is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. The improved exit logic reduces the drawdown and increases the efficiency of the system. In addition, the Stop Loss calculating algorithm works excellent adapting the Stop Loss levels to the current market volatility, decreasing the drawdown and increasing the Profit Factor of t
299 USD
Yin Yang EA
Elizaveta Erokhina
Yin & Yang EA is an advanced trading system. It uses intelligent algorithms to enter the market safely. I was looking for a long time for a system to improve the current market situation and find the perfect entry points and I found it! I can definitely say that I am happy that I was able to convert my trading system into a mathematical algorithm. It trades like a damn good trader with 20 years of trading experience, picking the perfect entry point. It also uses 4 indicators that I have been wo
700 USD
PAX BDB Trade Chaos system of Bill Williams (Bearish/Bullish divergent bar) One of the signals of the "Trade Chaos" system of Bill Williams. (First wiseman) When bar moving away from the  "Alligator" indicator and there is divergence on the Awesome Oscillator indicator, it shows a potential point of movement change. It is based on the opening/closing of the bar, the position relative to the previous ones, the Alligator and AO. When trading, the entrance is at the breakthrough of the bar(short
34 USD
The expert works on the gold chart link Signals here https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1396945?source=Site+Profile The expert works in a digital way to open deals First, work on the five-minute timer The step size is 10 pips when working on currency pairs When working on gold, the step size = 100 if there are two or three numbers after the decimal point for the price of gold. How the expert works When opening the first deal The trolling stop works in pursuit of profit If the price goes down, it o
300 USD
JBSar EA Robot
Jordanilo Sarili
PROMO: SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. ENJOY LIFE… DO NOTHING. We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to trade or invest using auto-trading way to provide other source of income while letting the robot and your money works for you.  The trade strategy is based on Averaging and uses a little bit combination of martingale and grid strategy. Methodology   – Trading entails technical analysis with m
259 USD
Introduction to Support Resistance Risk Management Support Resistance is the most trusted technical analysis. However, the risk management for the support and resistance is not practiced often. Hence we provide one effective risk managment method for the support and resistance trader. In the book: Scientific Guide To Price Action and Pattern Trading (Wisdom of Trend, Cycle, and Fractal Wave), how to use Support Resistance is described as well as Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave
55 USD
Chanikya Konda
Very Profitable Scalper.  It is preferred to trade on EURUSD 5 Min Time Frame. Please download demo and test it.  You can set following properties: Magic Number,  Maximum Risk Factor,  Minimum Risk Factor,  Profit Factor (default is 36 = 3.6 pips),  Maximum Lot Size (Currently it is set 45),  Slippage. It is a scalper.  Please rate, review and comment the product.  Happy Trading!
30 USD
Level2Level MT4
Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez
RELEASE PRICE - JUST 199$ Final price - 499$ For every 10 copies sold, price will increase 100$. This is an advanced semi automatic EA, that trades from level to level. How does it work? The user puts it the desired levels in settings that they want to trade from. When this is done, the levels appear on the graph. The levels is 5 support levels, 5 resistance levels and one neutral level. This EA trades only long over neutral and only short below neutral. On neutral, it trades both ways. Whe
199 USD
Es handelt sich ursprünglich im ein PinBar Exper Advisor! Sie haben anhand von prozentualen Einstellungen die Möglichkeit, die zu handelnde Kerze selber individuell einzustellen!  Sie definieren selbst prozentual den Shadow/long Wick , Body und Nose/short Wick. PinBar wäre z.B. 60%,30%,10%.  Sie haben unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten an Einstellungen: Settings: Variable   oder   Fix   Lots Trading Start Trading Ende     TakeProfit  StopLoss StopLossBuffer   für   Buy   und   Sell . Bsp. 2 Pi
49 USD
Trend Guard
Innovicient Limited
Bollinger Band is one if the most useful indicators if used properly. Trend Guard used the parameters based on Bollinger to create a tool that can help traders enter trades at most optimal level. The indicator is useful to all traders since it checks for retracements and changing trend direction. With this indicator, you get the opportunity to open trades early and also lock your profits based on the dotted trend lines that form after a certain level of Bollinger band. We have simplified the ind
70 USD
Pips Hunter Robot
Ekaterina Saltykova
This EA is based on Grid Martingail method, and it has made a huge evolution with this method of trading.   It does not use directly the "classic" Grid Martingail method. EA waits exact points to add new orders in case of initial order goes loss direction. It has smart method to define follow up position points, that allows EA to stand up HUGE one side market's price direction. During high - impact News, highg-volatility time most of Grid systems, if it was not turned off, successfully blows tr
12 499 USD
Ka Fai Benjamin Ng
It's a risky. It's easy to use. It's martingale. EA Parameters: (M) EA Operation mode (0) Init order size (if Auto)     === Strategy One (1) Grid size (pips) (2) Martingale multiplier (3) Max martingale levels     ===== Admin (4) Target profit ($) (5) Suspend: loss over ($) (6) Close all: loss over ($) (7) Magic number 1 (8) Magic number 2 (9) Magic number for manual order In Auto_Initial_Orders mode (M), EA places one buy and one sell order when started. In Manual_Initial_Orders mode (M)
68 USD
Sergii Povzaniuk
This trading tool will help You to place your orders faster , specify its parameters easier and control your risks more clearly. It allows You to use lines on a chart to set the entry price, stop loss, take profit for any order, considering the specified percentage of risk from the deposit or a fixed lot, and place it in one click. It automatically detects a broker’s commission and takes it into account during calculations. It also calculates available for new order funds based on already opene
30.01 USD
KT Bollinger Shots MT4
KT Bollinger Shots works using a striking blend of the slingshot pattern and the mean-reversion phenomenon applied to financial markets. In addition, a mathematical algorithm is used with variable deviation to fine-tune the indicator's signals on a different level. Winning Trade: After a signal, if price touches the middle band in profit, it is considered a winner. Losing Trade: After a signal, if price touches the opposite band or touches the middle band in loss, it is considered a loser.
90 USD
移動平均線クロス、ボリンジャーと移動平均線のクロス、移動平均線の角度でサイン表示 MT5インジケータ こちらに サイト とがあります。 このインジケータは3つのパターンでサインを表示(切り替え可能)します。 ①   移動平均線のクロス ②   ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線とのクロス ③   ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線とのクロスと、中期移動平均線と長期移動平均線の角度 移動平均線のクロス 指定した短期移動平均線と長期移動平均線のゴールデンクロスでは買いサイン、デットクロスでは売りサインを表示します。 ディフォルトでは短期は5,長期は20となっています。 もちろん変更可能になります。 移動平均線の種類をEMA(指数平滑移動平均線)やSMMA(平滑化移動平均)などに変更可能で適する価格も変更可能になります。 ボリンジャーバンドと短期移動平均線のクロス ボリンジャーバンド(以降BB)と短期移動平均線のクロスでサインを表示します。 ディフォルトではBB+1σと5MAのゴールデンクロスで買いサイン、BB-1σと5MAのデットクロスで売りサインでサインを表示します。 BBの期間や
38 USD
Mr Pornchai Boonsom
Use for EURUSD H1 is very good for low drawdown and high profit. Can use original data for trade if you want high profit you can adjust new data and test before run. Can run it minimum capital 500 USD but you increase capital you can safe very good for port. We recommend that you run it on port standard not run on port raw spread because your profit will decrease. If you run port on swap free is very good for you. https://social-trading.exness.com/strategy/11577386
30 USD
The robot uses the Moving average method to open transactions. The strategy includes Martingale + hedging trading methods. We recommend using the software on the H1 time frame, for which it is optimized. Supported currency pairs for which .SET files exist: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDUSD, CADCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, USDCAD.  Download SET files here maexpertadvisor.com All supported couples have 10 years of strategy testing results. Use our calculator for suitable lot size. See the results of real
299 USD
Munkong style
Mr Pornchai Boonsom
Works with all currency pairs and time frames. It can be applied to all brokers where the currency pair is swapped, but should be used with positive swaps because even if there is a pending order, we get a swap every day, which is definitely more than the bank interest. We only need to manage our capital sufficiently. In the case of a broker without swap, both buy and sell orders should be opened as this will reduce DD and increase profit at the same time because it will make profits both up and
30 USD
Vladimir Khlystov
It shows signals for all timeframes, and calculates the total percentage of the probability of price movement based on 63 signals. You can enable and disable various signals, entire timeframes and individual indicators. You can configure at what percentage the adviser will open positions himself. Or just trade in manual mode using it as an indicator. If the Trade button is pressed and the percentage in some direction has reached the set value, the Expert Advisor will open the corresponding posi
75 USD
If you are afraid of Martin's sudden position explosion and are tired of the frequent stop loss of trend strategy, use this hedging arbitrage strategy! Top arbitrage   It is an automatic trading robot of arbitrage logic. Due to the function of adding positions, it runs smoothly and the trading curve is smooth.   But unlike Martin's robot, this EA does not mindlessly add positions. It will take action according to the needs of the market and stop adding positions when the spread widens.   In addi
5 699 USD
Fx Relax
Aasankan Aalakkandy
FX RELAX EA is a grid system which analyzes trend based on indicator. Description of Settings: Magic Number  = magic number to distinguish orders from others EA. EA_Comment   =  EA_Comment to distinguish orders from others EA. // Make blank if it not required. Initial lot = Minimum volume to start each trade. 0.01 is default value and it can change according to Equity. Lot_Multiplier = lot multiplication factor. 1.25 is default value and recommended . Grid separation = step betwee
99 USD
Set your Entry Stop-loss and Profit with Lot size calculator in one click. We designed this EA to calculate Lot size automatically based on Risk percentage on Account balance Reward options are alliable to  1:1 , 1:2 , 1:3 cancel not executed trader at one single click. Don't need to go to any position calculator or any lot size calculator get your lot size based on candle price action.
55 USD
Advanced Indicator Scanner is a multi-symbol multi-timeframe scanner that works with hundreds of custom indicators available across the web including mql5 website market and codebase indicators. Advanced Indicator Scanner features:     Scans your indicator in 28 customizable instruments and 9 timeframes.     Monitors up to 2 lines(buffers) of an indicator.     Showing of indicator value on buttons.     Popup, email, and phone notification alerts for selected symbols and timeframes.     Quic
90 USD
The EA does not use any indicators and is focused on the Daily Close price, we will buy everything that is higher with pending orders, everything that is lower will be sold, but not at random, with using a directional shadows of a smaller timeframe. Customizable reaction to candles of a smaller timeframe: the size of the candle, its body, shadow is set. Distance to a pending order, distance between orders, bar lifetime. You can use averaging with or without the Martin factor. In the "discussion"
99 USD
Индикатор "Zigzag levels" основан на индикаторе зигзаг.  Индикатор показывает зоны уровней поддержки и сопротивления относительно индикатору зигзаг. Индикатор "Zigzag levels" сделает хорошую службу в вашем трейдинге. Всем больших профитов!!! The Zigzag levels indicator is based on the zigzag indicator. The indicator shows the zones of support and resistance levels relative to the zigzag indicator. The Zigzag levels indicator will do a good service in your trading. Big profits for everyone!!!
50 USD
Trend zone ind
Murodil Eminjonov
Индикатор "Trend zone" Помощник трейдеру, показывает на  графике  текущую тенденцию. Он надеюсь станет незаменимым индикатором в ваше трейдинге. Индикатор не перерисовывается и не меняет свои значения про переключение временных периодов The "Trend zone" indicator is a trader's assistant, shows the current trend on the chart. I hope it will become an indispensable indicator in your trading. The indicator does not redraw and does not change its values about switching time periods
50 USD
OGNSFA system
Sirojiddin Nosirov
Fully automated Expert Advisor OGNSFA system . The Expert Advisor works on the basis of neural networks. There is a possibility of choosing a fixed lot and an autolot. The EA has the ability to choose the trading time.  If you trade in 7 pairs, the system works normally with a minimum deposit of $ 5 000. You can use cent accounts. You will earn more if you use a broker with fewer spreads. Recommendations An ECN account with a minimum spread is required. Minimum deposit: from 5000 dollars.
330 USD
Reversal zone
Murodil Eminjonov
Индикатор "Reversal zone" показывает силовые уровни  и возможные точки разворота на текущем графике. Индикатор "Reversal zone" поможет трейдеру разобраться с текущей ситуацией The "Reverse zone" indicator shows power levels and possible reversal points on the current chart. The "Reverse zone" indicator will help the trader to deal with the current situation
50 USD
Williams Trend EA
Williams Trend EA is an automated Expert Advisor uses a combo indicator:  Awesome Oscillator & Williams Percent Range 1. Awesome Oscillator Indicator If you have a basic understanding of math, you can sort out the awesome oscillator equation. The formula compares two moving averages, one short-term and one long-term. Comparing two different time periods is pretty common for a number of technical indicators. The one twist the awesome oscillator adds to the mix, is that the moving averages are c
49 USD
Индикатор "BO  indicator at zero bar" для торговли бинарных опционов. Индикатор выдаёт свои сигналы на нулевом баре не перерисовывает и не меняет свои показатели при переключении временных периодов. Рекомендую использовать индикатор совместно с другим индикатором как фильтр  "BO indicator at zero bar" indicator for binary options trading. The indicator gives its signals on the zero bar, does not redraw and does not change its indicators when switching time periods. I recommend using the indicato
50 USD

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