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Price Movements EA

The Expert Advisor does not use any indicators. When the speed of the price begins to increase sharply, the EA opens an order in the direction of its movement. The velocity of the current price is measured based on breaks of virtual levels, which are set at the Step distance from the price, and is modified after the specified TimeStep time in seconds. The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies, like Martingale. It works with 4 and 5-digit quotes. The recommended minimum deposit is 100 USD, the currency pairs are EURUSD and EURJPY.

Unlike Price Movements, Price Movements EA has more customizable parameters and uses another trailing.

The EA includes a gap protection function, it closes all open positions before the end of trading on Friday and will not open any new positions until Monday - the TimeOnFriday parameter.

To test the EA, enable the visual mode in the the strategy tester and set all ticks.


  • Lots - fixed trading lot if MaxRisk = 0;
  • MaxRisk - the maximum risk in % for the calculation of the lot; if 0, then the lot size is fixed and equal to the value of Lots;
  • TakeProfit - profit;
  • StopLoss - loss;
  • BarCount - number of bars for trailing; if 2, the calculation is performed by highs and lows of the last two bars;
  • Indent - shift in points from the bars' lows and highs (BarCount);
  • TimeFrame - timeframe for trailing, searching for bars' lows and highs (H1 - 60, M30 - 30, M15 - 15, M5 -5);
  • Slipage - slippage;
  • Step - shift in points from the virtual level price;
  • TimeStep - time of modification of the virtual level in seconds;
  • MaxTrades - maximum number of open trades at a time;
  • TimeOnFriday - time, after which trading on Friday is prohibited; if 0, then there is no prohibition (server time);
  • Magic - magic number;
  • TextColor - text color;
  • UpCol - upper line color;
  • DnCol - lower line color.

Strategy Tester Result

Expert Advisor testing for 1 year (01.01.2013 - 01.01.2014): on EURJPY pair.

Bewertungen 5
Leslie Wallace
Leslie Wallace 2015.03.05 02:40 

Nice EA.. I run for pair EURUSD and EURJPY,Nice for news market..

Leslie Wallace
Leslie Wallace 2015.03.05 02:40 

Nice EA.. I run for pair EURUSD and EURJPY,Nice for news market..

suphicha khetlak
suphicha khetlak 2015.02.26 00:54 

มันไม่เปิดออเดอให้เลยครับ ผมซื้อไปแล้ว ทำอย่างไรดีครับ

It was not an order to me, then I do it.

Adham Abdelrahman
Adham Abdelrahman 2015.02.10 08:26 

I tried the ea with many brokers the results in strategy tester is completely different from real it is one of the fastest ea to blow your account

Boris Gulikov
Boris Gulikov 2015.01.26 17:25   

Дорогая игрушка для тестера. Сливает даже на демо ECN (Альпари).

Автор выпускает всё новые и новые советники, работающие только в тестере, не доведя до ума старые.

Не понимаю, о какой поддержке вообще идёт речь. Человек даже сеты не может предоставить к советнику на текущий период.

В утиль.

Juan Fernando Arango Z.
Juan Fernando Arango Z. 2015.01.09 13:49   

It's a scam only works on testing, demonstration and live is different.

Do not lost your money on the purchase, as I lost ..

Version 1.2 2014.12.12
Fixed freezing levels and pending orders.
Version 1.1 2014.11.26
Changed the market entry algorithm: now, the Expert Advisor sets a grid of several orders and modifies them over time. Modification of orders occurs when the price is outside the channel.
Added options for closing all market orders by the total profit of the deposit or drawdown. Added the Expert Advisor's operation start and end functions, and the limitation by the days of the week.