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AW Recovery System

Advisor is designed to reduce drawdown on the account. The author's algorithm locks the unprofitable position, splits it into many separate parts, and closes each of them separately.

It is the use of closing losses by parts to reduce losses with a smaller deposit load, which ensures a safer operation with losses, in contrast to the grid strategies of closing orders only in whole groups.

How is the restoration of orders

  1. The Expert Advisor closes the other windows of the selected tool in order to turn off the unprofitable Expert Advisors (optional).
  2. The Expert Advisor resets the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels for all processed orders and removes pending orders with the corresponding identifiers.
  3. The Expert Advisor closes all profitable orders processed in order to cover a part of unprofitable orders with the help of their profit and reduce the total position volume (optional).
  4. The Expert Advisor blocks a loss-making position by opening a locking order.
  5. Then, by opening the restoring orders, it proceeds to reduce the loss by partially closing unprofitable orders.
  6. In case of partial closure, the algorithm restores first of all orders that are least well arranged; each of the unprofitable orders is divided into many parts, each of which is closed separately by the adviser. Restoring orders are opened with a small volume in order not to significantly increase the load on the deposit.

When launching the strategy tester, the adviser opens one demo position, then for testing you need to use the buttons to open orders on the advisor panel.


  • It is suitable for processing both a small number of orders and large grids of unprofitable orders.
  • Flexible to set up and can be used to restore losses, and as a full-fledged trading panel.
  • A large number of built-in security features.
  • It can be used to recover losses from individual advisors, and automatically start a recovery when a certain loss is reached.
  • Flexible processing of unprofitable orders and their partial closure
  • The trailing stop handler can process both the whole group of restoring orders and the first and last restoring orders to close the parts of the loss.

Input Parameters

  • ORDERS TO RECOVERY SETTINGS - Settings section for the restored orders, as well as general functions in the advisor,
  • PROTECTION SETTINGS - Section for setting protection functions,
  • RECOVERY GRIDS AND RECOVERY ORDERS SETTINGS - Section for setting up restoring grids and restoring orders,
  • RECOVERY ZONES SETTINGS - Recovery zones settings section,
  • INDICATORS - PARABOLIC SAR SETTINGS , INDICATORS - ALLIGATOR SETTINGS , INDICATORS - 2MA SETTINGS - sections for setting indicators that serve as additional trend filters when the appropriate value of the " Type of filtering for recovery orders" variable is selected .

krassi2305 2019.03.14 20:25 

I agree with my previous speakers. Must to have for all Traders.

Thank you Alexander for this excelent EA!

Zlyden 2019.03.14 17:15 

Отличная работа, но это только инструмент, включение головы никто не отменял.

Armen Khachatryan
Armen Khachatryan 2019.03.07 09:52 

I purchased it recently and I am sure that such a tool is needed by any trader to prevent the loss of a deposit. I am very grateful to Alexander for timely support on the settings of the adviser.

Recomend for everybody.


Я приобрел его недавно и уверен что такой инструмент нужен любому трейдеру для предотвращения потери депозита. Я очень благодарен Александру за своевременную подержку по настройкам советника.

Рекомендую всем.

Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson 2019.03.03 11:16 

A truly amazing piece of software, this ! If only I had found it sooner, it would have saved me heaps of money ! Instead of capitulating when trades go wrong (and closing positions with a huge loss), this EA slowly but surely gets one out of the worst mess - even with a profit ! Have been using it for about a month now, and I must say I am very impressed ! The more one gets to know the settings, the better of course, though.

sopharo 2019.02.21 15:37 

I have buy ready now my account have been recovery again. What I see is they use " Partial Close lot " that mean No matter big lot wrong position like lot 0.50 this ea will reduction lot 0.02 or 0.03 step by step so your lot will be decrease to 0.48, 0.45 one by one. I think should Buy this EA for full don't rent it. :-D So happy thank you.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2019.02.12 18:08 

Seems to work fine. Especially when you read the manual and know how to adjust the settings. And, like always, don't think everything will happen fast. It takes time to sort things out and if you take care of your bad trades with this EA and let it do it's job, then you can continue trading again. I have used it for a couple trades that were going in both directions and hard to control after a while. The recovery was placed on a chart to take care of everything. I will now put it on other pairs and on a couple of my accounts and let it watch my open trades and kick in when it's time.

Update March 14, 2019

I am still impressed by this EA and all the things you can make it do. I am glad that I understand the settings and I have also helped probably 10 others with their settings to make a recovery for their large drawdowns.

Update March 15, 2019

And now a great new update of this EA where you can close trades that are in big loss or big lots manually as well. I want to give it 10 stars.

JKatzer 2019.02.12 12:18 

This is a very useful tool for more experienced grid traders, not for beginners in my opinion. It takes some time to get familiar with the parameters and their impact on trading behavior, but then you will perceive its potential.

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.02.11 13:21 

Although it recovered slowly, it was very stable.

The author also answers each question very carefully.

ozzyno76 2019.02.02 17:08 

A very good life saving!

Ajmal Jamseeth
Ajmal Jamseeth 2019.01.24 14:09 

A very nice EA. Though I bought the EA last year, I did not put in to use until now. After my account blew up in January, I decided to try the EA and now it is recovering g one of my accounts nicely. With proper settings and reasonable drawdown, the EA can recover the account slowly. I am going to put this EA in all my account so that if there is a sudden change in the market line it happened on January 3, this EA can kick in, lock the position and slowly recovers. Thanks Alexander for a wo fearful product. Again Alexander is a very co operative and helpful person for any queries and he implements ourfeature request if he finds it will be adding value to the product.

Clifton 2019.01.23 08:30 

Respect for such a coding written and spectacular recovery.

It works. I was in a drawdown for usdcad/eurchf/euraud. Initially it was a read up comments and self exploration and self learning phase. After 2-3days, my margin started recovering and back to its healthy lvl. A must get for EA Traders. It’s easy to understand the parameters and filters too.

Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2019.01.22 17:39 

Excellent EA. The EA will slowly recover the pair that has a drawdown, according to user settings.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.01.21 16:47 

Wow! My account was at 120% margin, and now it has 5000% margin!

This EA is already working to keep my account alive!

I wish I had this prior to losing $13 million in the Yen Flash Crash... I might still have all my money!

So basically this EA is worth over $13 million (if it would have saved my account).

Spectacular! Hope the developer keeps this updated and improved. This EA should be MQL Market's number one EA!


AWRS will only work on the pair of the chart you attach it to, and it will do the following steps:

1) if you set to "Work straight away", it will open a hedge order (Lock) to the sum total of all your current orders that are in DD. This offsets the losses and if market continues you will not lose more (but if market reverses you will not gain more either);

2) you can set to close any current profitable orders to help lower margin requirements on your account and boost balance;

3) AWRS will then gradually open recovery orders to the amount you specify (default 0.06 Lots, to close 0.03 Lots of existing orders).

But AWRS is VERY SLOW in recovery. I have had it on my account from last two weeks, and it has made some recovery and helped "somewhat", but I am awaiting an update from the developer to improve its recovery rate and make it more efficient. My experience has been somewhat mixed, and whilst I would like to encourage you to try AWRS for yourself to see how you like it, I must advise it is your decision and you should do your own research, read the Comments, read the Blog, and contact the developer for further questions.

The main advantages of AWRS are:

1) its hedge ability to immediately offset losing orders;

2) its partial breakdowns (closing) of losing orders.

The main disadvantages of AWRS are:

1) speed of recovery can be quite slow and infrequent, and Swaps WILL ACCRUE;

2) it only works on the instrument of the chart you attach it to, and cannot factor into recovery other trades on different instruments;

3) all charts of the instrument you attach AWRS to will be closed if you set this option to True, despite setting a Magic to only close charts related to a specific Magic.

Alex is working to improve the EA to include operations similar to this soon (hopefully!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOPfoN7dYpc

Lingxiang Zhang
Lingxiang Zhang 2019.01.16 17:15 

I give 5 star. It's useful,but need much time.............

Sven Markus Weller
Sven Markus Weller 2019.01.11 17:18 

Desperate, because you have many open positions and your DD is getting bigger? Here is the ingenious solution !!! Slowly but regularly, your open positions are always closed with compensating profit. No necessary adjustments needed. The EA can be drawn directly to the chart and starts working. Worth every euro. THANK YOU, Alexander!

zero9898 2018.12.27 07:20 

A useful recovery tool EA, but need to test intensively!

Update: No doubt! This is an excellent weapon for your trading arsenal!

Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza
Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza 2018.12.26 18:53 

Totally recomended ea, settings are easy to understand and recovery is slow but constant.

elkinmar1 2018.12.04 17:48 

Magnificent Expert Advisor. It has recovered many bad manually traded sessions I have had. This EA has to be part of the Tools every trader "MUST HAVE".

Ovied 2018.11.08 21:55 

This really is a very smart EA. Moreover, If you have some serious DD, this EA is for you. I had planned out some manual trades and those trades got away from me so quick. I was mad at myself and I was determined to hedge my way out of this manual trade. Some of my DD was recovered then I found this EA. I have been using it a week and it works. Don't expect your bad trade to be recovered in one day. Slow and steady this EA is recovering my DD.

Michael Beek
Michael Beek 2018.11.08 19:57 

I had a drawdown of over 90% on two accounts, I could not keep track of it myself (hobby trader pro). This Ea was my biggest hope. Reduced to just over 50% within four weeks. No idea how he does that. I know it is not easy to trust an EA. So I hope he can finish it too. This EA does well like a lot of CPU.

CLO006 2018.10.22 19:11 

Working very good

Hefajatur Rahman
Hefajatur Rahman 2018.10.16 16:31 

Good EA..

but we need to see target lot buy and sell locked negative value to show on display

suppose i locked 0.20 , 0.20 and 0.10 buy with 0.50 sell, set target 0.01 lot to close each time...i need to see 0.01 lot locked negative value which ur EA handle...please update this one and better disable close all button...cause if mistakenly hit this button...people loose all money which in negative

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2018.09.26 21:01 


AurelianoV 2018.08.07 16:01 

Тестировал.Устраивал краш-тесты. Обсуждал. Уточнял. Отличная работа.

Вроде просто, а как важно иметь в арсенале!))).Супер.

Жду развития!

Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez
Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez 2018.08.02 20:07 

Excelente trabajo, poco a poco me va sacando de las malas operaciones.

wroger 2018.06.15 21:31 

Works very good, use small Lot and get Daily Profit... Also recover the losses from other EA very good...

Bruce Warmer
Bruce Warmer 2018.06.13 10:52 

I have rented and installed it. The EA is slowly recovering the pair that has a drawdown.

sergmir2007 2018.06.04 15:06 

мне понравилось

Version 6.0 2019.03.14
- Die Möglichkeit, die Berater-Panels zu minimieren, wurde hinzugefügt.
- Die Möglichkeit, Wiederherstellungsaufträge manuell zu öffnen, wurde hinzugefügt (die Variable "Group for opened orders").
- Die Möglichkeit, gewinnbringende Positionsaufträge zu verwenden, um verlorene Positionen zu schließen, wurde um ein neues Panel erweitert, um diese Funktion zu nutzen.
- Die Berechnung der Verluste für TrueECN-Konten wurde aktualisiert, und es wurde eine Variable hinzugefügt, um sie zu identifizieren (Variable TrueECN_Type_of_account).
- Arbeit pünktlich am Freitag aktualisiert, Fehler des leeren Wertes der Variablen behoben;
- Blockierungsberechnungsblock für Konten mit einem Mindestbestellvolumen von 0,1 und 1,0 Lots aktualisiert
- Fehler bei der Berechnung des Auftragsvolumens nach Verwendung des letzten Überlappungsalgorithmus für die Reihenfolge behoben.
- Standby-Modus aktualisiert. Nachdem alle Bestellungen geschlossen wurden, kehrt der Berater in den Standby-Modus zurück, wenn er gestartet wurde.
- Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, die Stufen von TP und SL nicht automatisch zu löschen (Variable "Delete SL and TP")
Version 5.87 2019.02.15
Aktualisierung der Bestellberechnungsfunktion für Überlappung
Version 5.85 2019.02.15
Die Berechnung des Volumens der Wiederherstellungsaufträge wurde aktualisiert. Der Fehler bei Eröffnungsaufträgen desselben Volumens wurde behoben, nachdem sich der erste Wiederherstellungsauftrag mit dem letzten (Overlap_LH) überschnitten hatte.
Version 5.80 2019.01.20
Die Rücksetzeinheit der TP- und SL-Ebenen im Drawdown-Modus wurde aktualisiert.
Version 5.70 2019.01.07
Fehler bei der Ermittlung von Schließungen im Auftragsauswahlmodus "Manual_Opened" behoben.
Version 5.60 2018.12.27
Mögliche Fehler bei der Berechnung von Volumina behoben.
Version 5.50 2018.12.24
Das Volumenberechnungsmodul wurde für die Wiederherstellung von Aufträgen beim Öffnen aktualisiert, nachdem sich der erste Auftrag mit dem letzten überschneidet.
Version 5.40 2018.12.06
- Die Funktion zum Zurücksetzen der Ebenen TakeProfit und StopLoss wurde aktualisiert. Der Berater überwacht und setzt diese Werte nicht nur beim Start, sondern auch während des Betriebs zurück.
- Der Algorithmus der Arbeit im Tester wurde aktualisiert, jetzt im Strategietester werden Demonstrationsaufträge nur im Startmodus Work_at_Start automatisch geöffnet. Dies macht es einfacher, Strategien mit dem Start eines Beraters während eines Drawdowns zu testen.
Version 5.30 2018.12.03
Beachtung! Wichtiges Update!

In der vorherigen Version des Beraters gab es einen Fehler, aufgrund dessen ein Berater einen Loop bilden konnte. Aktualisieren Sie das Produkt.
Version 5.20 2018.11.27
Optimized start with drawdown in money and start with drawdown as a percentage of the deposit.
Version 5.10 2018.11.21
Added visual display of recovery zones
Version 5.0 2018.11.21
- Updated advisor panel design,
- Updated input configuration,
- Reduced consumption of computer resources,
- Changed the settings of the recovery zones, now they can either be configured automatically or manually assigned
Version 4.10 2018.10.08
- Fehler behoben, die beim Wiederherstellen einer Bestellung des Mindestvolumens aufgetreten sind.
- Mögliche Schließfehler der Karten behoben.
- Mögliche Fehler beim Löschen von ausstehenden Bestellungen behoben.
Version 4.0 2018.10.02
- Der Laufmodus wird der Variablen Work_Mode mit einem Drawdown in Geld hinzugefügt (die Variable Drawdown_for_Start wird abhängig vom gewählten Modus entweder in Geld oder in Prozent gemessen).
- Die Funktion Close_Profit_At_Start hinzugefügt - der Berater zu Beginn der Arbeit schließt alle profitablen Aufträge von denen (die bearbeitet werden dürfen) und die Verwendung der Gewinne von ihnen blockiert einen Teil der unrentablen.
- Funktion hinzugefügt Delete_Pendings_At_Start - Advisor zu Beginn der Arbeit wird alle ausstehenden Aufträge mit den entsprechenden Bezeichnern entfernen.
- Beim Start entfernt der Berater die TakeProfit- und StopLoss-Stufen aus den bearbeiteten Aufträgen.
- Eine Variable hinzugefügt, um die Art der verarbeiteten Aufträge auszuwählen (Work_With), wobei:
   All_Trades - Der Berater arbeitet mit allen Bestellungen des Instruments.
   Manual_Opened - der Expert Advisor bearbeitet die manuell geöffneten Orders (das sind Orders mit Magic = 0, wenn andere Expert Advisors MagicNumber = 0 haben, dann wird RecoverySystem sie als manuell geöffnet erkennen)
   Same_Magic_Number - Advisor verarbeitet nur Aufträge mit demselben MagicNumver wie in RecoverySystem EA.
- Es wurde die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, einen Advisor ohne Grafikblock (Show_Panel Variable) auszuführen, was wichtig ist, um Ressourcen bei der Verwendung von VPS zu sparen.
- Eine allgemeine Optimierung des Codes wurde durchgeführt, ein Teil der Operatoren wurde neu geschrieben, um die Geschwindigkeit zu erhöhen und den Ressourcenverbrauch zu reduzieren.
Version 3.0 2018.09.03
- Fehler beim Schließen anderer Charts behoben.
- Jetzt arbeitet Advisor an einen bestimmten Magic_Number zu binden, dass Sie nicht die Werkzeuge und die Arbeit des einzelnen Beraters, im Hinblick auf dieser Berechnungsmethode auch korrigiert Drawdown (Dd_Percent_For_Start) wiederherstellen kann - jetzt ist es der Verlust der Anzahlung als Prozentsatz ist, der mit einem geeigneten Algorithmus Magic_Number auf dem entsprechenden Gerät vorgesehen ist.
- einen Multiplikator Rasterabstand reduziert Aufträge (Step_Multiplier) hinzugefügt.
- drei Optionen hinzugefügt, um die Filterordnungen reduziert (Trend_Filter_Grids).
- Added Funktion, um die Menge an Reduktions Aufträgen pro bar zu begrenzen, kann nur ein Market-Order (One_order_per_bar) sein.
- Hinzugefügt die Möglichkeit, die Schriftgröße (Font_Size) zu ändern.
Version 2.0 2018.06.18
Added the "Close_Another_Charts" function. If enabled, the EA closes other windows of the current instrument at the start of the work to disable other experts working on the selected instrument.