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Mr Schmitt Robot

MR. Schmitt Robot is fully automated forex Expert Advisor. Robot has 2 strategies, the strategies based on price levels' breakout with smart Take profit and Stop loss. Take profit always is 21 pips and Stop loss always is 7 pips. Robot best work on EUR/USD pair on 1H timeframe. No need big risk % for profitable trading,it show good results with only 3 % risk. Of course you can increase risk % but i suggest no more than 5 %. Testing in long term robot showed small Drawdown %. Robot only works on EUR/USD pair.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/131289


  • Always use pending orders
  • Take profit always 3x bigger than stop loss ( tp 21/sl 7)
  • No martingale or martingale elements
  • No grid
  • No hedging
  • There are no risky strategy elements
  • Best work on EUR/USD 1H
  • You can start as little as 200$ deposit
  • Ability choose fixed lot or risk %.

Testing in history

  • EUR/USD 1H 2008-2015 from 1000$ to 5 980 410 $ 3 % risk

Expert advisor parameters

  • Risk mode: (true/false) if you use "risk mode" then "lot mode" must be false
  • Risk: money management by risk %
  • Lot mode: (true/false) if you use "lot mode" then "risk mode" must be false
  • Lot: fixed lot
  • Use trailing stop: true/false
  • Trailing stop: trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step: one trailing step
  • Trailing start: pips offset from the open price
  • Use break even : true/false
  • pips on profit: pips on profit then break even will be activated
  • Use max spread: true/false
  • Trading hour start: it's start hour of the day when robot will have permission to start trading
  • Trading hour end: it's end hour of the day when robot won't have permission anymore to trade that day
  • Stop loss: pips in stop loss
  • Take profit: pips in take profit
  • Slippage: permissible slippage for opening an order
  • Open time for strategy 1: it's time when order will be placed of strategy 1
  • Buy pending order offset: pips offset from candle high/low for buy pending orders
  • Sell pending order offset: pips offset from candle high/low for sell pending orders
  • Use delete pending orders at Friday: (true/false) it's depend from your broker, set time before your broker close marker at Friday evening, robot need close pending orders and start next week from zero
  • Delete time: it's time when orders will be deleted at Friday
  • Comment of order: Comment of order
  • Magic number: unique number for each chart


  • Risk
  • Lot
  • delete pending orders at Friday
  • lot mode
  • risk mode

Easy to set up, just choose your mode for trading, fixed lot or risk % and set time in "delete pending orders at Friday" before your broker close market at Friday it's important cause need to delete pending orders before ending week.


Best work on EUR/USD 1H pair. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. Download history data before testing on strategy tester.

If you have question or you need help, fell free and contact me

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2016.12.30 05:17 

Original May 2016

From the few month i rented it previously, it operated well on 4 different demo/broker accounts.

Update 12/29/2016

This EA started off good, but in the end it made no gains. Its sideways movement for the year and wasnt worth putting money at risk.

Omar Rissone
Omar Rissone 2016.12.21 01:41 

Very Good EA, Consequent profit and low DD, Excellent.!!!

Mikhail Gorenberg
Mikhail Gorenberg 2016.09.09 05:15 

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Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2016.08.16 15:28 

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Tim Rijnbeek
Tim Rijnbeek 2016.07.08 16:10 

As i said in the comments before how the EA is behaving i am providing you guys and the author

with a screenshot ,which is taken in time/case where this EA is failing.

Not to discredit this EA and his creator ,but to benefit .

It has a great potential, the buy and sell orders are in perfect place all the time,

but its the markets behaviour that can ruin ones profit in a single trade.

Spikes are this EA's worst enemy , taking the trade to gamble grounds or the decision to take the loss.

As seen in the screenshot the buy order in this case was activated but quickly things turned around . we are talking of a 60+ pip move against the trade ,while the SL is set to 14 , so that is also quite strange. Author please see this one trough and than i am sure you got a nice EA made ;)

http://imgur.com/Lbssvit a screenshot from my test account

Nerijus Jokubauskis
Nerijus Jokubauskis 2016.07.01 20:54 

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Tomas Rodriguez Doherty
Tomas Rodriguez Doherty 2016.07.01 17:45 

The Ea is well programmed and has potential but eventually has created losses and I was not able to profit on this EA, It could be improved.

Yutish Govsky
Yutish Govsky 2016.06.13 20:36 

I like this EA :)

Andrew Vilchez Navarro
Andrew Vilchez Navarro 2016.06.06 18:03 

For now EA works pretty well, always in favor of trend and with very tight stop, but I think he could get more, I have bought and am very happy with it.

Thank you.

dimitris 2016.06.05 22:54 

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billgao2 2016.04.15 15:18 

good ea,a little loss and a good profit

Tomas Kacinauskas
Tomas Kacinauskas 2016.02.03 19:49 

Excellent robot, six stars!

Csaba Segesvari
Csaba Segesvari 2016.01.31 10:26 

seems to be good, works well on FinFX, and Dukascopy

update: 2016.01.31. Dukascopy is a holly shit, with it's MT4 – losses, but not because of the EA. FinFX works well.

ayse Ozsakarya
ayse Ozsakarya 2015.12.11 01:27 

Very good ea

Version 2.9 2016.04.25
2.9 version has new functions like
-break even (true/false)
-max spread protection (true/false) note: 1 means 1 pip
-start trading hour (eg. 00:10)
-end trading hour (eg. 23:00)
-now offset for buy and sell pending orders is separate
-comment of order,now you can change it
-virtual stops instead of real stops (broker can't see virtual stops levels)
-some information on the chart: broker name, server name, leverage, balance, profit

-Now you have choice to use trailing stop or not (true/false), also now you have choice delete pending orders at Friday or not (true/false)

-Note: if you will use Mr.Schmitt robot 2.9 version with default settings robot will work 100% the same as previous version.
Version 2.8 2015.12.14
- New input menu, more comfortable.
Version 2.7 2015.10.19
-fixed opening time for strategy 1. Some brokers can't open orders at 00:00 so,now you can set time then orders will be placed. I recommended set time between 23:00-01:00. (certain hour)