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SW Scalper

SW Scalper EA

SW Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping when indicated the market makes a fast movement. It uses smart algorithms to open any trade.Also this system come with very smart Money Management code and not like other Expert Advisor with this ea you will cant use fixed lot to trade. You must use the very smart Money Management system inside this ea to open any trade, you will need only to put your risk and the system will do all other job for you. And if you put zero in the risk setting the system will open the default small lot that can make the good results.

Expert Advantages:

NO: Grid, martingale, hedge & arbitrage.

YES: Stop loss is always for every orders.

LOW: Average position holding time.

MIN: Drawdown, initial deposit.


AutoLot = TRUE: Auto lots

FixedLot  = 0.1: Fixed lots size

Risk = 2: Risk % (if #2=true)

TakeFactor = 4.2: TP factor multiplier ( range 1.0-5.0/step 0.1 )

StopFactor = 4.9: SL factor multiplier ( range 1.0-5.0/step 0.1 )

UseTstop = TRUE : Trailing stop

Tstart = 48 : Trailing start pips ( range 10.0-50.0/step 1.0 )

Tstep = 36 :Trailing step pips ( range 10.0-50.0/step 1.0 )


We recommend USD based accounts. Every broker has different settings on other currency based accounts. If you have a difficulty on other currency accounts such as GBP, EUR, I recommend you to pass to USD based ones. More balance, more trades and that brings better performance.

A VPS Hosting in which EA runs all the time while your computer is shut down. We strongly recommend that you use this EA at VPS Hosting 7/24 for more efficiency.

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