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Idea Trader

Idea Trader (EURUSD M30)

Idea Trader is a fully automatic, professional trading robot. Designed specifically for the foreign exchange market  EURUSD M30.

This EA does not need to configure parameters. Ready to work on EURUSD M30. You only need to decide on the choice of the lot.

This EA has a smart algorithm which detects the trend, filters out market noise. The expert creates orders on trend direction.

Input and output orders are given by a combination of four indicators that can be found on any MT4 platform: Commodity Channel Index, Momentum,Force Index and Average True Range.

Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss, which brings capital security for times when volatility increases. This EA offer smal dropdown, which offers the possibility extracts money out of the market regularly.

The Expert was tested from January 2019 to the present on EURUSD historical data. Please download it and test it yourself before you use it for real money.

This expert is optimized for EURUSD M30. Every pair has their own characteristic. 


Minimum Deposit: 500 $

Max Spread: 20 point

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