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Indicators Trader MT4

Automated multicurrency Expert Advisor with an unlimited number of currency pairs. In this case, it is possible to indicate on each individual currency pair how the adviser will work with it. You can add orders manually.
The expert does not have a specific strategy. Everyone chooses what features he will use. And on what indicators and on which TF to work with them.

Real account, which is fully led by an expert. MACD and Envelopes are used.

Two Moving AverageEnvelopesRSIForce IndexZigZagStochasticRelative Vigor IndexIchimoku Kinko Hyo
MACDCCIATRParabolic SARAlligatorMomentumDeMarkerBulls Power


Described in the EA (a lot of them, here, not fit)

(requiring more broad explanation)

  • SymbolsTypeXXX: To work with the symbols of the expert or with all (Used in some functions. For example, when you install SL/TP)
  • SymbolsWork: Currency instruments (pairs) for the EA to work with. There may be variations when setting a pair. If set simply as EURUSD, GBPUSD: or AUDUSD:ALL, the EA opens both buy and sell orders. If a specific order type is set after a colon USDJPY:BUY, then the EA opens only buy orders and in case of eurjpy:sell, it performs only sell orders. The pairs are separated by commas. For example, the following entry "EURUSD, GBPUSD:, AUDUSD:ALL, USDJPY:BUY, eurjpy:sell" instructs the EA to open trades on EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD in both directions, while trades on USDJPY and EURJPY are opened only in specified directions. (If the parameter is left blank, the EA trades in both directions on the pair it is launched at)


  • WorkXXX: Type of indicator operation. NoWorkIndicator: disabled, WorkIndicatorOpen: only for taking positions, WorkIndicatorClose: only for closing positions, WorkIndicatorALL: to taking and closing positions
  • XXXInpReverse: Reverse work

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Version 1.11 2019.01.08
The indicators "CCI", "ATR", "RSI", "Force", "DeMarker", "Momentum" added the ability to turning point, or just when crossing the resistance line. Parameter "XXXTurningPoint"
Version 1.10 2018.12.30
1. Added indicator "Ichimoku Kinko Hyo"
2. Added indicator "Bulls Power"
3. Fixed a bug when training
4. Changed the inputs of indicators "CCI", "ATR", "RSI", "Force", "DeMarker", "Momentum"
Version 1.9 2018.12.16
Added the ability to train an EA.
Version 1.8 2018.12.01
Added the ability to select trading positions or pending orders.
Version 1.7 2018.11.30
1. Added "Relative Vigor Index" indicator
2. Added "DeMarker" indicator
3. Trading by time
Version 1.6 2018.11.28
Added pause trading when closing all positions
Version 1.5 2018.11.27
Added resistance lines on MACD
Version 1.4 2018.11.27
1. Added indicator "Stochastic"
2. Added indicator "Momentum"
3. Added the ability to record a profit. In increments.
Version 1.3 2018.11.26
Небольшая оптимизация.
Version 1.2 2018.11.26
Added "Alligator" indicator
Version 1.1 2018.11.26
Added ZigZag indicator