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Night channel scalper

Night channel scalper is a fully automatic trading advisor. The strategy of night scalping in the channel, working hours 2-3 hours. Advisor does not use martingale. does not use a grid, does not use hedging. All trading orders are protected by stop loss, the recommended timeframe for working M5 is M15. It has a setting of dynamic take profit and stop loss. The minimum deposit for work is 10 -15 dollars for one currency pair, leverage 1: 500


  • Take Profit - Fixed Take Profit
  • Dynamic Take Profit (0-off) - dynamic take profit, calculated according to the previous bar from the signal bar as a percentage
  • Stop Loss - fixed stop loss
  • Dynamic Stop Loss (0-off) - dynamic stop loss, calculated according to the previous bar from the signal bar as a percentage
  • Initial lot - initial lot
  • Вreakeven (0-off) - breakeven activation
  • Step breakeven - breakeven distance
  • Trailing stop (0-off) - activation of a trailing stop
  • Step trailing stop - step trailing stop
  • Virtual trailing stop - virtual trailing stop
  • The maximum spread - the maximum spread for opening a trade order
  • Closing of the order in which the drawdown - the maximum drawdown at which all orders are closed
  • Setting a signal candle - the value of the signal bar for opening a purchase or sale
  • Start trading - start trading
  • End of trading - end of trading
  • Number of trades per day - the number of trade orders per trading session
  • Comment - comment on orders
  • Slippage - Slippage
  • Magic - magic number

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Juan Avendaño
Juan Avendaño 2020.06.12 19:23   

Good afternoon, the EA does not open operations, What should I do or how should I configure it?

Roy W
Roy W 2020.03.29 16:48   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.1 2019.11.27
Added filter by RSI indicator