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GAP Hunter EA

GAP Hunter EA

The expert's trading strategy is based on finding a gap (price gap) that occurs after weekends and holidays.
Basically, the majority of gaps closes on the same day or within several days, the expert tracks such price gaps and when it arrives opens an order in the opposite direction in the direction of closure.

There are settings to search for gep only on Monday, search for gep every day on the shift of days, and 0-24 gap search around the clock.

In the settings there is a spread filter, trailing stop, breakeven, there is a grid with a martingale lot setting, all functions can be disabled, or customized.

Parameters optimization was not performed.

For trading on Mondays only, it is recommended to use the D1 timeframe.

Only monday - D1
All days//0-24 - m5, H1

Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/614286

Andrei Lisaichuk
Andrei Lisaichuk 2020.07.12 05:01 

Отличный Советник👍

Svyatoslav Kucher
Svyatoslav Kucher 2019.11.18 18:07 

Не плохой советник, пригодился, спасибо!

Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2019.09.09 13:45 

I am still running some tests, but the EA looks very good for now!

Version 1.3 2020.05.11
Fixed calculation of closing and opening of the daily candle
Version 1.2 2020.04.02
Added comments to orders
Version 1.1 2019.08.26
Spread filter fixed