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Advisor does not use indicators, it is based on a fractal system with the use of graphic shapes according to the author's technology.

Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit.

It trades only pending orders and uses an adaptive trailing stop.

The EA does NOT use: arbitrage, martingale, grid strategies and similar strategies.


  • Currency pair: "GBPUSD".
  • Timeframe: H1;
  • Minimum deposit: $100;
  • Account Type: ECN.


  • MagicNumber - order identification number;
  • CommentEA - order comment;
  • MoneyManagement:
    • FixLot - fixed lot;
    • Reinvest - lot size is calculated from the current deposit;
    • Percent - lot size is calculated according to the Stop Loss position of the order;
  • Risk | Lots - percentage risk (1 = 1%) | fixed lot;
  • Indent - indent from support and resistance levels (in points from 0);
  • BarsTrailStop - the number of bars that are used to determine the level of "Stop Loss" (from 1);
  • FractalDistances - minimum distance of the first wave of the figure.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2019.09.15 03:19 

Doesn't work well with ECN accounts. The EA places the SL and TP when placing the order. When placing orders with an ECN broker, the EA must submit the order with NO STOP LOSS and NO TAKE PROFIT. Once the order has been placed, the EA should immediately modify the order with a stop loss and take profit. This EA does not do that and the orders error and don't get placed - this throws the entire EA algorithm out the window. This is a very major oversight by the author and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It works okay on a standard account though, and it's fine when you back test, but just be mindful of this issue if you are trading this EA on a live ECN account. Check your logs. Happy to give 5 stars once this major issue is resolved.

Sergey Shergin
Sergey Shergin 2019.09.08 03:42 

Пока открывает сделки в соответствии с тестером стратегий

fosmotic 2019.09.01 15:39 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Siarhei Ulyanau
Siarhei Ulyanau 2019.08.29 17:44 

еще одно дерьмо а не советник, два реальных счета у одного брокера, один и тот же тип счета, а сделки открывает разные, на одном счету покупка, на втором продажа... 11/09 - без изменений... поставил на демо, и два центовых счета, сделки разные, убыток везде...

Version 1.80 2019.08.30
Bugs fixed: lot calculation in "Percent" mode.
Version 1.77 2019.08.08
Bugs fixed.