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Smart Grid Challenge

Smart Grid Challenge is a unique and fully automated trading advisor. The system opens the first trade by trend and if it is not closed by a signal, the Smart Grid Challenge starts building a grid in which all trades are opened by a signal that is the impulse in the opposite direction from the first trade.

Smart Grid Challenge is designed to work on any timeframe and basic sets are optimized for 16 currency pairs:


All presets are systemyzed by 3 portfolios:

  • Conservative Portfolio for small accounts from $3000;
  • Moderate Portfolio for medium accounts from $7500;
  • Aggressive Portfolio for big account from $10000;

WARNING!  More info about Preset Portfolios are available here >> 

Smart Grid Challenge Live perfomance: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/573176

Smart Grid Challenge v.1.1 Presets systemized by portfolios: Download >>

Unlike other similar systems, the Smart Grid Challenge is the safest expert because:

  • There is no martingale principle in the system, that is, the size of transactions does not increase and each transaction in the grid opens in the same lot as the first one;
  • Each pair has a fixed stop, which is indicated as the size of the drawdown on the balance for all transactions in the grid. When this level of drawdown is reached, all deals of the grid are closed forcibly;

Smart Grid Challenge can work on any type of trading account and is not sensitive to the execution and size of the spread.


  • Comment
  • Max Spread
  • MagicNumber
  • Lot Size
  • Per Balace (0 = Disable)

  • Main Timeframe
  • Price of Last Trade to build a Grid

  • Timeframee of Channel to build a Grid    
  • eriod of Channel to build a Grid 
  • Fibo Multiplier to recognize a signal                         

  • Take Profit for the first order 
  • Take Profit level for the Grid
  • Max Drawdown

  • CCI Timeframe
  • CCI Period
  • CCI Up Level

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Katy Kan
Katy Kan 2019.06.11 17:34 

Good start. Until the last moment, I did not want to use the grid, but SGC seems to be quite safe due to the use of a fixed lot, has a large number of pairs for trading and excellent backtests with the TDS2 and 99% quality, Variable Spread on Dukascopy historical data since 2003-2006.

Now I use SGC together with Apogeum Hedging, as the author advised me. Both systems are looking very promising and profitable at this crazy market :)

Дмитрий Кравцов
Дмитрий Кравцов 2019.06.10 00:14 

Another one Good EA from Ivan Pochta. Smart Grid is making profit and it's a main. 5 star for a honest job!

Daniel1017 2019.06.09 16:31 

So good, so far...

Александр Момот
Александр Момот 2019.06.04 01:10 

SGC is a stable, easy, safe and profitable system. I am using it together with the Apogeum Hedging and fully satisfied with the results.

So I can recommend this is system for everybody. Ever newbie can easy earn money with it.

jackblack777 2019.06.03 21:58 

Smart Grid Challenge is a Very good EA! Small drawdown and stable profit everyday! I have tested new version and presets just now - it's something awesome!

Ivan,thank you for a Great Job! It's 5 stars!

Jeferson Nickma
Jeferson Nickma 2019.05.23 00:06 

I am satisfied with the Smart Grid Challenge - system makes profit every day! It's a first grid without martingale, so system is conservative and as a result - small Drawdown. So it can work for years until will get first Stop Losses and it's a good for this type of systems. Not a crazy monkey with the bomb like a Grid King. Very good and calm system that works on a big number of currency pairs and it's a very good for traders.

I am recommending Smart Grid Challeenge to all my friends!

topsecret2102 2019.04.27 18:09 

Smart Grid Challenge is something new and different. EA is not like other systems of this type. I have always been opponent of the usage of grids and martingale, because it is an undeniable loss of capital. But Smart Grid Challenge does not build grids of crazy volume and number of trades - only a fixed lot. This makes it possible to control risks and makes it impossible, like other grids, to lose all funds in a few days. I am sure that, if desired, traders will be able to manually close trades if something goes wrong.

In the first days of trading a good profit has already been made! I tested the system with the Dukascopy tick data with 99% quality at all available history - the results are very good!

Thanks to Ivan for an excellent Expert Advisor!

Irina Gulko
Irina Gulko 2019.04.26 16:57 

Great! Not like another grids and martingale systems! Stable profit and very safety. System don't increase lotsize and as I see don't build a crazy grids after each bar - only by signals. Also there are a lot of supported pairs and it make system much more profitable, then another. It isn't stupid monkey - it's realy SMART.

I am really wondered, 5 stars for Smart grid Challenge!

Forex Checker
Forex Checker 2019.04.23 23:40 

Very good! I returned the money spent on the purchase of a EA after the first days with the Smart Grid Challenge trading! I am really very surprised!

Heradot 2019.04.20 15:27 

Interesting product. I still cannot understand is it grid or no - it's looking very safety.

Also, very good longterm backtests with the Dukascopy variable spread and 99% quality.

5 stars for the product and a very fair price!

Version 1.1 2019.06.03
- Fully updated preset-files;
- Bug fixed;
- Optimized source code;