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BuySellProf lite

For quick acceleration of small deposits from $ 100 and up.Due to the simultaneous installation of orders for Buy and Sell, the issue of choosing a target is solved - the direction of price movement. Locking and hedging is the main principle of this advisor. According to the law of harmonic oscillations, the price always returns to its original position sooner or later, and the forex market is no exception. Balancing simultaneously multi-directional orders, the expert captures profits at the market reversals, the smaller the initial TP - take profit (take profit) - an application that captures the profit, the more precisely the turn of the market is determined, but the drawdown also increases. Therefore, we need a reasonable choice of the ratio of drawdown, profit and TP, that is easily achieved by testing for the history of trades in the strategy tester for a specific currency pair. The expert is very effective in conditions of high volatility (lack of certainty of the direction of price movement, news output).

BuySellProf lite is a synthesis of two experts BuySellProf and BuySellProf Security. It can trade both in mono and in multi-currency variant (by changing the number of MagicNumber) on any instruments, with just one amendment, PercentLoss and CurrentPercentProfit work for the overall balance and equity of the account. 

Signals work here.


  • UseCurrentPercentProfit  - enable / disable allowable current profit in the cycle;
  • CurrentPercentProfit - current profit in a cycle;
  • UsePercentLoss - enable/disable the allowable drawdown;
  • PercentLoss - allowable loss percentage (drawdown);
  • TP - Take Profit;
  • SL - Stop Loss;
  • Lots - lot size. The trading robot allows using any lot value which is a multiple of 0.01;
  • Martinlot - multiplier of Lots for reaching a greater profit and breakeven (1 - Martingale is disabled, increases at a step of 0.1, that is 1+0.1=1.1, etc.);
  • MaxLots - maximum allowed lot size (in case the lot size is increased, for example, from 0.01 to 2; all subsequent orders placed by the trading robot will have the size of 2 lots. Martingale will work in the range from 0.01 to 2. This reduces the balance drawdown;
  • Use Trailing Stop - enable/disable trailing stop;
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop value;
  • MagicNumber - integer constant used to identify orders.

Operation Description

Entering the market with two orders at once (Buy and Sell) on one currency pair, the adviser sets a fixed take profit for both orders. After triggering a take profit on Buy or Sell, EA sets a martingale order to Buy, if the previous order closed on Sell, or vice versa, sets a Sell order, if the previous order closed on Buy. Then connects both the take profit, the new order and the old one into one common take profit (according to a special algorithm, with access to Demark's points), moving it to the place of possible price movement.

Then another order is opened - the equalizer in the opposite direction to these two, with a value equal to the last order with Martingale, creating a lock (lock), with the last order. This allows the adviser to adapt to volatility and save your funds.The EA, taking profit, repeats the previous operation, taking into account the Martingale and so on, until the market changes direction. Stop Loss is set for this order in case the market turns from bullish to bearish and vice versa.

When closing by the CurrentPercentProfit value or when the PercentLoss drawdown is reached or by the total take profit, closes all previously placed orders (at the moment they are all connected by one take profit) the adviser starts a new trading cycle again, placing two orders for Buy and Sell, respectively, and so on until you stop it.

Risk Manager constantly monitors the state of: balance, equity and profit, displays their value and input parameters in the terminal chart window.

Setting up the Advisor BuySellProf    Options for the Advisor BuySellProf    Setting up the Advisor BuySellProf_Security

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