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Semaphore and ABC Pattern

  1. The indicator places Semaphore points on the maximum and minimum of a higher, medium and lower period.
  2. It includes A,B,C Triangles for easier spotting of reversal chart pattern which occurs very frequently and has a very high success ratio.
  3. Both Semaphore and A,B,C Triangles have Alerts and Push notifications to a mobile device when they occur on the chart.
  4. These indicators are very useful for breakout trading and spotting support/resistance levels which gives good opportunities for positions.

Indicator parameters

  • ShowSemafors - show or hide the semaphores (default true)
  • PeriodLast - checks the specified number of previous bars to see if they are lower/higher than current semaphore (default 12.0)
  • PeriodPips - checks if the current High(Low) is higher(lower) than the last High(Low) between the specified number of pips (default 34.0)
  • PeriodBars - you can input the minimum number of bars which are required for a new extremal semaphore to occur (default 234.0)
  • WidthLow - width of lower semaphore point (default 5)
  • WidthMed - width of medium semaphore point (default 5)
  • WidthExtr - width of extremal semaphore point (default 5)
  • BarsCount - bars from which semaphores start drawing on the chart (default 3000)
  • ShowTriangles - show or hide the triangles (default true)
  • FillUp - filling the triangle with the chosen color (default false)
  • ShowMarks - show mark with the price of the side on triangle (default true)
  • BuyTriangle - color of the Buy Triangle (default is blue)
  • SellTriangle - color of the Sell Triangle (default is red)
  • BuyMark - color of the buy price mark (default dodger blue)
  • SellMark - color of the sell price mark (default red)
  • Width - width of lines which forms the triangles (default 3)
  • ShowAlert - desktop alert for semaphore (default true)
  • ShowAlertTr - desktop alert for triangles (default true)
  • PushAlert - mobile phone alert for semaphore (default true)
  • PushAlertTr - mobile phone alert for triangles (default true)

How to configure the indicator?

  • The indicator is configured with default settings which are most effective.
  • If you want to experiment and try different settings you can open Indicator list, choose AI_Semaphore+ABC and click on "Inputs" tab.
  • Check the Screenshots to see how to input your parameters correctly.

Сheck the specified number of previous bars to see if they are lower/higher than current semaphore.

rainwalker123 2019.03.26 03:21 

There a are a lot of possibilities using the semaphor.

Semaphor is one of the best indicators, catching the swings a the right time, and make best possible profits. Otherwise you will never ever make good profits and continue struggling. Of course the signals have to be confirmed, before entry.

Whenever I tried other systems, I lost all my profits again.

Buy low sell on high. This is how it is working, just simple.

Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes 2018.09.05 15:25 

Simply the best indicator I've ever used. At least so far it's been terrific at generating lucrative signals. With the default settings I got 84% of hits using 2 time-frames to confirm the entries.

Version 1.2 2018.03.30
Mobile Push notification message: price of the Blue/Red Triangle is properly calculated and rounded to the sixth number.
Version 1.1 2018.03.01
Fixed the disappearing of triangles when new bar is formed.
Optimization of the code.