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Market Working Time Marker

  1. The indicator shows when every market session starts and finishes in colored frame box.
  2. It includes the Stop Hunt Box marker which shows the support or resistance level based on the daily price range.
  3. Contains EMA crossover alert on 50 EMA, 200 EMA and 800 EMA.
  4. It can be used in many Forex strategies and for easier observe of the chart.

Indicator parameters

  • NumberOfDays - period of drawing the frames, default is 50 days;
  • Draw_asian_box - draw the box of Asian session, default is true;
  • Draw_asian_text - indicate the price movement in Asian session in pips, default is true;
  • Draw_asian_box_as_outline - disable filling the frame with the color, only the draw frame outlines, default is false;
  • Begin_1 - the beginning time of the Asian session;
  • End_1 - the ending time of the Asian session;
  • Color_1 - color of the Asian session box;
  • Same procedure for European session box and New York session box.
  • Alert50EMA - alert when price cross 50 EMA, default is true;
  • Alert50Pips - the number of pips the EMA needs to pass to activate the alert, default is 20;
  • Same procedure for Alert200 and Alert800.
  • DrawStopHuntBox - draw the Stop Hunt Box, default is true;
  • StopHuntBoxColor - color of the Stop Hunt Box.

How to configure the indicator?

  • Open Indicator list or press "Ctrl+I", choose AI_WorkTimes and click on "Inputs" tab.
  • Check the Screenshots to see how to input your parameters correctly.
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