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Auto Changer for contracts date

Underlying assets with expiration date can change automatically to next date in the chart.

Some brokers offer underlying assets with expiration date. For example to March, June, September, or December. This tool switches automatically to the next date. Expert Advisors, indicators, charts, or templates receive automatically the new contract.

Automatically supported formats: NameMMMYY (Jp225Mar17) or NameMMYY (SugarMr17).

Use as an indicator. Path \MQL4\Indicators.


From UsaIndJun17, UsaIndSep17, UsaIndDec17 to UsaIndMar18 and so on.


  • change interval, (Term of the contract):
    1. monthly
    2. bimonthly
    3. quarterly
    4. automatically next available date
  • manual next symbol - The next symbol name can be entered freely. For example: SugarOct17, "change interval" is then off.
  • display comments - enabled comments in the chart to change time
  • active label corner - display the AutoChanger is active
  • malfunction alarm - alarm on problems
  • expiring orders still open - alarm is in the expiring contract one order open (alert by MT4, email, push)
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