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Multitool pro

Essentials for manual trading. The utility includes functions such as money management, automatic exits, hedging of positions, setting orders by date, OrderClose menu and others. Simple operation and clearly arranged, the tool works with one or more orders. Low tick rate compatible.


  1. Display money management - right lot size is calculated from stoploss, account balance and risk appetite
  2. Scheduling of pending and market order - time based strategies or for preparing an order when the market is closed
  3. Stop to break-even point for position protection
  4. Exit by two moving average crossover - trend strategies
  5. Stop follows a moving average - trend strategies and profit hedging
  6. Finely adjustable trailing stop with switchable display of the trailing stop history - trend and breakout strategies
  7. Quick and precise setting of take profit and stop loss - well suited for pending orders or for SL and TP on scheduled orders
  8. Various alerts on triggered pending orders - MetaTrader alerts, email and push notifications
  9. OrderClose menu with profit displays for the respective positions
  10. Support for a variety of underlying assets, shift of the decimal place during input

Hotkeys: Active menu on/off press CTRL + SHIFT. Tool quick access key F7 or click on the experts smile.

Functional test

An order is required in the strategy tester. Set a suitable market or pending order according to time. To be found in the entries under SETTINGS_SCHEDULING.


  • Risk: account risk in percent for money management (For sl and tp, the symbol currency must be included for some brokers.)
  • Stop value for risk: stop size for risk, primarily this value is used or "Stop Loss"
  • Point Zero: display of profit/loss threshold for chart symbol positions
  • Single Order Ticket: The utility works with all orders of the current chart symbol. If an order ticket is specified, then the tool will manage this order.
  • Take Profit: This Take Profit will be used for orders, which has no Take Profit. Orders with an existing take profit remain unchanged.
  • Stop Loss: Analogous to the above.
  • Break Even On: From which the stop is set to break-even point, distance from the opening price, e.g. after 20 pips. The Break Even On is displayed for 10 seconds after the start of input if only one order or single order ticket is specified.
  • Break Even Step: position of stop, break-even point is at value 0
  • Exit by MA Crossover: Positions with profit will be closed when two moving averages intersect. To illustrate, one can add moving average indicators to the chart using with the same parameters as in the utility. Note: MA Realtime.
  • Big Period: period of moving average no. 1
  • Small Period: period of moving average no. 2
  • Method: simple, exponential, smoothed or linear weighted method
  • Stop follows the MA: When the moving average reaches the opening price of the position, the stop begins to follow it.
  • Period: period moving average
  • Method: SMA, EMA, SMMA or LWMA
  • Trailing Start: value at which trailing starts, the distance from the opening price e.g. after 35 pips
  • Trailing Stop Distance: held distance between market price and stop loss
  • Trailing step size: step size of trailing e.g. calculation of all 10 pips
  • Trailing Acceleration: acceleration of trailing per step
  • Trailing Traces: visualize historic values of trailing stops, delete trailing visualization by deactivating the function
  • Alarm: Notifying of the activation of pending orders in a message in MetaTrader, by email or push notification to phone
  • Sound File
  • Email Alarm
  • Push Alarm
  • Order Type: Setting a pending order or market order by time as Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit resp. Buy and Sell.
  • Lot Size: volume
  • Price: order price for pending orders
  • Time: point of time of order
  • Expiration Time: expiration time, e.g. 16:00, maximum 24 hours or alternatively the entries with date 01.31. 16:00 (MM.DD._hh:mm)

Allow live and AutoTrading.

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