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Black Cat

Expert with martingale strategy, to experiment.

A profit trade offsets a loss trade.

An example:

  • Cent-Account, 35 USD are then 3500 USD.
  • Account: USD and 1: 400
  • EA setting: Cat_type Normal, Variant 1, BaseLot 0.1

If the case occurs with two loss trades in a row, the loss is about 3000 USD.

Two loss trades in a row can be avoided by a low spread and continuous trade of the EA.

Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/22450#!tab=comments&comment=5808183

Technical specifications

Underlying: EURUSD - M15

Digit: 5 digit broker recommended

Average spread: 1.6 pips, for Cat_type Risk lower recommended

Frequency: average 130 times a year

Stoploss: Normal and Risk = 65 pips, More secure = 90 pips

Profit sharing: Normal and More secure = 1,5 pips, Risk = 1,9 pips


See screenshot. Based on tick data.


The settings for the EA are:

  • Magicnumber - sets the order belonging to this EA; per chart with an EA another magic number
  • BaseLot - lot size for the order
  • Ordercomment - comment for the order
  • MaxSpread - in pips, maximum spread for trade
  • Cat_type - trade setting of the EA: Normal, More secured, Risk, double Risk or Custom
  • Indicators_variant - Two indicator settings are supported. Variant 1 less trades and less lost trades versus variant 2.

For Cat_type Custom following entries are possible:

  • TakeProfit - fixed take profit in pips
  • StopLoss - solid stop in pips
  • UseExitMinimumPips - EA closes order after set pips


The results can vary from broker to broker (spread, slippage, etc.).

I recommend starting with a demo account.

Evgenii Bazenko
2017.09.04 12:29 

не советую