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This Expert Advisor uses one indicator (Supertrend) to enter positions and another indicator (Parabolic SAR) to trail and exit positions.

It is delivered with the default .set optimized for USDJPY.

It's working for this month, or this year, or past years without further optimization.

Antonio Nicodemo
2014.04.02 10:55 

I am very satisfied with this EA,

I'm using it in real and works very well, small losses and big profits.

Then the service is fantastic, Remi is always available.


Adrian Forrest
2014.03.07 23:02 

This is my update to my 1st review.

I purchased this EA on 29 Sept 2013.

Remi is very helpful and has been a great help in assisting me to find great sets to use with this EA.

Now thanks to his input and suggestions I have made several sets that are trading very nicely and I am more than happy with the results to date.

His Blog site is great and I get a lot of good ideas from there.

Thanks Remi

2014.02.05 18:05 

Great EA!I use this advisor relatively recently, but at the moment I have a positive impression.In spite of relatively low cost, it really makes a profit!I'm glad I found this product on the market!Seller responds to messages very fast and friendly!Many thanks to the Remi for adviser and Goentie for settings.

Ayrat Nuriakhmetov
2014.02.02 11:17 

Хороший советник!

Оптимизация ЕА говорит о том, что несмотря на изменения рынка он может быть всегда актуален.Советники которые работают годами без потери депозита зарабатывают не очень много.Большим плюсом ЕА является его поддержка со стороны разработчиков. Не было ни разу, чтобы мне не ответили.

Большое спасибо Реми. Успехов и больших прибылей всем.

Nelson Reis
2014.01.26 21:38 

Great and Honest EA. Very good. I recommend.

Backtests and optimization really works and setup found brings real profits.

I used it for two months.

Thanks Remi and Alemparaiso for help.

2014.01.25 17:01 

I've been using this EA for two months now and I am very happy with it.

It is a bit hard to optimize but it does what it should do: Make money! Therefore 5 stars.

See https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/1239#!tab=comments#comment_741217

Many thanks to Remi and to Aforrest for the great setfile...

Alexander Thomas
2014.01.04 03:59 

Very good EA

1st The backtests shows the same like the EA in real trading. Some EA's of the market don't make it.

2nd You need a good optimizing set. Then you have good results! I optimize for a 3 months firstly. After

I take a good 3 month set input in 12 month period backtest. It is a good performing in the 12 month

period too, I take the preset for real trading. I optimize a new preset after 2 - 4 weeks file.

Support is very good. On the blog of the seller you find you more informations.

Thank you, Remi. A great work your EA.

Johannes Hermann
2014.01.03 20:06 

good ea after optimization

2013.12.22 17:06 

I'm happy with this product. It's actually the only EA I have bought that is giving some stable profit - I have been using it for 2 months. You will need to optimize quite regularly and set your risk level, TP, TS and SL to some reasonable values.


Chiao-Hung Cheng
2013.11.26 09:25 

這個顧問需要經常優化 但這與自動交易理念是相反的

過去的參數無法對未來照成影響 你可能明天就失去所有的錢

Mohamed Abdo
2013.10.02 07:42 

Good EA with good performance on Alpari after optimization , I'll share my set soon for Alpari users to test.

Alisher Eshkuvvatov
2013.08.23 17:43 

Good EA after optimization has shown good results!

Version 1.2 - 2013.10.14
Some new features:
- A more complete money management with the possibility to decrease lots size after some losses.
- A BreakEven system working in equity percentage.

The set files are available on my blog on the EA pages.

The included default .set is designed for USDJPY M30 this year.