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Trend Wave

Trend Wave is an advanced trading tool; trend and counter trade indicator based on Supports and Resistances.

  • Trend Wave is designed to have an active trading at any time
  • Trend Wave is not lagging
  • Indications are given at the beginning of a new candle

Trend Wave indicates

  • The Indicator's window shows you the actual count of S and R to get the overall trend
  • The white line shows the instant trend.
  • On the main chart window, colored arrows are displayed to show the last valid S and R. This also helps to see the trend.

Trend Wave works

  • At any TimeFrame
  • With any instrument
  • With any broker

Trend Wave features

  • Histogram representation of active R/S
  • Average R/S line
  • R/S with colored arrows
  • Reversal indication

How to use Trend Wave

Very easy to set up...

  • Put it on your chart
  • Just choose the color of arrows.
  • Follow the trend till a reversal is shown (white line is leaving the edge of the main trend)

Good to know

  • Don't consider colored arrows as "setting trade" indications as they show R/S. You will see that they vanishes when a support or resistance is broken so only unbroken R or S will remain; that is the concept of the "Wave".
  • If you plan to use arrows as Trade indicators I recommend to use very small lots for each trade (1% risk is far enough)


  • Arrow Up: Choose color
  • Arrow Down: Choose color


  • TrendLine: Buffer 0 White line average value
  • None: Buffer 1 Used for calculation only
  • None: Buffer 2 Used for calculation only
  • TrendUp: Buffer 3 Green Histogram, Support count
  • TrendDn: Buffer 4 Red Histogram, Resistances count
Dennis22779 2018.08.24 13:31 

I can say it works for me fantastic and the Author is also very kindly and helpful. Just use it as an Trend indicator or for re- entries during and running trend. Don't use the arrows as standard alone signal and you need some more information to confirm the entry.......its all thumbs up.....

rainwalker123 2017.04.17 20:24 

Hello Remi,

since four years, I am trading with the Semafor indicator and do scalpheding. The biggest problem I had, was the entry in a stable trend.

After purchase 150$ your product, I did with my experience only two trades, and both where immediately in the profit. I did a testemonial for you to show other traders how easy it is to

I also enclosed a picture which I did prepare with a paint programm

This is really a masterpiece, and I hope that many traders discover this. Fivestars from me.

Please have a look at my comments, because as a proove that I am telling the truth, I posted a further winner screenshot, from my live account.

Best regards from munich


PS: All you need is patience, and small leverage. When the green bars dissappear and you see only red ones, then a strong bearisch trend starts. If green bars start appearing, then a new long trend starts to develop.

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