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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 5 - 8

icon Use trading robots and indicators to make Forex trading more profitable. Trading robots allow you to automate opening and closing deals, while indicators help you predict market behavior more accurately. The page features the catalog of MetaTrader 5 applications.
EA Syntax MT5
Vitali Vasilenka
5 (2)
IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions and a bonus! Real signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/vitalvasa/seller The Expert Advisor is developed on the basis of mathematical analysis using the author's "HFT" markup. High-frequency trading, or high-frequency trading, or HFT strategies in financial markets that allow you to transact securities in a fraction of a second. High-frequency traders open and close short-term positions with large volumes in order to m
149 USD
Every trader knows that he or she should never Risk more than 5% (or 7%) per trade. This is a Money Management law and an usable LotSize should be calculated each time because a trader must use a different StopLoss value  for different trading levels. This indicator will calculate an appropriate LotSize for the moment when you will put it on the chart and each time you will drag the "Stop Loss Line" in any direction. LIMITED TIME OFFER: All our premium indicators are available for only 50$, b
Expert Market Edge is scalping, trending, reversal indicator, with alerts . You can use it all and fit with your strategy whatever it fits you. My recommendation is to combine with my Colored RSI , and when 2 signals are matched, and pointing same direction (for example buy on this indicator, and green on RSI, you can take a long position, stop loss should be last local low, if you want to be more conservative, add ATR. ) you can take position. If you using moving averages, that's even better i
30 USD
All in one Keylevel
Trinh Minh Tung
5 (4)
Available for all Symbols : Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Indices, Commodities, CFDs... Main functions of current version: Auto-draw Keylevels with Break Alerts . H.Line / TrendLine Break Alerts . Engulfing, Pinbar, Mabubozu Scanner . Tool for common Trade: Helps you to place orders quickly with control panel by dropping and dragging SL, TP, Entry price with % risk, automatic lot size, Reward: Risk ratio. Auto statistic and find setup optimization => You'll have the best setup in histo
3 500 USD
Our indicator will provide a spread screener to monitor the spread of multiples pairs simultaneously and also a candle timer countdown displays the remaining time before the current bar closes and a new bar forms. Key Features Monitor multi-pairs spread simultaneously. Tracks server time, not local time. Configurable Text Color and Font Size Optimized to reduce CPU usage Personlized list of pairs. Bestsellers indicators You can find Below Our Bestsellers indicators: Indicator Description  D
BTC Power mt5
Artur Kinzikeev
A universal trading advisor, since it starts its work immediately after joining the chart, two positions are immediately opened - for buying and for selling. Further, the adviser accompanies the transactions. The Expert Advisor can be used on any trading instruments. The results of work on real accounts can be viewed   here . For Expert Advisor work need hedge type account. After purchase, contact me for instructions and settings. Description of incoming parameters: Initial Volume - the
99 USD
Pivot trading: 1.pp pivot 2. r1 r2 r3, s1 s2 s3 Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT5 Local Trading copying Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 Local Trading copying For DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 DEMO Cooperation QQ:556024" Cooperation w
Active Lines
Yury Kulikov
5 (4)
Attention: Demo doesn't work in terminal. Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations. Activ
120 USD
Dark Absolute Trend   is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on   Trend Following  strategy but use also candlestick patterns and Volatility. We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the main trend on the current instrument. It is advised to use low spread ECN brokers. This Indicator does   Not repaint   and   N ot lag . Recommended timeframes are M5, M15 and H1. Recommended working pairs: All. I nstallation and  Update Guide   -  Troubleshooting
50 USD
A personal implementation of the famous Bollinger bands indicator as a trend following mechanism, which uses a moving average and the standard deviation to define what a trend is and when it changes. Bollinger bands are usually used as an oversold/overbought indicator only, but in my opinion, the trading approach is more complete using the trend variant as an exit strategy. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to trade Customizable colors and sizes I
Andrii Voliuvach
1 (1)
Semi-automatic Expert Advisor StrikerFBo is designed to trade false breakouts of levels (one bar, two bars, complex false breakout). It was written primarily for trading stocks and their CFDs. For its operation, it is necessary to place a horizontal line on the chart, on which the robot will be guided to enter a position. Checking this Expert Advisor in the strategy tester is meaningless for this reason. StrikerFBo can be used on demo and live accounts. The Expert Advisor has the following pa
150 USD
Please private message me for proper settings for trading boom and crash indexes i will also add you to our Telegram channel for all support related issues. Trading time frame can be adjusted as you wish with the same settings that i will provide to you. The system is available for free for a limited time. The system is designed for high frequency trading with a combination of neural networks . BOOM AND CRASH settings for the Dragon master Experts Advisor     1.        For all Boom and Crash pai
4 000 USD
Manuel Arturo Gonzales Espinosa
5 (1)
" FX MARTYR " it is a fully automated system which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback on a Trend” The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading. It has a built-in unique Smart Recovery algorithm. Bot specialized in low volatility trends / The strategy uses 4 different entry methods. Use an account of $ 500 - $ 1000 to start using this bot. This Expert is for those, who are looking for Constant growth over the long run -------------------------------------
400 USD
EA Morpheus MT5
Ruslan Pishun
2.33 (3)
Breakout based strategy, generates market entry signals when the price crosses a border of a certain price range. To create the strategy, we have used the history data with 99,9% quality for the last 15 years. The best signals had been selected and the false signals have been filtered out. The Expert Advisor performs technical analysis and considers only the breakouts that show the best result.   It uses a system of filtering false signals. The EA uses adaptive trailing stop. The EA uses a v
59 USD
Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT5 Local Trading copying Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 Local Trading copying For DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 DEMO 砖图 Renko PRO->>>   The display of the brick map on the main map. The Renko chart ideal
PipTick VWAP is our version of Volume-Weighted Average Price indicator. VWAP is the ratio between the value traded (price multiplied by number of volume traded) and total volume traded over a specific time period. It measures the average price of the instrument much better than the simple moving average. Although there are many ways how to use the VWAP, most investors use it to calculate the daily average. The indicator works in five modes: Moving - In this mode the PipTick WVAP works as Moving
99 USD
AW Turtles Indicator MT5
Alexander Nechaev
4.5 (10)
The indicator works according to the Turtle system and classically assumes a time interval of 20 and 55 candles. The trend is monitored at a given time interval. The entry is carried out at the moment of the breakdown of the support or resistance level. Exit signal - price breakout in the opposite direction of the trend of the same time interval.   Benefits: Tools: Currency pairs , stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies Timeframe: Classically D1, also suitable for working with any tim
Lots Risk Sizer
Andrey Dyachenko
5 (1)
The Lots Risk Sizer indicator will help you quickly determine the volume of a position in lots The indicator has only two parameters: Risk - the amount of risk in the account currency (usd, eur, etc. ...). Only integer is entered Lots - risk in lots Indicator tested and working: - on the Volatility Indices - at the Binary / Deriv broker - on Forex and Crypt, on SP500 indices , etc. - from any broker The position volume is determined using the Rectangle too l. The lower and upper bo
30 USD
Basket EA MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
Basket EA MT5   is the best profit harvester and the ultimate account protector, all in one very simple to use solution. The idea behind  Basket EA ΜΤ5  is to be able to control your overall trading account's profit and/or loss at a basket level, for all your open positions combined. It offers basket take profit, stop loss, break even and trailing stop loss settings in percentage of account's balance or in account currency (in money) for all managed positions. It allows management or exclusion f
30 USD
This innovative indicator for measuring the strength of currencies from INFINITY is an indispensable assistant for scalpers and traders trading for a long time. The system for analyzing the Strength / weakness of currencies has long been known and used in the market by the world's leading traders. Any arbitrage trading is not complete without this analysis. Our indicator easily determines the strength of the base currencies in relation to each other. It displays line charts for all or the curre
Perfect Entry Indicator MT5
DETECT THE TREND AND THE BEST PRICE TO ENTER A TRADE Trend Detection for perfect entry - Distinguish the direction of the trend and its strength , showing a line of different colors depending on whether the trend is strong bullish, weak bullish, strong bearish or weak bearish.- Best Entry point for perfect entry - Shows an area with the best entry in favor of trend. Never trade against the trend again. Entry signals and alerts - When the price is in a valid zone, it sends pop up alerts, tel
120 USD
MA Dashboard MT5
Taras Slobodyanik
5 (1)
Multicurrency and multitimeframe modification of the indicator Moving Average (MA). On the dashboard you can see the current state of the indicator - breakouts and touches (by price) of the Fast MA and Slow MA, as well as the intersection of the MA lines between each other. In the parameters you can specify any desired currencies and timeframes. Also, the indicator can send notifications about the price touching the lines and about their crossing. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol
30 USD
Auto SL TP MT5
KT Auto SL TP automatically sets the stop-loss and take-profit as soon as it detects manually placed orders on the chart. It can effortlessly place the stop-loss and take profit for the market, limit and stop orders simultaneously. Features It can set the stop-loss and take-profit for all the active symbols from a single chart. Equipped with trailing stop-loss with steps.  Seamlessly works for the market and pending orders. Shows the informational text information on the chart. Inputs Cur
30 USD
Harmonic ABCD Monitor MT5
Mihail Matkovskij
5 (2)
Multi-currency, multi-timeframe, harmonic pattern indicator AB = CD. Supports sending push notifications about signals to a mobile device, messages on e-mail, as well as messages using alerts on all available currency pairs and timeframes. This indicator was based on the indicator Harmonic ABCD Universal. Version for MetaTrader 5:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/44972 . See also: Harmonic ABCD Universal for MetaTrader 4 . Using modern software development methods has made the indicator a
230 USD
Nasdaq Bulls
Arqam Aslam Ranjha
Promo Offer - Premium Product Low Risk Settings: 0.2   lot and   10k   account. Please use the default settings to test the EA on MT5 platform with lot size and deposit balance as mentioned above. Live Signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1434687   Symbol: NAS100 USTEC US100 Nasdaq 100 Timeframe: 30M   Use Swap-free ECN This expert advisor is for NAS100 indices, opens only long positions for safely. Hundreds of hours of work went into this EA from development to quality back-testing on MT5
99 USD
Index Breakout MT5
Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez
Do you want an EA with small stoploss? Do you want an EA that is just in and out of market? This EA is acting on breakout for DAX (Germany index), or Dow Jones. It is ONLY buying when the market opens and with a window of 10 minutes or less. It uses pre-market price so be sure your broker has that.   This strategies (yes, it is   2 different strategies   that can be used with   3 different charts ) have tight stoplosses and a takeprofit that often will be reached within seconds! The strategie
100 USD
Forca Relativa
Edson Cavalca Junior
5 (2)
The robot issues buy/sell signals based on the setting of the RELATIVE STRENGTH INDICATOR Know our products    This Expert Advisor (EA) works on HEDGE (Forex, etc.) and NETTING (Bovespa, etc.) accounts, but manages only one position at a time. The  filters  are used to increase the accuracy  and if activated and not met your criteria, the order is not sent. 15 FILTERS available: Envelope indicator; Stochastic indicator; Divergence of the RSI indicator; Divergence of the MACD indicator; D
Introduction to Fractal Pattern Scanner Fractal Indicator refers to the technical indicator that makes use of the fractal geometry found in the financial market. Fractal Pattern Scanner is the advanced Fractal Indicator that brings the latest trading technology after the extensive research and development work in the fractal geometry in the financial market. The most important feature in Fractal Pattern Scanner is the ability to measure the turning point probability as well as the trend probabil
185 USD
DemsFx Super Charger EA
Desmond Ebimobowei Dogubo
1. The Expert Advisor built with a basic, simple and stable trading strategy that is highly effective and accurate with a sniper entry system with a good money management.. 2. The expert advisor works best as from 15 minutes time frame and above.... 3. The expert advisor work with all broker and all currency pair and synthetic indices... 4. Use a reasonable lot size and correct settings if you want to get the best of the Expert Advisor.. Note: To enjoy the full working ability of this Expert Adv
This library implements a few functions to simplify the programming of Expert Advisors. * Build your own EA for MT5 / Binance, with a easy support for multisymbol / multytimeframe * Different SFE EAs based on the library provided. * Base signals of SFE EAs are inlcuded in base version. All the Pro filters and management are included in the base version all the 2022. * Customize the provided SFE Lib EA by changing or implementing its rules.. * Review the existing or ask for video tutorials to
200 USD
Red Hawk MT5
Profalgo Limited
5 (5)
Red Hawk is a "mean reversion" trading system, that trades during the quiet times of the market. It runs on 9 pairs currently: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURCHF, EURGBP, AUCAD, AUDJPY, EURAUD and USDCAD. Recommended timeframe: M5 Recommended for HEDGING MT5 account types only! Since this kind of strategy works best with low spread and fast execution, I advise using an good ECN broker. IMPORTANT FOR AUTOGMT:   Add the address ' https://www.worldtimeserver.com/' in the list of allowed URLs on
249 USD
The  Laguerre VIX Trend Extrema   (LVTE)  indicator detects market tops and bottoms. As its name suggests, LVTE is a percentage price oscillator that identifies extreme ranges in market price. How to use: Buy when the indicator was in the lower "blue" range for more than 2 candles, and then moves up into grey. Sell when the indicator was in the upper "red" range, and then moves down into orange. Please see screenshots for examples! To make it simple, the indicator can show this by painting "dots
99 USD
Level Trend MT5
Evgenii Aksenov
3 (1)
The Level Trend PRO indicator is designed to search for reversal entry points into a local trend. It works best on intraday candlesticks M15-H1 Expert Advisor for automatic trading on indicator signals: here Advantages of Level Trend PRO Never redraws its signals; The possibility of using it as an independent strategy; Has a support-resistance level; It works on the stock market, indices, oil, gold and on all timeframes; It has a notification function on the phone; The indicator has prov
Koala Price Action Scanner
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
4.67 (3)
Koala Price Action Scanner Introduction : Abstract : This indicator is multi currency and multi time frame scanner that has ability to detect some price action patterns and show them as signal in scanner table. Description : Welcome to new koala product, this one is price action scanner can detect price action patterns for multi currency in multi time frame. User can choose pattern type in drop down menu, Right now we have 3 pattern in list, surely this list will improve in next versions,
KT Round Numbers MT5
KT Round Numbers plots the round number levels which are also commonly known as psychological levels in the Forex world. In the context of Forex trading, round number levels are those levels in which there are two or more zeroes at the end. They are named as 00 levels on the chart. Some traders also consider the halfway points as a valid round number level. They are named as 50 levels on the chart. Use of round number levels in trading Round number levels work as strong support and resistan
30 USD
Nas100 Trader
Bright Lance Soli
NAS100 Trader This EA is designed to trade indices specifically NAS100 / US100 / USTEC. Nasdaq Default settings are for 15 Min Nas 100 chart only . Recommendations. Use a VPS so that you never miss a single trade.  Use a Broker with high leverage and low spreads. 15 Minute Nas 100 chart. Let the EA run without interfering. Additional Features. On default, the EA won't use any dangerous trading strategies like Martingale however if you understand martingale and you want to use it, you can set i
199 USD
Price Action Finder MT5
Siarhei Vashchylka
5 (5)
The Price Action finder indicator displays Price action patterns on the price chart. Currently, the indicator contains such patterns as: Pin Bar (Pin) Outside bar (OB) Inside bar (IB) PPR Force bar The hanged man (HM) Inverted hammer (HR) The number of patterns will be replenished with other patterns of candlestick analysis. External parameters: FB  -  Display or not the force bar pattern. PPR  - Display or not the PPR pattern. OB  -  Display or not  the External bar pattern. OBCL  -  Dis
99 USD
Easy Order Blocks
Santiago Javier Ale Aguilera
Esta utilidad dibuja Order Blocks y otros bloques fácilmente mediante el trazado rápido de lineas y rectángulos con 1 click y 1 tecla. Las teclas Hotkeys son programables y son 5: Order Blocks Fair Value Gaps (o Liquidity Void) Rejection Blocks Mitigation/Breaker Blocks Fast Object Delete (Borrado Rápido de objetos) Las 4 teclas de dibujo toman las coordenadas de la barra donde se clickeo y trazan 1 linea horizontal y 1 rectángulo delimitando la zona de OTE (Optimal Trade Entry). Automáticamente
30 USD
KT Aroon MT5
KT Aroon oscillator is the modified version of the original Aroon oscillator initially developed by Tushar Chande in 1995. It measures the time interval between the ongoing highs and lows and uses this deduction to calculate the market trend's direction and strength.  It works on the notion that the price will form new highs consecutively during an uptrend, and during a downtrend, new lows will be formed. Buy Signal: When Aroon Up line cross above the Aroon Down line. Sell Signal: When Aroon Do
30 USD
Support Resistance Levels Finder:  Is an Indicator that uses complex Algorithm with a very smart formula, to calculate the historical levels of Support and Resistance Simulating what I trader would do when looking for S/R Except That the Indicator offers very high Accuracy and reliability, Being a trader of over 7 years trading S/R as my primary Price Action Tool, I am sharing this Indicator with you along with the statistics of my strategy, The indicator can also be used with expert adviser ,
30 USD
EA ANS EURUSD MT5   - Anti-Night Expert Advisor. Fully automatic (install and trade). Only  8  copies   available by   $60! Next price ->   $99 Created for   EURUSD . Timeframe =   m30 .  Tested for GMT+2 Monitoring signal at MQL5 :  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals EA ANS EURUSD  MT5 - works in the time period from 7 am to 21 pm (GMT + 2). It is a good addition to a Portfolio with any Night Scalper. The Expert Advisor has been tested from 2003 to the present day in various market conditions
60 USD
Vwap tool
With a single mouse click you can add the indicator Vwap V2 (free download available) to the graph. The indicator Vwap V2 has been extended with a cyclic Vwap indicator. With the cyclic Vwap indicator it is possible to reset the Vwap after a predetermined number of bars. e.g. the CAC 40 index, after 14 (closing - opening: 23-9 = 14) measures, a new day starts and the Vwap is automatically reset with a new time. Or in a graph of 5 minutes, 60/5 = 12, the Vwap will reset the time parameter every h
30 USD
CandleStick MT5
Du Zhi Shan Tian
What you can do with CandleStick CandleStick is a useful indicator for doing MTF analysis. This indicator displays the CandleStick of another time frame on the chart . By understanding the information in multiple time charts at the same time, it is easier to understand the overall market view. It is also a useful tool for validating and studying past quotes and trades. There are similar products made by others, but I designed and developed it so that it is easy for me to use. Features of Candl
30 USD
Smooth Aroon
David Gitau Gakunga
Smooth Aroon  is a version of the Aroon Up and Down with smoothing and filtering. Features :  Smoothing : You have   smoothing from 0 to 99 . To smooth a signal, find the maximum value of the points in question then set the smoothing level above the maximum value. For example : If you want to smooth all signals below 30, then you should set the smoothing level above 30  This also smooths all signals above 70, since the Aroon Up and Down Oscillates between 0 and 100.   Filtering : If you only
30 USD
Live setup The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only the size of the orders must be checked. The EA must be attached to ONLY one M5 chart. Use an EURUSD chart is recommended. If the names of the symbols aren't the common in your broker platform, update the names in the Symbol List parameter. The EA is very lightweight in resources demand, and can be used with other EAs. The EA needs connection to the SFE Server for get the new setups. Look the document on
30 USD
Recovery Bad Order MT5  (System to recovery lost trader whit recovery algorithm). This system used algorithm in the ea for initial recovery algorithm, this system close one part of loses trader, whit algorithm recovery. (the lot recovery is a factor o lot used in the entry recommended used 0,1 for lot and 0,01 for recovery lot).  https://youtu.be/FlpOhpiy7Pc Recovery Bad Order MT5  is an Expert Advisor for recovering losses of positions that were opened in the wrong direction (that were opened
30 USD
Heiken Ashi On One Chart Mode The indicator is displayed only on one of the chart modes: Bars, Candles, Line. The default is Bars. When switching the chart mode, the indicator is displayed or disappears depending on the chart mode. Input parameters: iChartMode: on what chart mode should the indicator be displayed mBars mCandles mLine Colors: LightSeaGreen: bull candle Tomato: bear candle
30 USD
ATR Scanner Pro is a multi symbol multi timeframe dashboard that monitors and analyzes Average True Range indicator value in up to 28 symbols and 9 timeframes    in 3 modes  : ATR value:  It shows the ATR indicator value in all pairs and timeframes and signals when the ATR value reaches a maximum or minimum in a given duration. Short term ATR/Long term ATR ratio:  It shows ratio of 2 ATRs with different periods. It's useful in detecting short term volatility and explosive moves. ATR Value/Sprea
30 USD
[ MT4 Version ] Order Block Indicator MT5 Order Block Indicator MT5 is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Blocks indicate a possible accumulation of orders in one area. The price usually gets to reach and react strongly to those areas. The most relevant levels for this reaction are the c
270 USD
Dark Inversion MT5
Marco Solito
5 (7)
Dark Inversion  is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on Counter Trend  strategy but use also Volatility. We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the inversions on the current instrument. Hey, I made an Expert Advisor based on this indicator, if you are interested: Dark Titan MT5 Key benefits Easily visible Inversion Lines Intuitive directional arrows Automated adjustment for each timeframe and instrument Easy to use even for beginners Never
X Tick Chart
Artur Zas
4.71 (7)
The indicator combines the features of both the Tick charts and Volume Bar charts. The mode can be selected in the indicator's settings. Tick charts measure the number of transactions per bar. To give you an example if you have a 233 tick chart, each bar measures 233 transactions per bar and a new bar is plotted after 233 transactions. You can choose any number of ticks per bar but most traders choose Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233...). Volume bar charts are desi
45 USD
SPECIAL DISCOUNT 10% FOR WEEKEND. PRICE WILL BE BACK AGAIN TO $799 AT 22/05/2022 17.00 UTC $799 price is a discount I do for first EA copies, final price of the EA will be $1499. Live signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1416185 All explainations about the strategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747470 Here I will explain only the EA inputs part. This EA will be consistently updated with new and unpredictable things that can bring its performance to a better level every day! Buying
729 USD
Nasdaq Bull
Luigi Maria Luna
Trade as a professional the Best Index in the World: NASDAQ !  This Ea uses a powerfoul trend following sysistem to catch the up trends on H1 timeframe, but it can be used also on 30 Min chart with Profit! Nasdaq Bull MUST be part of your portfolio: 99% of traders prefer forex and try to obtain an impossible edge in a sideway market. Nasdaq Bull expolits the long term macroeconomic Bullish Trend of the Nasdaq Index in order to extract an edge from the market with less stress! Some of the fe
120 USD
YY Multi Waves MT5
Yuryi Yatsenko
5 (1)
This indicator displays the wave structure of the market in the form several wave levels nested in each other. For each of these levels an automatic preliminary (draft) marking of waves in Elliott's style (123..., ABC... etc.) is created. This markup is completely automatic and absolutely univocal. The indicator is especially useful for beginner wave analysts, because among all the possible versions for wave marking, it allows you to immediately take the most adequate version as a ba
34 USD
Reversal Composite Candles
MetaQuotes Ltd.
3.33 (18)
The idea of the system is to indentify the reversal patterns using the calculation of the composite candle. The reversal patterns is similar to the "Hammer" and "Hanging Man" patterns in Japanese candlestick analysis. But it uses the composite candle instead the single candle and doesn't need the small body of the composite candle to confirm the reversal. Input parameters: Range - maximal number of bars, used in the calculation of the composite candle. Minimum - minimal size of the composite can
Precision Scalper MT4 by MingTrader is one strategy that we used to trade manually on the forex desk in a bank which has been converted into an automated strategy. A simple yet effective strategy for the GBPUSD forex pair in the 15 minute timeframe that I use personally to trade my own accounts, this Expert Advisor looks for precision entries to snipe 20 pips. I hope you enjoy this real world trading system that has proven results in a real corporate institution. Each trade targets 20 pips and
299 USD
[ MT4 Version ] Ultimate Alpha Trend MT5 Ultimate Alpha Trend is the first trend indicator, which combines volatility, volume, average price and momentum. The results is a highly versatile representation of trendy and sideways market conditions, highlighting, at the same time, significant supply and demand levels. The Ultimate Alpha Trend indicator can be used to find entry oportunities and to set SLs taking into consideration current market volatility, volume and momentum. Besides that, the in
130 USD
Account Informer MT5
Ismail Hakki Delibas
Account Informer Utility Helps you :     Stay in Touch With Your Account.     Hear About Your Account Critical Conditions.     Check Your Account Connectivity.     Inform from any Position Change.     Receive Notifications as Android or IOS Notifications on Your Phone, Email or Popup Window. Information can send in these conditions according to your selection :     Constant Time Period     When Drawdown Larger than Specified Value     When Margin Level Smaller than Specified Value   
30 USD
Binance Futures Quick History Update Panel New Feature : Automatic update missing data on terminal restart! Whenever you open terminal, the latest data is ready!  Features : 1. Panel with Select input field, It will create symbol based on setting and You can select from 15minutes to Monthly History or can select All to update history fully for the symbol. This panel updates history on Binance symbols with Open High Low Close and Volume data, It also Prints message when History Update is comp
40 USD
MAFiA Scalper -Bill Williams (BW) expert advisor with a control panel for trading. !!! Advisor will work ONLY on accounts like HEDGE . The type of account can be seen in the upper left corner of the terminal. Example - there   Detailed instructions with illustrations in English, in PDF file format. - You will find a link to the instruction under the video - The video is in Russian, but you can turn on subtitles and choose the translation into your language. The main task of the advise
597 USD
Rafil Nurmukhametov
4.79 (29)
The utility allows you to build different types of graphs: Seconds chart from 1 second to 86400 seconds Tick chart from 1 tick and above The volume chart Delta chart Renko chart Range chart Demo version of the utility https://www.mql5.com/ru/channels/clustersecond Built-in indicators for volumetric analysis: daily market profile and market profile of the selected timeframe, Cluster Search Imbalance VWAP Dynamic POC, VAH, VAL the profile depth of the market vertical volume with various display op
100 USD
Stochastic Rsi Style MT5
Javier Morales Fernandez
Because style matters I know how annoying it is to click properties every time to change the candle’s color, the background to light or dark, and put or remove the grid. Here is the solution with one click: Three customizable buttons to choose the candle style that traders want. One button to switch between Day and Night mode. One button to show or hide the Grid on the charts.  *****On the settings, you can choose where the buttons should be displayed on the screen***** Please consider checking
This EA turns your losing trades into winners using averaging. Once your initial trade moves into negative territory, the recovery mechanism will kick in and place consecutive market orders in the same direction at fixed price intervals, all of which will be closed with a combined profit or approximately breakeven. This mechanism is compatible with NFA/FIFO rules and accepted by US Brokers. [ User Guide | Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Features Tr
299 USD
Currency Strength Meter is the easiest way to identify strong and weak currencies.   The   indicator shows the relative strength of 8 major currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. By default the strength value is normalised to the range from 0 to 100 for RSI algorithm: The value above 60 means strong currency; The value below 40 means weak currency; The indicator is created and optimized for using it externally at an Expert Advisors or as a Custom Indicator inside your programs.
80 USD
Dynamic POC MT5
Evgeny Shevtsov
5 (2)
The indicator calculates volume profiles dynamically and displays the result as VAL, VAH and POC curves. Indicator features The indicator uses the historical data of the lower (relative to the current) timeframes for calculations: M1 - for timeframes up to H1, M5 - for timeframe H1, M15 - for timeframe H4, H1 - for timeframe D1, H4 - for timeframe W1, D1 - for timeframe MN. The color of the DPOC curve sections is determined by comparing the volume of the POC levels of all profiles that make u
30 USD
MA cross Alert MT5
Badis Brahimi
3.5 (2)
MA cross ALERT MT5   This indicator is a full 2 moving averages cross Alert ( email and push notification "mobile" ), 2 MA with full control of MA method and applied price for each moving average "slow and fast", -simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted. - close, open, high, low, median price, typical price, weighted price. you can modify periods as well for both MA. For any suggestions don't hesitate, thanks
30 USD
Profit or Loss Pad
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.88 (8)
Closing positions in MetaTrader 5 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function.   CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing You can enable the  Virtual stops (Separate Order) , calculating and closing for  BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL) , closing and calculating  all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols) , enable trailing for profit ( Trailing  Profit) Positions are closed based on a value  in deposit currency, points, % and drawdown . The appl
30 USD
Wave Scalper EA
WebTech Media Ltd
4 (1)
The Wave Scalper EA is fully automated scalping system that uses price action to identify good scalping trades and executes them with an invisible trailing stop loss. It also includes a money management feature which calculates lot size based on account size and risk with an option to set a maximum draw down at which the EA will stop trading. This is a long term strategy combined with money management which works well on most pairs, but predominantly GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, AUDUSD & USDJPY. Plea
PipFinite Reversal PRO MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
4.68 (34)
The Controversial 5-Step System That Professional Traders Use To Unlock Trading Success! Reversal Pro effectively combines price action, ideal location and reliable statistics in one smart algorithm. Understanding the market in this unique perspective allows you to recognize reversals professionally. Discover The Secret Of Professional Traders Get instant access www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/716077 Copy & Paste what professional traders are doing right now! How To Trade Step 1: Trade Setu
98 USD
MT4:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52715 This indicator is based on market profile theory. What exactly is a singles area? Theory: Market Profile Singles : Singles or single prints  or gap  of the profile are placed in the inside of a profile structure, not at the upper or lower edge. They are represented with single TPOs printed on the Market profile. Singles draw our attention to places where the price moved very fast (impulse movements). They leave low volume nodes wit
82.50 USD

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