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New Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 5

icon Use trading robots and indicators to make Forex trading more profitable. Trading robots allow you to automate opening and closing deals, while indicators help you predict market behavior more accurately. The page features the catalog of MetaTrader 5 applications.
FT Gold Robot MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.56 (9)
Introducing the FT Gold Robot MT5, your ultimate companion in navigating the intricate world of XAUUSD trading. Developed with precision and powered by cutting-edge algorithms, FT Gold is a forex robot meticulously crafted to optimize your trading performance with XAUUSD pairs . With its advanced analytical capabilities, FT Gold Robot constantly monitors the gold market, identifying key trends, patterns, and price movements with lightning speed. The FT Gold Robot opens 5 positions every day (you
SilverPulse AI
Babak Alamdar
5 (2)
Diversify your trading with new instruments, your portfolio will be stronger This price is temporary for the duration of the promotion and will be raised shortly Final Price: 5000 $ There are only a few copies left at the current price, the next price is -->> 745 $ Welcome to the SilverPulse AI Hey, I'm SilverPulse AI! This is the first smartest robot that trades Silver or XAG with full pairs like XAGUSD, XAGEUR, and XAGAUD! I check the news every single day and I take advantage of any op
Zenith MT5
Enrique Enguix
5 (3)
Zenith: The Pinnacle of Algorithmic Trading We are pleased to introduce Zenith , an Expert Advisor (EA) that marks a before and after in the world of algorithmic trading. Zenith is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Trendex and Q-Research, a leading data mining firm. This partnership has enabled the combination of the best of both worlds: Trendex's expertise in quantitative trading and Q-Research's massive data analysis capability. A Fusion of Excellence and Technology Zenith
Fenghuang Rig EA
Sof'ia Vlasova
5 (1)
Fenghuang EA is an EA based on the principles of clustering in machine learning. This EA is designed to analyze data to identify groups of objects or events that may have similar characteristics or causal relationships. The core functionality of Fenghuang EA includes the ability to exploit hidden patterns in the data and group objects based on their similarities. This helps to identify potential causal relationships between different groups of objects or events.  With this EA, you will be able t
Ultimate SMC
Haidar, Lionel Haj Ali
Ultimate SMC is a sophisticated MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor designed to act as a framework for traders using advanced Smart Money Concepts (SMC). If you are a smart money concept trader and want to enhance and automate your trading strategies, this EA is for you. It is designed to cater to advanced traders seeking a robust and versatile tool to implement precise and strategic trading maneuvers based on the smart money concept. The EA combines multiple sophisticated trading techniques and risk ma
The GOLD xauusd ea mt5
Endrigo Marchand Campos
2022- 2024 Backtest | +526% Profit | 50% DD | 114 Gains | 5 Losses | 5.36 Profit Factor This is a powerful Expert Advisor for trading GOLD XAUUSD in MT5 platform, with $100 USD minimun deposit and an impressive accuracy and performance. This EA works like a hunter, analyzing the price movement, its strength and trend, patiently waiting for the best opportunities to perform its work extremely effectively. The EA strategy is based on Price Action, Smart Money Concepts (SMC) and Fibonacci, looking
Introducing Golden Rabbit Pro : Your Ultimate Gold Trading Expert Advisor (EA) Are you looking for a reliable Expert Advisor (EA) for gold trading? Golden Rabbit Pro is exactly what you need! This unique EA utilizes 7 real trading strategies that set it apart from the rest. Only 10 copies left at   270$   -> Next price:   499$   -> Final price:   1299$ Live Results :   link in Bio Our Strategies : Golden Rabbit Pro is built on a simple yet highly effective approach. It uses daily suppo
Gregory Hay
5 (1)
Welcome to   SuperCable EA , an effective trader for the GBPUSD pair (aka Cable). Developed by our team to work in normal accounts, funded prop accounts and prop challenges! Does not use HFT! Receive SuperCable as Free bonus (limited to 2 live accounts)  with purchase of GoldExcel MT5 (works very well together as one portfolio) product here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/111410 Performance Signals:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fxmanagedforexltd/seller SuperCable EA  system uses sing
Read Carefully: For a limited time only, you can get our exclusive EA for just $99! This special offer is available for only 7 days, so act quickly to take advantage of this incredible deal. After this promotional period, the price will increase to $999 next week. Crypto Prime: Advanced Expert Advisor for Bitcoin Trading Crypto Prime is a state-of-the-art Expert Advisor designed specifically for the Bitcoin market (BTCUSD). It harnesses a variety of innovative strategies to expertly navigate
Fractals Dynamic Fractals Dynamic   – is a modified free fractal indicator by Bill Williams, in which you can manually set the number of bars on the left and right, thereby building unique patterns on the chart. Now all trading strategies based on or based on the Fractals Dynamic indicator will have an additional signal. In addition, fractals can act as support and resistance levels. And in some trading strategies, show liquidity levels. For this purpose, levels were introduced in this versio
Pairs trading fix lot
Nikolai Starkovskii
This is a version of the main advisor with a lot limitation only. Here, auto lot = 1% of the deposit and closing at total profit = 1%. In the full version, these parameters can be changed. The "Pairs trading EurUsd vs UsdChf" advisor is an automated trading system based on pair trading between the EUR/USD and USD/CHF currency pairs. This EA's strategy is based on the idea that these two currency pairs often move in opposite directions, so it is possible to use their correlation for trading. T
Course Crystal
Nastassia Vasilenka
Course Crystal is an indicator that helps traders determine the direction of the trend in the market. It uses a unique algorithm to analyze price movements and displays the results on the chart as colored areas. Blue indicates a buying opportunity, while red indicates a selling opportunity. Manual trading system: Trend Determination: The Course Crystal indicator analyzes current and past price data to determine the overall direction of the trend. If the majority of data points to higher pri
Swing Starter MT5
Lorenzo Albanese
Swing Starter EA NOTE: Use on H1 for best results! LAUNCH PROMO : We want to sell our products at an affordable price, so that more people can benefit from their potential. No urgency or hurry! However, to celebrate the launch of our first EA, we provide a 75% DISCOUNT! Take this chance: - 50$ for the first 10 COPIES Then, FINAL PRICE of 190 $ Feel Free to contact me for more information or questions:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/albaneselorenzo/ Also add me as a friend to receive faster supp
USDJPY Trend Surfer is an innovative trading tool designed as a trend-following EA (Expert Advisor). This EA accurately captures the trend of USDJPY by combining multiple SMAs (Simple Moving Averages), RSI (Relative Strength Index), and StdDev (Standard Deviation). By using multiple SMAs, it analyzes trends over different periods simultaneously, and by combining indicators such as RSI and StdDev, it detects market overheating and overbought/oversold conditions, identifying more reliable entry po
The Expert Advisor works on double stochastic, bollinger bands and trawl. The Expert Advisor trades simultaneously on 18 standard symbols. The Expert Advisor is for five-digit accounts. Leverage   1:500 Timeframe for trading   H1 Attention ! After purchasing the advisor, write me a message. In my response, I will give you the advisor settings a specific deposit and leverage your broker. Symbol for placing the Expert Advisor any of the standard symbols. Statistics on a real account:   https:
Mystical AI
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Hello traders, I have designed   Mystical AI   with real results rigorously,   impeccable for his wisdom and intelligence  , tool based on several of my previous   Strategies , adapting it to the   Forex Market , therefore it is adapted to the   artificial intelligence   of   machine learning , that is, the   AI   will read parameters and then consult them to my strategy, then it will learn so that the entries are of better quality, it also has a node where you can recover positions, another of
Our   Basic Support and Resistance   indicator is the solution you need to boost your technical analysis. This indicator allows you to project support and resistance levels on the chart /   MT4 Version Features Integration of Fibonacci Levels:  With the option to display Fibonacci levels alongside support and resistance levels, our indicator gives you an even deeper insight into market behavior and possible reversal areas. Performance Optimization:  With the option to update extended lines
AI Magic Star
Roman Mamonov
Trading advisor for XAUUSD, trading based on support and resistance levels  Promotion for traders only!! Only the first 10 copies for $150, next price $200 (don't miss your chance) This trading advisor is designed specifically for trading the XAUUSD instrument using support and resistance levels. Support and resistance levels are key concepts in technical analysis and are used to determine likely price turning points. The advisor automatically detects these levels and uses them to make tradin
Poseidon AI
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Hello traders,   I have designed this tool with real results rigorously,   tool based on several of my previous   Strategies , adapting it to the   Forex Market , therefore it is adapted to the   artificial intelligence   of   machine learning , that is, the   AI   will read parameters and then consult them to my strategy, then it will learn so that the entries are of better quality, it also has a node where you can recover positions, another of the innovative things that you will find is that e
MinMax Levels MinMax Levels  –  is an indicator of the maximum, minimum and opening price levels for important trading periods: day, week and month. Each Forex market participant uses levels in their trading system. They can be either the main signal for making transactions or an additional one, acting as an analytical tool.  In this indicator, days, weeks and months were selected as important periods, since they are the key trading periods of large market participants. As you know, prices mo
Turbo AI
Irina Selezneva
Hi there, ladies and gentlemen. There are no words to say too much. We use an impressive machine learning technology to beat the FOREX market. But machine learning itself cannot achieve superior results without expert knowledge. We have such knowledge and we use a mean reversion strategy on the EURGBP currency pair, which is improved via deep learning. This approach allows us to achieve a 10X performance improvement compared to other indicator-based trading systems. So, this strategy is based o
Expert AI
Сардор Таиров
Note for Buyers: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Choose brokers with large liquidities. Don’t forget to connect to the VPS server from MQL5. Launch only on XAUUSD. Minimum balance is $1000. The trading robot is universal, you can try other parameters for yourself. The recommended setting is shown in the screenshot. Do not exceed reasonable risk. ------------------------
Ultimate Pivot Levels indicator for MetaTrader 5 Ultimate_Pivot_Levels is versatile tool designed to enhance your trading experience by accurately plotting pivot levels on your charts. It allows entering your desired values manually or using well known pivot calculation methods to create pivot levels. It draws the levels in the background and allows you to customize levels, size and colors of areas, and it keeps your adjustments while extending the levels to every new bar. Whether you are a novi
Aurum Trend Tracker (ATT) is specifically designed for gold trading on the M15 timeframe. With default settings, it’s a straightforward tool—just turn it on and let it run. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer, ATT provides a reliable approach to navigating the dynamic gold market. Its algorithm capitalizes on continuous trend analysis, ensuring effective risk management while maintaining an impressively low drawdown. So, whether you’re tracking established trends or identifying emergi
Sergey Shevchenko
If you need an indicator that shows market entry points, then this is your indicator.  The indicator is not redrawn. Shows buy and sell points for any TF (time frame) and any currency pair. Settings are adjustable for all instruments. You can configure each parameter for any broker, for any account. This is a PILLOW that is comfortable :)) Just check it out.....
TradeMirror is a trade copier EA for MT4/MT5 platform. Why TradeMirror We understand the importance of security, stability and privacy for financial software, so we've gone the extra mile to harden these three elements in detail: Provides a user-friendly graphical interface that is easy to operate Focus on privacy and security, suitable for various financial scenarios with privacy requirements for order distribution Precise replication of orders, millisecond distribution Support full platform,
This indicator is the converted Metatrader 5 version of the TradingView indicator "ATR Based Trendlines - JD" by Duyck. This indicator works by automatically and continuously drawing trendlines not based exclusively on price, but also based on the volatility perceived by the ATR. So, the angle of the trendlines is determined by (a percentage of) the ATR. The angle of the trendlines follows the change in price, dictated by the ATR at the moment where the pivot point is detected. The ATR percentag
Project 758
Konstantin Sinitsin
Greetings, fellow traders. EA Project 758 was created by a team of traders and programmers with 15 years of experience. EA Project 758 has been developed and refined over a period of 6 years. Through this process, we have achieved excellent results. The EA algorithm is proprietary and has no analogues. It incorporates universal and complex systems such as IR, developed personally by us. We designed a proprietary EA that embodies the behavior model of termites. These tiny insects are known for th
Hull Cloud
Flavio Javier Jarabeck
The Hull Moving Average is known for its ability to reduce lag and provide a clearer, more accurate depiction of market trends. By smoothing price data more effectively than traditional moving averages, it helps traders identify trend directions and reversals with greater precision. The Hull Cloud indicator elevates this by using four Hull Moving Averages working together like an orchestra. This combination creates a dynamic system that highlights short, medium, and long-term trends, giving trad
Order Block Box
Usiola Oluwadamilol Olagundoye
The Advanced Order Block Indicator for MetaTrader 5 is designed to enhance technical analysis by identifying significant order blocks that sweep liquidity and create Fair Value Gaps (FVG) when pushing away. This indicator is ideal for traders who focus on institutional trading concepts and wish to incorporate advanced order flow and price action strategies into their trading routine. Overview Order Block Identification : An order block represents a price area where a substantial number of orders
" Nibelung " is an advanced trading bot created for modern Forex traders. This innovative tool is a reliable assistant for anyone seeking efficient and automated trading. The bot uses pending orders as one of the main elements of its algorithm. Pending orders are placed at a certain distance from the current price and are triggered only when the price reaches a specified level. In addition, when the price moves, trailing pending orders is activated. Once the order becomes market, the bot auto
Forex Genius
Tatiana Savkevych
Forex Visionary Pro : Your Trusted Guide in the Forex World Forex Visionary Pro is an advanced Forex trading robot designed for traders. This innovative tool has a wide range of features and capabilities that allow traders to effectively manage their trades and strategies. Special offer for early adopters: price reduced, but will be increased in the future. Tools for work: EURUSD, AUDCAD AUDCHF AUDJPY AUDNZD AUDSGD AUDUSD CADCHF CADJPY GBPSEK, GBPSGD GBPUSD. Advantages of Forex Visionary
Ultima Trader   is a multi-currency advisor that can effectively operate on different time frames and in a variety of market scenarios thanks to its advanced non-geometric progression averaging system. This feature allows him to build trading grids and determine the moments of entry into the market with high accuracy. Main characteristics of Ultima Trader: Security systems: The advisor is equipped with special filters, spread control and trading time limits to ensure safety and reliability. A
Why Secutor and If It Can Be Used With Prop Trading Challenges? One of the dirty truths of financial markets is that reliable scalping and high frequency trading algorithms depend on highly complex mathematical functions created by the hands of the brightest minds of programmers and mathematicians. In the world of institutional trading, 50-60 year old technical analysis tools are never used for the validation of any trade decision. We took the institution way in the development of Secutor EA. O
Javier Diaz Perete
Overview: The "ATRBBOpener" is a trading robot designed to operate on the GBP/USD currency pair. Tailored for an H1 (one-hour) trading timeframe, this robot is ideal for traders seeking a balanced approach between short-term and medium-term trading strategies. Technical Indicators Used: Average True Range (ATR): The robot incorporates ATR to measure market volatility and determine stop loss and take profit levels. This indicator helps identify periods of high and low volatility. Bollinger Band
Companion v1
Benjamin Alistair Fisher
The Day Trading Companion!!  The Day Trading Companion offers a unique approach that blends automation with a proven manual strategy to help you build confidence and establish effective trading habits. It's suitable for everyone, regardless of experience level! Automate Your Prop Passing & Payouts Companion Community Fully & Semi Automated Full Discord Community Included  A-Z Set up Included  Updated Regularly  Much More! ️ Once joined drop me a message
Conquistador is a fundamental technical indicator designed to assess the current market situation and determine the optimal entry and exit points in the currency pairs market with minimal risk. This indicator was created on the basis of original indicators for searching for extremes and is excellent for determining a reversal or sharp movement of the market. Thanks to Conquistador, you can recognize such moments in a timely manner and receive notifications in the form of colored dots on the cha
A   Trade Vantage   expert is a professional market analyst who operates a specialized algorithm for his work. Its operating principle is based on the analysis of prices for a certain time interval, where the strength and amplitude of prices is identified using a unique indication system based on real data. When the trend loses its strength and changes direction, the expert closes the previous position and forms a new one. In addition, as part of its algorithms, the bot takes into account signa
Alien M5
Oleksii Ferbei
Alien is a next generation multi-currency bot designed for efficient Forex trading. This expert advisor (bot) combines advanced algorithms and settings, allowing traders to achieve stable profits with minimal risk. Let's consider its main features, advantages, parameters and process of use. Alien Features: Flexible settings: Strategy parameters Stop loss and take profit levels Lot sizes Much more Automated trading: Works 24/7 without the need for constant monitoring Adaptation to the market:
Product Description: Adaptive Y-Axis Scaling is a powerful MT5 indicator designed to enhance your trading experience by providing precise control over the Y-axis (price) scaling of your charts. This innovative tool allows you to customize the price scaling by specifying the number of pips from the visible chart's highs and lows. The calculated price range from this input is then used to set the maximum and minimum prices for the open chart, ensuring an optimized and comprehensive view of market
SP500 Daily Move Catcher
Cristian Alexander Aravena Danin
NO MARTINGALE!!️️ NO GRID!!️️ PROVED OVER A 1000 TRADES!! USE IN S&P500 PROPFIRM READY This EA take advantage of the volatility in the beginning of the most traded session (NY session) to catch the daily move, doing the same at the end of the session and, if the conditions are ideal, it leaves the trade open until the next day session catching big profit. This EA uses a real strategy with a simple risk/reward ratio of 2 to 1. The EA may have drawdown periods or losing streaks,meaning
ICT Silver Bullet Master
Angel Claude Charles Geoffroy
Of course! Here is the English translation of your trading algorithm description: --- ### Silver Bullet ICT Trading Robot Description **Discover a new era of trading with our automated trading robot, based on the renowned Silver Bullet strategy by ICT (Inner Circle Trader).** #### **Why Choose Our Trading Robot?** 1. **Proven Performance**: The Silver Bullet strategy by ICT is recognized for its consistent results and ability to identify high-probability trading opportunities. Our tra
Hello & welcome. Have you ever held a losing position, hoping that it will eventually return to profit? All the while it increases your draw-down, handicaps your account, undermines your confidence, and you're paying swap fees for the privilege. This is bad trading. Actually its worse than bad trading, its ruinous for both your account and your aspiration as a trader. If the above is an example of a bad trade, then the opposite must be true? A good trade is one which you can safely hold, for as
Genius Edge MT5
Hideki Nakajima
Innovative Trading Strategy with Expert Advisor (EA) Developed based on years of expert trading experience, this EA is not just another grid system. Utilizing multi-timeframe analysis with D1 and H1 moving averages, combined with RSI Bollinger Bands, it adeptly captures market trends and identifies prime trading opportunities. DD Reduce Function for Assured Risk Management Equipped with the DD Reduce function, this EA stands strong against market fluctuations. It aims to minimize losses by bal
Umbra M5
Andriy Sydoruk
The   Umbra   bot is a modern and effective tool for automated trading in the Forex market. This state-of-the-art multi-currency robot is built using an advanced system of strategic analysis of temporary information flow, making it a reliable assistant for traders of all experience levels. It provides the opportunity to make money on foreign exchange rates, working on any timeframe and with various currency pairs. Key Features and Benefits: Multi-currency: Umbra can trade most currency pairs
Nova Vision v5
Maryna Shulzhenko
The bot, called   Nova Vision , is a cutting-edge, innovative, next-generation tool designed for successful Forex trading. It has high efficiency and unique capabilities that make it an indispensable assistant for traders. The Nova Vision bot has multifunctional capabilities and supports working with a wide range of currency pairs. It is specifically tailored to work with the Forex markets, providing traders with flexibility and versatility in choosing trading assets. An important feature o
参数设置: // 外部参数 - 账户 input long   MyAccount= 12345678;      //Enter your trading account // 外部参数 - 货币对 input bool   EURUSDJPY_zuhe=true;           //EURUSDJPY Whether the three-currency group is opened input string symbol0= "EURUSD";    //Currency Pair (Note Capitalization and Subscript) input string symbol1= "USDJPY";    //Currency Pair (Note Capitalization and Subscript) input string symbol2= "EURJPY";    //Currency Pair (Note Capitalization and Subscript) input double   EURUSDJPY_p_high = 300;
Tropic Funder EA
Michael Prescott Burney
HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! With the purchase of Tropic Funder EA, you can obtain my Boxer Pro trading indicator FREE! Message me after purchase and I will send you a restriction-free copy of Boxer Pro indicator, as well as give you the ability to obtain the all-new, unannounced Boxer Ultimate EA absolutely FREE as well! That's two amazing new highly anticipated systems unreleased to the public until now, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Introducing Tropic Funder EA for GBPUSD H1 A groundbreaking trading system val
Volume plays a crucial role in trading, serving as a key indicator of market activity and investor sentiment. Here are some important roles of volume in trading: Confirming trends: Dow Theory emphasizes the importance of volume in determining market trends. Larger volume usually indicates greater disagreement between bulls and bears, while smaller volume may indicate higher market agreement with the current price. Capturing institutional moves: By analyzing volume over a period of time, one c
Looking for a Lower Risk EA?  Look No Further and trade TWO Pairs at a time in a Partial Hedge Formation to better protect against market fluctuations and improve the win rate!!!  See my results that show Low Drawdowns and High Sharpe Ratio! THREE EAs In One!!!! This EA can trade 3 different Pairs. EURUSD + GBPUSD AUDUSD + EURUSD EURUSD + USDCHF The Automated EA program trades two currencies in a partial hedge formation using signals from three currency pairs at the same time.  The program
Accurate Trend Finder
Machel Delaurence Miller
The "Accurate Trend Finder" EA combines the power of 10 technical indicators, 10 candlestick patterns, and precise analysis of support and resistance levels to make highly accurate and reliable decisions on trend direction, ensuring you stay ahead in the market. This EA is a sophisticated trading tool designed to automate trading decisions based on a combination of technical indicators and candlestick patterns. This EA is engineered to help traders make informed and precise trading decisions by
This indicator displays the remaining time of the current candle, providing a visual representation of the time left until the candle closes and a new one begins, helping traders to make more informed decisions and stay on top of market fluctuations with precise timing, enhancing their overall trading experience and strategy execution, and allowing them to optimize their trades and maximize their profits.
Introducing the Boom and Crash Indices Killer EA for MT5 Welcome to the next evolution in trading with the Boom and Crash Indices Killer EA, specifically designed for MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This expert advisor (EA) is engineered to trade Boom and Crash indices with unparalleled precision, leveraging advanced price action strategies. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what makes this EA a must-have tool for traders looking for consistent profitability and robust performance. Key Features and Benefi
Timer remaining to finish the candle. A simple informative indicator of how much time is left until the current candle ends. In a simple, easy and objective way. In the input parameters, enter the desired color of the clock, the font size and the displacement to the right of the candle. I hope I helped with this useful and free tool. Make good use and good business.
Gold Tree
Utkarsh Katiyar
Unlock the Power of Gold Trading with Precision and Reliability Introducing our state-of-the-art Gold Trading Expert Advisor (EA) – a sophisticated trading algorithm designed specifically for trading gold (XAU/USD).Whether you are an experienced trader or new to the market, our Gold Trading EA is the essential tool for achieving consistent and reliable results. Key Features: 1. Advanced Trading Algorithms: Our EA uses cutting-edge algorithms that analyze market trends and price movements to e
The Forex Trend Tracker is an advanced tool designed to enhance the trading capabilities of forex traders. This sophisticated indicator uses complex mathematical formulas alongside the Average True Range (ATR) to detect the beginnings of new upward and downward trends in the forex market. It offers visual cues and real-time alerts to give traders a competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of currency trading. There is a MT4 version too! Click here to check the MT4 version! Forex Trend Track
Rhino Gold Ea
Nesimeye Oswald
MQl5 Live Signal Monitoring  :  Click Here To View RHINO GOLD EA  is an advanced trading system for   XAUUSD ( GOLD )   that combines daily high low rejection patterns with lower time frame candlestick confirmations. It enters trade on the lower time frame after daily rejection confirmation. This system is a   semi-scalping   and a   semi-grid   system . It combines scalping with grid when the initial trade fails to reach scalping target . We have employed numerous filters to this system to i
Currency Picker EA is one of the best Auto Trading robot in Currency, Commodity Stocks. It Gives Good Profit. Recommended Symbols: USOIL, LINKUSD, NZDJPY, EURUSD, EURNZD CADJPY. NZDCAD, NSDUSD, EURCAD, AUDUSD, BABA,,CHTR, XALUSD, AMGN, HD, MCD, CADJPY,  AAPL,AMZN Ect.... Inputs: All instrument working well in this EA  inp6_ProfitPips =30 All SL and TP= 0 inp12_PipsAway = -100 also You can Use your Preferred values.  Forget about complex manual strategies and risks! One Currency trading robot is
ThreeD Trend MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
3D Trend Indicator is a non-repaint indicator using multiple moving averages with a 3D surface view. By using this indicator, you can remove uncertainties that can happen using a single and fixed moving average period. You  can use a cloud area using a range of moving average periods. Also a wide range of visual settings are added to this indicator to have a better view from the cloud area. Alert and notification system added to the indicator to inform the trader about the action of candles on t
Bantam Scalper EA
Calvin Andile Mahlangu
Bantam Scalper EA is a fast scalping expert advisor that constantly scans the market for breakouts plus volatility and it is engineered to trade under ideal market conditions with the use of several best filters. It requires no human intervention, even though  the EA’s interface is simple, requiring minimal configuration, which makes it accessible even to novice traders in the automated trading arena. It is a  system that is geared toward long-term and consistent development. It's simple but ef
Lucas Prevideli Ortigoso
Discover TopGun Maximize your profits with our forex trading robot! Using three indicators (Bollinger Bands, RSI and Stochastic) to measure market exhaustion, it identifies precise buying and selling opportunities. The Robot allows changes to the indicator parameters and has the function to perform up to 10 re-entries. Check the GOLD backtest performed 
Buy and Sell Glide Arrow  non-repaint and arrow appears on current candlestick orange arrow is a sell signal blue arrow is a buy signal Buy and Sell Glide Arrow works on 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes timeframes only as it is a scalping indicator. Pairs to trade: Forex pairs such as EURUSD,GBPUSD and other METALS: XAUUSD(GOLD) and other INDICES: Boom and crash 1000, Volatility Pairs such as VIX 10 - VIX 100 and other Lastly BTC AND LTC and other
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上美元 / 日元 =142.840 ,欧元 / 美元 =1.00435 ,欧元 / 日元 =143.375 ,当(美元 / 日元) × (欧元 / 美元)不等于(欧元 / 日元)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_EURUSD * Ask_USDJPY - Bid_EURJPY < -300, 同时下三个订单  Ask_EURUSD , Ask_USDJPY , Bid_EURJPY ;            如果  Bid _EURUSD * Bid _USDJPY - Ask _EURJPY > +300, 同时下三个订单   Bid _EURUSD ,  Bid _USDJPY ,  Ask _EURJPY ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 1.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价( eve
Live trade ideas from mytradingpet.com, derived from comprehensive technical analysis, historical patterns, and advanced AI algorithms. Access daily performance reports, automatically generated and updated for your convenience. Top performer:  +2106.73%   (NZDUSD over one year through 1221 trades)* Happy trading! * As of May 25, 2024, performance statistics are updated daily. Visit mytradingpet.com for the latest reports. Trade ideas available for 8 FOREX pairs  {"EURUSD","USDJPY","GBPUSD","AUDU
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上美元 / 日元 =142.840 ,欧元 / 美元 =1.00435 ,欧元 / 日元 =143.375 ,当(美元 / 日元) × (欧元 / 美元)不等于(欧元 / 日元)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_EURUSD * Ask_USDJPY - Bid_EURJPY < -300, 同时交易三个订单  Ask_EURUSD , Ask_USDJPY , Bid_EURJPY ;            如果  Bid _EURUSD * Bid _USDJPY - Ask _EURJPY > +300, 同时 交易 三个订单   Bid _EURUSD ,  Bid _USDJPY ,  Ask _EURJPY ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 2.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价(
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上澳元 / 美元 =0.65471 ,欧元 / 澳元 =1.65563 ,欧元 / 美元 =1.08430 ,当(澳元 / 美元) × (欧元 / 澳元)不等于(欧元 / 美元)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_AUD_USD * Ask_EUR_AUD - Bid_EUR_USD < - 300, 同时交易三个订单  Ask_AUD_USD、 Ask_EUR_AUD 、 Bid_EUR_USD ;            如果  Bid_AUD_USD * Bid_EUR_AUD - Ask_EUR_USD > +300, 同时交易三个订单   Bid_AUD_USD 、 Bid_EUR_AUD 、 Ask_EUR_USD ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 2.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价
Livro Visual
Eduardo Da Costa Custodio Santos
O LIVRO VISUAL é uma ferramenta que auxilia na identificação de escoras e renovação de ordens, para quem opera Tape Reading ou fluxo no gráfico é uma excelente ferramenta. Porem ele funciona somente em Mercados Centralizados ou com profundidade nível 2. É de fundamental importância você saber que ele não funciona em Mercado de FOREX. Porem pode ser utilizado no Mercado da B3.
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上英镑 / 美元 =1.26961 ,欧元 / 英镑 =0.85436 ,欧元 / 美元 =1.08458 ,当(英镑 / 美元) × (欧元 / 英镑)不等于(欧元 / 美元)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_ GBP USD * Ask_EURGBP - Bid_EURUSD < - 300, 同时 交易 三个订单 Bid_GBPUSD、Bid_EURGBP、Ask_EURUSD;            如果  Bid_GBPUSD * Bid_EURGBP - Ask_EURUSD > +300, 同时 交易 三个订单   Bid_GBPUSD 、 Bid_EURGBP 、 Ask_EURUSD ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 2.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价( every tic
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上欧元 / 美元 =1.08740 ,美元 / 瑞郎 =0.85812 ,欧元 / 瑞郎 =0.93205 ,当(欧元 / 美元) × (美元 / 瑞郎)不等于(欧元 / 瑞郎)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_EURUSD * Ask_USDCHF - Bid_EURCHF < - 300, 同时交易三个订单  Ask_EURUSD , Ask_USDCHF , Bid_EURCHF ;            如果  Bid _EURUSD * Bid _USDCHF - Ask _EUR CHF > +300, 同时交易三个订单   Bid _EURUSD ,  Bid _USDCHF ,  Ask _EURCHF ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 2.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价(
三角套利作为一种比较常见的套利方式,不少投资人在外汇交易中都有用到过。三角套利是基于交叉汇率实现的,它是三角套利的基础,所谓交叉汇率,是指用一种非美元的货币表示另一种非美元货币的价格。如某个外汇市场上欧元 / 美元 =1.08495 ,美元 / 加元 =1.33982 ,欧元 / 加元 =1.45375 ,当(欧元 / 美元) × (美元 / 加元)不等于(欧元 / 加元)时,这就为三角套利提供了可能。 比如:如果 Ask_EURUSD * Ask_USDCAD - Bid_EURCAD < - 300, 同时交易三个订单  Ask_EURUSD , Ask_USDCAD , Bid_EURCAD ;            如果  Bid _EURUSD * Bid _USDCAD - Ask _EURCAD > +300, 同时交易三个订单   Bid _EURUSD ,  Bid _USDCAD ,  Ask _EURCAD ; 当以上三个订单总体盈利时,平仓。从而获利。 注意: 1 、 2.0 版本历史数据回测时请务必输入你的账户!!!! 2 、策略测试强烈建议采用每次报价( e

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