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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 89

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Active Range EA
Alexander Chertnik
Active Range Expert Advisor.  Minimum trading account 200 $. chart: EURUSD 1H  EA does not use Stop Loss and Take Profit. Trades will open and close at indicator signal. There is no Optimization needed. developed, tested and optimized   on "TGL Colmex", "   VantageMarkets ", " IFCMarkets"  platforms. Recommended broker > Vantage Account Options: leverage 500:1  ( low spread Raw ECN /    Standard   STP / Micro - Cent) open account >   www.vantagemarkets.com/forex-trading/forex-trading-ac
FT Price Action Grid  is an advanced grid system that has been working consistently for many years. The EA does not use indicators for market analysis. The EA analyzes the current situation in the markets using a grid system based jn Price Action principles.  Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses
Golden Move
Damian Mateusz Wojtowicz
The One and Only!, simply the best!, amazing! entry indicator Golden Move. Try it yourself as it proves its quality with its results. Settings: AlertConfirmation: truns on and off alerts CalculatedBars: how many bars will be calculated Distance : arrow distance Buffers: Buffer0 (Arrow Buy) Buffer1 (Arrow Sell) Buffer2 (Buy  value 1) Buffer3 (Sell value 1)
FT True Scalper
Vladimir Kalendzhyan
FT True Scalper    is a fully automatic Expert Advisor that uses the principle of Price Action   in trading. The EA does not use indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart. All trading positions are controlled by a tight stop order, which minimizes the trading drawdown and ensures the safety of the deposit. Profit taking is carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm that allows you to capture the maximum
Introducing the RSI_EA, an advanced automated trading Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This EA combines the power of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Averages (MA) with sophisticated money management strategies to maximize your trading potential. Rigorous backtesting  from   2020 to 2024  to ensure that your capital is safe without stop outs using  Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes) To be used on EURUSD 5M Cha
The FVG Instantaneous Mitigation Signals indicator detects and highlights "instantaneously" mitigated fair value gaps (FVG), that is FVGs that get mitigated one bar after their creation, returning signals upon mitigation. Take profit/stop loss areas, as well as a trailing stop loss are also included to complement the signals.   USAGE Figure 1 Instantaneous Fair Value Gap mitigation is a new concept introduced in this script and refers to the event of price mitigating a fair value gap
Hey, I’m Prop Firm Killer Deluxe, the improved and faster version of the original HFT trading robot, designed to pass prop firm challenges and manage live funded accounts. Key Features: Versatile: This robot is made to pass prop firm challenges and manage live funds on prop firm and live accounts. Compliance: When trading US30, it won't break any prop firm rules. Simple Setup: Like the first version, we have just one setfile for everything. Money Management (MM): The bot has a built-in money
Wafadar Abbas Syed
Introducing Scalp2Trend: The Ultimate MT4 Indicator for All Traders Scalp2Trend is a versatile tool that integrates multiple strategies to cater to the needs of all types of traders. Whether you're a scalper, day trader, or swing trader, Scalp2Trend is designed to help you maximize your trading potential. Key Features: Scalping: Ideal for scalpers who seek multiple trades daily without session limitations. Recommended timeframe: M5. Day Trading: Easily capture trends and close trades efficiently
Fractal Bot Gold is a trading bot that utilizes breakout and rebound strategies from fractal levels to determine effective entry points for positions, as well as to set safe stop-losses and take-profits. Combined with the Average True Range (ATR) indicator and precise adaptation to market conditions, it minimizes the impact of market noise and volatility, providing reliable risk management and optimizing profits. The bot’s parameters are carefully optimized and adapted for trading the Gold (X
White Gold Expert Advisor or Forex Robot Trader is excellent in trading with Gold. Best use for Exness Standard account with symbol of XAUUSDm, and XM ultra low standard broker with symbol of Gold#. Please use 1:100 Leverage and a minimum capital of $ 100. Also, you can adjust the Capital Protection whenever you double or triple your capital. This EA has an auto-trailing 98% Capital Protection. CAPITAL PROTECTION means once the 2% your Capital Total Capital is Losing. The Forex Robot Trader will
SuperTrend Classic
Eduardo Mellado Monge
The classic SuperTrend indicator. The best indicator to define trends and small-scale trend changes in any pair and time frame. It is set up in exactly the same way as the TradinView indicator, and can be adjusted and complemented with other indicators to create profitable strategies or expert advisors, or used individually to profit from the market. Based on the average volatility of the last candles and the price movement, it draws a green line below the price if an bullish microtrend is ident
Abyss MT4
Lee Guan Chuan
This is an EA that trades with SL & TP. EA comes with martingale function which you can choose to activate or not. These are the parameters of the EA. 1)       Trade Settings a.       Entry Mode   - Choose “Long & Short” to trade both long and short. Choose “Long only” to trade only long and choose “Short only” to trade only short. Long and short are managed differently in the EA. b.       Magic Number   – This is the magic number attached to the trades opened by this EA. If you use multiple EAs
MQ4.ORG at the Order Management EA  is an adaptable trade Edda that functions in MetaTrader 4. It is useful for trading manual and other EAs trades that will help traders manage there trade easily. Some of the most characteristic features and some benefits provided by the Order Management EA are: Key Features: Trade Management: magic number or order comment based trade management makes it adaptable to any trading system. Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit : draws stop losses and take profit
Unstoppable Breakthrough   is a trading strategy designed specifically for gold trading (XAUUSD) in the financial markets. This strategy identifies potential trading opportunities based on market price behavior and the breakout of key price levels. The core of the strategy lies in accurately setting buy stop and sell stop orders, which automatically enter the market when gold prices break through these preset levels. Important!!! Important!!! Important!!! Before using, please disable this param
Evz Histogram
Nelson Daniel Dinis Freitas Mendes
This indicator is based on the Cboe EuroCurrency Volatility Index, also known as Euro VIX  and has a ticker symbol of   EVZ . It basically measures volatility  in the Eur/USD exchange rate but it can be used to track overall volitility in the Forex market.  It's best usage is to add it to your system as a mandatory tool, when the value is above 7, you can expect some movement in the market, so you can trade at full risk, when the value is below 7, you trade with less risk or don't trade at all.
This utilities can constantly monitors and handle the equity/ balance account to prevent drawdowns and protect your account. This Utilities can handle manually order and automatically order by other Expert Advisors.  If the conditions are reached, the open position will be close/ all close (depending your setting). How to use : attach this utilities on new chart (same pair) you need to handle make sure magic number is same with other EA you need to handle entry magic number '0' if you need h
Introducing our advanced Fast Trades Manager for MT4 Designed to seamlessly copy trades and provide comprehensive trade statistics. Key features include: Fast Trade Copying: Efficiently copy trades from one broker to another, ensuring your strategies are implemented across different platforms. Symbol Copying with Suffixes: Easily duplicate trades from one symbol to another, even when symbols have suffixes like "US30" to "US30m". Master-Slave Tracking: Maintain real-time synchronization with rob
Blissful Blaze IA V2
Valentina Stefania Turtoiu
Discover the Power of Precision and AI with Blissful Blaze IA V2: Your Ultimate Trading Ally Hello, savvy traders! Are you ready to elevate your trading game to unprecedented heights? Meet Blissful Blaze IA V2, the cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) designed to revolutionize your trading experience on MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Crafted with precision, intelligence, and a keen eye on market trends, this EA is your perfect companion for navigating the dynamic world of financial markets. Why Choose Blissful
Bullish winner MT4
Elham Bahramirad
Dear Forex Traders, Bullish winner has finally arrived... We are thrilled to announce the launch of our automated trading robot today, now available at an exclusive 85% discount . This robot offers you a stress-free trading experience, suitable for all account sizes, starting as low as $100. It seamlessly integrates with all brokers and accounts, allowing you to install it effortlessly, unwind, and generate profits with ease. Don’t miss out on this outstanding discount opportunity! Key
This is a regular panel that places a network of buy and sell orders. This Expert Advisor closes the profit order defined in the settings. Then, there is a parameter called Ladder, which includes that the distance between orders begins to increase by the points indicated by the ladder parameter (here, in the main settings, it is 10 points), which means the second order is 10 points, the third order is 20 points, the fourth order is 40 points, etc. Then, you need to know what is in this advise
M5 Omicron
Teofil Creanga
M5 Omicron Bună ziua! Indicatorul M5 Omicron este creat special pentru M5. Este un indicator complex. Poate fi încercat și pe M1. Noroc! Notă Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. IMPORTANT! Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! Analizați-l bine! Închiriați-l pentru o perioadă mai scurtă de timp. Pentru a vedea cum funcționează și dacă funcționează p
Creative Trend
Svyatoslav Kucher
Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks of a trader, regardless of the trading style. The Creative Trend indicator will help you do this with a fairly high probability. Creative Trend is a trend recognition indicator that uses the author's calculation algorithm. The indicator readings do not change under any conditions. The indicator is suitable for any currency pair, any timeframe, as long as there is enough historical data for calculations. Indicator Parameters Main S
Chinedu Peter
The best trend line auto trading expert advisor/utility. One or more trend lines of different timeframes in the same direction are easily placed on a chart to auto trade within a strong trading opportunity.   1.    AUTO TRADING / MANUAL TRADING Trendscout can place orders for you automatically. You have to enable “Auto trading” and also check the “Enable live trading” box at the parameter window. When price crosses the trend lines for the first time two massages are sent to your mobile phone or
Subscribe to the MA7 Trading channel to receive notifications about new programs, updates and other information. Ask questions in the profile on the MQL5 . Description of work The MA7 Aster C2 expert advisor is based on the MA7 Aster indicator. When a signal appears, the expert advisor opens a position, sets a stoploss and takeprofit, and after opening the position, accompanies it until it is closed. After receiving a loss, the expert advisor increases the volume. Detailed information about t
Safe Growth
Phowpinyo Shimbhanao
Safe Growth EA is perfect for traders who want to keep their capital safe while steadily growing it. This EA uses a combination of Bollinger Bands and EMA, along with Candle Patterns for extra accuracy. The EA doesn't open trades often. Instead, it waits patiently for the best opportunities, making sure each trade has a high chance of success. This careful approach leads to excellent results in forward testing, with a high win rate and very low drawdown. Safe Growth EA is ideal for main portfol
Contact me for instruction, any questions! Introduction Chart patterns   are an essential tool traders and investors use to analyze the future price movements of securities. One such pattern is the triple bottom or the triple top pattern, which can provide valuable insights into potential price reversals. This pattern forms when a security reaches a low   price level   three times before reversing upward or reaches a high price level three times before reversing downward.   Triple Top Bottom
-   Real price is 60$   - 50% Discount ( It is 30$ now ) Contact me for instruction, any questions! Introduction Triangle chart patterns are used in   technical analysis , which is a trading strategy that involves charts and patterns that help traders identify trends in the market to make predictions about future performance.   Triangle Pattern Scanner Indicator It is usually difficult for a trader to recognize classic patterns on a chart, as well as searching for dozens of charts and tim
Ophelos Advisor
Kevin Agustine Mickle
Proven to trade at almost 70% Profitability in total trades Expert Advisor Overview: Introducing the Ophelos Expert Advisor (EA), meticulously designed to automate trading decisions using a combination of moving averages and the MACD indicator as the primary indication.  A strategy that is simple but effective. However, revolves around a highly developed rick management  system, take profit, and stop losses in multiple but different ways. Trading Strategy: The Ophelos EA leverages a sophisti
Optimized for USDJPY
Justine Kelechi Ekweh
This indicator is the MT4 version based on the MT5 indicator of JES-USDJPY which is used and optimized for USDJPY currency pair. Other currency pairs have similarly optimized software for each currency pair, since they all behave differently even though some pairs share a bit of correlation. Extensive tests, settings, and videos are available on the MT5 version thread:    https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/470202 No MT4 version of JesVersal EA for now. https://youtu.be/V2KhpUFq8MY Forex profit te
Silk Way
Murodillo Eshkuvvatov
Revolutionize Your Forex Trading with "Silk Way" Expert Advisor Experience a new era of forex trading performance with our cutting-edge Expert Advisor, "Silk Way." This sophisticated tool is meticulously designed to implement a powerful hedging strategy across various timeframes and currency pairs, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in the dynamic forex market. Key Features: Harness the potential of advanced hedging techniques to optimize your trading opportunities Seamlessly adapta
Zone Guardian
Zone Guardian is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) designed to automate trade management. This EA manages trades within specified risk parameters using automatic lot calculation and multi-layered trade activation. It supports up to 5 layers within the entry zone, each with customizable risk percentages. Visual aids on the chart display entry zones, stop loss (SL), and take profits (TP), ensuring easy level adjustments. The EA adapts to market conditions by closing trades at each TP and moving SLs
Semnale precise Bun venit! Indicatorul de semnale precise declanșează semnale perfecte pe intervalele de timp M15 și M30. Pe H1 la fel, dar semnalele sunt mai rare. De asemenea, funcționează foarte bine pe M5 și chiar pe M1. Noroc! Note Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. IMPORTANT! Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! Analizați-l bine! Închir
Introducing Golden Thunder: The Ultimate Scalping Expert Advisor for Gold Trading Unlock the potential of gold trading with Golden Thunder, a state-of-the-art Expert Advisor designed for scalping strategies. This powerful tool focuses on intraday breakout points to maximize your profits efficiently and effectively. Limited Time Offer: Grab Golden Thunder for just $79 with 20 activations included, available only for the next 24 hours! Key Features: Intraday Scalping Strategy: Optimized for M30
SOS signal
Teofil Creanga
Semnal SOS Indicatorul de semnal SOS funcționează foarte bine pe intervalele de timp H1, M30, M15. Poate fi încercat și pe intervalele M5, M1. Studiu! Succes! Note Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. IMPORTANT! Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! Analizați-l bine! Închiriați-l pentru o perioadă mai scurtă de timp. Pentru a vedea cum funcționează
Works to open two hedging deals, buying and selling, with a goal of each deal of 20 points With the opening of multiple cooling deals in the manner of another lot size and suspending each type of sale or purchase transaction At a profit level. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity* the greater this percentage is the great
Blissful Blaze IA
Valentina Stefania Turtoiu
Blissful Blaze: Unleashing the Expert Advisor That Elevates Your Trading Hello, fellow traders and enthusiasts! Welcome to the exciting world of Blissful Blaze . In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the features and strategies behind this Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. Why Blissful Blaze Uses "Buy Stop" Orders Blissful Blaze focuses on opening "Buy Stop" orders due to its specialized breakout strategy aimed at capitalizing on upward price movemen
MR BEAST SWING TRADING El Mejor Robot de Swing Trading para Capturar el Mejor Precio y Optimizar el Swap Nuestro avanzado robot de trading de swing trading está diseñado para traders que buscan maximizar sus ganancias mediante una estrategia de precios óptimos y grids a favor del swap. Este robot incorpora análisis de múltiples periodos (día, semana, mes, año) para identificar los mejores puntos de entrada y salida, asegurando que siempre opere en condiciones favorables. Características Princ
Use a plain google sheet to license your product After years of developing trading software, I noticed the lack of a simple and cheap system to license the software to your customer.  Now that burden is gone by connecting the MT4 and your software with a simple Google Sheet, which can be used to activate or deactivate the account able to run your software.  With a minimum setup you'll be able to compile your software and distributing it without the fear of being spoiled by hackers or bad peopl
Scalping M5
Teofil Creanga
Scalping M5 Indicatorul M5 Scalping este creat pentru intervalul de timp M5. Poate fi încercat și pe alte intervale de timp. Este un indicator scalping. Markerul nu revopsește și dă rezultate bune. Semnalele sunt rare, dar pot fi utilizate pe mai multe perechi. Succes! Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! An
Forex Indicator "WPR for 8 Symbols" for MT4, No repaint WPR itself is one of the best oscillators for scalping It is great to take   Sell   entries from   strong OverBought zone (above -10)   and   Buy   entries from   strong OverSold zone (below -90) "WPR for 8 Symbols" gives opportunity to control   WPR values of up to   8 different symbols just on 1 chart This indicator is excellent to combine   with Price Action entries from OverSold/Bought areas as well . // More great Expert Advisors and
Spartan Mr Beast
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
El Asesor de Experto "Spartan Mr Beast" es una herramienta avanzada y robusta diseñada para traders que buscan capitalizar las oportunidades del mercado aprovechando los rechazos de precios. Este asesor se especializa en identificar y explotar los momentos en los que el mercado muestra una resistencia o soporte significativo, sugiriendo posibles reversiones o cambios de tendencia. Características Principales: Detección de Rechazos de Mercado : "Spartan Mr Beast" utiliza algoritmos de última gene
Local Time Indicator Description ( MT4 Local Time H4box ) Overview The Local Time Indicator is a custom indicator designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, aimed at providing users with the current local time of their respective regions. This indicator is suitable for traders around the world, allowing them to quickly view the local time while conducting forex trading, thereby better grasping market dynamics and trading opportunities. The indicator also includes an optional H4 box for eas
Moving Pivot Average    The pivot indicator compares the selected period with its counterpart from the previous period. The indicator uses very flexible algorithm for pivot value calculating. It allows you to allocate in days a certain time intervals (custom bars) and calculate the average pivot value based on High, Low and Close prices of these bars. How many custom bars will be taken into account is determined by the "Days" setting. The pivot line can be considered an average trend line and us
Predator Indicator - M5 Bun venit. Predator Indicator - M5 este creat pentru intervalul de timp M5, după cum sugerează și numele. Este un indicator scalping. Videoclipul arată că a funcționat foarte bine pe EURUSD M5 și nu revopsește. Succes! Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! Analizați-l bine! Închiriaț
ZZ BreakOut AI  A new generation of Breakout EA. It will wait for sharp entry and then enter the market. Using really smart grid orders to cover losses if the price goes opposite direction. * Live signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2243976 **Inputs:  Default inputs are for EU - M15 Please contact me to get set files after purchasing. ** Pairs:  EU/GU/NU/UCHF/AU/ECHF/UCAD/AN ** Capital:  Minimum 1000 USD/Cent
Expert  Hamster Scalper EURUSD   is a program that automatically trades the EURUSD currency pair. The EA is programmed with a scalper strategy along with a smart position management strategy to generate high performance and low risk. Signals are based on tick patterns, price movements, momentum along with unique entry methods. Trade orders have (Max) Stop Loss parameters along with Trailing to manage risk and optimize performance. Floating positions (if any) are also closed at the end of the da
Forex Indicator   INSIDE Bar   Pattern for MT4 Indicator  " INSIDE Bar "  is very powerful indicator for Price Action trading Indicator detects INSIDE Bar patterns on chart: Bullish  INSIDE Bar - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish  INSIDE Bar - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) No repaint; No delays; High R/R ratio (reward/risk) PC, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator  "   INSIDE Bar   Pattern"  is excellent to combine with   Support/Resistance  Levels:    https:
Săgețile giganților Bun venit. Indicatorul Arrows of Giants funcționează foarte bine pe M15, M30, H1 și H4. Poate fi experimentat și pe M5. Succes! Dacă indicatorul nu este afișat, citiți comentariul meu în secțiunea de comentarii pentru a afla cum să faceți acest lucru. Verificați mai întâi indicatorul sau expertul pe un cont DEMO, înainte de a-l cumpăra! Analizați-l bine! Închiriați-l pentru o perioadă mai scurtă de timp. Pentru a vedea cum funcționează și dacă funcționează
Heiken Ashi Histo Filter - is great & efficient auxiliary trading tool! Advanced new calculation method is used - 10 options for parameter "Price for calculation" Excellent to combine with   Price Action   patterns Green   color histogram - Look for   Bullish   entries Magenta   color histogram - Look for   Bearish   entries There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade even standard strategies with this indicator   Indicator has   built-in Mobile, PC and Email alerts // More great Expert Advi
Product: 1 or 2 EMA Lines Crossover Indicator The 2 EMA Lines Crossover Indicator is a powerful and versatile tool designed for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) that helps traders identify potential buy and sell signals based on the crossover of two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs). This indicator provides visual arrows on the chart to highlight trading opportunities, and it can also log these signals for further analysis. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, this indicator can enhance your t
The   ICT Propulsion Block   indicator is meant to detect and highlight propulsion blocks, which are specific price structures introduced by the Inner Circle Trader (ICT). Propulsion Blocks are essentially blocks located where prices interact with preceding order blocks. Traders often utilize them when analyzing price movements to identify potential turning points and market behavior or areas of interest in the market.   USAGE (fingure 1) An order block is a significant area on a pric
Bayesian methods can be effectively applied to predict price trends in financial markets, including Forex, stocks, and commodities. Here’s how Bayesian techniques can be used for trend prediction: 1.   Bayesian Linear Regression Bayesian linear regression can be used to model the relationship between time and price. This method allows for the incorporation of prior beliefs about the trend and updates the trend as new data comes in. Example: Suppose you want to predict the price trend of a curren
Probability EA with Averaging no Martingale VERSION MT4 Version   |  MT5 Version   "Probability" is a sophisticated Expert Advisor (EA) designed to leverage the principles of probability theory for trading in the Forex market. This EA is meticulously crafted to provide traders with a robust, reliable, and profitable trading experience while ensuring minimal risk exposure. By avoiding the high-risk Martingale strategy, "Probability" employs a more measured averaging approach, making it suita
An analytical tool designed for carrying out trading transactions. The indicator analyzes momentum volatility and volumes to identify potential signals. Contains a trend detection system that filters out market noise. The indicator algorithm generates signals when specified levels are crossed within trend frames. Possibilities Works on any time frames and trading instruments (forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices.) Simple visual reading of information without loading a chart T
Pinnacle MT4
Shazdeh Taghi Mahmoudi
Pinnacle MT4 The current price is offered with a special 95% discount for fortunate first-time buyers, available for a limited time only. Welcome to a new world of excellent profit with minimal effort in the Forex market. Dear Forex lover, here is a vastly different experience,Shine like a diamond with 100% fully automatic AI robot Our advantage are : Very suitable for passing the prop ( Prop Firm Challenges ). Low drawdown and High profit . Latest version of artificial intelligence . Cove
EA AutoProScalp
Mikita Kurnevich
Only 3 copies at a price of 99 USD. Next price 199 USD The strategy of the trading algorithm is based on patterns of breaking through strong extrema of extremums. AutoProScalp calculates the ratio of TP and SL and the probability of a positive outcome and only then makes a decision to enter the market. The minimum number of parameters has been added to the Expert Advisor, as all the main parameters are calculated by AI and optimized independently. AutoProScalp: - fixed SL - Profitability
Our new indicator is an important part of the Smart Money Concepts (SMC) system It uses a modern market vision and fast calculation methods. As a result, the trader has a complete picture of the trade at every moment in time, which makes the process of obtaining results easier and faster. Our new indicator displays the following important patterns:   Order Blocks. Imbalance – Fair Value Gap (FVG). Break Of Structures (BoS). Change of character (CHoCH). Equal highs & lows. Premium , Equili
Golden Fire
Nguyen Hang Hai Ha
Expert Golden Fire is a cutting-edge trading tool designed specifically for the Gold market (XAUUSD). Utilizing advanced algorithms, it seamlessly integrates volatility, volume, and money flow analysis to pinpoint high-probability trading signals. Perfectly suited for the volatile Gold market, it leverages rapid price movements to unlock numerous trading opportunities. Employing a scalping strategy, Expert Golden Fire executes market orders swiftly and exits positions using a Trailing Stop. Eve
Advance Currency Meter is a currency meter that detects strong market trends. This indicator is good for scalping, intraday trading and swing trading. The indicator will detect short term to long term market trends. This will give you good insight which currencies are best to trade as of the moment. Note : Kindly contact me before you make any purchases. Works well with my MACD Currency Strength Meter
TWZ Gold Killer
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
The Gold Killer support and resistance strategy with Trilling Stop loss is a trading method that focuses on identifying key levels where the price of gold tends to find support (stop falling) and resistance (stop rising). Here's a breakdown of how to apply this strategy effectively: Best Time Frame: 01 Hour Works only on Gold: Minimum Deposit 10K If someone wants for Currencies DM Me. 1. Understanding Support and Resistance Support Level: A price level where a downtrend can be expected to pause
The Expert Advisor works on double stochastic and trawl. The Expert Advisor trades simultaneously on 29 standard symbols. The Expert Advisor is for five-digit accounts. Leverage   1:500 Timeframe for trading   H1 Optimization period: 2023.05 - 2024.08 Symbol for placing the Expert Advisor any of the standard symbols. Statistics on a real account:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1964381 Lot for every   0.01   lot needs   500   deposit. The first three knees are skipped. Total knees for each
String theory   is a scalping trading robot developed for GBPUSD, EURAUD and USDCHF pairs. Trading robot with scalping strategy on M5 timeframe. The system was developed by trading experts with many years of experience in the foreign exchange market. The system uses a smart algorithm that combines price action with several indicators and candlestick patterns as order opening conditions. Open orders are always accompanied by fixed stop loss and take profit orders. Featured - Fully automatic mode
Miko Bot
Ivan Simonika
Miko Bot : A Multifunctional and Multi-Currency Trading Advisor Miko Bot is a sophisticated and versatile trading advisor designed to operate seamlessly across various timeframes and market conditions. Key Features: Averaging System with Non-Geometric Progression: Miko Bot utilizes an advanced averaging system that constructs a trading grid based on non-geometric progression, enhancing its adaptability and efficiency. Built-in Protection Systems: The advisor includes specialized filters, sp
Extend Gold
Huynh Van Cong Luan
Extend Gold   is a fully automatic robot that has the level of a professional trader. This is a completely new approach to trading. During real trading, he does not look towards history and acts according to circumstances. Extend Gold   uses a unique method to determine the levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss. Each time after opening an order, they appear at different levels and eventually begin to approach the current price. It doesn't require any settings. The robot starts working immediate
Candle Size MT4
Evgeniy Chumakov
The indicator searches for candles on the price chart that are larger than those specified in the settings and marks them on the chart. You can choose two types of candle size measurement (Units of Calculation): Points and Percentages. Points - size calculation will be in points. (for a five-digit quote point = 0.00001 and similarly for others) Percentages - the candle size will be calculated as a percentage. You can also choose between which values ​​to measure (Between Levels): High/L
Coba mt4
Vitalii Zakharuk
Coba : Reliable Automated Assistant for Trend Trading on the Forex Market Forex trading is a complex process that demands significant time, effort, and expertise. With the advent of automated trading systems, traders can now rely on trading bots to implement their strategies, leveraging market trends without the need for constant monitoring and analysis. What is Coba? Coba is an advanced trading bot designed for analyzing market trends and executing trades automatically. It is tailored for
Introduction MetaTech Algo invest present to you our cutting-edge expert Currency Strength M4, a complete advanced algorithmic system that measures the strength between the eight currencies AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD and in turn generates a total of 28 traded pairs. Continue reading this documentation so that there is no ambiguity about its use at a later stage. Product live trading signal  https://metatech-algo-invest.webnode.se/ What are the benefits of the system in general? A va
Form designer V4
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Form Designer : Advanced Trading Bot for Forex and Cryptocurrency Markets Form Designer represents the latest advancement in automated trading technology designed to perform optimally in both the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets (with supported brokers). This highly effective tool has unique capabilities, making it an indispensable assistant for traders. Key features and benefits: Multi-currency: Form Designer supports a wide range of currency pairs, providing flexibility and versatility in
"FT Grid Emperor " is an advanced robotic market analysis system that uses intelligent open and close algorithms with sophisticated filtering method to identify only the safest entry points. This is a system that we developed many years ago, constantly improving it. " FT Grid Emperor " is secure trading system that uses real market mechanics to maximize profits while keeping risk under control. " FT Grid Emperor "   is a 100% automatic forex robot working on 8 major currency pairs   EURUSD, GBPU
The Accumulation/Distribution (AD) Technical Indicator is a tool used in technical analysis to determine whether an asset is being accumulated (bought) or distributed (sold) in the market. Key Characteristics of the AD Indicator: Purpose: The AD indicator is used to assess the balance between buying (accumulation) and selling (distribution) of an asset. This helps traders and investors evaluate the strength of the current trend and potential reversals. Interpretation: Rising Indicator: When the

The MetaTrader Market is a unique store of trading robots and technical indicators.

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