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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 88

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Советник MrAntonMeshkov основан на Искусственном Интеллекте. Автоматический торговый робот, который совершает десятки сделок в день! Протестировать торгового робота для форекс можно бесплатно в терминале метатрейдер 4. Сеточник без мартина, но с усреднением! Тут можно посмотреть как он торгует на долларовом счету  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2038107?source=Site +Signals+My Тут можно посмотреть как он работает на центовом счету  https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/2042301?source=Site +S
1 000 USD
Grid Master EA mw
Grid MASTER  EA  - is an advanced  grid hedging multi-pair trading system! EA is adaptive to market conditions automatically. Unlike many other grid EAs -    Grid MASTER  EA   is able to save accounts during financial crisis such as 2008 and 2020 Live EA monitoring  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1952048 Use Set files  from "Comments" section for using/testing the EA Entry and Exit   points are   automatically adjusted   by EA depending on market volatility Expert Advisor can manage   Buy and S
59.99 USD
Blessing Takura Chirewa
This EA uses the famous silver bullet strategy. I have edited the strategy so it is not exactly the same. I have seen the system to work best with US30 M5 with RR2. Starting from the london open. If you have custom modifications that you want to make to the system reach out to me I will be happy to make the modifications. This system can also send telegram signals to your channel or group, that's a bonus A video explaining the strategy is coming soon
30 USD
EA Flying Turtle
Roland Aimua Akenuwa
EA Flying Turtle is an Expert Advisory developed for MT4 platform, fully automated and trade signals from multiple dedicated and custom indicators. It uses One Hour time frame to analyze and open trade position. The EA has multiple sources of take profit, it uses floating and fix percentage take profit, regular take profit, breakeven point, and minimize losses, using trailing stop and percentage stop loss and regular stop loss.  The EA scalps, trends and trade in all markets, all assets and all
500 USD
The Trends Trg indicator determines the prevailing trend. They help to analyze the market at the selected time interval. Easy to set up and works on all pairs and all time frames. Trend indicators make it possible to classify the direction of price movement by determining its strength. Solving this problem helps investors enter the market on time and get a good return. It is extremely important for any trader to correctly determine the direction and strength of the trend movement. Unfortunate
999 USD
The Cyber Trend indicator analyzes the price action and if there is a temporary weakness in the trend, you can notice it from the indicator readings, as in the case of a pronounced change in trend direction. Entering the market is not difficult, but staying in it is much more difficult. Keeping up with the trend will become much easier with the Cyber Trend indicator! This indicator allows you to analyze historical data and, based on them, display instructions to the trader for further actions.
123 USD
Dream Gold
Zufri Al Pianur S E
EA open position based on price movement and candle signal to analyze and put a pending order. You can create and use your own custom setting based on your broker and your trading style. For gold, make sure your broker is 2 digits or 3 digits, it's affected to EA setting. Please backtest your setting before you use live account. Recomended balance is $1000 or you can use cent account.
299 USD
Chart Range EA MT4
Matteo Schizzerotto
Chart Range   is an Expert Advisor that works on Support and Resistance based on   closing prices .  Expert Advisor was backtested from 2012 to 2022 on each real tick, with deposit for each cross of 10.000$ (100$ in cent account) For set of currencies check in comments LIVE SIGNAL :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2058817 Recommendations: Currency pair: GBPUSD,AUDNZD,AUDCAD,EURGBP,AUDUSD,NZDCAD Timeframe: H4 Currency pair: EURCHF Timeframe: H1 Currency pair: EURGBP Timeframe: M5
50 USD
Forex Indicator SCALPING SNIPER for MT4 , No Repaint Trading System Scalping Sniper - is advanced system (indicator) showing accurate price momentum! Upgrade your trading methods with the professional   Scalping Sniper   Indicator for MT4. This system provide very accurate but rare sniping signals, with win rate up to 90% System suppose to use many pairs to search for signals to compensate low number of signals per one pair. Scalping Sniper  consist of:  Top & Bottom Volatility lines (Blue colo
39.99 USD
Valery Sorrentino
DEMO VERSION DOWNLOAD HERE **EquityGuardEA - Equity Management Expert Advisor** EquityGuardEA is a powerful Expert Advisor (EA) developed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, providing automated and intelligent equity management for your trading operations. Created by seasoned trader Valery Sorrentino, this EA offers a reliable way to achieve profit targets and limit losses, ensuring enhanced discipline in your trading. **Key Features:** - **Profit and Loss Targets:** EquityGuardEA all
59 USD
EA EMA High Low Price
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
This "EA EMA High & Low Price" refers to the concept of using Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) in the context of tracking the highest (high) and lowest (low) prices of a financial instrument, such as a stock, currency pair, or commodity. The Exponential Moving Average is a widely used technical analysis tool that helps traders and analysts identify trends and potential reversals in price movements. In this context, the "EMA High & Low Price" approach involves calculating the Exponential Moving
200 USD
ON Trade VSA
Abdullah Alrai
Introducing "ON Trade VSA" - Your Ultimate VSA Analysis Tool! Unlock the power of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) with our cutting-edge indicator - "ON Trade VSA." VSA is a powerful methodology used by traders to gauge market strength, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Let's dive into the key features that make "ON Trade VSA" a must-have tool for your trading arsenal: Multicolored Volume Candles : Gain insight into market dynamics with our unique feature that assigns different colors to
66 USD
Introducing ON Trade Volaty: Your Profitable Volatility Breakout Solution Unlock trading opportunities with the ON Trade Volaty Indicator. Using advanced volatility analysis, it identifies breakout zones, guiding your trades with precision. Capture price movements with strategic entry and target points, all tailored to your trading style. Key Features: Advanced Volatility Analysis Strategic Entry Points Dynamic Targeting Customizable Parameters Expert Advisor (EA) Compatible How to Use: Install
66 USD
This indicator gives you the signal of real cross on stochastic indicator. This indicator is easy to attach to an ea. This indicator will work best on All time frames. Arrow appears depending on many algorithms that study the cross parameters. Indicator properties Use_System_Visuals: enable/disable visual styles. Stochastic_K_Period. Stochastic_D_Period. Stochastic_Slowing. Use_Notifications: enable/disable Push Notifications. Use_Alert: enable/disable Alerts. Use_E_Mail: enable/disable Email
30 USD
Introducing the ON Trade Melad Pattern Indicator: Enhance Your Trading Strategy with Breakout Patterns Discover the power of the ON Trade Melad Pattern Indicator—an intuitive tool designed to elevate your trading decisions by detecting and highlighting breakout patterns on your charts. This indicator is your key to identifying crucial breakout points and potential trend shifts with simplicity and precision. Key Features: Breakout Pattern Detection: The ON Trade Melad Pattern Indicator foc
30 USD
The Hikkake Japanese candle pattern is a specialized indicator designed to identify and detect Hikkake Price Action Patterns that are being formed on a chart. These patterns are based on the concept of a false inside bar break out, which often leads to potential trading opportunities. The indicator's main function is to analyze the last five candles on the chart and determine whether they exhibit the characteristics of the Hikkake pattern. When this pattern is confirmed, the indicator will draw
30 USD
Technical Indicator for Detecting Strong Price Action Patterns: Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar Introduction: In the realm of technical analysis, price action patterns serve as vital indicators of potential market movements. We've developed a sophisticated technical indicator that streamlines the identification of robust price action patterns on charts. Our indicator specializes in detecting three essential patterns: Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar. Key Patterns Detected: Pin Bar: The
30 USD
Unlock Hidden Insights with the Numerokh Indicator: Your Numerology-Based Support and Resistance Tool Introducing the Numerokh indicator, a revolutionary tool that brings the mystical world of numerology into the realm of trading. Imagine having the power to identify key support and resistance levels on your charts using the age-old wisdom of numerology. This indicator takes trading to a new dimension, offering you a unique way to analyze price movements and make informed trading decisions. Key
66 USD
To get access to MT5 version please click   here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "Smoothed Heiken Ashi Candles v1" by " jackvmk ". This is a light-load processing and non-repaint indicator. All input options are available. Buffers are available for processing in EAs. You can message in private chat for further changes you need. This is not a multi time frame version.
40 USD
Introducing Shepherd Numerology Levels Indicator: Unlock the Hidden Patterns of Price Movement Discover a revolutionary approach to trading with the Shepherd Numerology Levels Indicator. This innovative tool combines the ancient wisdom of numerology with cutting-edge trading techniques to help you identify key support and resistance levels on your charts. By harnessing the power of the Square of Nine method, this indicator offers a unique perspective on market dynamics, allowing you to make mor
250 USD
Introducing the ON Trade Numerology Mirror Indicator: Unveiling Reversal Patterns through Numerology Unlock a new dimension in technical analysis with the ON Trade Numerology Mirror Indicator. This innovative tool leverages the ancient wisdom of numerology to identify key price reversal levels on your charts. By rearranging numbers in reversed positions, this indicator reveals hidden patterns that have the potential to signal significant price reversals, giving you a unique edge in your trading
66 USD
The Imagine EA uses a long term Investment strategy to generate an ongoing stream of income. Investment trades are initiated on one currency pair at a time, chosen from a list of 26 Pairs. Each investment consists of up to five trades via the averaging method, the investment is closed only in profit. The EA can be Back Tested on a single currency pair for demonstration purposes. The Back Test demonstration will clarify exactly how it works, however it works much better in forward testing using a
1 000 USD
RSI Notifyme
Hussein Al Foj
Hey traders, I am Forexsifu, and I am here to build a community that will follow success. Here's my first powerful product that I have been using it for years now. If you support me on this journey, I will make sure I will support you back, as I have tons other hidden gems that I am using and would love to share it with you all! Introducing the RSI Alert Pro Indicator – your comprehensive solution for staying ahead in the dynamic world of trading. Designed with precision and innovation, thi
30 USD
The SuperTrend AI indicator is a novel take on bridging the gap between the K-means clustering machine learning method & technical indicators. In this case, we apply K-Means clustering to the famous SuperTrend indicator.   USAGE Users can interpret the SuperTrend AI trailing stop similarly to the regular SuperTrend indicator. Using higher minimum/maximum factors will return longer-term signals. (image 1) The displayed performance metrics displayed on each signal allow for a deeper interpretat
99 USD
Introducing the MT4 Immortal Day Trader – Your Optimal Trading Solution Our Expert Advisor stands apart by adhering to a disciplined approach.  This EA is NOT a grid, martingale strategies and unrealistic/Unreliable gains. Experience a new level of trading precision and reliability with our Expert Advisor meticulously designed for MetaTrader 4.  Key Features: Singular Daily Trade: Crafted to execute at most one trade per symbol each day, our Expert Advisor ensures a judicious trading frequency
149 USD
Introduction This trade copier for 'NinjaTrader -> MT4' consists of two parts: Trade copier EA 'MT4FromNinjaTrader' as you purchase here. 'NinjaTrader Trade Signals' bot. > MetaQuotes Market demo *cannot* be used for utility/copier evaluation.  You could download the user manual, 'NinjaTrader Trade Signals' bot and the evaluation copy of this copier EA from shared link at first comment here . The evaluation copy is limited to USDJPY and BTCUSD trade copy only. > If it's your f
300 USD
KT MTF Order Blocks MT4
The KT MTF Order Blocks automatically plots the institutional order blocks by using a unique blend of price action with comprehensive multi-timeframe analysis. This advanced approach reveals the area of price reversal, originating from significant buy and sell orders strategically placed by major market players. Features Algorithmic Precision: A refined and distinctive order block algorithm meticulously crafted to precisely identify the most pivotal order blocks, often triggering price reve
90 USD
Forex Indicator  " Morning  Star and Evening Star pattern" for MT4 Indicator "Morning Star and Evening Star pattern"  is very powerful indicator for Price Action trading:    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects Morning Star   and Evening Star patterns on chart: Bullish Morning Star pattern  - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish Evening Star pattern  - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator  " Morning Star   and Evening Sta
49.99 USD
Prozones Intraweek
Renfred Dodzidenu Semabia
Discover Prozones IntraWeek MT4: Elevate Your Trading Success with Precision Are you tired of sifting through market noise in search of profitable trades? Look no further than Prozones IntraWeek MT4 – your ultimate solution for consistent trading success in the fast-paced world of intraday trading. Crafted with advanced algorithms and years of market expertise, this indicator empowers traders of all levels to make informed decisions with confidence. Key Features: Pinpoint Precision in Trend Anal
120 USD
Prozones Mt4
Renfred Dodzidenu Semabia
Discover Prozones Intraday MT4: Elevate Your Trading Success with Precision Are you tired of sifting through market noise in search of profitable trades? Look no further than Prozones Intraday MT4 – your ultimate solution for consistent trading success in the fast-paced world of intraday trading. Crafted with advanced algorithms and years of market expertise, this indicator empowers traders of all levels to make informed decisions with confidence. Key Features: Pinpoint Precision in Trend Analys
120 USD
EA Candle Body SizeX2
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
The EA Candle Body SizeX2 strategy is a trading approach that focuses on the size of candle bodies in a price chart. Candlestick charts are a popular tool in technical analysis, used by traders to make decisions about buying or selling assets like stocks, forex, or cryptocurrencies. In the context of the "Candle Body SizeX2" strategy, here's how it generally works: Candlestick Analysis : Candlestick charts represent price movements over a specified period, typically showing open, close, high, an
250 USD
This EA will automatically close all open order when profit or loss is reached according to users setting. You need to select close by percentage or close by amount. If close by percentage or close by amount is set to true the EA will exit. When the setting is set to true, the value of profit and loss can not be 0. Please set to true the option for Close Order with Same Symbol or Close All Order.
50 USD
Drawdown killer
Pikrih Pirmansyah
if you are an expert martingale or grid user, you need this tool, working to reduce drawdown there are 2 modes, [Close Order Mode] and [EA Mode] for the EA Mode I developed in the Gold pair time frame m5 and H1 entered at the sharpest reversal point , add order on every signal not distance , not sensitive to spread, and have volatility filter in other words you don't need news filter ,try backtest and do test on demo once you are sure you can enter real account , and for [Closs Order Mode ] exp
35 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
Pictron is a very interesting trend indicator. The Pictron indicator helps to identify either a new or an existing trend. One of the advantages of the indicator is that it is quite quickly rebuilt and reacts to various changes in the chart. Of course, it depends on the settings, namely the specified CalcBars period. The larger it is, the smoother the trend line will go. The shorter the period, the more market noise will be taken into account when forming the indicator. The indicator was creat
109 USD
Phase10 EA
Antonios Mitsonis
Phase10 embodies an advanced grid system that has successfully operated on real accounts. Unlike the typical practice of retrofitting systems to historical data, Phase10 was purposefully designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. This sets it apart from basic trial-and-error approaches that merely rely on grid strategies. Instead, Phase10 strategically harnesses genuine market mechanics to achieve a consistent monthly profit range of 4-8%, accompanied by low drawdown. Supported cur
100 USD
Storm Rider
Yury Emeliyanov
Storm Rider: Your compass in the Forex world, specialized in the EUR/JPY M30 pair. With integrated ADX MA Oscillator and Top Bottom Price indicators, this Expert Advisor works as your personal strategist. Stop loss and take profit for confidence and security. Statistics from 2018: 57,557 net profit from an initial deposit of 10,000 and a drawdown of 11%. Trade smart, trade with Storm Rider! Other Products:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/yura1994ru/seller#products Test results from 2018 on the E
119 USD
Forex Indicator "Previous Day High Low levels" for MT4 Indicator "Previous Day High Low levels" is very useful auxiliary indicator  Yesterday High and Low levels are so important because price very often rebounds from them These levels can be considered as reliable Support and Resistance - price respects them very much It is useful indicator for intraday traders to who use  Reversal trading methods and scalping Very good to combine with Price Action as well // More great Expert Advisors and Ind
39.99 USD
EA Envelopes
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
The "EA Envelopes" indicator, often referred to as "Moving Average Envelopes," is a technical analysis tool used in financial markets to identify potential trends and trading opportunities. It consists of two lines plotted above and below a moving average of a security's price. Here's how the Envelopes indicator works: Calculation of Moving Average : A simple moving average (SMA) is calculated for the price of a financial instrument over a specified time period. This moving average represents th
500 USD
Buy Sell Scalper - a signal Forex indicator for scalping. It indicates possible price reversal points to the trader. A red dot indicates downward price reversal points, while blue dots indicate upward price reversal points. Recommended currency pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURAUD, EURCHF. Recommended timeframes are M5, M30, H1. The signals from this indicator are also used in the operation of an automated robot:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product
69 USD
Secret Point
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
hello traders! , I bring you my release of Secret Point , which is mainly about Intelligent Algorithm looking for solid points within the Trend, called Secrets Points invented by me You have to think that the market is dynamic and moves constantly creating gapes in it, therefore it makes us confuse the direction of the price, in this case the AI will investigate the internal signals of the solidified trend, where it will find, according to its criteria, the optimal point where the trend will
599 USD
Market Position Manager   is Expert Advisor that makes very fast executions of orders. First Tab allows you to: Open buy order Open sell order Open sell stop Open sell limit Open buy stop Open buy limit Second Tab allows you to: Put stop loss and take profit Third Tab Allows you to: Set Lot of position  Indicator below shows you: Floating profit of open positions made by robot. Application features:  Works with any account type and broker Doesnt require specific skills Easy and intuitive interfa
30 USD
Introducing the Dynamic Risk Operator MT4 EA (DRO EA)  Unlock the full potential of the forex market with the cutting-edge DRO EA . Designed to capitalize on the dynamic movements of the EUR/USD currency pair, this expert advisor combines the power of five meticulously chosen indicators to deliver consistent and optimized trading outcomes. Key Features: EUR/USD Focus: The DRO EA is effectively tailored for the EUR/USD currency pair, ensuring a highly specialized approach. By concentrating on thi
70 USD
Simplify backtesting by automatically calculate trade outcomes (Profit or Loss) and estimated swap cost based on user-provided open, stop loss, and take profit prices, while also write the data into CSV file and capture before-and-after chart pictures automatically This Backtest Assistant tool is an Indicator, so it works well in coexistence with other expert advisor on the same chart $30 for the next 25 downloaders, next price: $45 Try Free Trial Version Here:   Download Free Trial Feature
30 USD
Yong Biao Zou
This is an EA that can trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously. One or more of them can be selected through the parameter settings page. If no currency pair is selected, the current chart currency pair will be used for transactions. The trading strategy uses the moving average as a buying and selling signal, issuing buy or sell orders through the gold intersection. The parameters that have been tested are as follows: Lots=0.01; (The starting number of open positions, the smaller the va
299 USD
Trend Rider AI is the name of my EA. It operates based on trends, entering trades according to a preset price range until a set profit is reached, at which point it closes all positions. You can choose from various currency pairs for the best profit potential. In addition to the recommended pairs listed below, you also have the option to select other currency pairs: Recommended Currency Pairs: USDCHF EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY AUDCHF Key Parameters for Configuration: - StepPrice: This is the pric
199 USD
Trade To Win Final
MT5 Version Here : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/104493 Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2058574 This EA is exclusive for those using the affiliate broker links or IB's. This Is the TREND today Get it so that you can manage to give youre clients a good profits while you are making money on commissions. This EA is very simple to use just attached the EA to chart and load the setfiles and its done. Message me directly if you want your copies to be locked or put a account num
399 USD
Fox Scalp
Maryna Shulzhenko
The modern Fox Scalp bot works using sharp tick movements. It goes through the entire history and all currency pairs with a single setting. Unique trading system! You can work on any hourly period, any currency pair and on the server of any broker. It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs, with a low spread. The smaller the commission and spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with 100$ and 0.01 lot. Tips for working with a scalpel: The MaxSpread parameter plays a key
899 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
The Traks indicator is designed to visualize the trend. One of the main definitions for monitoring the currency market is a trend. A trend is a stable direction of price movement. To find it, the indicator uses calculations designed to smooth out sharp fluctuations that do not affect the overall picture of price movement. The indicator was created for those who value their time and money. The trend can be up (bullish) or down (bearish). In most cases, the trend rises for a long time and fal
1 299 USD
Jamaine Clarence Walkin
Crafted by owner Jamaine Walkin, the "Binary Sage Bot" merges technology and inspiration, drawing from the wisdom he imparts to his daughter. This innovative binary options indicator deciphers market trends, reflecting the intuitive understanding Janiah Walkin embodies. Traders can harness its power across timeframes, aligning with their unique trading strategies. As the Bot adapts, mirroring Janiah's resilience, responsible trading practices are paramount, echoing the wisdom passed down. Every
250 USD
EA Golden Bull
Sayan Vandenhout
45 USD
Alpha Navigator Expert Advisor is developed on the basis of genetic algorithms, an optimization method inspired by the process of natural selection and genetics. They are used to fine-tune trading strategy parameters in automated trading systems. My advanced trading system represents the latest advancement in trading. The Alpha Navigator Expert Advisor trades every day, which in turn looks very attractive to users who do not intend to wait long for a trade to open. Supported currency pairs: EURU
499 USD
Order On Time EA
Mohammadreza Habibishandiz
Introducing: Order On Time Expert Advisor (EA) Overview : The "Order On Time" EA is a uniquely crafted tool designed for traders who want precise timing in their order placements. Whether you're looking to capitalize on specific market events or simply have a routine trading strategy, this EA is tailored for you. Features : Phenomenal Profits with Marginal Drawdown : Experience a trading outcome that boasts phenomenal profits while maintaining a very marginal drawdown. Optimized Default Se
99 USD
EA Engulfing Candle
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
An EA Engulfing Candle is a significant pattern in technical analysis often used in financial markets, especially in trading stocks, forex, and other assets. It occurs on candlestick charts and is a reliable indicator of potential trend reversals or continuation. An Engulfing Candle consists of two consecutive candlesticks, usually representing two trading periods (e.g., two days for daily charts). The second candlestick "engulfs" the first one, meaning its body completely covers the body of the
100 USD
FATL Alligator 2 AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
This indicator is a combination of classic trend indicator and signals of the fast digital filter. The indicator has no configurable parameters. The signals are displayed on completed bars and are not redrawn. It shows high efficiency on periods greater than 1 hour. The usage principle is intuitive - trade in the direction shown by the fan of moving averages. Enter once the price exceeds the High/Low of the bar where the signal was formed. Exit on the opposite conditions.
Valery Sorrentino
DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO VERSION FROM HERE The SmartCloseFX Expert Advisor, is a powerful tool designed for traders seeking efficient trade management in the MetaTrader platform. This EA is specifically built to manage trades by automatically closing all open positions except pending orders under specific conditions. The EA monitors the opening of a 0.01 lot pending order (eg. buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit) on a selected asset. When such an order is placed, SmartCloseFX takes action by
30 USD
EA ichimoku Cloud
Zafar Iqbal Sheraslam
The EA Ichimoku Cloud consists of several components: Tenkan-sen (Conversion Line) : This is a short-term moving average that indicates the market's short-term trend. Kijun-sen (Base Line) : This is a longer-term moving average that gives insight into the market's medium-term trend. Senkou Span A (Leading Span A) : This forms one edge of the Ichimoku cloud and is calculated by averaging the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen. It helps identify potential support and resistance levels. Senkou Span B (Leadin
300 USD
To get access to MT5 version please click here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "Top Bottom Indicator" by "ceyhun". This is a light-load processing and non-repaint indicator. All input options are available. This is not a multi time frame indicator. Buffers are available for processing in EAs. Extra option to show buy and sell signal alerts. You can message in private chat for further changes you need.
40 USD
If you are a Price Action Trader this indicator will help you so much Every trader must have it ! I'm a trader so i know what you need ! Message me Please watch the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/MyY9C_KxEC8 don't worry i will help you to learn how to use my indicators i also have other indicators, please watch them stay tuned i also have other useful indicators and Experts #forex #priceaction #indicator #mt4 #mt5 #trade #trader
30 USD
Forex Indicator MACD Signal METER for MT4 Very useful   MACD Signal METER   indicator is showing current MACD value (above/below Signal) for 7 time frames simultaneously Green box    - MACD is above Signal Red box   - MACD is below Signal Forex Indicator MACD Signal METER can be used as trade entry filter  for Multi  Time Frame trading // More great Expert Advisors and Indicators are available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/def1380/seller //   Also you are welcome to join to  profitable
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator  " Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer pattern" for MT4 Indicator  " Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer pattern "  is very powerful indicator   for Price Action trading :    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects bullish Inverted Hammer and bearish Hanging Man patterns  on chart: Bullish   Inverted Hammer   - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish   Hanging Man  - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator    " Hanging Man
49.99 USD
JK Super EA
Miss Nathita Kaenmun
This EA Optimize for EURUSD H1 With Balance start 1,000 /0.1 Lot Strategy : 1.Used EMA 200 Confirm trend   2.Scan Price action with DOJI 3.Confrim position open order with Stochastic Oscillator EA include 3 money management  Mode1 Fix Lot,Fix SL,TP Mode2 Lot Auto exponential ,Fix SL,Fix TP Mode3 Special MM Repeat Order with same logic with Lot martingale   Remark : Have Function Closed All , Max order and Cutt loss  User can select that you like money management system  For my Suggestion is mode
199 USD
Pedro Ivan Duarte Restrepo
This is an EA for swing trading days, for long-term positions either Buy or Sell with a proper money management settings like Stop Loss and Take Profits in pips or base on the Profit Percent it is the risk. This particular EA can be use for Prop firms, but extremely important to tested in a demo account first and try to familiarize with different timeframes sets like: H4  can be used in any mayor forex symbols I recommend EURUSD or GBPUSD. You can try it with  anything symbol if you want and if
250 USD
Channel Vertex is a price action pattern formed by price Chanel and a triangle pattern . Price channels basically indicates possible support and resistance zones around a price movement and retracement    or breakout at these levels can indicate possible trend continuation or reversal .  Majority of the times price fluctuations forms triangle patterns defined by 3 vertexes , these triangle patterns most times defines a trend continuation.  A triangle pattern is a trend continuation pattern tha
79 USD
Introducing our Chandrayaan 3: Designed with advanced algorithms and early catch-up market trend. Chandrayaan 3 Expert Advisor is created to help you in the intricate world of Forex trading. The system analyzes market new high-low and conducts transactions based on specific criteria, empowering you to engage with market trends more effectively. Ea strategy work on short term market trend change with higher time trend analysis. Ea is a very power full  currency pair scalping tool. Ea has ability
111 USD
Tral ATR
Nikolai Starkovskii
The "Tral ATR" utility is an automatic tool designed to protect the trader from margin calls and large losses. It is based on the value of the Average True Range (ATR) indicator, which is used to determine market volatility. "Tral ATR" automatically sets Stop Loss (SL) based on the current ATR value. This allows the trader to set a protective limit for their open positions and minimize potential losses. The EA monitors the price changes and, if necessary, updates the SL. One of the advantag
60 USD
Manually backtesting your strategy or trading system on MT4 Strategy Tester like you do on TradingView, but with free offline history data provided by MT4 or your broker, which means more resposive and much more lower timeframe data available.  Because MT4 Strategy Tester doesn't detect mouse events, we will use the MT4 Horizontal Line tool and Arrows tool to modify the TP/SL/Entry and etc. on the screen. Features: 70% TradingView backtesting user experience,  due to the Strategy Tester's lim
30 USD
Global Trend Pro Lines
Mukhammadalikhon Abdullaev
The " Global Trend Pro Lines " indicator is one of the most important indicators designed to display trading volumes based on the sniper strategy. This indicator provides convenience for daily, medium-term, and long-term traders. The main advantages of the indicator are as follows: Suitable for the sniper strategy: The "Global Trend Pro Lines" indicator is suitable for the sniper strategy and allows traders to identify the best entry and exit points for trading. Displays volumes: The indicator
30 USD
Trend Ico
Tatiana Savkevych
The Trend Ico indicator tracks market trends, ignoring sharp fluctuations and market noise. The indicator can work both for entry points and as a filter. The Trend Ico indicator reflects information in a visual form. It will help in finding entry points in the analysis. Suitable for trading on low timeframes because it ignores sudden price spikes or corrections in price action by reducing market noise around the average price.
109 USD
Adrenaline EA
Anatoliy Lukanin
Deposit from $100. The expert trades during a small market volatility, at the end of the American session, tracking price levels, and then opens positions and monitors them until they close with a profit or a small loss. You can limit the number of open positions. Does not use martingale strategies, averaging positions, waiting out a loss, etc. All positions are opened with fixed StopLoss, the profit closes on the market itself. It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volu
350 USD
This indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to assist traders in identifying potential support and resistance levels in price charts. It is based on the concept of Murrey Math Lines (MML), which attempts to depict significant levels in price movements. Often regarded as one of the most powerful Pivot indicators globally, it has gained recognition for its effectiveness in analyzing price action. This indicator has several interesting features : Displays 13 different Murrey Math Lines lev
50 USD

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