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Three falling peaks or troughs

An indicator of patterns #45 and #46 (Three Falling Peaks and Three Rising Valleys) from Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas N. Bulkowski.


  • Alerts - show alert when an arrow appears  
  • Push - send a push notification when an arrow appears (requires configuration in the terminal)
  • PeriodBars - indicator period
  • K - an additional parameter that influences the accuracy of pattern shape recognition. The smaller the value is, the smoother the row of peaks/valleys should be, so fewer patterns will be recognized
  • ArrowType - a symbol from 1 to 17
  • ArrowVShift - vertical shift of arrows in points  
  • ShowLevels - show lines connecting peaks/valleys
  • ColUp - color of an upward line
  • ColDn - color of a downward line
  • Auto5Digits - automatic multiplication of ArrowVShift by 10 when working with 5 and 3 digit quotes.
Note: Arrows appear on a forming bar and do not disappear.

It cannot be guaranteed that the indicator recognizes the patterns exactly as implied by the author.

Recommended optimization parameters: PeriodBars, K.

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Version 1.3 - 2018.01.19
Fixed the array out of range error when there are insufficient ZigZag peaks.