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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 6

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Bar Replay MT4
Hoang The Manh
4 (4)
If you want to test before purchase, please use this link: DEMO version:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76917 __________________________________________________ This EA  - Tool allow you replay bar in Meta Trader 4 for back test. This Tool can back test in multi timeframe in only one chart. This Tool is very useful for Price action trader. It can work with Indicators. Main feature:  Candlestick forward and backward to Backtest the market Simulate order entry, measure RR, SL, TP Support
50 USD
Transition Trend
Tatiana Savkevych
The Transition Trend indicator shows the points of potential market reversal. The indicator's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and generates entry signals and exit levels. Simple, visual and efficient trend detection. Uses just one parameter for settings. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. You can set up message alerts as sound or email. Works on all currency pairs and all timeframes. Ready-made trading system.
99 USD
MTF Auto Order Block with break of structure Detect Break of Structure (BoS) , Mark Order Block ( OB )  on Selected Multi Time frames. Trend is Manually set to filter signals in the chosen direction by a button on the chart. . Futures Auto Mark Break of Structure Auto Mark Order block Select BoS time frames by buttons Select OB time frames by buttons Popup Alert, Push Notification or email when BoS occur Popup Alert, Push Notification or email when Order block is touch Select Alert Mode to be
65 USD
Exp TickSniper
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.13 (31)
Exp-TickSniper is a fast tick scalper that automatically selects parameters for each currency pair separately. The EA has been developed based on experience gained in almost 10 years of EA programming. The EA performs short-term trades using smart trailing stop and based on the current currency pair data, its quotes, specification and spread. The averaging strategy is used to prevent losses caused by the signals detection algorithm. If an open position suffers a certain loss, then the function
200 USD
Krzysztof Szymczyk
1 (1)
ArrowHunterEa can convert external indicators to fully automatic trading systems. ArrowHunterEA is a MT4 EA that is capable of capturing trading signals from 3rd party external indicators. It operates in two modes: 1. OnChart mode: where EA 'scans' the current chart window for new arrows or graphical signals which are given by an external indicator attached to the same chart. In this mode the EA can look for new signals which are displayed by any indicator on the chart. After signal detection th
75 USD
Asteroid Trend
Antonis Michos
I have created 4 DIFFERENT TREND EAs. Unparallel Code Asteroid Trend Wave trend ADX Candle Trend ALL 4 have been stress tested under 14 extreme difficult periods in GOLD UPTRENDS or DOWNTRENDS ,wars,elections FOMC etc . Every each of this covers different strategies based on trend indicators along with my Strategies on martingale,Stop Loss,Take profit and one super CUSTOM MADE trend filter. Asteroid works under Heikin Ashi and Three MAs plus 2EMAs along with the above i wrote. Join
200 USD
Quantum Currency Heatmap Indicator
Trading the currency markets is a complex business, not least since we are dealing with pairs of currencies, and by inference, pairs of economies. All economies around the world are interlinked, and reflected in the constant ebb and flow of currency strength and weakness. The problem for us as traders is monitoring so many pairs simultaneously, since every pair does not move independently, but reflects the interrelated nature of this market. The Quantum Currency Heatmap delivers the informatio
97 USD
US30 Break Scalp
Vitor Manuel Goncalves Pinto
This Expert Advisor trades based on a specific range breakout within a specific hour using scalp techniques. It does not use dangerous techniques like martingale. It only opens a maximum of 3 trades per day (default settings). The default settings are optimized for IcMarkets, FTMO and MFF (set file in the comments) although it can be used with other brokers, you just need to confirm the hours input. Despite this Expert Advisor presents good results in backtesting and for this month (January 2023
150 USD
Genesis Ultimate
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
Introducing our state-of-the-art Genesis Ultimate MT4 Expert Advisor, specifically tailored for trading the AUDNZD currency pair. This innovative EA provides traders with the ability to select from three distinct risk levels, empowering them to manage their risk exposure according to their comfort level. To facilitate informed decision-making, the EA showcases the expected drawdown based on extensive backtesting conducted from 2018 until today. This valuable information is readily accessible th
499 USD
Easy Grider
Taras Slobodyanik
4.5 (2)
The EA creates an order grid using labels. Opening and closing of the grid is done either automatically by the system signals or manually. In the same grid can be both Limit and Stop orders. It is possible to reverse the grid on specified condition. You can enter the breakdown/rebound from established levels. All types of Sell limit, Buy limit, Buy stop, Sell stop orders are supported. The grid is rebuilt with a single click. The stop loss and take profit lines can be easily modified. You are fr
150 USD
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
5 (1)
Pro Engulfing Introduction : Are you searching to find the best engulfing indicator , its here, i made pro engulfing to show power of this pattern in Forex market, You have ability to do some custom setting like that last candles direction, body and shadow % of engulf candle and some useful settings. This indicator has money management , and can guide you by draw stop loss and 3 different take profits on chart. BEST PAIRS AND TIME FRAME : All  Pairs, D1 is nice , you can reach around nice wi
79 USD
The indicator looks for combinations of waves that make up a BOX 33 (double top + double bottom) and then displays the found formation on the chart. This can be called early BOX / Range / Accumulation / Flat detection. But you can wait for the formations, consisting of three figures (top + bottom + top), but then there will be much less entry points. The algorithm is based on the UPD1 Semaphore 123 indicator. Can be repainted. Blog-Link -  BOX Trading With UPD1 The best results  occur on trend
33 USD
Pending Scalper MT4
Aliaksandr Chupryna
5 (1)
"Pending Scalper MT4" is a scalping Expert Advisor without martingale, focused on breaking through relative highs and lows. The market is entered using pending orders. Peculiarities: // Minimum deposit = 20 $. // The Expert Advisor consists of 3 blocks (EA[ i ]), each of which is a separate Expert Advisor with individual input data. This makes it possible to test several strategies at the same time. And also set them on the same chart. // Brokers with 5 digit quotes are preferred. // Filters by
125 USD
Trade Copier for MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
5 (17)
The program allows you to easily copy transactions between MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) in any direction. The program is designed to work on "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS".  Buy a copier and get the second version for free Any type of copying is available MT4 - MT4 MT5 - MT5 MT5 - MT4 MT4 - MT5 *The copier works only on forex and only with currency pairs *two versions of the Trade Copier for MT4 + Trade Copier for MT5 product are required for copying between MT4 - MT5 termina
30 USD
ABCD Pattern Scanner
Reza Aghajanpour
5 (13)
** All Symbols x All Timeframes scan just by pressing scanner button ** *** Contact me after the purchase to send you instructions and add you in "ABCD scanner group" for sharing or seeing experiences with other users. Introduction This indicator scans AB=CD retracement patterns in all charts. The ABCD is the basic foundation for all harmonic patterns and highly repetitive with a high success rate . The ABCD Scanner indicator is a scanner reversal ABCD pattern that helps you identify when the p
39 USD
CandlePower $299 special launch Price. Other products and signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fxmanagedforexltd/seller CandlePower is a fully automated MT4 expert advisor for trading GOLD instrument (XAUUSD ). The EA works on the chart of the 30 min imeframe. Candlepower logic works on the premise of entering a trade after a strong bull or bear candle on the 30 min chart. In order for a trade to activate, there are 2 key logic that must be fulfilled: 1) Candle size must be at least 500 poi
299 USD
This is an astronomy indicator for the MT4 platform that performs a variety of functions. It uses complex algorithms to perform its own calculations, which are so accurate. The indicator has a panel that provides astronomical information such as planets' geo/heliocentric cords, distance of sun/earth, magnitude, elongation, constellation, ecliptic cords, equatorial cords, and horizontal cords depending on  the vertical line that generated by the indicator depend on the time value. The indicator
600 USD
Candlestick Pattern Scanner is a multi-timeframe and multi-symbol dashboard and alert system that checks all timeframes and currency pairs for different candlestick patterns that are formed in them. Scanner is integrated with support and resistance zones so you can check the candlestick patterns in the most important areas of the chart to find breakout and reversal patterns in the price chart. Download demo version   (works on M1,M5,M30,W1 timeframes) Read the full description of scanner paramet
60 USD
Mikhail Voropaev
4.6 (20)
The NightTradeEA Expert Advisor is a night scalper, fully automatic and does not require manual intervention. The EA only opens orders for two hours between the American and Asian sessions. The Expert Advisor has been successfully tested on real trading accounts for three or more years: NightTrade3 real account signal   -   more than 1000% for a year and a half (risk - from 3 to 7% per trade);         NightTrade2 real account signal   - more than 10 000% for three years; The EA does not use dan
99 USD
Shuttle Runner
Sergey Ermolov
4.55 (11)
The swing strategy is the basis of the Shuttle Runner Expert Advisor . The strategy was described as far back as 2009 and is actively used by traders in the Forex market. Shuttle runner is a revised and improved version of this strategy. Trading recommendations for the current week: here Ask questions in the chat here The basic gist of the strategy is this: This advisor should be traded  only during active market phases . And we know that the market is active during the European and American tr
Andriy Sydoruk
This is a scalper system.  Favorites   should be optimized once per month. After that, it shows excellent results on a forward period (exceeding the historical one several times) that can be seen on the screenshots. A broker with a floating spread starting from 6 pips will be perfect. There are such brokers in the market. When the spread is lower than the value set in the course of optimization (for example you set 10-14 pips), than the entry can be expected when a signal occurs. I.e. entries wi
400 USD
Current Price $30 Minimum Possible  BUT   Future Price   $199 ! YES, It Can be used on All Markets and All Timeframes. The  MT5 Version here:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/78559?source=Site +Profile+Seller For   Support   And To get   FREE Book   On how to Use this Indicator Join Telegram: :  https://t.me/dubaiforexgroup What's Support Resistance Levels Finder? Its an Indicator that uses complex Algorithm with a very smart formula, to calculate the historical levels of Support and
30 USD
Darwin Reports Tool EA Exceptional introductory price!    35 USD DESCRIPTION: Darwin Reports Tool EA is the new product in the Darwin range. The Darwin products are recognized and reputed on MQL5 for their qualities and their performances. This time it is not an Expert Advisor that I propose to you, but a utility intended to automate tasks. Essentially, to make reports of your performances EXPLANATIONS : Indeed, thanks to this utility, you will have the possibility to send
59 USD
XQ Indicator MT4
Marzena Maria Szmit
The signal conditions are a combination of three indicators, and XQ Forex Indicators only display  medium and long-term trends . The indicator's efficacy has been improved with the addition of a filter that blocks out false signals. The XQ Forex Indicator can be used on  FX pairs, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies . There are two type of signals:  Buy or Sell and Big Long or Big Short It is possible to enable sending emails when a major trend-change signal is detected, as well as to display the alerts
189 USD
My Trade History PRO
Bernhard Schweigert
5 (3)
CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! Review your trades is the first step to a successful trader. Successful traders have a habit of regularly reviewing their trading performance. This tool will help you to do just that. The review process will be most effective with this tool to track your trading. Analyse your manual trades or the trades of your EA. Use the 3 general view. To switch between just click on the button. Closed Trades Open Trades Close+Open Trades A
65 USD
Wolfe Wave Scanner MT4
Reza Aghajanpour
5 (6)
**  All Symbols  x  All Timeframes  scan just by pressing scanner button ** *** Contact me after the purchase to send you instructions and add you in "Wolfe Wave Scanner group" for sharing or seeing experiences with other users. Introduction: A Wolfe Wave is created with five-wave patterns in price. It shows supply and demand and a fight towards a balance price. T hese waves of price actions can help traders identify the boundaries of   the trend . Also  It helps forecast how the price will move
39 USD
Muhammad Faisal Sagala
EA has a   live track record    stable and consistent with low drawdown, you can check this  Live performance MT5 version   can be found here Expert Advisor (EA) named "RtcSpectra" is designed to withstand the test of time, as it has been available in the market for over 10 months with consistently good results. This EA has shown to perform exceptionally well on the InstaForex broker , running simultaneously on two currency pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD , on the H1 timeframe. The input parameters of
377 USD
RedFox Copier Pro
Rui Manh Tien
5 (9)
FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for you. In other words, Our   Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  will analyze the trading signals you receive on your selected Telegram channels and execute them to your Telegram to MT4 account. Reduce The Risk Telegram To Mt4   defines the whole experience of copying signals from   Telegram signal copier to mt4  p
149 USD
VR Alert
Vladimir Pastushak
5 (1)
The VR Alert indicator utility is designed to inform the trader when the price reaches the given level. The signal levels can be set not only horizontally but also inclined. Thus, the trader gets the opportunity to receive notifications from the inclined trend levels. Thanks to the VR Alert utility, you will no longer need to sit near the monitor for a long time. You can calmly do about your household chores, perform your work duties and spend time with your family. Your task is simply to set th
65 USD
Candle Timer Countdown displays the remaining time before the current bar closes and a new bar forms. It can be used for time management. MT5 version here! Feature Highlights Tracks server time not local time Configurable Text Color and Font Size Optional Visualization of the Symbol Daily Variation Optimized to reduce CPU usage Input Parameters Show Daily Variation: true/false Text Font Size Text Color If you still have questions, please contact me by direct message:  https://www.mql5.com/en
Trade Manager to help you quickly enter and exit trades while automatically calculating your risk based on % of the account or a monetary value. Trades can be managed automatically and the account performance metrics can be visualised in a graph using the panel’s rich features which enhances the MetaTrader 4 platform.   IMPORTANT The Trade Manager does NOT work in the strategy tester.   Visual Risk:Reward Tool Visually see your Entry, StopLoss and Take Profit levels on the chart and adjust them
60 USD
Naked Forex Big Shadow Indicator Big Shadow Indicator is a pattern recognition indicator for Forex, Stocks, Indices, Futures, Commodities and Cryptos. When you have a Big Shadow on your chart then this is a strong signal meaning that you might be ahead of a reversal. You can take other elements (momentum, trend, volatility, price action, fundamentals) to build a complete strategy and confirm your entries. Beware that you might not make money just following the arrows generated by the pattern r
177 USD
Everyone who downloads this indicator, tests its capabilities and writes his opinion, will receive a free robot as a gift that opens trades on the signals of this indicator. The "Scalping squares pro" indicator is an indicator designed to find price reversal points using a scalping strategy. This indicator shows in the form of colored squares on the chart, price reversal points. Having this information in hand, a trader gets the opportunity to effectively open trading operations for buying an
57 USD
CyberZingFx Volume Plus
Afsal Meerankutty
4.93 (15)
Advanced version of CyberZingFx Volume Plus, the ultimate MT4 indicator for traders seeking highly accurate buy and sell signals. With an additional strategy and price action dot signals that enhances its effectiveness, this indicator offers a superior trading experience for professionals and beginners alike. The CyberZingFx Volume Plus Advanced version combines the power of volume analysis and historical price data with an additional strategy, resulting in even more precise and reliable signals
135 USD
ZenCode EA4
Sarah Jong Chieh Chou
ZenCode is a safe and fully automated expert advisor that analyzes the market's most important levels and trades with pending orders for the fastest execution. Every order is protected with StopLoss and this EA has implemented advanced filtering functions together with spread and slippage protections. There is  NO use of any dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid or Arbitrage . ZenCode is fully customizable by user. This EA has already successfully passed propfirm's challenge requirements.
189 USD
Market Steps MT4
Mahdi Ebrahimzadeh
5 (1)
Market Steps indicator is designed and built based on Gann Time/Price correlations and optimized by Price Action specific rules for Forex Market. It uses Market order flow concepts to predict potential price zones for high volume of orders.  Indicator Levels can be used for trading itself or as a combination for filtering wrong signals of other Strategies/Indicators. Every trader needs such powerful tool to have multi-time-frame (TF) zones and price movement potentials together on chart. You can
70 USD
Lamborghini EA MT4
Artem Minchuk
5 (2)
The Lamborghini trading strategy is an innovative approach in the financial market that has been developed through years of meticulous research and development. This strategy encapsulates the very essence of the iconic Lamborghini brand, which is renowned for its blend of sophistication, excellence, and meticulous attention to detail. With the help of cutting-edge technology, the Lamborghini trading strategy is designed to provide a competitive edge to those seeking to achieve leadership in the
299 USD
Super Turbo MT4
Barat Ali Rezai
1 (2)
Super Turbo is a completely automated trading robot that has been designed and created based on our best strategies in forex trading.  All trades are protected by stop loss. the EA uses one same stop-loss for all the trades in one circle so the risk is limited with a safe lot size. Users can use a fixed lot or auto lot money management. Some features : The EA has strategies for trading 10 currency pairs (AUDUSD,NZDUSD,NZDCAD,AUDCAD,USDCAD,EURCAD,AUDCHF,AUDNZD,GBPUSD,EURUSD) The EA Contains a s
600 USD
Introducing: The Trend Catcher We are excited to announce the launch of the SECRET SENTIMENT TREND CATCHER! Our team has developed and tested this automated trading software to make trading easier and more efficient for the Secret Sentiment Community ! The TrendCatcher is designed to analyze the market and execute trade setups on behalf of the user. With its unique features, the user can experience a complete and hassle-free trading experience. The TrendCatcher is easy to configure and easy to
187.50 USD
EA Rainbow
Vladimir Stepanov
4.83 (29)
The Expert Advisor works according to the trend and enters a position based on the indicator Rainbow My signals and other products can be found here  Please contact me after purchase to get best settings and gift. Parameters: Max Buys - the maximum number of buy orders that the Trading Advisor can open. Max Sells - the maximum number of sell orders that the Trading Advisor can open. Comment - comment on orders.  Lot - the starting lot.  Use dinamic lot - use a dynamic lot.  Martin - the coeff
30 USD
ENS FX Scalper MT4
Denis Sotnikov
3.67 (3)
Full automated! More than one year real monitoring! Only for next 25 copies the special price - $449 (Usual price $699) Weltrade account (default pairs) RannForex account (no AUDNZD) MT5 version here! ENS FX SCALPER  – THE FULL AUTOMATED ROBOT FOR FOREX MARKET ADVANTAGES Scalping strategy without gridding or the martingale method Uses Limit Orders for entry and TakeProfit for the best execution and no slippage Uses real and virtual (hidden) StopLoss levels Custom indicators for a more accu
449 USD
Most accurate  Pattern indicator on this market. It search triangles, wedges, channels (next patterns and autoscanner in plan) Works on Forex, Commodities, Indicies, Stocks, Crypto, ... on all timeframes and on every brooker. If you want this and all my other products for FREE , create account here  and then write me and I will send you all my actual and future product for FREE + VIP on my  http://discord.io/reitakfx For more info join to http://discord.io/reitakfx  where you can get
99 USD
Auto Fibo MT4
Rodrigo Arana Garcia
5 (4)
Auto Fibo is an indicator developed to enhance your manual trading. It will draw the golden ratio automatically, saving you time and facilitating your trading. Attach the indicator to the graph and it will automatically draw the exact golden ratio, saving you the trouble of having to find the critical point. The interface adjusts according to your computer to the approximate high and low points of the band. This indicator will correct most start and end point selection errors. For each band, th
EA Beat the Trend Advisor was developed for trading metals, and in particular gold ( XAUUSD, Gold ), but it can also trade on any other pairs. Working timeframe M15 Leverage: from 1:500 Minimum deposit: $200 (for cent accounts from $20) Currency pairs: XAUUSD, GBPUSD (set files in comments ) Recommended brokers: Tickmill , RoboForex INPUT SETTINGS: There is no need to describe the input settings, because there are few of them and they are already configured for trading with the XA
129 USD
Dark Oscillator
Marco Solito
4.58 (12)
Dark Oscillator   is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on   Counter Trend  strategy, trying to intercept changes in direction, in advance compared trend following indicators.  We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the inversion of the trend on the current instrument. It is advised to use low spread ECN brokers. This Indicator does   Not repaint   and   N ot lag . Recommended timeframes are M5, M15 and H1. Recommended working pairs: All. I nst
50 USD
Center EA
Enrique Enguix
4.45 (192)
Experience the power of Center EA and dominate the Forex market! Price action based trading with in-depth analysis of market movement. Center stands out for its trend characteristics. Instant Download:   Join over 20,000 people who have already taken advantage of this opportunity and download Center EA instantly Proven profitability:   Up to 80% of trades can be successful with Center EA! Price Action Based Strategy:   Maximize your earnings accurately using Center EA's strategy. Easy install
Recovery Drawdown MT4
Leonardo Antonio Camacaro Armas
5 (1)
===== RECOVERY DRAWDOWN ===== ***Last copy available at this price*** The way to maintain profitability is to reduce the drawdown and this is what we are looking with this EA: 1. When you start the "Recovery Button" a proprietary script will be executed that seeks to reduce the drawdown of your account, analyzes your operations and closes the ones that are most convenient to reduce the drawdown. 2. Balance your orders, so you will stop bleeding the account and manage to balance buys and sells. 3
150 USD
SMT Killzones Combo
Perpetual Chinemerem Vincent
5 (1)
Introducing SMT Killzone Combo, the ultimate indicator for forex traders looking to profit from the powerful concepts of SMT and Killzones. This indicator is based on the original concepts popularized by a highly successful trader known as ICT. SMT Killzone Combo is designed to identify divergences between the highs and lows of two correlated major pairs at specific times of the day known as "killzones." These killzones are the most active and volatile times in the market, making them ideal for
60 USD
HA Scalping MT4
Htet Htet Aung
The Scalping Project EA (Mainly for EURUSD and USDJPY Pairs M15 Timeframe) follows a scalping breakout strategy to the highs and lows. For the entry stop orders are used for better profit in trading. Profits can be secured by the adjustable trailing stop system in EA. Main Pairs:  :     EURUSD and USDJPY Timeframe:  :     Only M15 Timeframe  work Since the strategy works with small average profits it is highly suggested to trade with a   low spread and commission broker .  The backtests s
200 USD
Mr Weeraphat Jungsomjatepaisal
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   60 % discount ( 150 USD >>> 89 USD) , special for10 buyers ( 2 left)    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EA GOD is an expert advisor specializing on EUR/USD to maximize profit by 10-20% per month. Martingale is a strategy of EA GOD which NEVER Margin Call for 5 years backtest 99.9% accuracy with tick data suite.   Minimum Deposit: $180 Profit: 10-20% per month Strategy: Martingale Time frame : M1 Backtest: 99.9% accuracy with tick data suite    Setting Start Lots: Start lot Step: Dist
89 USD
Pam Scalper Pro MT4v
Jesper Christensen
5 (5)
Live real account monitoring:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1727311 PAM SCALPER (Price action momentum scalper) analyses historical price data to identify supply and demand zones where liquidity is high and enters with momentum of the institutional money flow. The EA extrapolates areas to either buy or sell from historical price action and volume data.  Sale:  Get Pam Scalper Pro right now for 45$. After that price increases to 95$ Setup: To test/use the EA you must set the first input
45 USD
Trend rider pro
Okezie Ojimadu
Live Result:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1924716 Download set file for EURUSD Trend Rider Pro V2 is a trading robot that works on all forex pair and helps you trade automatically. It is uniquely coded to manage your forex investments and optimize the best result from the complexities of the forex market. Whether you’re just getting started or are a full-time trader, Trend Rider Pro V2 is the perfect choice for optimized growth and verifiable result. This EA utilizes a sophisticated combinat
300 USD
Multicurrency and multitimeframe modification of the Stochastic Oscillator. You can specify any desired currencies and timeframes in the parameters. The indicator displays the current values and intersections of the lines — Signal and Main. Also, the indicator can send notifications when crossing overbought and oversold levels. By clicking on a cell with a period, this symbol and period will be opened. Parameters %K Period — the period of the K line. %D Period — the period of the D line. Slow
35 USD
Trend Side
Andrew Fedotov
5 (1)
Trend Side - a technical indicator for determining the trend. It is a set of several full-fledged trading strategies. The indicator uses an advanced trend filtering system, has a statistical panel, calculates entry and exit levels, and calculates the dynamic Trailing Stop level. Suitable for any type of symbols, never redraws its signals and results. A comprehensive tool for professional trend trading. The set of the Trend Side indicator also includes Andrews Trend Scanner - a multi-currency
50 USD
Forex Truck EA
Vadym Velychkov
5 (1)
Forex Truck EA is a revolutionary new trading robot. Fully automatic and requires no settings. Trades with all currency pairs. It is built on a very simple, but at the same time very effective trading algorithm. The robot waits for confident price movements and at this moment opens a deal. TakeProfit and StopLoss are placed for each trade to fix the maximum loss. The logic is that if the price moves confidently and quickly in some direction, then most likely it will continue to move with a high
77 USD
UPD1 Pin Bar Dashboard
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (2)
An indicator that displays the Pin Bar candlestick pattern. With the help of coefficient settings, the ratio of shadow, body and size is easily adjusted. It is possible to filter by trend (2 moving averages) and by reversal (RSI and Bollinger Bands). This is the most popular price action pattern. A multi-currency dashboard is available. With it, you can easily switch between charts. Trading Patterns: + Retest by trend + False breakout + Other EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, ... M15, M30, H1 Input
35 USD
CAP Universal Grid EA
4.54 (13)
MeetAlgo Universal Grid EA MT4 is a highly efficient and mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction, profits from volatility and uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to set up and supervise No indicators or hard analysis needed Grid trading is time-frame independent Requires little forecasting of the market Extracts money out of the market regularly OFFER BUY   CAP STRA
49 USD
The Nihilist 5.0 Indicator includes Forexalien and Nihilist Easy Trend trading strategies and systems. It is composed of an MTF Dashboard where you can analyze the different input possibilities of each strategy at a glance. It has an alert system with different types of configurable filters. You can also configure which TF you want to be notified on your Metatrader 4 platform and Mobile application The indicator has the option to view how could be a TP and SL by using ATR or fixed points, even
299 USD
Introduction to EFW Analytics EFW Analytics was designed to accomplish the statement "We trade because there are regularities in the financial market". EFW Analytics is a set of tools designed to maximize your trading performance by capturing the repeating fractal geometry, known as the fifth regularity in the financial market. The functionality of EFW Analytics consists of three parts. Firstly, Equilibrium Fractal Wave Index is an exploratory tool to support your trading logic to choose which r
200 USD
KT Equity Protector MT4
3 (2)
KT Equity Protector EA consistently monitors the account equity and closes all the market and pending orders once the account equity reached a fixed equity stop loss or profit target.  After closing all trading positions, the EA can close all open charts to stop other expert advisors from opening more trading positions. Equity Stop-Loss If your current account balance is $5000 and you set an equity stop loss at $500. In this case, the KT Equity Protector will close all the active and pending
30 USD
Eduardo Serrano Moncada
IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. This EA is designed to pass the challenges of the following prop firms (This list will be updated every week): -First Class Forex Funds(1-Step HFT Series) -Next Step Funded -Blue Hedge Capital -Funding Pips(MT5) -Nova Funding -The Funded Trader(Royal Challenge only step 1) Features: -No license required. -Unlimited uses. -Working symbol: US30(Dow Jones). -Timeframe: any (not sensit
312 USD
Batman Midnight Hunter MT4
Evgenii Aksenov
5 (17)
Batman Midnight Hunter is a fully automatic smart night scalping system that has proven itself on real accounts. It doesn’t adjust the system to use history data (as most creators do), the EA is developed to use the existing market inefficiency. So it’s not a simple hit-and-miss system, it is a fully adapted smart system for night scalping, using real market mechanics to its advantage in order to make a profit. The EA uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit. The EA is workds with any broker and sup
299 USD
Chaos Indicator
Stefano Frisetti
DESCRIPTION The CHAOS INDICATOR has been developed to be used for the TRADING STRATEGY OF CHAOS, as described in the book. The book is in italian language only and can be obtained only on my website indicated below. DATAS COLLECTED AND SHOWN ON GRAPHS The CHAOS INDICATOR apply easily to any graph and any asset, and it is a TRADING FACILITATOR, as it identify immediately the following items on any graph: - The GP (= RIGHT PRICE) i.e. the price to which the asset should be attracted within 24
380 USD
Super Trend Ind
Alexander Chertnik
4.79 (19)
Super Trend Indicator uses two moving averages for calculating the trend direction.  Combination with other market signals and analysis is necessary and provides more stable results. Indicator can be easily customized by the user including change of colors, with and arrow sizes. FREE   Super Trend Expert Advisor >  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/81160?source=Site +Profile+Seller developed, tested and optimized   on "   VantageMarkets   "  platform. Recommended broker > Vantage open a
Signal Multiplier EA MT4
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (12)
Signal Multiplier EA MT4 is not another lot size multiplier. Apart from multiplying the lot size of your signal subscription's trades (or any other trades, from expert advisors, manual etc.), will also monitor your trades, send you email & push notifications for every new original and multiplied trade (if you want of course) and/or daily notifications at a pre-defined time with your account's basic details, such as balance, equity and margin levels, but most importantly of all will close all ope
30 USD
MESA Spectrum
Christopher Kryza
The MESA Spectrum indicator calculates the power spectrum of a data series using the Maximum Entropy Spectrum Estimation method and produces a power spectrum plot. The Maximum Entropy algorithm, unlike a simple FFT transform, will include frequencies from the entire complex frequency plane and not just the Nyquist interval which, in general terms, means that it can resolve cycle periods that are larger than the data window passed to the function. In addition, MESA has the ability to fit very sha
75 USD
UPD1 Volume BOX
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (6)
The indicator displays the horizontal volume profile in the specified area (BOX) and the maximum volume (POC). Product Features 1. You can use ticks or just price. 2. Adaptive grid spacing (M1-MN). 3. Adaptive high volume (median) search step depending on box size. 4. Automatic chameleon color for box lines and buttons. 5. Multiple boxes, easy to create and delete 6. 70% volume area (enable in settings) 7. There is an alert for touching the maximum horizontal volume line (POC) 8. VWAP 9. Contr
35 USD
Moving Average Trend Scanner is a multi symbol multi timeframe trend dashboard that helps traders to monitor, and identify potential market trends from one chart. This panel scans 3 moving averages in up to 28 configurable instruments and 9 timeframes for moving average alignment and moving average crossover  with a deep scan feature to scan all market watch symbols (up to 1000 instruments!). Download Demo here  (Scans only M1 and M5) Settings description here MT5 version here Moving Averag
50 USD
Telegram Forwarder II
Yaser Sabbaghi
5 (3)
Telegram Forwarder can forward all activities related to trades and position taking as a signal to Telegram messenger. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram if you modify indicator code (I can do it for you too) to hand over alerts to Telegram Forwarder. This EA is intended for business and professional usage. You can introduce your own Telegram bot and customize water mark in screenshots. Telegram forwarder is able to forward signals for "new order", "modification of order", "Pendi
70 USD
TTM Squeeze indicator for MT4
Renaud Herve Francois Candel
TTM Squeeze Indicator TTM Squeeze is an indicator to time entries based on volatility. TMM Squeeze might well be one of the best and most overlooked indicator. It was created by famous trader John Carter and is also used by many traders like Nathan Bear. Why is the TTM Squeeze indicator important? Because in trading correct timing entries might be more important than picking the right direction.   This is a concept that is not very well understood in the trading community. Most trader think
147 USD

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