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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 11

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
The utility is designed to change the symbol of the current, all or selected charts, change the timeframe , as well as to synchronously move through the history of all charts (automatically or by clicking the button). The list of symbols is read from the "Market Watch" or is set manually. The color, size and position of the buttons are customizable. Synchronization of charts occurs according to the time of the first visible bar when you press the "SYNC" button or when moving the mouse/keyboard i
49 USD
Auto Fibo MT4
Rodrigo Arana Garcia
5 (6)
Auto Fibo is an indicator developed to enhance your manual trading. It will draw the golden ratio automatically, saving you time and facilitating your trading. Attach the indicator to the graph and it will automatically draw the exact golden ratio, saving you the trouble of having to find the critical point. The interface adjusts according to your computer to the approximate high and low points of the band. This indicator will correct most start and end point selection errors. For each band, th
Full Forex Market View Dashboard
Opengates Success International
5 (2)
FULL FOREX MARKET VIEW Dashboard Indicator This is a custom indicator created to give Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make successful trading. INSTALLATION : Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the
650 USD
Nasdaq Trend Scalper MT4
JBK Trading Limited Liability Company
NASDAQ Trend Scalper This Expert advisor is mainly for trading the Nasdaq Index CFD on MT4 - It is referred to as  Nas100 index, USA100, USATECH, Nasdaq 100, US100Cash, etc.  Nasdaq Trend Scalper is designed with trend following strategy with ATR Volume. It has built into it, Money management with percentage of risk to trade, Exit strategy aside from the regular stop loss for every trade. It also has a trailing setting in percentage of Stop as well as time filter for the EA to trade at certain t
199 USD
CAP Moving Average EA
4.54 (39)
CAP Moving Average EA  trades using the Moving Averages Indicator. It offers many customizable Moving Averages trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [   Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Functions Easy to use and customizable Moving Average setting. Customizable indicator settings Built-in money management Grid trad
BUY 1 EA FROM 119$ and higher and get 2 EAs valid for one account each from EAs with SAME or higher value. (Buy the EA you want, send me screenshot and ask me for your gifts !!!) Join the telegram Group. Copy Paste the following address:  https://t.me/+nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk or contact me. Or follow the link under my profile    HERE is a FREE file  for use in a LIVE DEMO account. After 100nds of feedbacks and conversations i made this EA to be one of the best scalping trend and co
149 USD
Description:  The "Trading Sessions Time Indicator" is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to enhance your understanding of different trading sessions in the forex market. This seamlessly integrated indicator provides crucial information about the opening and closing times of major sessions, including Tokyo, London, and New York. With automatic time zone adjustment, it caters to traders globally, helping them optimize their trading schedules for high liquidity periods and avoid low-acti
News Trade AI
Oleg Pavlenko
5 (4)
News Trade AI is a complex system that uses advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and neural networks, to analyze economic data that is published during the release of important news, and apply this information to make informed trading decisions. An EA that uses this system performs trading operations only based on the news background, and therefore cannot be correctly tested on historical data. To enable the robot to receive news, enable the " Allow WebRequest " option and
129 USD
AW Super Trend EA
AW Trading Software Limited
4.14 (7)
A fully automated trading system that works on the signals of the classic "Super Trend" trend indicator. The Expert Advisor uses a classic trading strategy without the use of grids, martingale, scalping. The Expert Advisor has built-in automatic lot calculation, multi-timeframe trend filtering, stop loss.   If necessary, you can connect a martingale that   accompanies   orders using trailing and breakeven. Signal monitoring ->  HERE  / Free AW Super Trend indicator ->  HERE  / MT5 version -> HER
Only 4 copies available for $99.00. Next price 199 USD AI Breakdown EA is a scalping strategy based on artificial intelligence. Most trading parameters will be automatically retrained and adjusted to the current market thanks to the author's algorithm of market analysis. The strategy does not require any optimization. Set it on the chart according to the recommendation and enjoy trading!!! Advantages of AI Breakdown: - self-learning parameters - optimal SL/TP ratio - low SL, which makes
99 USD
This is a trend-following indicator based on MACD, providing buy signals when above the 200 MA and sell signals when below it. The signal is generated when MACD crosses the zero line. The indicator also displays a support and resistance level that can be used as a stop loss. Adjustable parameters include MA period, MACD fast EMA, slow EMA, and the support-resistance interval. It plots on the recent candles' lowest and highest points. Default settings: SR interval: 10  MA period: 200  Fast  EMA:
MT4 To Telegram Sender
DaneTrades Ltd
3 (1)
Send fully customizable signals from MT4 to Telegram and become a Signal Provider! This product is presented in an easy-to-use and visually attractive graphical interface. Customise your settings and start using the product within minutes! User Guide + Demo  | MT5 Version  | Discord Version If you want to try a demo please go to the User Guide. The MT4 To Telegram Sender does NOT work in the strategy tester. MT4 To   Telegram  Features Fully Customise signal to your preference with a huge
50 USD
The Pairs Cross indicator is a unique tool for negatively correlated trading instruments, such as EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs. It is based on a concept called pairs trading (or spread trading). Our indicator compares the strength of two currency pairs that are inversely correlated and quickly tells you when it’s time to buy the first pair and short a second pair, and vice versa. This is a straightforward approach to trading currency pairs that works very well. How to you use the Pairs Cr
99 USD
Viking EA MT4
Botond Ratonyi
Get to know Our cutting-edge trading algorithm: The EA is currently working on 17 currency pairs on the H4 timeframe. Set files are provided in the comment sectio n, always use them! The recommended testing period is minimum 5 years since it is a long term EA. The EA has been tested for 10 years with high quality tick data + variable spread + commision + swap, and stress tested with extreme settings is quant analyzer's Monte Carlo analysis. You can see the full portfolio analysis in the screens
1 000 USD
MQL Universal EA
Martin Eshleman
4.56 (9)
Summary of the Expert Advisor This EA will trade using standard MT4 indicators such as Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and so on. The EA was made so that these indicators can be mixed or matched so a number of possibilities can be traded with. Each indicator can be enabled or disabled and many settings are adjustable for each indicator. There are also other features included like multiple time frame capability and money management. As a result, many different trading strategies can
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
Revolutionize Your Trading with PropTradeMaster: A Precision Engineered Forex Robot Unleash the power of precision and innovation in your proprietary trading journey with PropTradeMaster, a cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously designed for MT4. Elevate your trading experience with this exceptional tool, tailored to exceed the stringent standards of prop trading firms. Embark on a Transformative Journey: PropTradeMaster is more than just an EA; it's a transformative tool crafted to empo
1 250 USD
Order Block Scanner
Reza Aghajanpour
5 (2)
** All Symbols x All Time frames scan just by pressing scanner button ** *** Contact me after the purchase to send you instructions and add you in "Order Block group" for sharing or seeing experiences with other users. Introduction: The central banks and financial institutions mainly drive the market, Order block is considered a market behavior that indicates accumulation of orders from banks and institutions, then the market tends to make a sharp move(Imbalance) on either side once the order bl
30 USD
Harmonizer EA
Amir Hossein Moharreri
5 (2)
Harmonizer EA  is a powerful tool that offers advanced features and live performance monitoring with low drawdown: Live performance monitoring (Mid Risk) MT5 Version  (Recommended) This EA is a powerful  grid  trading tool that uses an  advanced algorithm  to calculate entry positions for each individual trade. It is  not overfitted  to historical data, instead using market volatility to optimize itself. By using market volatility, the algorithm is able to adjust to changes in the market quickly
348 USD
Sergei Tsirat
WONNFX iGG EA is an automatic advisor/scalper. Intraday trading. GOLD. The advisor does not use grids, martingale or other dangerous strategies. All trades are opened and closed during the trading day Each trade is opened with a take profit and stop loss. Trades are also accompanied by a trailing stop. "in the advisor's parameters there are martingale settings - for testing. but I do not recommend using martingale in any form. By default, martingale is disabled in the advisor" 2 copies l
35 USD
Stanislau Siatsko
4 (8)
2024 - the return of a legend and a major update and modernization of PriceTracker EA!  PriceTracker EA is specially designed for real trading, taking into account all real market conditions and factors. This is not a test grail where you get profit is only in the strategy tester.   PriceTracker EA is a multi-currency, high-yield system with an incredible account trading diversification strategy that shows results in REAL trading, in LIVE Accounts! PriceTracker EA wiil be great work on any rea
910 USD
Trade Copy
Shao Chen
2 (1)
TradeCopy is an efficient MT4, MT5 trade copy software,using as EA on MT4 real account. You can download the Demo unlimit version to test on Demo account: Trade Copy MT4 Demo Free Trade Copy MT5 Demo Free Features: 1.Can achieve cross-MT4 and MT5 trade copy . 2. The Sender and the receiver are in the same file, which is convenient to use. 3.Can achieve cross-broker trade copy. 4.More trade copy style, you can copy by balance,equity, lot ratio or fixed lot . 5.Can enlarge or reduce the amount
30 USD
Presenting the uGenesys Break of Structure and Change of Character Indicator The uGenesys Market Structure Indicator is the advanced solution designed specifically for forex traders seeking a competitive edge. This innovative tool goes beyond merely identifying Break of Structure (BoS) and Change of Character (CHoC); it also illuminates optimal entry and exit points on your forex charts, transforming your trading experience.  While the uGenesys Market Structure Indicator can reveal pivotal pa
30 USD
The Jellyfish Algo Fx
Murat Yazici
1 (1)
Dear all,    Thank you for your interest in The Jellyfish Algo Fx! FUTURE TESTING (71 profitable trades out of 74 trades, 96% Win rate) :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/111677#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=52185617 The LIVE performance of The Jellyfish Algo Fx:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/111677#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=52510959 The Jellyfish Algo Fx has been 8 years of development journey for me. My name is Murat Yazici. I have the following degrees; Ph.D.  Statisti
100 USD
Price move robot
Punza Yannick Kakungula
2.8 (5)
This EA does not use martingale, averaging, grid, or any dangerous strategies. This EA is always using hard stop loss and take profit. Always use the set files I published in the comment section! More sets will come for wheat, gasoline, and other commodities) (All pairs were tested for 10 years with 99.9% every tick data, More come soon for minor and exotic pairs) Package Contains: --Full EA with all adjustable settings and parameters to tweak or optimize. --It uses the NomadTrader Money M
599 USD
Sure Fire Hedging Strategy
Syarif Nur Arief
5 (3)
This is an old and well-known strategy from the book "Sure Fire Hedging Strategy", but have more Advance Parameter than anyother old style Hedge Averaging EA. This strategy is using a hedge order with a higher lot size for the last (opposite) order and will receive profit if your free margin is huge enough to handle. A good money management is needed for using this system. No Pending order used on this EA, because using pending order will have more high risk order slipage and Spread can be diff
150 USD
HMA Trend Professional MT4
Pavel Zamoshnikov
4.63 (8)
Improved version of the free HMA Trend indicator (for MetaTrader 4) with statistical analysis. HMA Trend is a trend indicator based on the Hull Moving Average (HMA) with two periods. HMA with a slow period identifies the trend, while HMA with a fast period determines the short-term movements and signals in the trend direction. The main differences from the free version: Ability to predict the probability of a trend reversal using analysis of history data. Plotting statistical charts for analyz
30 USD
EA Ambrosia
Conor Stephenson
3.86 (7)
Ambrosia trades levels created by both the Institutional Levels Indicator and  Central Pivot Tool . These levels include CPR zones, Fibonacci levels, Support & Resistance, Quarter Points and more. In total there are 26 different entry options / combinations the expert advisor can take. Each day Ambrosia will calculate new Pivot and Fibonacci levels based on previous days price action. Coupled with a constant watch above and below current price for Institutional Levels, this expert can trade mult
30 USD
HFT Phase 2
Nauris Zukas
5 (4)
Description. Prop Firm challenge and evaluation phase is passed, what next - many traders ask me. Let's face it, it was the easiest part of the process to finally make real money. The "HFT Phase 2" EA is designed to perform the most difficult part and be able to achieve the set goals without violating the rules set by the Prop Firm.  It's currently in the process of optimization and tweaking, I won't deny, it's not easy and may take some time and may require the use of Artificial Intelligence (
QM Pattern Scanner MT4
Reza Aghajanpour
5 (5)
QM (Quasimodo) Pattern is based on Read The Market(RTM) concepts. The purpose of this model is to face the big players of the market (financial institutions and banks), As you know in financial markets, big traders try to fool small traders, but RTM prevent traders from getting trapped. This style is formed in terms of price candles and presented according to market supply and demand areas and no price oscillator is used in it. RTM concepts are very suitable for all kinds of investments, includi
39 USD
SMC Traders
Lesedi Oliver Seilane
SMC Traders is a non-repaint indicator that is based on Price Action The indicator uses current market structure to predict future reversals. The indicator can be used with our free Market structure zig zag which can be found here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/91579 Please note to find the HH AND HL CLINK ON LINK ABOVE Timeframes: 15 minutes for scalping 1 Hour for swing trading Purple Arrow look for sells in conjunction with LL White Arrow look for buys in conjunction with HL
News Filter EA that send you a Push notification to your MT4 phone APP and TURN OFF MT4 Automatically Before News.  This EA doesn't work in backtest From 1.7 version  the EA have  Close all trades before news functions added. You only need to allow that url in MT4 options: To see the url and how to add it to MT4, visit this post: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/754402 When Metatrader is turned off, it saves the status of all the charts, indicators and Expert Advisors that you have in t
30 USD
UPD1 Volume BOX
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (12)
The indicator displays the horizontal volume profile in the specified area (BOX) and the maximum volume (POC). Product Features. 1. You can use ticks or just price. 2. Adaptive grid spacing (M1-MN). 3. Adaptive high volume (median) search step depending on box size. 4. Automatic chameleon color for box lines and buttons. 5. Multiple boxes, easy to create and delete. 6. 70% volume area (enable in settings). 7. There is an alert for touching the maximum horizontal volume line (POC). 8. VWAP. 9.
50 USD
Partial Closure EA MT4
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (3)
Partial Closure EA MT4 can close partially any trade(s) on your trading account, manually by a certain percentage % of lot size and/or trade ticket or automatically in percentage % of TP/SL level for a percentage % of initial lot size in 10 take profit and 10 stop loss levels . It can manage all or any of your account's trades, by specify or exclude certain magic number or symbol trades. Tip: Download the free demo version of the Partial Closure EA MT4 and try it on your demo account: here Par
30 USD
Smart Ruler
Serhii Shevchuk
4.86 (7)
This tool is designed to measure the distance between two points on a chart and much more. List of measured values:  Distance in points  Profit (with and without spread)  Time difference  Percentage price change  Slope angle  Number of bars (various variations)  Ratio of distance in points to the reference value Features:  Snap to OHLC prices  Automatic color profile setting based on chart background color  Various types of pointers to choose from  Display of values ​​of selected points o
30 USD
Semi Sweet
AW Trading Software Limited
4 (7)
The Expert Advisor trades where the signal for opening a new order or restoring order is an indicator strategy, which is defined by the user in the input settings. You can choose indicators, their timeframes and the number of signals sufficient to open an order. A total of 29 trading indicators are available, on the basis of which the user can form his own trading idea without using programming. Problem solving ->   HERE   Expert Advisor modes: Hedging Auto mode, Netting Auto mode - Two mod
75 USD
Pivot Prof MT4
Paul Anscombe
4.94 (125)
Our 5 Star Best Seller Beginner or Professional our best selling multi-timeframe Pivot Prof will enhance your trading and bring you great trade opportunities with the Support and Resistance levels that professionals use. Pivot trading is a simple effective method for entering and exiting the market at key levels and has been used by professionals for decades and works on all symbols: Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indicies etc. Pivot Prof brings premium levels to the trader where the market is most like
59 USD
SMC Trading Pro
The Anh Pham
4.5 (4)
Welcome to the world of SMC (Smart Money Concepts) Trading, where we empower traders with the tools and knowledge to make smarter trading decisions. Our latest addition to our suite of trading tools is the SMC Trading Pro indicator, version 1.0. Key Features: Major Market Structure Identification with BODY break. Order Block must be in Major Swing ( not Small Swing ). Order Block with Fair Value Gap Detection. Order Block in Discount | Premium zone. Filter for only Bullish, Bearish or All Order
Easy Order PRO MT4
Yoshiki Takeuchi
4 (6)
Overview Just move lines, lot are calculated automatically by fill out the loss cut amount. Following eight currencies can be calculated .(  USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, NZD) Fixed amount or ratio of balance can be selected. Calculate risk rewards. Market order, limit order, and stop order are automatically applied. Supports FX, CFD, and crypto currency. Attention "Free demo" does not work。 You can download the Demo version on the description page .   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post
30 USD
Dark Point
Marco Solito
4.84 (387)
Dark Point  is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on   Trend Following  strategy, also adopting the use of the atr to determine the right volatility. We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the   strong trend   on the current instrument. If you love Dark Point, consider adding some power: Dark Power Key benefits Easily visible take profit/stop loss lines Intuitive directional points/arrows by colors Useful statistics , which indicate the win
PZ Day Trading
3.67 (3)
This indicator detects price reversals in a zig-zag fashion, using only price action analysis and a donchian channel. It has been specifically designed for short-term trading, without repainting or backpainting at all. It is a fantastic tool for shrewd traders aiming to increase the timing of their operations. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Amazingly easy to trade It provides value on every timeframe It provides suitable SL and TP levels It impl
99 USD
Alfa MT4
Nebal S I Saloul
5 (2)
Hello This EA is depending on Guaranty strategy , it open same position by wide pips every time then will close in profit. it can make a continues profit (maybe little but continues)  you can change all settings but don't be impetuous. you can download it and make Back Test before buy it good luck السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يعتمد هذا الاكسبيرت على إستراتيجية مضمونة ، فهو يفتح نفس المركز في كل مرة   لكن على فترات متباعدة ثم سيغلق في الربح. يمكن أن تحقق ربحًا مستمرًا (ربما قليلًا ولكنه
30 USD
PZ Grid Trading EA MT4
5 (1)
Grid trading is an efficient mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction, profits from volatility and uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market. It uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades in one or both directions. Such trades, generally spaced at 20-200 pip intervals, create a trading grid. [ User Guide | Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Advantages Easy to set up and supervise It is time-frame independent No indicator
249 USD
MonsterDash Harmonic Indicator is a harmonic pattern dashboard. It recognizes all major patterns. MonsterDash is a dashboard that displays all detected patterns for all symbols and (almost) all timeframes in sortable and scrollable format. Users can add their own user defined patterns . MonsterDash can open and update charts with the pattern found. Settings MonsterDash's default settings are good enough most of the time. Feel free to fine tune them to your needs. The color settings are for tho
139 USD
Volume by Price MT4
Brian Collard
5 (13)
The Volume by Price Indicator for MetaTrader 4 features Volume Profile and Market Profile TPO (Time Price Opportunity). Get valuable insights out of currencies, equities and commodities data. Gain an edge trading financial markets. Volume and TPO histogram bar and line charts. Volume Footprint charts. TPO letter and block marker charts including split structures. Versatile segmentation and compositing methods. Static, dynamic and flexible ranges with relative and/or absolute visualizations. Lay
259 USD
Smart Copy Local MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
5 (7)
Smart Copy is an Easy-to-Use EA that supports Multi Copying Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 and Local/Remote Copying. (Remote Version is coming soon) Free version is available on Smart Copy Local Free MT4 Specifications :     Real Time, Multi Terminal - Multi Account - MT4/MT5 trade copying     Copy from netting to hedge and hedge to netting is supported.     Fast and instant copy     All settings are input visually.     Easy modifying symbol names, prefix, suffix     Enable/Disable co
50 USD
Pending Scalper MT4
Aliaksandr Chupryna
2 (2)
"Pending Scalper MT4" is a scalping Expert Advisor without martingale, focused on breaking through relative highs and lows. The market is entered using pending orders. Peculiarities: // Minimum deposit = 20 $. // The Expert Advisor consists of 3 blocks (EA[ i ]), each of which is a separate Expert Advisor with individual input data. This makes it possible to test several strategies at the same time. And also set them on the same chart. // Filters by spread, by slippage, by price gap. //  An imp
30 USD
Dark Absolute Trend
Marco Solito
4.6 (42)
Dark Absolute Trend   is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on Trend Following  strategy but use also candlestick patterns and Volatility. We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the main trend on the current instrument. It is advised to use low spread ECN brokers. This Indicator does Not repaint and N ot lag . Recommended timeframes are M5, M15 and H1. Recommended working pairs: All. I nstallation and  Update Guide   -  Troubleshooting guide  
50 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
4.9 (10)
Trading panel for opening orders in 1 click! To help the trader, sets take profits, stop losses, pending Stop and Limit orders, transfers to breakeven, trails.   There is also a partial closing of the order in % All parameters are customizable. Installed in experts!   Settings           Lots -- 0.02 Lot           StopLoss --- 700 Stop Loss           TakeProfit --- 400 Take Profit           UseBreekeven ---- false Breakeven Off           ClosePersent--- 50 Close Percent of the order  
Are you subscribed to receive trading signals via e-mail? Are you a signal provider and going to send signals via email to your client? This EA is a wizard to automatically scan all received e-mails through e-mail client software for trading signals. EA only reads received email's with specified subject from designated sender not all e-mails. EA scan email's body, explore it for keywords, match keywords with intended patterns, then extract the signal from email's body. The extracted signal
192 USD
Ka Ching
Shamary A Guy
3 (1)
Ka Ching EA is a fully automatic robot that has the level of a professional trader. The robot uses a completely new and unknown strategy. During real trading, it does not look towards history and acts according to circumstances. The algorithm of the adviser is based on determining the strength of the market and the formation of pivot points. Orders are closed by Take Profit, Trailing or Stop Loss.  Expert Advisor settings optimized for the Icmarket broker. Minor optimization of input parameter
30 USD
This indicator is a conventional analytical tool for tick volumes changes. It calculates tick volumes for buys and sells separately, and their delta on every bar, and displays volumes by price clusters (cells) within a specified bar (usually the latest one). The algorithm used internally is the same as in the indicator VolumeDelta , but results are shown as cumulative volume delta bars (candlesticks). Analogous indicator for MetaTrader 5 exists - VolumeDeltaBars . This is a limited substitution
30 USD
GoldSuperTrendEA uses a strategy that combines RSI and Moving Average. High winning percentage and a high profit factor make this Expert advisor very profitable, you can check the results yourself by downloading the demo version which only works in backtesting. It was developed for XAUUSD pair. Setup and tips: I recommend using a balance of $1500 and an initial lot of of 0.05 with leverage 1:100 Low timeframes are more sensitive to price swings, so it is best to use moving averages an
65 USD
Close Button
Wang Yu
4.78 (50)
如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra feature to add on the base version. Close Button provides you an intuitive, effective, and handy way to close your orders based on their type. The utility provides seven close options: Close All: close all orders, including trading and pending ones. Close Profit: close all orders which are in profit. Close Loss: close all orders which are in loss. Close Stop: close all stop orders. Close
Index Storm EA
Aleksei Bordak
4 (4)
"Index Storm EA" is a unique and powerful high-frequency expert advisor designed for experienced traders. This exceptional tool provides access to high-frequency trading strategies that operate efficiently in the fast-paced financial markets. With "Index Storm EA," your portfolio benefits from active and precise market analysis, helping you make informed trading decisions. The innovative technologies used in "Index Storm EA" provide you with an advantage in the financial markets, making it a va
Dragon Golden
Maldini Yoga Pratama
5 (6)
EA Dragon Golden is an EA with a scalping strategy system following the trend candle or reverse, it is recommended to use large and sufficient equity because this EA is a martiangle system and can be used for hedging. Due to many requests to return to the previous version, this product is currently the old version of Dragon Golden. If you want a new product you can download it here : Agape Advisor IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and a bonus! Only  4  
33 USD
This indicator scans for you up to 30 trading instruments and up to 8 timeframes for occurrences of the high probability reversal patterns: Double Tops/Bottoms with fake breakouts . Please read also the blog post " Professional Trading With Double Tops/Bottoms And Divergences! " which explains the concepts behind the ULTIMATE Double Top/Bottom indicator and how you can use a professional top-down approach. You can get alerts via MetaTrader 4, email and push notifications at the moment when a sig
119 USD
Fast Copier
Ngo Thi
5 (2)
This trade copier executes copy orders on local machine, i.e. server (or master metatrader) and client (or slave metatrader) on the same computer/VPS. You can set the copy speed to 1 milliseconds! Try the demo to see how fast the copy speed is. The Demo version downloaded directly from inside Metatrader or when click "Download Demo" button will not work. The reason is because this order copy EA does not work in TESTER mode. Please use the Demo version from this link to experience the EA: 
30 USD
Key Levels + Zones Indicator cleanly displays even numbered price levels: “00s” and “50s” .  Additionally, you can display “Mid-Lines” which are preset distance levels   on both sides of the even numbered price levels (set to 12.5 pips by default).  This 25-pip zone that straddles each even numbered price relates to where many traders place their stops and therefore can be a risk “Zone” to steer clear of when placing your stops.  The zone also acts as support and resistance. Indicator  p rovid
30 USD
Investment Castle EA MT4
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
4.5 (2)
Introducing the Investment Castle Expert Advisor - the ultimate trend-based trading tool that comes with built-in Investment Castle and Psychological Key Levels indicators. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned trader, this powerful tool will help you make informed decisions and maximize profits. Features: Automated Support and Resistance Key Levels: Say goodbye to manual chart analysis! Our AI-driven software automatically identifies key levels of support and resistance, allowing you to make s
30 USD
Currency Correlation Plus
Szymon Palczynski
4.75 (4)
Currency Correlation Plus is an expensive version of the indicator. It is equipped with the signal and is more equipped than its cheaper brother. The indicator helps us understand and see a correlation. Second chart makes it easy to analyze and trade multiple currencies. On the chart, you can post multiple pairs. Type in the selected currency pair in the settings and add it to the chart. If you want to have another tool, see another product: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/13392 Inputs
30 USD
Imbalance MTF mt4
Barend Paul Stander
3 (2)
Imbalance / FVG  MTF Mark Imbalance on chart of  Selected Multi Time frames. Trend is Manually set to filter signals in the chosen direction by a button on the chart. . Futures Auto Mark Imbalance / FVG on chart on selected time frames Select time frames by buttons on chart Popup Alert, Push Notification or email when New Imbalance Form Popup Alert, Push Notification or email when Imbalance is Taken out Select Alert Mode to be a single or multiple Imbalance ( OR / AND option ) when Imbalan
30 USD
Bull EA EurUsd MT4
Mubashir Mohamed Quraish Albarakat
An expert based on price action With modern strategy Can be used in the most popular symbol of the market Can be used in the above timeframes Low risk, good backtest Attributes: Can be used in the EURUSD currency pair Can be used in H1 , H4 , D1 time frames Has TP and SL With sufficient and simple settings With author lifetime support Very low price Good backtest Beautiful panel Expandable and updatable All updates are free Can be tested for one month at a minimum price Both Meta 4 and 5
299 USD
Parabolic SAR strategies EA is a Parabolic SAR EA that can support multiple strategies. Purchasing this EA can save you the time taken to automate your existing PSAR strategy through coding a custom EA and it also helps you discover profitable Parabolic SAR strategies as its fully compatible with the strategy tester and all settings are editable. The EA supports both scalping, short term and long term strategies. The various supported settings are explained below: NOTE: The default settings in t
30 USD
RSI divergence indicator finds divergences between price chart and RSI   indicator and informs you with alerts (popup, mobile notification or email). Its main use is to find trend reversals in the chart. Always use the divergence indicators with other technical assets like support resistance zones, candlestick patterns and price action to have a higher possibility to find trend reversals. Three confirmation type for RSI   divergences: RSI   line cross 50 level Price returns to previous H/L Creat
Einstein EA MT4
Aleksei Bordak
Hello, dear MQL community, Let me share my Forex philosophy and introduce you to the Einstein Expert Advisor*. This advisor is crafted for those seeking consistent income in the Forex market while minimizing the constant fear of capital loss. In Forex, just like in life, philosophy plays a pivotal role. If the constant uncertainty and fear of loss trouble you, this philosophy can provide a fresh perspective on your trading approach. The Einstein Expert Advisor presents a unique method to help y
500 USD
This is the only Indicator you need to navigate TIME and PRICE .  Here I present to you: ICT Killzone Gem Indicator . This indicator will  SAVE YOU TIME  marking up the charts so you can FOCUS more on your Trades. You can customize it however you like. There is also a toggle switch where you can toggle on or off a specific part so that you can make your charts clean. Watch the video for a   Full Explanation . Leave a Review about your experience with this Indicator  : ) Inside the Indicator: 2
30 USD
PZ Ichimoku EA
3.91 (23)
Trade the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator with complete freedom using a powerful and flexible EA. It implements many entry strategies and useful features, like customizable trading sessions and a martingale mode. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise It implements several entry conditions Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop settings Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers Works for 2-3-4-5 digit symbols Implements a martingale fea
The symmetrical triangle pattern dashboard allows you to monitor multiple markets and timeframes at once for symmetrical triangle patterns as draw by the symmetrical triangle pattern indicator available here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68709/ Visit the above indicator to learn more about how symmetrical triangle patterns are formed and simple to follow strategies to trade them. The dashboard is a stand-alone product and DOES NOT require the indicator to work. It only monitors for t
49 USD
Make It Horizontal
1 (1)
"Make it Horizontal" will convert any trendline to horizontal by just selecting it and then pressing the H key. This tool must be included in your charts as an indicator. It has no inputs, just drag it to your charts and that's it! I created this tool because the MT4 doesn't have any built-in feature like this. How many times have you drawn a line and you need to double click it in order to configure the start and end price level so you can make it horizontal? Well, that's not an issue anymore!
30 USD

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