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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 10

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
XM Channel
Kaijun Wang
4.67 (3)
The market price usually falls between the borders of the channel . If the price is out of range, it is a trading signal or trading opportunity . Basically, Fit Channel can be used to help determine overbought and oversold conditions in the market. When the market price is close to the upper limit, the market is considered overbought (sell zone). Conversely, when the market price is close to the bottom range, the market is considered oversold (buy zone). However, the research can be used
Golden Gendut
Anthonius Soruh
5 (1)
Gendel Gendut is Binary Option Indicator From @realTatino Trade with expaired time Pairs : All Forex Pair Time Frame : M5 only Trade Time All Time Alert : Alert Message, Alert Email, Alerts Push Buffer : 4 Buffer (0,2 (Buy) || 1,3 (Sell) Broker Suitable : All Broker Binary With Forex Pair Auto Trade : Yes Repaint : NO Delay : NO Other Binary Indicator : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/70915 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71054 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57755 etc I
Blazing Night Scalper MT4
Scott Fredeman
4.79 (19)
BLAZING NIGHT SCALPER ALL NEW GRID RECOVERY SYSTEM ADDED Night scalping using Stop Losses have worked incredibly well in previous years prior to 2022. Blazing Night Scalper was originally tested on more than 10 years of Tick Data using Take profit and Stop Loss with amazing results. As soon as we hit 2022 night scalpers became gradually more difficult to gain profits most likely due to many reason such as brokers increasing spreads and having too many Expert advisors trading during these hou
Works to open two hedging deals, buying and selling, with a goal of each deal of 20 points With the opening of multiple cooling deals in the manner of another lot size and suspending each type of sale or purchase transaction At a profit level. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity* the greater this percentage is the great
Royal Wave Pro M4
Vahidreza Heidar Gholami
5 (3)
Royal Wave is a Trend-Power oscillator which has been programmed to locate and signal low-risk entry and exit zones. Its core algorithm statistically analyzes the market and generates trading signals for overbought, oversold and low volatile areas. By using a well-designed alerting system, this indicator makes it easier to make proper decisions regarding where to enter and where to exit trades. Features Trend-Power Algorithm Low risk Entry Zones and Exit Zones Predictions for Overbought and Over
Universal Telegram Alerts  is a cutting-edge trading tool that seamlessly integrates with both MT4 and Telegram, providing traders with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. The EA links your MT4 platform with Telegram, sending real-time alerts with screenshots of the chart directly to your Telegram from any indicator with buffers. The EA allows you to stay connected to your trading account at all times, even when you're away from your computer. You can receive alerts on your mobile device o
HFT Prop Firm US30 Pro
Teresa Maria Pimenta
**HFT Prop Firm - Expert Advisor Description:** The Expert Advisor (EA) named HFT Prop Firm is an innovative solution designed specifically for approval on proprietary trading desks that allow High-Frequency Trading (HFT). This EA offers two unique trader modes, known as Trader Mode 1 and Trader Mode 2, providing flexibility to users during the approval process. The HFT Prop Firm EA stands out by offering two distinct options for HFT operations: Normal HFT and Turbo HFT, both executing orde
CAP Universal Grid EA
4.54 (13)
MeetAlgo Universal Grid EA MT4 is a highly efficient and mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction, profits from volatility and uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to set up and supervise No indicators or hard analysis needed Grid trading is time-frame independent Requires little forecasting of the market Extracts money out of the market regularly Key Features Easy to
Dark Point
Marco Solito
4.84 (402)
Dark Point  is an Indicator for intraday trading. This Indicator is based on   Trend Following  strategy, also adopting the use of the atr to determine the right volatility. We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the   strong trend   on the current instrument. If you love Dark Point, consider adding some power: Dark Power Key benefits Easily visible take profit/stop loss lines Intuitive directional points/arrows by colors Useful statistics , which indicate the win
EA Hedging Strategy Is a high class automated expert advisor which is fully optimized for the future market in EURUSD  etc. M5.  No Loss forex Hedging Strategy and work with the open orders and open position orders to get opportunities to enter and exit trading. ADVANTAGES: Advanced market entry filter. Automatic Money manager. High spread protection. Slip Protection. Does not use indicator. Trailing stop and Take Profit. No need for optimization.  RECOMMENDATIONS: leverage: 1:500!, wor
Fundamental Trader
Sara Sabaghi
4.8 (15)
Ziwox Fundamental Trader Contact us after purchase (no rent) to access our VIP group. (Set files, tips, community) WE ARE IN 30$ DISCOUN. 330$ > 230% Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the EA information data. This EA uses real-time online sources + AI tools to catch necessary information like the fundamental bias of currencies, Sentiment of retail traders ratio on a pair, Bank and institute forecast, COT rep
Matrix Arrow EA MT4
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (7)
Matrix Arrow EA MT4 is a unique expert advisor that can trade the Matrix Arrow Indicator's MT4 signals with a trade panel on the chart, manually or 100% automatically.  Matrix Arrow Indicator MT4 will determine the current trend at its early stages, gathering information and data from up to 10 standard indicators, which are: Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Classic Heiken Ashi candles Moving Average Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Rel
MT4 to Discord
Trinh Dat
4.29 (7)
The Expert Advisor will send notifications via Discord when orders are opened/modified/closed on your MetaTrader 4 account. - Send message and screenshot to Discord group/channel.  - Easy to customize message.  - Support custom message for all languages - Support full Emoji.  - Send report Daily, Weekly, Monthly ( must show all history of orders ) Parameters - Discord url Webhook - create webhook on your Discord channel. - Magic number filter - default all, or input magic number to notify with
Prometheus NG MT4
Aleksandr Chebotaev
5 (1)
Hello, my name is Alexander. I would like to introduce you to my new development, the Prometheus New Generation advisor. The advisor is synthesis of two strategies: breakthrough strategy and level strategy. To reduce losses, the advisor uses division into several stop orders.The EA works well on Gold  pair. The advisor has shown stable performance for more than 10 years. It does not use dangerous trading methods such as martingale, etc. All transactions are protected by take profit and stop loss
B4N1 New Wave
Montoya Fernandes Martins Bani Antonio Fernando
4.49 (49)
Explore our Multicurrency Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4, known as New Wave. This innovative trading tool utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and MACD patterns to accurately predict market movements in your preferred time frame. It's essential to test this strategy in the strategy tester and on a demo account to analyze performance and fine-tune settings to your needs. Key Features: Strategy based on machine learning, neural networks, and MACD patterns. Customizable
Telegram Signal Sender
Biswarup Banerjee
5 (1)
Whether you're a seasoned forex trader or just starting, Telegram Signal Sender is a must-have tool for anyone looking to start their telegram channel as a forex signal provider. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily set up your signals and watch as your followers start to grow. So, what are you waiting for?  Features:  Highly customizable panel for calculating stop loss and take profit values  User-friendly interface for easy setup of forex signals Ability to se
Scanner and Dashboard for Money Flow Index for MT4 The Money Flow Index (MFI) is a technical oscillator that uses price and volume data for identifying overbought or oversold signals in an asset. It can also be used to spot divergences which warn of a trend change in price. The oscillator moves between 0 and 100. Advantages of the Scanner: - Full Alert Options. - Multi Timefrare  - Works for all instruments including Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Stocks. - Fully customis
FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO
Eric Venturi-Bloxs
4.29 (17)
FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO is more than a basic strength meter. Instead of limiting the calculation to price, it can be based on any of the 19 integrated strength modes + 9 timeframes. With the FFx USM, you are able to define any period for any combination of timeframes. For example, you can set the dashboard for the last 10 candles for M15-H1-H4… Full flexibility! Very easy to interpret... It gives a great idea about which currency is weak and which is strong, so you can find the best pai
Stefano Cocconi
5 (1)
Check My Product Contact me to discover all my services  The VWAP Volume weighted Average Price Bands indicator is similar to the Moving Averages and Bollinger bands. In this indicator, more weight is given to the volume. The indicator provides great insight on support and resistance levels in the chart. Moreover, the indicator shows the fair value of a trading instrument. Thus, enabling forex traders to identify great trading opportunities to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH. Forex traders can combine
Description: The indicator predicts, with a specific probability, if the actual candlestick range will expand or contract compared to the range of a previous candle. Furthermore, the indicator shows the possible high or low of the actual candle, based on trend direction. (Recommended for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly timeframes). KEY LINKS:   Indicator Manual  –  How to Install  –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How to use the indicator: Determines, with a certain probability, if there will
Currency Strength Matrix
Raymond Gilmour
4.64 (25)
THE ONLY CURRENCY STRENGTH INDICATOR THAT IS BASED ON PRICE ACTION. DESIGNED FOR TREND, MOMENTUM & REVERSAL TRADERS This indicator  reads price action to confirm trend and strength . Advanced multi-currency and multi-time frame indicator that shows you simply by looking at one chart, every currency pair that is trending and the strongest and weakest currencies driving those trends. For full details on how to use this indicator, and also how to get a FREE chart tool, please see user manual HER
MRA Index
Davit Beridze
5 (6)
You get Ea based on MRA Index for free as a Bonus in case of indicator purchase.  For sc alping I optimize sets on period of l ast 12 months  and use it next 1 month, this w ay it works very well ! Def ault settings   are just for visu alis ation, it c an not be profit able with it, recommended set files I sh are with buyers. The "MRA Index" forex indicator is a versatile tool that combines various technical elements to provide traders with valuable insights into potential market trends and entr
Wolfe Wave Scanner MT4
Reza Aghajanpour
4.6 (10)
**  All Symbols  x  All Timeframes  scan just by pressing scanner button ** *** Contact me after the purchase to send you instructions and add you in "Wolfe Wave Scanner group" for sharing or seeing experiences with other users. Introduction: A Wolfe Wave is created with five-wave patterns in price. It shows supply and demand and a fight towards a balance price. T hese waves of price actions can help traders identify the boundaries of   the trend . Also  It helps forecast how the price will move
Danh Huy Chu
CyclonesEA is an automated trading program for metatrader 4. It is a trading scalping EA with a price action strategy incorporating indicators. This is a strategy that has been used by many traders for scalping trading. The EA is specially developed for currency pairs: GBPCAD,GBPAUD,GBPNZD,GBPUSD,EURNZD,EURAUD,EURCAD,AUDCAD...   EA Trades with a scalping strategy on the M5 time frame. Orders always come with fixed stop loss and take profit levels. EA does not use martingale or nets. It only ent
Algo Gold EA
Stuart James Winter
4.2 (45)
Introducing the Algo Gold EA, a sophisticated and low-risk expert advisor meticulously crafted for traders seeking a powerful scalping strategy. With a focus on minimizing drawdown and implementing robust risk management, this automated trading system is designed to deliver consistent results in both live and demo accounts. One of the standout features of the Algo Gold EA is its ability to halt trading activity upon reaching  profit targets. This ensures that profits can be withdrawn from liv
CyberNetic EA is the Newest Forex trading Expert Advisor that uses an advanced Decoder-Free Fully Transformers-based strategy to predict changes in the currency markets. This EA differs from other trading robots in its ability to analyze data with high probability and speed through the use of advanced machine learning techniques.   CyberNetic EA   utilizes a codeless architecture, which increases the efficiency of the trading model. No dangerous methods of mani-management, martingale, netting an
Deeptrader AI MT4
Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles
1 (1)
Deeptrader AI is a complex and novel algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence in combination with traditional technical analysis to predict market movements. This Expert Advisor makes use of Recurrent Neural Networks, specifically Long-Short-Term-Memory cells, that are trained using data from technical analysis indicators. Through this method, the EA is able to learn which indicators are most relevant for future price movements and act upon them. Furthermore, LSTM networks are particularly su
Aura Eclipse MT4
Stanislav Tomilov
5 (4)
Aura Eclipse  is a fully automated EA designed to trade  currencies during evening and night hours .  It is based on machine learning deep neural network analysis and smart scalping  algorithms. The first multi-currency scalper uses deep machine learning mechanism - Keras. Its a deep learning API written in Python, running on top of the machine learning platform   Tensor Flow . It was developed with a focus on enabling fast experimentation.  Keras provides industry-strength performance and scala
5 (3)
NET Z uses a very well-known trend reversal technique to determine position entry with slight modifications by using virtual trade techniques and virtual pending orders so that position entry is not too early or too late. Why NETZ? NET Z does not require complicated settings and is easy to use because user only need to upload a set file that is already available. Currently there are set files for 20 fx pairs. The best GRID EA with the ability to control risks. I will share my personal daily rou
Trend Arrow Super
Aleksandr Makarov
5 (1)
Trend Arrow Super The indicator not repaint or change its data. A professional, yet very easy to use Forex system. The indicator gives accurate BUY\SELL signals. Trend Arrow Super is very easy to use, you just need to attach it to the chart and follow simple trading recommendations. Buy signal: Arrow + Histogram in green color, enter immediately on the market to buy. Sell signal: Arrow + Histogram of red color, enter immediately on the market to sell. Please email me after your purchase!
Market Structure Zig Zag
Lesedi Oliver Seilane
4.8 (25)
Free Market structure zig zag to assist in price action trading the screenshots describe how to use and how to spot patterns new version comes with alerts, email alert and  push notification alert can be used on all pairs  can be used on all timeframes  you can add additional confirmation indicators the indicator shows you your higher high and low highs as well as your lower lows and lower highs  the indication makes price action analysis easier to spot.
Multicurrency and multitimeframe trade alerts . Auto trailing stop and risk reward takeprofit. The indicator scans and analizing the market so You have nothing to do. trade all your currency pairs in 1 chart! When adding it to a chart change the timeframes and find the best timeframe for that currency pair chart with the signals! Every pair is different!  After purchase please leave a comment or leave a review and I will send you the trade assistant EA. This indicator is using multitimeframe d
Weddell Pro
Dmitriy Kashevich
Weddell Pro is a good trading tool that is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced trader. It can be used both separately and combined with other strategies and indicators Configured for currency pairs was tested several times on cryptocurrency but did not show a high result Currency pairs USD/EUR AUD/CAD GBP/USD Showed itself very well here The percentage of correct transactions is above 68%, which does not make it perfect and bad Doesn't draw or disappear The red arrow sho
Hello all The expert works by hanging pending deals moving with the price when activating a transaction It closes on the stop loss or on a profit from the pursuit of profit Work on low spread currency pairs Like dollar yen currency The work is done with the same settings as the expert, or it can be modified as the user likes Work on a timing of 15M or more as the user likes parameters: Transaction_Movement : Movement =true  . no Movement=false . Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to aut
High Scalper GOLD
High Scalper GOLD is an EA specialized to trade gold/xauusd Only although it can run on any pairs as long as its on Metatrader 4. Inbox for more information. Setfile Here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xR0wEhKYrU6wdOBb0gWGVljXb3Ea6yiF/view?usp=sharing Risk Warning: Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed the initial investment. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to mana
MACD is probably one of the most popular technical indicators out there. When the market is trending, it actually does a pretty good job, but when the market starts consolidating and moving sideways, the MACD performs not so well. SX Impulse MACD for MT5 is available here . Impulse MACD is a modified version of MACD that works very well for trading Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. It has its own unique feature which perfectly filters out the values in a moving average range and enables it t
Moon Trading
Thi Tra Mi Duong
EA Moon Trading is a fully automated trading robot based on Price Action with no lagging indicators. The Expert's simple and effective strategy tracks price and volume movements to trigger trading signals. The EA is programmed with smart and advanced algorithms, it adapts to each currency pair, has all settings optimized and is simple to use. The EA is suitable for currency pairs and Gold. Feature:  + Fully automated trading 24/5 with time filter.  + No need in a large initial deposit.  + Alw
The indicator visualizes the result of the   CalculateScientificTradePeriod    script (which, of course, also needs to be downloaded), which, firstly , estimates how many Mx bars of the active chart the future trend will most likely continue and what is its quality, and, secondly , calculates the optimal the averaging period (which is also equal to Mx) of the ScientificTrade   indicator, which gives the maximum profit according to the extremely effective   ScientificTrade strategy. For the FindS
This simple, yet powerful indicator is very good way to determine actual S/R levels. It's main purpose is making your overview on markets much better.It has built-in arrow signal system, which should be used along with MT indicators for best results.Just try it. Recommended MT indicators to use along: Bollinger Bands (default) RSI (period 3, levels 10/90)
Trading Cycle Array MT4
Carl Gustav Johan Ekstrom
I'm excited to introduce you to the fifth bar on   Martin Armstrong's  Forecast Array - The Trading Cycle . This innovative tool represents a transverse form of cyclical frequency analysis, offering a unique perspective on market trends. The model employs a color-coded system for easy interpretation. In this model, green signals the ideal timing for highs, red indicates ideal lows, and yellow signifies a convergence of highs and lows occurring simultaneously. This intuitive approach allows
Cleopatra EA
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
5 (1)
Hello Traders! EA has a live track record with 3.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: The price increases for each acquisition, with this we will protect so that few can have my unique strategies MT5 version can be found here I present the "Cleopatra EA" strategy, Cleopatra a beautiful and intelligent design, with a recovery form that is constantly adapting where its power is versatility Its main strategy is to read the market in its elasticity, we will be able to analyze the entr
Stanislav Korotky
5 (1)
This is a special edition of the On-Balance Volume indicator based on pseudo-real volumes emulated from tick volumes. It calculates a near to real estimation of trade volumes distribution for Forex instruments (where only tick volumes are available) and then applies conventional OBV formula to them. Volumes are calculated by the same algorithm that's used in the indicator TrueVolumeSurrogate . The indicator itself is not required but can be used for reference. Parameters MAfast - fast moving a
KT Donchian Channel MT4
KT Donchian Channel is an advanced version of the famous Donchian channel first developed by Richard Donchian. It consists of three bands based on the moving average of last high and low prices. Upper Band: Highest price over last n period. Lower Band: Lowest price over last n period. Middle Band: The average of upper and lower band (Upper Band + Lower Band) / 2. Where n is 20 or a custom period value is chosen by the trader. Features A straightforward implementation of the Donchian channel
Scalper Pro Vision
Kirill Borovskii
We present to your attention an advanced tool for scalping trading. This expert has a market-adaptive algorithm and a fully automatic self-learning mode. Therefore, it has a minimum of settings and is intuitive to operate. The advisor is designed specifically for brokers with low spreads and StopLevel less than 5 . The advisor works on pending orders and opens them only in a specified period of time. Characteristics: Working symbols All low spread symbols Working Timeframe: H1 Min deposit: $100
Forex Workstation is a powerful and efficient bot for trading on the Forex market. It is designed to use patterns, price delay levels, volatility analysis and market scaling. This bot provides unique opportunities for automated trading and optimization of strategies on various currency pairs. Let's look at the features and settings of Forex Workstation: Peculiarities: Multi-currency : Forex Workstation supports a wide range of currency pairs for trading, which allows you to diversify your por
CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing
Vladislav Andruschenko
4.87 (30)
Closing positions in MetaTrader 4 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function. You can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order) , Calculating and closing for BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL) , Closing and calculating all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols) , Enable trailing for profit ( Trailing Profit) Close on total profit and loss on deposit currency, points, % of the balance. The application is designed for use on any account toge
The Expert Advisor is based on Martingale principle combined with a grid system. It uses different entry logics like Bollinger Bands, RSI, Heiken Ashi (and much more). After the inital order has been placed, the grid/martingale systems comes into play. The lot increase and grid distance can be calculated on different fundamentals. The take profit and a grid distance can be calculated dynamically (with ATR). The bot handles sells and buys independently. For low risk settings, a stop loss can be
New Market Sentiment Indicator
Udawaththa Kankanamge Don Raveen Asela Jayasingha
5 (1)
Market Sentiment Indicator   Market Sentiment is a Trading Tool which allows you to see the positions of other currency traders. Until now, only institutional traders had access to such data which gave them a serious advantage over retail traders because of obvious reasons. With   Market Sentiment , you too will finally know what other traders are doing which makes it easy to beat them on the forex battlefield. Data comes from MyFxbook Community Outlook data feed and is based on up to 100 0
Alerts to Telegram
Alexander Pekhterev
5 (14)
Alerts to Telegram   The utility sends Alerts of all your indicators or advisers to a telegram channel (group or personal message). Benefits: 1. There is no need to be at the terminal waiting for an alert from your indicator or advisor; 2. Simple setup. Currently works with terminal languages: 1.Russian; 2.English. If it is necessary to add your language please let me know. The utility works together with the AlertToFile indicator (put the indicator in the Indicators folder) Indicator:   Al
Prop Firm Busters
Nauris Zukas
5 (6)
Prop Firm Busters - Master the Art of High-Frequency Trading Challenges Unlock your potential with "Prop Firm Busters," developed as part of the "PULSE OF MARKET" project. An exceptional Expert Advisor (EA) designed to revolutionize your High-Frequency Trading (HFT) journey. Our EA is engineered to surpass challenges and evaluations set by prop firms that welcome the use of HFT techniques. Manual and Instruction Key Features of "Prop Firm Busters": The "Simply Challenge" option for easy t
Smart Soldier
Maria Rosaria Stradiotti
SMART SOLDIER  is a multi-currency EA, works on 9 pairs ,It can work at any broker, with any spread. EA does not use martingale. It has high accuracy, 98% of all orders are profitable. This EA has a weekly account growth of around 10% and it is a low-risk system because the bets are made only and exclusively after an accurate and studied trend research. Before opening any position, the expert checks that most of the timeframes indicate the same trend. If a trend change occurs, the expert
Trade Manager 4 Lite is trading panel developed with a goal to make manual trading in some (routine) task easier. Trade Manager 4 Lite also works in Strategy Tester. Version for Meta Trader 5 is here: Trade Manager 5 Lite Main features of Trade Manager 4 Lite Trading for Forex and CFDs Support for 4 and 5 digit brokers 65 combinations to set order Set Take Profit, Stop Loss and entry level for Pending Order with lines positioned on the chart Break Even Trailing Stop Loss Multiple Orders at
BreakHarmony Multi-Timeframe Breakout Indicator for MT4 The BreakHarmony Multi-Timeframe Breakout Indicator for MT4 is a highly advanced tool providing information on breakout points across different timeframes, aiding traders in decision-making and understanding market movements. [   Features and Manual   |   MT5 version   |  All Products  ] The indicator tracks breakout points on price charts across 6 timeframes. Breakout prices are indicated with the closing price of the corresponding candl
Vladimir Pastushak
4.43 (7)
VR ATR Pro is a powerful professional tool for determination of target levels on a financial instrument. The indicator's effectiveness has been proved by thousands tests on real and demo accounts. VR ATR Pro is the indicator that works on real data using live true statistics. Statistics is stubborn, the usage of real statistical data in mathematical calculations allows you to calculate the exact target levels for a financial instrument. For a set of files, instructions, a nice bonus write to me
Zeus EA MT4
Aleksandr Chebotaev
Hello, my name is Alexander. I would like to introduce you to my new development, the Zeus advisor. The advisor is synthesis of two strategies: breakthrough strategy and level strategy. The EA works well on Gold and GBPUSD pairs. For Gold instrument there are two strategies. I recommend to use both strategies.  The advisor has shown stable performance for more than 10 years. It does not use dangerous trading methods such as martingale, grid, etc. All transactions are protected by take profit an
SMC Trading Pro
The Anh Pham
4.71 (7)
Welcome to the world of SMC (Smart Money Concepts) Trading, where we empower traders with the tools and knowledge to make smarter trading decisions. Our latest addition to our suite of trading tools is the SMC Trading Pro indicator, version 1.0. Key Features: Major Market Structure Identification with BODY break. Order Block must be in Major Swing ( not Small Swing ). Order Block with Fair Value Gap Detection. Order Block in Discount | Premium zone. Filter for only Bullish, Bearish or All Order
Unlock Your Trading Potential with BLOOD MOON Embark on a journey of unparalleled trading excellence with BLOOD MOON, the brainchild of Yuri Congia. This cutting-edge Expert Advisor is meticulously designed to revolutionize your trading experience, offering a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your strategies to new heights. RECOMMENDED PAIR :  GBP/USD;EUR/USD RECOMMENDED TIMEFRAME:  5 MINUTES Limited-time Special Opportunity: Live Signa l :   Click here *Promotional Price
Japanese Candlestick Patterns EA MT4
Juvenille Emperor Limited
5 (1)
Japanese Candlestick Patterns EA ΜΤ4  is a fully automated Expert Advisor with 8 built in strategies, based on the well known Japanese Candlestick Patterns. It has a unique number of settings that make it extremely versatile in all market conditions. This EA comes with new set files for many symbols/instruments, specially optimized for ECN Raw Spread ICMarkets accounts (New York based GMT+3 time zone servers). Other brokers or account types may be used, but you may need to make any necessary tim
Golden Ace
Lorenzo Mancuso
Expert Advisor : Golden Ace Timeframe: H1. General Description: GoldenAce is an Expert Advisor (EA) that optimize support and resitances breakout trading strategies for the XAUUSD pair. Employing innovative trailing stop mechanisms and tailored trade settings, GoldenAce capitalizes on market dynamics while minimizing risks. GoldenAce represents a sophisticated yet accessible tool for traders seeking consistent returns in the dynamic world of Gold trading. Key Features: Dynamic Trailing St
WH DrawFib Pro MT4
Wissam Hussein
5 (7)
Are you tired of manually drawing Fibonacci levels on your charts? Are you looking for a convenient and efficient way to identify key support and resistance levels in your trading? Look no further!  Introducing DrawFib Pro, the ultimate MetaTrader 4 indicator that does auto f ibonacci   levels   drawing on your charts and provides timely alerts when these levels are breached. With Draw Fib Pro, you can enhance your trading strategies, save time, and make more informed decisions. My fibonacci bas
This is а modified oscillator CCI (Commodity Channel Index) with all sorts of signals, alerts and arrows. The indicator is designed so that any signal of crossing any specified level does not escape you. This is a supplemented version of the CCI Alerts Indicator, which does not draw the CCI indicator window, but only draws the result of its work as arrows on the symbol graph. This version of CCI Alerts with Arrows is for MetaTrader 4. If you need signals from another popular RSI indicator, then
Greedy Green MT4
Mihails Babuskins
5 (30)
Contact me after payment to send you the user manual PDF file See the real monitoring signal in my profile. Real monitoring signals: Signal 1 Full Automated trading robot, for the first time on the market, an Expert Advisor is designed based on Volume Profile FR . Volume Profile FR  calculates volume in price levels (typical volume indicator shows only candle volumes). With the volume of price levels, you can identify important areas that have the potential to reverse. You can also see the volu
AW Gold Trend Trading EA
AW Trading Software Limited
3.67 (6)
Fully automated trending EA with active strategy and advanced averaging system. Orders are opened according to a trend filter using oscillators for greater signal security. Has a simple and clear setup. The EA is suitable for use on any instruments and timeframes Advantages: Automated system with the ability to add manual orders Adjustable Overlap Recovery Algorithm Ability to trade in one or both directions Uses averaging when moving in the opposite direction Pluggable automatic volume calculat
The indicator calculates currency strength of eight major and also can calculate strength of any other currency, metal or CFD. You don't need to look through a lot of charts to determine the strong and weak currencies, as well as their current dynamics. The picture of the whole currency market for any period can be viewed in a single indicator window. Built-in tools for monitoring and controlling the situation will help you not to miss out on profits. Main Features It is able to display only t
Salavat Yulamanov
4.9 (10)
Trading panel for opening orders in 1 click! To help the trader, sets take profits, stop losses, pending Stop and Limit orders, transfers to breakeven, trails.   There is also a partial closing of the order in % All parameters are customizable. Installed in experts!   Settings           Lots -- 0.02 Lot           StopLoss --- 700 Stop Loss           TakeProfit --- 400 Take Profit           UseBreekeven ---- false Breakeven Off           ClosePersent--- 50 Close Percent of the order  
True Direction Oscillator
Muhammad Elbermawi
4.89 (493)
Or (TDO)  which is an index that measures the price rate of change using the principle of " Pure Momentum ". When a security price advances from 10 to 15 then the price rate of change is 150% but when it declines back from 15 to 10 then the price rate of change is 33.3% only. That is why technical analysis indicators like "Price Rate of Change" (ROC) or "Momentum" give higher readings for ascending price movements than those given to descending ones. TDO fixes this problem to help traders at re
Market Steps MT4
Mahdi Ebrahimzadeh
5 (1)
Market Steps indicator is designed and built based on Gann Time/Price correlations and optimized by Price Action specific rules for Forex Market. It uses Market order flow concepts to predict potential price zones for high volume of orders.  Indicator Levels can be used for trading itself or as a combination for filtering wrong signals of other Strategies/Indicators. Every trader needs such powerful tool to have multi-time-frame (TF) zones and price movement potentials together on chart. You can
Owl smart levels
Sergey Ermolov
4.63 (54)
MT5 version  |  FAQ The Owl Smart Levels Indicator  is a complete trading system within the one indicator that includes such popular market analysis tools as  Bill Williams' advanced fractals , Valable ZigZag which builds  the correct wave structure  of the market, and  Fibonacci levels  which mark the exact levels of entry into the market and places to take profits. Detailed description of the strategy Instructions for working with the indicator Advisor-assistant in trading Owl Helper Private
Tango Pro MT4
Evgeniy Machok
9 copies for the price $179. Next price - $229. Tango Pro - fully automatic multicurrency robot. The main idea is that any trend has its current boundaries, after which the price comes to an equilibrium state. The boundaries of the current trend are determined by dynamic levels of support and resistance, which are updated at each candlestick. Trading is performed with pending "limit" orders for additional protection from slippage. The minimum number of parameters makes the Tango Pro Expert
Ichimoku Scanner
Victor Christiaanse
5 (1)
This scanner is monitoring the entire market for Ichimoku trade opportunities for all symbols and for all time frames. You don't have to look to all the charts, for all symbols and for all time frames. This scanner will alert you on your computer, or on your mobile, when a trade opportunity has been found.  You never have to miss a trade opportunity!   This indicator is designed to scan all pairs and symbols, for all selected time frames, to find a Tenkan and Kijun Cross or a breakout of the Ich

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