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Easy Trade Manager

Easy Trade Manager 5.0 (New)

Enter the Amount, Drag the RED line on the Graph to fix the Stop-Loss. Buy/Sell! TP1,2,3 and lot size will be done based on your preference.

Basic features which are one of the most important factors to be a successful trader ;

1. Book Profits at TP1,TP2 and TP3

2. Manage Risk according to amount set per trade. Eg.$ 100 ( Max loss ) - This can be 2% of your total equity.

3. Set how much (%) you want to book at TP1, TP2 and TP3. Eg. 50% of $100 at TP1, 25% at TP2 and 25% at TP3

4. Select the LOT SIZE automatically based on the STOP-LOSS! ( Set lot size=auto to enable this feature )

5. Mostly importantly, Set the Trade automatically to Breakeven at TP1 or TP2 ! ( Breakeven=TP1/TP2 )

Note : Please use the Trade Manager on a VPS for uninterrupted operation. Here is how you can setup a free Amazon VPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sGw_yrrnzo

Pls leave a good review if you like the EA & send me suggestions to improve

Advanced users-

1. Trail Stop-Loss automatically based on two features ( Settings = Yes/Auto ) ;

- Manually set the trail step pips (YES)

- Automatically trail based on Parabolic SAR (AUTO) | Advantages of P.SAR https://goo.gl/NWG3dV

2. Manually enter the TP1,TP2 and TP3 Pips ( make sure its in pips ) and trade

3. Manually enter the lot size and trade ( You can still use the auto take profit features ) - Eg. You can trade 0.1 lot every trade but automatically set the EA to calculate 1:1,1:2,1:3 TPs

4. Manually enter the any amount to risk and trade. Eg. Trade with $100 every time but automatically calculate the lot sizes.

Finally,select which default setting you like and keep trading from the chart!

EA Settings -

Variable SL No Variable Option Explanation
V1 Magic Input One Magic Number per chart traded
V2 Slippage Input Slippage settings
V3 Amount Setting Auto/Manual  If Setting = Manual . Enter any Amount in V4 to be traded
Use "Auto" (Amount calculated automatically based on Lot size traded manually)
V4 Amount Input Eg. $100 if Amount setting = Manual
If Amount setting = Auto(in V3), Amount is Ignored due to lot size selection and calculated automatically
V5 Lot Type Auto/Manual Auto = Automatically set lot size based on Amount Risked | Manual = Input numbers Eg 1.0/0.1( If lot type set = Manual, V3 (Amount is ignored logically)
V6 Lot Size Input Based on V5(Enter any lots if setting = manual)
V7 Add Spread True/False Used to add spread to TP/SL automatically
V8 Set Breakeven TP1/TP2 Set breakeven at TP1 or TP2
V9 TP1% Input Put 50% if you want 50% of the position to be booked after hitting TP1.
V10 TP2% Input Put 40% if you want 40% of the position to be booked after hitting TP1.(50%=TP1,40%=TP2, 10% is used for TP3 automatically.
V11 TP Setting Pips/Auto Used for Setting V12,V13,V14; Pips = Enter pips manually to be booked; Auto = Automatically calculate TP1 based on ratios (1.0=1:1,2.0=1:2 etc )
V12 TP1 Input If TP settings is pips, then enter the pips value to book the TP1.Eg. TP1=50.0 means TP1 will be booked after 50pips. If TP setting = auto,then update 1.0 to set TP1 profit at 1:1; TP1=1.0 if book profit at 1:1 etc.
V13 TP2 Input Eg. TP2=100.0 means TP2 will be booked after 100pips from TRADE PRICE - please note this. If TP setting = auto,then update 2.0 to set TP2  profit at 1:2 etc.
V14 TP3 Input Eg. TP2=200.0 means TP3 will be booked after 200pips from TRADE PRICE - please note this. If TP setting = auto,then update 3.0 to set TP2  profit at 1:3 etc. The TP3 pips will be used for trailing stops
V15 Trail SL YES/NO/Auto Yes = Enter Trail SL value in V16 | No = Ignored | Auto = SAR Used
V16 Trail Start Input This value is used to start the trailing stoploss.Choose TP1 or 2 to set this value in pips
V17 Trail SL Value Input Used to step the trailing stop manually.Used only if V15=Yes
V18 SL Setting Pips/Manual Used to decide V19 Value, Pips = SL entry value used in Pips | Manual = Manual SL is used. Eg 1.13277 for EU pair
V19 SL Value Input If selected Pips = SL entry value used in Pips | Manual = Manual SL is used. Eg 1.13277 for EU pair
V20 SAR Settings Line break NA

V28 InpY Input Update 30 to position left down

anwitty 2019.05.14 07:03 

This is a great trade manager I just set it up and leave it to run my trade I give it 10 stars.

alexsd 2019.04.14 15:51 

I had some minor difficulties with the product and the author was very helpful and patient.

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2019.03.21 13:48 

It works great, easy to use interface. Thanks!

Animesh Singh
Animesh Singh 2019.01.09 21:01 

Superb Amazing EA .. This is what i m looking for , i searched the whole internet and Finally found this . With 3 TPs and SL automatic set to breakeven and Trailing stoploss and even partial profit .Well Done. The Author is quick ,kind and helpfull too . I'll give 10 star . Thankyou Anoop

David Schum
David Schum 2019.01.09 08:51 

Very helpful product. It is very easy to use. Great job

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2019.01.08 17:41 

Excellent tool for managing your trades, protecting your account and increase the safety on your capital!

Version 5.0 2019.04.13
No major changes,just panel color/alignment corrections to suit all layouts.
Version 4.0 2019.04.11
Parabolic SAR Trail Stop fine tuned after TP2 is booked; You can catch the full trend; Colours of the panels corrected.
Version 3.0 2019.03.21
A lot easier way to now use the EASY TRADE MANAGER 3.0


-You can now use the RED line in the graph to adjust the stop-loss ( Pips calculation will automatically be done)
-You can enter the Amount to be risked in the PANEL
-The SL when you attach the EA is 20 pips below price by default - change it the way you want.
-You can see the TP1,2 change as you move the SL
-When you BUY/SELL lot calculation automatically done ( if the setting is LOT TYPE is "AUTO" )
Version 2.0 2019.01.07
Panel set to right side and colors corrected.