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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 33

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
This Expert Advisor is based on the "Ilan 1.6 Dynamic" Advisor with full preservation of the idea and input parameters. The "Ilan 1.6 Dynamic" advisor is the predecessor of all Ilans and the most recognizable Martingale method Forex advisor. The number of titles given to this development can hardly be counted. In fact, the Advisor uses a simple trading strategy based on two standard technical indicators - RSI (Relative Strength Index) and CCI (Commodity Channel Index) . The first one is used to
100 USD
The indicator detects the following types of Japanese candlesticks: Doji, Hammer and/or Hanging Man, Shooting Star and/or Inverted Hammer, Spinning Top, Maribozu. The indicator is intended for manual and/or automated trading within an Expert Advisor. There is a possibility to choose colors for bullish and bearish candlesticks. For automated trading, use any indicator buffer of the double type: 0, 1, 2 or 3, whose value is not zero!
30 USD
Long Waiting MT4
Aleksandr Davydov
5 (1)
Expert description Algorithm optimized for Nasdaq trading The Expert Advisor is based on the constant maintenance of long positions with daily profit taking, if there is any, and temporary interruption of work during the implementation of prolonged corrections The Expert Advisor's trading principle is based on the historical volatility of the traded asset. The values of the Correction Size (InpMaxMinusForMarginCallShort) and Maximum Fall (InpMaxMinusForMarginCallLong) are set manually. Recom
UPD1 Murrey Math Levels
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (4)
Murray's mathematical levels are based on observations by Gann and his theory of the squareness of prices. According to Gann, the price moves in 1/8 of the range. These 1/8 allow us to get different resistance and support levels for a given chart, which have their own characteristics. After a breakout of -2 or +2 levels, or with a decrease in volatility, they are rebuilt. You can choose which period to display (current or entire history). All lines are drawn through buffers. Blog-Link -   Murrey
Telegram Signals Copier is a fully automated software that reads messages from Telegram and inserts them as orders on your MT4 terminal. It comes with an advanced risk management tool, that can risk based on a % of your balance, fixed loss, and many other options. You can fully customize how you take the signals, change the TP and SL level. With an advanced analytics tool, you can see where your favorite signal providers are doing the most profit, and improve the profits even more. Cont
NewsCatcher Pro
Evgeniy Scherbina
4.69 (13)
NewsCatcher Pro opens both pending and market orders based on data from the mql5.com calendar. In live mode, NewsCatcher Pro automatically downloads the calendar, opens orders, trails and closes orders. NewsCatcher Pro can trade any event from the calendar with any symbol available in MetaTrader, including Gold, Oil and cross-rates. To change the default symbol, go to the event view you want to change it for. NewsCatcher Pro uses two strategies: Strategy 1 (pending orders): the advisor opens two
125 USD
Marcin Majcherek
LCF_GAMMA uses two types of Stochastic Oscillator. The LONGSHOT type, which defines the main direction and leads one position (buffer) and the PEAK2PEAK type, which acts as the main profit maker. It is good at commodities such as OIL, GOLD, SUGAR and currency pairs such like USDJPY (all M15), but occasionally needs to calibrate settings, so long-term tests in the same settings will not quite reflect its usefulness. In the screenshots, I present test results based on the 5-month period, but ke
46.88 USD
Breakout Pro Scalper Solution This indicator is part of the   RPTrade Pro Solutions  systems. Breakout Pro Scalper Solution   is a daily trend indicator using Price Action, Dynamic Support and Resistances. It's designed to be used by anyone, even the absolute beginner in trading can use it. NEVER repaints . Indications are given  from close to close . Designed to  be used alone , no other indicators are required. Gives you the trend and potential Take Profit at the beginning of the day.
499 USD
This indicator is designed for calculating the value of points for the specified lot sizes. The MT5 version is here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29230 Description by lines Line 1 - deposit currency. Line 2 - lot size (10 input parameters) . All further values are calculated into columns below each lot size. Line 3 - calculation of value for one point. Line 4 - calculation of value for spread. All subsequent lines - calculation of value for points (20 input parameters) . All you need t
EA 13 Level Ma Scalper and grid, is an expert adivisor with which on the average of the "x" period, it calculates up to 13 levels set in the configuration by the user. for each level it is possible to set a grid multiplier you can see how it works in the screenshots I have attached. the expert can work on any time frame. Setting: Warning MAX TRADES IS THE MAX NUMBER OF LEVEL; in the example on the screenshots, I only set 3 levels so I set 3. if I had decided to buy or sell up to 10 levels, I wou
EMA Multi meter
Abir Pathak
5 (8)
How the Indicator Works: This is a Multi-timeframe MA multimeter indicator which studies if price is above or below a particular EMA range and shows Red/Green/Yellow signals. Red: Price Below EMA range Green: Price above range Yellow: Price within range Indicator Properties: EMA Settings: - Default Period is 200. You can change all MA Settings like Period, MA Method (SMA, EMA, etc) or MA Applied Price (Close, Open, etc). - EMA Range list is a comma separated value list for different timefr
Issara Seeboonrueang
Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope the above is useful to you. MT MERIT OBOS (Over Bought and Over Sold zone) : It is an indicator created to find reverse signals of over bought and over sold zone. Suitable for people who trade by yourself, do not use with ea  (non auto trade) manage risk management by yourself (Stop Loss,TP, Risk Reward, ...) and fundamental analysis help to choose an advantageous trading
30.04 USD
Engulfing Pattern Pro version
Alexander Chertnik
4.6 (5)
Designed especially for GBPUSD 30m market. Minimum trading account 1000 $.  The EA trading engulfing candle formations combined with adx indicator. There are 3 main methods of orders placement and management, all three methods are profitable with different results for user to chose. tested on a specific market and timeframe  but can operate on other markets ass well.
Fibo Signal
Mohammad Reza Aghaei
2 (2)
This powerful tool helps you to easily access Fibonacci tools at different times and in different markets. This tool has the ability to send signals based on Fibonacci as well as setting alarms to be aware of broken Fibonacci levels. Among the capabilities of this tool are the following: Identifies market trends Fibonacci auto design If Fibonacci levels are broken, it sends a message Send Fibonacci signal Manuals: After selecting the target market, run the tool In the input settings accordi
Colored Market Hours
Mohamed Amine Talbi
5 (1)
As the title says, this is an indicator that shows the current open market (session). It has 4 sessions with customizable schedule : 1. London session, 2. New York session, 3. Sydney session, 4. Tokyo session. Indicator inputs: - The color of each session. - The open time and close time of the sessions. - The line width. The objective of the indicator, is to follow each sessions, observe at what times are multiple sessions open, and thus take the chance of the high market movements.
Description Get one of the most important market maker levels, in which the price could react and show the real trend of a given financial asset. The indicator uses market profile theory to show the auction level on a user specified time basis. The Auction level is a key market level, that gives a trend bias, depending on the location of an asset's price, in relation to such market level. Support:   We create great tools for the entire trading community. Most of them are free. If you believe in
Smart Reversal Signal
Evgeny Belyaev
5 (1)
Smart Reversal Signal  is a professional indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform; it has been developed by a group of professional traders. This indicator is designed for Forex and binary options trading. By purchasing this indicator, you will receive: Excellent indicator signals. Free product support. Regular updates. Various notification options: alert, push, emails. You can use it on any financial instrument (Forex, CFD, options) and timeframe. Indicator Parameters Perod - indicator calcula
36 USD
PZ Flexible Breakout EA
3.33 (3)
Trade donchian breakouts with complete freedom using the Flexible Breakout EA . It can trade any breakout period, any timeframe, with pending or market orders- as desired- and implements many other useful features for the exigent trader, like customizable trading sessions and a martingale mode. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use and supervise Customizable trading direction Customizable donchian breakout period It can trade using pending or m
This "Time of Renko Bar" indicator can be utilized by traders using Renko bars. The indicator will record the time taken for each box to be formed (in seconds) and display those values in a separate indicator window. Some traders use the time of a Renko bar to assess momentum. This means that if a box is taking more time to form, it could mean that the trend is weakening.
Convenient drawing of parabolic channels by four points (two lower and two upper extremums). Additional control keys: N (New) - Start drawing a new channel. C (Clear) - Deletes the current channel. By default, the current channel is the last channel. But you can click on the line of any channel to make it current. Click on the gear in the upper right corner to set some parameters for all channels or the current channel. All work is visible from the animated Gif. Do not forget to express your w
The indicator is based on a proven successful strategy. It shows buys and sello signals with suggested stop and target. In the same way, it calculates the essential trading analysis statistics as successful and profit ratio. Support:   We create great tools for the entire trading community. Most of them are free. If you believe in what we do  Support Us Here.   KEY LINKS: Indicator Manual  – How to Install –  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  Indicator features Effective and understandable s
This indicator copies graphical objects (vertical lines, horizontal lines, text labels, fibo and etc.) from master chart to other charts.  For example, you can copy lines from the chart GBPUSD with period H1 to chart GBPUSD with period M15. It's makes technical analyses more simple. Show label - show label on the Master chart, where you draw graphical objects to copy; Font size - font size of label; Type of synchronisation - type of synchronisation Copy text - on/off copy of text objects Copy
Easy Trade Manager Free
Anoop Sivasankaran
5 (2)
Easy Trade Manager  20.0  Latest Free - Demo version will work with EURGBP pair on 30M time frame only | Advanced features and Scalping Tricks in Full Version 20.0 Enter the Amount or lot size Drag the RED line on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss. Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically ! Adjust TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines You are ready to Buy/Sell Modify/Adjust the lines even after the trade ( New!) Automatic Breakeven TP1/2 | Book Part/Partial Profit TP1-TP2 | Automatic Magic Trai
A simple trade assistant that allows to easily buy and sell with the desired leverage. It was created for the eventual or novice trader and inspired in popular web-based trading platforms such as eToro or Binary.com. It features a set of trading buttons implementing different leverage options, and an additional button to close all trades. All trades are placed with a stop-loss according to the leverage used. It'll be particularly useful to those traders migrating from other platforms to Metatra
Visual tester
Aleksandr Krokhalev
5 (1)
This indicator allows you to manipulate the visibility of the chart in real time. The right side is hidden from the user. The virtual timeline can be moved to any place on the chart. Also, the indicator works on a closed market. If you are using visual analysis for trading, then this indicator is a great tool to test your strategy. It will allow you not to peep into history and be honest with yourself in analysis. Good luck!
Lisek Levels EA
Darius Hans Lischka
3.6 (5)
Simple but powerfull Trend and Hedge EA for Lisek Levels and Channels Indicator . 1. Download Lisek Levels and Channels Indicator . 2. Backtest and optimize in Strategy Tester. 3. For Agressive Tick Mode set your Chart to M1 Time Frame. 4. To speed up Strategy Tester, set "Show Info" to   false   ! 5. After backtesting, it’s important to analyse the test results  (best profit and smallest drawdown). 6. Test your EA settings on Demo Account. Happy Trading !!!
Intervals MT4
Alexandre Borela
If you like this project, leave a 5 star review. Follow on instagram: borelatech Trading large volumes requires us to look at multiple instruments/charts to find new opportunities, this indicator will help you by plotting specific levels by the multiple of a number or its suffix and update them automatically as the price changes, a task that would otherwise be tedious. For example, on GBPUSD, you could have 4 instances of the indicator on the chart to plot: Each 0.01 intervals with line leng
Hedge 2 pare
aleksandr butkov
An Expert Advisor with a choice of currency pairs and lot size is   published HERE. The advisor works on a diversification and hedging strategy. Currency pairs: EURUSD and USDCHF, orders for which overlap (compensate) the final result. Timeframe: from M5 to H4. The advisor's strategy: · We open one Buy deal on EURUSD; · If you have reached profit, then close the deal; · If the price went against us, open a new Buy deal, but already on the USDCHF pair; · After a while, one of the
Deal Trading Trend Free
Sukunthakan Ngernbamrung
4 (1)
Deal trading trend  Free Version  is a useful indicator tool, easy-to-use to show market trend. You can consider the direction of the market for up or down by using this indicator. To entry the buy or sell position with take profit and stop loss display on a chart. Parameters Period bar - the number of bars used to calculate the trend. Profit factor - the factor used to calculate take profit levels.                      Decreasing the profit factor will give more take profit              
Line Heiken Ashi
Andrei Gerasimenko
2.33 (3)
This is an unconventional version of the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator implemented as lines rather than a histogram. Unlike a usual histogram, the indicator draws the readings of the two moving averages in the form of colored lines. Example If the candle crosses two indicator lines upwards, a trend is assumed to be changing from bearish to bullish. If the candle crosses two indicator lines downwards, a trend is assumed to be changing from bullish to bearish. The indicator is good at displayin
Daffa Ramadhani Sukma
VERSYS EA USE MY SET FILE ON THE COMMENT SECTION AS PARAMETER AND DEVELOP YOUR OWN SET AS YOU WANT!!! OR download on this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15eu9EMREIPKteTmzEBrS2SXBoFOWuoGY?usp=sharing Versys EA runs on Stochastic indicator, Bollinger Band, and Moving Average. The EA will do the   MARTINGALE   strategy to increase percentage of profit.   WARNING!!! I DO NOT GUARANTEE THIS EA WILL MAKE A LOT OF PROFIT, BE WISE ON YOUR BALANCE BECAUSE THIS ROBOT USING MARTINGALE S
Space Grid
Michele Massa
5 (2)
Space Grid is a fully automated Expert Advisor. Space Grid was developed and tested specially on  eur/usd  on a  5 minute timeframe . The backtest was performed with  99.90% quality data and shows excellent results. Tested with multiple spread levels, long swap and short swap included. It is essential to do the every tick backtest. Recommendations Symbol : EUR/USD Timeframe : 5 minute. Parameters comment :  comment of the order. magic_number :  unique number for each chart start_lot :  number
99 USD
Simple panel EA
Fedor Arkhipov
4.6 (10)
This is a simple panel EA for one-click trading. Unlike the standard panel, it features the Close all button for closing all orders on the current symbol, as well as the ability to enter the stop loss and take profit values before opening an order. The EA distinguishes its orders from others, therefore, the magic number must be specified in the panel settings. The panel is able to take screenshots when opening and closing deals to allow further analysis of the signals for opening/closing orders.
Elliot Wave Marker
3.75 (4)
This is a utility to allow you to quickly add and remove Elliot Wave numbers and letters to your charts allowing you to plot the main and sub Elliot waves for easy chart analysis. Please note, this is not an Indicator that adds the characters automatically, it is a utility to manually add them yourself with ease.   Elliot Characters and Buttons on screen:   0,1,2,3,4,5 A,B,C i,ii,iii,iv,v a,b,c Delete Input Parameters: Colors Font Size Font Type This is a free utility for MT4 only Check out
EA Skynet
Ruslan Pishun
2.46 (13)
This is a fully automated smart adaptive algorithm. The SKYNET system calculates the history data and performs the analysis based on the probability percentage of where the upcoming breakout of the support and resistance level will take place, and places pending orders. The Expert Advisor adapts to any market conditions. It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with 99,9% quality. It has successfully completed stress testing. The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection with ou
68 USD
Stochastic Arrow
Anton Iudakov
4.33 (3)
The indicator has combined 5 popular strategies. Draws an arrow after confirming a signal for the selected strategy. There are signal alerts. Doesn't redraw its values. I recommend watching my advisor -   Night Zen EA 5 strategies. The main line crosses the signal line. The main line crosses the signal line in the oversold (for buy) / overbought (for sell) zones. The main line enters the oversold (for sell) / overbought (for buy) zones . The main line comes out of the oversold (for buy ) / ove
Big Trend Catcher MT4
Aleksandr Davydov
4 (1)
Expert description The Expert Advisor's trading system is based on entry and exit at a certain deviation of the asset price from the moving average value. The Expert Advisor has a number of parameters, by manipulating which you can implement different trading systems and also get different results when trading on different assets, keep this in mind when setting up an Expert Advisor and do not use standard settings on all instruments and time frames. Recommendations for use The EA working t
UPD1 Pivot Levels
Vitaliy Kuznetsov
5 (1)
The indicator shows on the chart the classic pivot levels calculated on the basis of the previous day . You can choose from what hour to calculate the formula. Trade on reversal levels in a flat. In a trending market, use them as a target. Combine with your strategies for successful trading. The levels are drawn using   buffers and displayed on the entire available quote   history. Input parameters Start Hour  - Choose from what hour to start building levels.  00  - Default Show Mid Pivots 
Chefs Super Trend Plus
Emmanuel Chukwudi Offor
Chefs Super Trend Plus advisor trades using the famous xsuper trend indicator. Its a trend following Expert Advisor and it executes trade when the trend changes, when breakout occurs, when correction happens and when pullback occurs. It implements many useful features like customizable trading sessions, multi-timeframe filters, Optional trend indicator filters like the CCI, Alligator and MACD. The unique thing about the Chefs Super Trend Plus is that it only moves in the direction of the trend
120 USD
TheStrat Levels
Robert Gerald Wood
This indicator draws the prior Highs and Lows for multiple timeframes, and can display potential Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. In Rob Smith's # The Strat   terms,   these are potential entry points, or alternatively potential targets for open positions. I like to use them in both ways. On a lower timeframe, say 5 minutes to get a good entry on a daily or weekly level, and then as a potential target. Very small stops required giving an excellent risk/reward ratio. Please watch the DEMO video
90 USD
Timed Exit EA
Rimantas Petrauskas
5 (2)
The most simple and easy to use Timed Exit EA to close all trades automatically at specific time each day (hours:minutes:seconds) (by Rimantas Petrauskas) The main idea of this EA is to automatically close trades daily at your specified time. For example if you set EA to close all trades at 15:29:30, EA will do this each day when markets are open. This way you can set the EA to close all trades before the news. EA should be attached to a separate chart of any time frame on your MT4 and it will s
30 USD
Update: For those who want to manually backtest this indicator, check this tool https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59248 The indicator will help make your calculation of stop loss easier as it will be visually aiding you in choosing where to put your stoploss level on the chart by calculating the current value of ATR indicator. For those who are unfamiliar with ATR, it is a useful indicator to calculate stoploss for trend following strategy. If volatility is high, ATR stoploss level will b
MT4 To Telegram   it is available now! This Panel Allows you to :  Close all buy orders. Close all sell orders. Close all winning orders. Close all losing orders. Close all orders. Close all Pending BUY orders. Close all Pending SELL orders. Close all Pending orders. Bonus : Grid Manager :  Set the number of levels (trades). Lot size and you can do Martingale to raise the lot size for each level. Set distance between levels, and you can manage the distance for each level using   Distance Q.
15 USD
(G-Cash Dash ) -Market Makers Cycle and trend identification dashboard  Ideal to help you profit against the market maker. The Perfect tool for Market Makers Method and any trend following strategy  Identify  -Cycle direction, Peak High Peak low - Cycle projection  -Symbol changer- No need to change charts on the dashboard  Status - showing how far into the cycle the pair has been  Real time status - Showing where pair is currently in the cycle in real time . ADR- Average daily range in pips of
60 USD
Hello Serious Trader, Your standard MT4 ADX with signal arrows and alerts (pop up, email, push notification, sound) with advanced alert options: 1) When the main ADX line touches and goes above a certain level (e.g., 25) 2) When the +DI and –DI lines cross 3) When #1 and #2 conditions occur together. Here, you may also choose whether you want only fresh +DI/-DI crosses (more conservative). Set the ADX Level to a lower number for a more aggressive approach. New feature (not shown in screenshots):
30 USD
TheStrat Patterns
Robert Gerald Wood
This indicator will draw patterns based on Rob Smith's The Strat as they emerge in real time on your chart. As price evolves, TheStrat offers 18 distinct price action patterns that can help you get good entries in the market. Each pattern involves two or three candles, and this indicator will draw a bounding box around the candles and name the pattern. The indicator also shows when a potential setup is forming, known by stratters as an Actionable signal. Candles Each candle is defined by i
90 USD
Smart Ruler
Serhii Shevchuk
4.86 (7)
The tool is designed to measure the distance between two points on the chart and much more. Measured value list: Distance in points Profit (with and without spread) Time difference Percentage change in price Tilt angle Number of bars Number of bullish bars The sum of points of bullish bars Number of bearish bars Sum of points of bearish bars The ratio of the distance in points to the reference value Features: Magnetizing to OHLC prices Automatically set a color profile based on the background
30 USD
ACB Trade Filter MT4
5 (2)
The ACB Trade Filter indicator provides a solution for filtering out the low probability trading setups in a trading strategy. The indicator uses a sophisticated filtration algorithm based on the market sentiment and trend. Applications Works great with our indicator " ACB Breakout Arrows ". Filter out low probability signals from any indicator. Avoid overtrading and minimize the losses. Trade in the direction of market sentiment and trend. Avoid the choppiness in the market. How to use Only
60 USD
Ahmad Yani
3.5 (4)
Features Supports the creation of Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4 Hours, 1 Hours and 30 Minutes Market Profile. Daily Profile can have custom start time. Merge and Split of Market Profile Market Profile References Point can be exported to CSV format for any further analysis. Indicator Parameters Indicator Update Interval - Choose indicator calculation period from 250 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds Indicator Setting ID - An ID for this particular indicator setting. Profile Number - The Number of Market
60 USD
CAP Adx Trader EA
2 (2)
CAP ADX Trader EA  trades using the Average Directional Index (ADX) Indicator. It offers many customizable Average Directional Index (ADX) trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [     Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable Average Directional Index (ADX) setting. Enable Grid trading. Customizabl
Description The Quantum Awesome Oscillator Pro indicator is based on the standard Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator (AO) indicator. It has two parts. The lower part is a colored histogram of the oscillator (divided into two sides - above zero and below zero and, accordingly, colored in two colors - blue for buying and red for selling) and a trend curve line (shows the direction of the global trend). The upper part - arrows showing market entry points, as well as dashed lines showing Stop-Loss a
120 USD
If you trade Forex, having detailed information about the currency strength and currency pairs correlation can take your trading to new heights. The correlation will help to cut your risk in half, and strength analysis will help to maximize the profits. This indicator provides a hybrid approach for selecting the most appropriate currency pairs using the strength analysis and currency pairs correlation. How to use the Currency Strength Analysis Suppose your trading strategy provides a buying o
120 USD
Strangelove monitors the formation of a trend and helps the user identify entry points. Thanks to this data, the investor is able to predict the situation and form a game strategy. It is trend signals that allow clients of brokerage companies to achieve efficient use of trading instruments and achieve better profitability. The correct calculation of the current trend is the key to successful asset trading in the foreign exchange market. It is important to understand that trading is never in a
119 USD
Igor Pereira Calil
LordAutoTrendLine is an indicator for MetaTrader that was developed with the intention of analyzing up and down trend lines in the financial market. Trend lines are used to calculate together with a Fibonnaci for example, the high and low of a currency pair. In the example of the H4 images, we can see a line crossing 1790 high and 1784 low, an example, if going below 1784 will mean selling, and very certainly according to the line, it can reach 1790 first without any much effort, ie , purch
780 USD
Good News ! Advanced Currency Meter is more awesome now ! If you have been a fan of the free version of Advanced Currency Meter then I will implore you not to be discourage because you will soon find that the new paid version is worth every dime. Unlike the free version the new paid version of Advanced Currency Meter now has a newly added panel called the “% Daily Range” . Why A Paid Version Now? We believe you like good things and many who has used Advanced Currency Meter over the years will te
30 USD
News Scope EA PRO
Lachezar Krastev
3 (2)
PROMO: BUY 1 and GET 1 FREE! Price: $117 (Regular price $187) - after purchase contact me to get your gift EA! - Hurry up! It is for limited period of time!!! News Scope EA PRO Signal Account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1362381 News Scope EA PRO is a fully automated trading system which takes much of the work out of trading, leaving you free to do other things! News Scope EA PRO is a very effective and potentially highly profitable strategy for high impact news trading. Usually, when a
117 USD
Advanced Semi Auto trading
Antonis Michos
4.56 (9)
Telegram group here Welcome. Advanced Semi Auto Trading : You can use the EA at your own will BASED ON YOUR ANALYSIS. ANALYZE THE MARKET and then just press the sell or buy buttons of the EA. The EA will manage the trades based on an advanced algorithm of market analysis,Take profit systems AND A VERY ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED OVERLAPPING SYSTEM for avoiding big drawdowns in case YOUR ENTRY is BAD. You can test this in strategy tester and using visual mode.(Contact me if you do not kn
45 USD
A personal implementation of Order Blocks, a simple yet effective position trading strategy. The trader should enter the market or look for trades in the direction of the last order block, if the price range has not been breached in the opposite direction of the breakout. Open blocks are not drawn for clarity. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] A bullish open block is the first bullish bar after a fresh market low A bearish open block is the first bear
149 USD
Tipu Stops
Kaleem Haider
4.75 (12)
Tipu Stops is a simple indicator that plots buy/sell stop loss channels and pips value using commonly used indicators. Tipu Stops also works complementary to the Tipu Trader Panel. You can use the stop loss values from Tipu Stops in Tipu Trader before using the panel for trading. How to Use Add the indicator to the chart and select your preferred method of stop loss plot. You may choose from the following methods: Average True Range on PRICE_CLOSE. Average True Range bands on Hull Moving Avera
FlySystemEA Pro
Nikolaos Pantzos
3.42 (12)
This Expert Advisor is a pure scalping system. The expert place and manage pending orders. Runs perfect on pairs with tight spread and low commission broker (commission plus spread equal or less than 1.0 pip). Choose a broker with zero stop level and fast execution to use expert. Pairs and Time Frame Pair: eurusd Time frame: M1 Default settings are good for eurusd. Information Please test expert on demo account first, before uses it on real account. Have on your mind, all scalpers are sensi
The indicator informs when the current bar closes and a new bar opens. TIME is an important element of trading systems. BarTimerPro indicator helps you CONTROL THE TIME . Easy to use: place on the chart and set “alarms” if it necessary. In the tester, the indicator does not work. See the Lite version BarTimerPro-Lite Key Features 4 operating modes: Shows the time elapsed since the opening of the current bar (11) Shows the time remaining until the current bar closes (11) Indicator Updates Ever
Candle Stick Patterns Finder:  is a Complex Algorithm that calculates and detect the historical and current Candle Stick Patterns using a very smart formula and display them on chart. It also sends  Alerts. The indicator can be used with  Support and resistance Levels finder. My mission is to help you become a     Professional Trader , In the     shortest period of time  possible, by giving you a complete     FREE Trading system , This system has 3  Main strategies   MACD Strategy ,    Support
30 USD
POWR Rise Coming
Trade Indicators LLC
This indicator is SO SIMPLE… when the green Rise Coming arrow appears, a price drop may be on the way! Plain and easy profits! As you receive more than one 'Rise Coming' text signal in a downtrend, it means momentum is building larger for a bull run. HOW TO USE 1. When the green "Rise Coming" text appears, a price jump may be on the way! This indicator Never Repaints! To get the best setting it's a matter of tweaking the indicator until it gives you the best results. Our recommendation, and what
197 USD
NOTE: DEMO VERSION CANNOT WORK IN STRATEGY TESTER. _____________________________________________________ Trade Assistant MT4 PRO has various functions: Calculate  position size   Create unlimited price alerts, notifications will be sent to your phone and Telegram account Calculate position size based on risk amount or risk as a percentage of account Quick entry through price lines: Entry line, take profit line, stop loss line Automatically move Stop loss to Entry when the price hits a certain t
39 USD
Or DBD%. The indicator consists of colored tape that shows trading signals depending on two Bermaui Deviation Oscillator (BD%) and two moving averages. Bermaui Deviation Percent is a volatility index that measures volatility in percent rather than points. The idea of BD% is to make an index depending on Classic Standard Deviation (CSD) that moves between 0 and 100 percent. Important Information DBD% expert advisor example:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731145 If you want to know mor
40 USD
Slope Trend Robot v1
Suriya Thammalungka
Slope Trend Robot  is the Expert Advisors trading with a combination of multiple strategy trading algorithms (Trend, Level Trading, and Money Management with Martingale recovery loss to profitable).  The Trading algorithms. 1. Follow trends with Indicators is Moving average and Envelopes. 2. Open order two ways that trading both BUY and SELL. 3. Open orders with distance. 4. Close order follow indicator's signal with a profit.  How to work? Open BUY When Moving Average Cross Above Envelopes
119 USD
Ind Dochian Chanel mt4
Mauricio Valbuena
5 (1)
The Donchian channel is an indicator that takes a series of user-defined periods and calculates the upper and lower bands. Draw two lines on the graph according to the Donchian channel formula. This straightforward formula is based on: The top line is the highest price for the last periods n The bottom line is the lowest price for the last periods n Trend systems follow periods when support and resistance levels are broken. in this case when the price breaks the upper line or the lower line
Heikin Ashi RSI MT4
Lihong Guo
4.25 (4)
Heikin-Ashi RSI is a technical indicator, combined Heikin-Ashi and RSI calculations, to show price moving trend and reversal. The Heikin-Ashi technique – meaning "average bar" – can be used to spot trends and to predict future prices. Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks are based on price data from the current open-high-low-close, the current Heikin-Ashi values, and the prior Heikin-Ashi values. The relative strength index (RSI) is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets. It is
White Ninja
Daffa Ramadhani Sukma
WHITE NINJA EA USE MY SET FILE ON THE COMMENT SECTION AS PARAMETER AND DEVELOP YOUR OWN SET AS YOU WANT!!! Or you can download on this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15eu9EMREIPKteTmzEBrS2SXBoFOWuoGY?usp=sharing White Ninja EA runs on Stochastic indicator and Moving Average. The EA will do the   MARTINGALE  strategy to increase percentage of profit. WARNING!!! I DO NOT GUARANTEE THIS EA WILL MAKE A LOT OF PROFIT, BE WISE ON YOUR BALANCE BECAUSE THIS ROBOT USING MARTINGALE
Andrey Spiridonov
4 (2)
TopSecret TopSecret - automated adviser for professional work in the foreign exchange market. The decision-making algorithm is based on my own method. Statistical methods for a certain time interval is calculated the price level to which the current market price of the trading instrument is always likely to return. The adviser works on any time period, but I recommend working on H1, H4, D1 . The Expert Advisor is installed in the usual way and is immediately ready for operation. Advisor Benefi

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