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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 32

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Welcome to the world of advanced trading tools! Introducing the ADX Multicurrency Scanner, a game-changing MT4 indicator designed to enhance your trading experience. This powerful tool scans multiple currencies, sending alerts when specific conditions are met. Gain comprehensive insights into ADX crossovers, strength, and weakness conditions of currency pairs. While the free version supports major forex pairs, the full version offers even more features and is available through the provided link.
Introduction to Fibonacci Volatility Indicator Volatility indicator can help you to detect any statistical advantage for your trading. Especially, if you are trading with Price Action and Price Patterns, then we recommend to use the Volatility indicator together with your strategy. Especically, Fibonacci Volatility indicator combines the market volatiltiy with Fibonacci Analysis to provide you more advanced volatiltiy indicator. Main Features Fibonacci Volatility in Z score Configuration Mode Fi
100 USD
TRADING PANEL - CHART OVERLAY with:   PARTIAL TAKE PROFIT  ("virtual TP")   % RISK LOT SIZE  TRAILING STOP LOSS  Fast and simple control of your trades Easy lot size calculation with easy SL/TP setting. Your trading will be much more comfortable with this tool!   Works like any EA, add it to selected chart and trade ! Features: start trade with   calculated lot   based on   % of account balance * that you want to risk/ or based on   how much money you want to risk  *risk can be calc
35 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
5 (2)
The EA   uses the signals of the Stochastic indicator. The indicator contains overbought (zoneSELL) and oversold (zoneBUY) levels for a currency pair. When the main stochastic line goes beyond these levels and crosses the signal line, the EA receives a sell or buy signal. For a more accurate entry, a double stochastic is used from different timeframes.If the price goes against our order, then additional orders of no more than 4 with an easy addition coefficient will be opened https://www.mql5
699 USD
Draw and Sync Objects MT4
Nguyen Thanh Sang
4.75 (8)
Draw and Sync Objects Multiple Charts 1. Draw objects by key press. ( You must: 1.  Press Function key =>   2.   Click where you want to draw =>   3.   Draw it =>   4.   Press ESC to complete). (If you don't want to draw after pressing function key, you must press ESC to cancel). 2.   Developing  : Sync selected objects to multiple charts by button. 3. Developing: Hide objects that do not belong to the current symbol (Objects drawn with this indicator will belong to the symbol they are plotted
Universal Telegram Alerts  is a cutting-edge trading tool that seamlessly integrates with both MT4 and Telegram, providing traders with unparalleled flexibility and convenience. The EA links your MT4 platform with Telegram, sending real-time alerts with screenshots of the chart directly to your Telegram from any indicator with buffers. The EA allows you to stay connected to your trading account at all times, even when you're away from your computer. You can receive alerts on your mobile device o
45 USD
With Fixed Range Volume Profile,The traces left by the big players will not go unnoticed by you. Professional   Volume Profile   Indicator reveals Institutional order flow. This advanced market indicator will teach you to spot the buying and selling. Dont want to say more because its well known by most professionals  trader. This Indicator : -  Quickly Identify the Strongest Institutional S/R Zones. - W orks with all Trading Instruments (Forex, Futures, Indexes, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptoc
99 USD
Introduction Auto Chart Alert is a convenient tool to set alert for your trading in your chart. With Auto Chart Alert, you can set the alert line in one click in your desired location in your chart. You can even set alert over the sloped lines in your chart. Auto Chart Alert is a great tool when you have to watch out importnat support and resistance levels for your trading. You can receive the sound alert, email and push notification when the price hit the alert line at you desired location. A
BF Smart Scalper EA
Lachezar Krastev
5 (1)
SHOCK PROMOTION!!! -75% OFF from the regular price ! NOTE: BF Smart Scalper EA Current price: $47 (The next price $187) - The offer is for limited period of time! BF Smart Scalper EA Signal Account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1017925 BF Smart Scalper EA is a fully automated trading system which takes much of the work out of trading, leaving you free to do other things! All genius things are elegantly simple. BF Smart Scalp EA is very simple, but it is based on the most proven trading prin
47 USD
Scalping indicator with alerts : EU Scalp indicator is a combination of two working sets , first one is preset to work against the direction of the price movement and the second one is working on the direction of the price movement , based on the probability of price swings or breakouts that occure at important trade levels . The default settings are optimized for the   EurUsd pair M5 Timeframe ,  more settings can be found in the "Comments" section at first comment . Lot zise recommandation is
HFTslow EA
Niklas Templin
my Website:  https://rexclawvsclusterea.wixsite.com/rex-claw-vs-cluster HFT EA DE40, US30, US500, USTEC IC Market Recomment Broker EA can Trade with every Broker -only DE40 with this Standart Settings (Change the Compare Count to 3 for better Results) -for other Indizes or Pairs Set the Stop Loss x10 to actuall Spread or higher, and Set Take Profit x40 from Spread, PriceOffset x4 from Spread or higher -Recomment  M5, M15, M30, H1, D1 -minimum 1000$/€ ...Lot 1 in first 3 Weeks -Expert ha
Fibonacci Calculation Indicator
Richard Louis Pastor
3.5 (2)
Basic Fibonacci Calculation Indicator  shows Trend, Stoploss, Profit 1,2,3, will show you your daily Highs and your Daily Lows , it will also show you where it expects the price to move to.  best time frame is H1 or higher .  For  a better system that also includes my Non-repaint Indicator please check out my paid Fibo Indicator  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/82323
MQLTA Supertrend Line
MQL4 Trading Automation
4 (5)
The Supertrend Line indicator shows you the trend using calculation based on the ATR. How does it work? The Supertrend draws a line following the current trend, this line is the result of calculation made with the ATR. A Line under the candle means a likely bullish trend A Line above the candle means a likely bearish trend How to trade with CSL indicator Buy when the Supertrend line is below the price, Sell when the Supertrend line is above the price. It is strongly suggested to use this ind
The Multi Time Frame EMA indicator is of great help in determining trend direction. It can be an excellent addition to your existing strategy or a new foundation. We humans can make better decisions when we see better visually. So we designed it to show different colors for uptrends and downtrends. Anyone can customize this in the way that works best for them. We can set the Ema indicator for all timeframes on a chart.
Buffer Finder Tool
Afsal Meerankutty
4.75 (4)
CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool Developed for Finding Buffers of Indicator to use in Universal Indicator EA . This is Not an Indicator or EA CyberZingFx Buffer Finder Tool is utility tool designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) users. It is a standalone application that helps you easily find the buffers of any MT4 indicator, allowing you to use them in your Universal Indicator EA. With the Buffer Finder Tool, you no longer have to search through the data window to find the buffers you need.
Features This EA is good at v olatility  market. This EA specializes in   BTC USD, so please apply this EA to that chart. Please apply this EA to the 15 minute chart. This EA uses volatility technical. This EA is easy to manage because it has a maximum of 1 position. The maximum profit is set at 0 pips(Unlimited). The maximum loss cut is set at 10000pips(100 Doller per 1lot、10Doller per 0.1lot). Performance depends on the spread, so please use it with a vendor with a narrow spread. Parameters
RSI Robex
Robert Sadamon
The standard RSI indicator is very helpful in identifying overbought or oversold areas during a flat, but gives a lot of false signals when the market is trending. For example: during an uptrend, the standard indicator often enters the "oversold" zone and extremely rarely (most often, when the trend has already ended) enters the "overbought" zone. This indicator takes into account the trend movement and, with the selected settings, can enter the zone opposite to the trend direction, giving a sig
Break It Down
Stephen Reynolds
4 (1)
Break It Down is based on the Directional Movement Index and tells the trader when a market trend probably maxed out and ready to fall back. This pattern is more predictable when we apply this system only when the market is rallying but within a trading range. Because traders Sell off in fear the market often moves faster when declining! When this happens, good moves can occur. As traders are no longer interested in the trend, the volume will decline and the price will usually fall back on itsel
TomBottom Checker is a leading indicator which predicts tops and bottoms. The indicator can be used with any forex pair and time frame from M1 up to D1. After purchase please contact me to get my personal advice on how to use the indicator and get a great bonus! The indicator can be used as a standalone trading system or it can be a part of any system which you're currently using. This is because the indicator deals with such market aspects which are very important for any strategy. The indica
45 USD
Copier MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
3.67 (3)
Copier MT4  is the fastest and most reliable copier of transactions between several MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts installed on one computer or VPS server. Transactions are copied from the MASTER account to the SLAVE account, copying occurs due to the exchange of information through a text file with a speed of less than 0.5 sec., The parameter is configured. The transaction copier monitors all changes in the MASTER account with high accuracy, adjusts SL and TP levels, support
30 USD
Highly configurable Macd indicator. Features: Highly customizable alert functions (at levels, crosses, direction changes via email, push, sound, popup) Multi timeframe ability Color customization (at levels, crosses, direction changes) Linear interpolation and histogram mode options Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also) Adjustable Levels Parameters: Stochastic RSI Timeframe:  You can set the lower/higher timeframes for Stochastic RSI. Stochastic RSI
The STP Trade Manager is a utility tailored to the ST Patterns strategy by Vladimir Poltoratskiy ( www.stpatterns.com ) While specifically made for this strategy, it can also be used for other trade management. Especially when you have a need for quickly making trades and risk management. It is a huge time saver and helps in quickly drawing the different ST Patterns corridors. People familiar with the ST Patterns strategy will recognize and above all; appreciate the functions of this EA.
70 USD
Universe Renko EA
Natalyia Nikitina
5 (1)
Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD Attention!!!Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions! The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Please note that Profitable trades (% of the total 94% - 98%): The Universe Renko ADVISOR _trades according to the trend, if the directions fail, the advisor opens a grid of orders!Choose only the currencies that are specified. Just launch this Expert Advisor and relax. Monitoring :
999 USD
Bollinger Bands Tunnel EA
Lachezar Krastev
3.5 (2)
Bollinger Bands Tunnel EA is a free expert advisor developed with the idea to be useful for traders who love to trade using the popular indicator Bollinger Bands. Bollinger Bands Tunnel EA has very simple trading logic. It trades inside of the Bollinger Bands indicator. When the price crosses the Bollinger Bands upper line and reverses, the EA opens a SELL position. When the price crosses the Bollinger Bands lower line and reverses then the EA opens a BUY position. The algorithm of closing the
Key Level
Lee Teik Hong
Key Level  Key Level is a MetaTrader 4 Indicator that uses a proprietary algorithm based on Price Retracement/Breakout Method to show the Entry-Line on your trading. Instead, it analyzes data of market and identify entry points and opportunities. (Price Retracement / Price Breakout) It's also a trading tool that be used to practice and enhance your manual trading skills. Key Level is an amazing tool for Scalping Trader. It also a trading tool that be used to practice and enhance your manual t
Nasdaq100 Power Indicator
Teboho Edgar Rakotsoane
5 (4)
The NASDAQ 100 Power Indicator serves with TREND and trend reversals indication using automated arrows that indicates buy or sell at that price and has built-in signal provider across all time frames with alerts and provides also the automated support and resistance that can draw technical analysis patterns like double bottom, double top, head and shoulders etc. using closing and open prices, in assistance for if a trader did not see the pattern sooner for their technical analysis. The indicator
179 USD
Jorge Gabriel Antonio Ochoa Mercado
Scalper8a is an advanced speculation system developed by 8aSistemas that uses intelligent entry/exit algorithms and management with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm market periods, this system avoids moments of high volatility and uncertainty. This system is focused on stable long-term growth. It is a high-performance professional tool developed by me years ago that is constantly updated, incorporating all the latest news in the trading area.
EasyTrend Pro
Denis Glaz
5 (5)
EasyTrend Pro is the powerful trend indicator provided with all necessary for trade and it is very easy to use. Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. But here, input parameters are simple and it is no need to configure anything — neural network will do all for you. Difference from a classic version The real-time multi time frame panel is added, so you can check a trend for other timeframes witho
64 USD
The indicator draws trend lines based on Thomas Demark algorithm. It draws lines from different timeframes on one chart. The timeframes can be higher than or equal to the timeframe of the chart, on which the indicator is used. The indicator considers breakthrough qualifiers (if the conditions are met, an additional symbol appears in the place of the breakthrough) and draws approximate targets (target line above/below the current prices) according to Demark algorithm. Recommended timeframes for t
125 USD
Top USD Index
Madzhid Forgani
5 (1)
This indicator is used to calculate the dollar index according to the formula of currency pairs(EURUSD ,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDSEK,USDCHF,USDCAD)Even if the broker does not have the dollar symbol. this Indicator displays the dollar index chart in a separate window at the bottom of the chart. It also displays the current dollar index graphically. In this indicator, it is possible to set the minimum and maximum value of the indicator as well as its size scale on the chart as an input parameter, and it
New market liquidity indicator, more accurate with two levels, will really unhide the "hidden agenda" of the price action in any timeframe. For more information about market liquidity, a manual on how to use this indicator please send me a message. A lot of information can be found on the net. (search liquidity trading/ inner circle trader) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUpDZCbNBRI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LIad2etmY8&amp ;t=2054s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGsUoTCSitY&amp ;t
125 USD
Ugochukwu Mobi
If you want to find good trading opportunities, then you must trade near the Trend Line. This allows you to have a tighter       stop loss   on your trades — which improves your     risk to reward . But that’s not all… Because if you combine Trend Line with Support and Resistance, that’s where you find the best trading opportunities. Now you might wonder: “So when do I enter a trade?” Well, you can use reversal     candlestick patterns   (like the   Hammer, Bullish Engulfing, etc.) as your entry
125 USD
The indicator calculates currency strength of eight major and also can calculate strength of any other currency, metal or CFD. You don't need to look through a lot of charts to determine the strong and weak currencies, as well as their current dynamics. The picture of the whole currency market for any period can be viewed in a single indicator window. Built-in tools for monitoring and controlling the situation will help you not to miss out on profits. Main Features It is able to display only t
68 USD
Synchronize objects from one chart to multiple charts. Synchronize objects from one chart to multiple charts. 1. Allows automatic synchronization of new and edited objects to other charts. 2. Allows synchronization of all objects on the chart to other charts at the current time. 3. Allows setting the charts to synchronize based on the position of the chart in the MT4 window. Version 1.2: Allow set list of object names that you don't want to sync (Separated by commas ",") Allow set 5 types of
False Breakout
Besarion Turmanauli
False Breakout indicator combines triple bottom, triple top patterns, price action and false breakout in order to predict price movements. Indicator displays trading statistics and clear entry signals with green (buy) and red (sell) arrows. MT4, email and push alerts can be enabled. Never repaints signals.   Live signals       Other programs        Free source codes        Subscribe to Telegram Features Instantly available statistics of up to 1000 signals; Very simple to use, no compl
30 USD
Set TP and SL like Financial Institutions Traders' TP expectations do not often occur and their SL often hits when they only rely on primitive indicators like pivot-points and Fibonacci or classic support or resistance areas. There are a variety of indicators for support/resistance levels, whereas they are seldom accurate enough. Classical support/resistance indicators, often present miss levels and are not noteworthy based on current market volatility dynamic. Fibonacci is good but not enou
69 USD
SK Gold Trader
Mr Sakkarin Yartfoong
3.75 (4)
SK Gold Trader desire based on  ZigZag indicator. Trading style breakout system no use dangerious method (Use only pending order, stoploss and takeprofit).  EA enters the market with market orders from 3h to 19h(can change it). Supported currency pairs:  XAUUSD Recommended timeframe:   M30, H1 Easy to use and Simple. No Martingale/No grid. Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers. A low latency vps and an lower spread   broker is always recommended. Support us by open  My recommended broker. IC Marke
What is ADR? Quite simply, ADR (Average Daily Range) is the average of price movement over a period of time.  It can be used as a gauge of how far price may move on any given trading day. This indicator calculates 5, 10, 20 Average Daily Range Features: -  Average: Daily Range, Prev 1/5/10/20 days - Calculator maximum stop loss/profit target by Risk/Reward percent of ADR in Pips. - Candle countdown - ... Contact me if you need:  https://t.me/Cuongitl
OneClick V1
Kusuma Nungki S
Simple button panel of trade on your chart with OneClick V1 Trial version. This trade panel will make it easier for you. Equipped with several functions that make it very easy for you. More tools on OneClick VZ version, see here. This version includes: Open Order Buy Open Order Sell Open Pending Order [Buy Limit - Buy Stop - Sell Limit-Sell Stop] Close ALL orders Close Order Buy Close Order Sell Delete Pending Order [Buy Limit - Buy Stop - Sell Limit-Sell Stop] ENJOY IT!!! ONE CLICK V1 [TRI
The indicator displays important technical levels on the chart. These levels act as support or resistance for the price movement. The most important levels are multiples of 100 and 50 pips. You can also display levels in multiples of 25 pips . When the price reaches the level, an alert or push notification is displayed. MT5 version  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/69740 Settings Show Levels 100 pips - show levels that are multiples of 100 pips Show Levels 50 pips - show levels that a
BE auto
Muhammad Ridzuan Mohd Radzali
5 (2)
Indicator automatically draw bullish and bearish engulfing without any rules. Bearish and Bullish engulf is well known area for supply and demand area marking. This indicator can be used in any strategy that required supply demand zone. Show Last Engulf : Enable this option to show unfresh engulfing  Candle to calculate : set 0 will load all history bar and can use up more memory Bearish Engulfing Colour : Pick any colour that suit Bearish Engulfing Colour  : Pick any colour that suit -Use thi
Macd Martin
Roman Yablonskiy
2.5 (2)
Double Breakout   is an automatic expert advisor with two separate strateges that uses martingale. The MACD indicator with adjustable parameters is used as inputs for each flow of orders. The specified takeprofit and stoploss levels are used to exit the position.  General recommendation The minimum recommended deposit is 1000 cents. Spread is recommended not more than 3 points. It is better to use trend currency pairs. The martingale parameter can be set from 0.1 to any value. When martingale
Time Box Indicator MT4
Young Ho Seo
4.67 (3)
Introduction To Time Box Indicator Time Box Indicator is a must have indicator for any trader. It will display daily, weekly and Monthly box according to your preferences. Yet, you can extend any important price levels in your chart automatically. You can use them as the significant support and resistance levels. It is very simple but effective tool for your trading. Graphic Setting Use White Chart Line Style for Current Open price Daily Setting Update Timeframe for daily box Number of days
Three Stochastics
Pavel Zamoshnikov
4 (19)
This indicator signals about crossing of the main and the signal lines of stochastic (lower stochastic) in the trend direction which is determined by two stochastics of higher time frames (higher stochastics). It is not a secret that stochastic generates accurate signals in a flat market and a lot of false signals in a protracted trend. A combination of two stochastics of higher time frames performs a good filtration of false signals and shows the main tendency. The indicator is recommended for
Super Crazy Breack
Santi Quagliana
5 (1)
Super Crazy Breack   Ea is performed for Eur Usd and Usd Jpy- i stay try it in all exchange.  Follow The Trend! Simulation of the last 5 years (2016/09 - 2021/09) , surprising.  For Limitated Period, sale 30$! Use Buy LIMIT and Sell LIMIT Spreads = 20 of default StopLose = 0.0025 default - means 0.25%  TakeProfit = 0.005 default - means 0.50%  Equity=0.999 default - working in progress - isn't important Distanza = 0.0005 default - means when calcole signal open order at 0.05% of price Hours
Five Minute Drives
Kenan Ozkarakas
4.33 (6)
"Five Minute Drives" indicator that is designed to be used in the 5 minute timeframe. One of its most important advantages is that it shows the general trend in the upper time frames when looking at the 5-minute timeframe. Therefore, when opening positions in the 5 minute timeframe, when it is in line with the trends in the upper timeframes, you are less likely to be upside down. If you can evaluate breakout/breakdown opportunities between the curves on the graphic screen with your geometric per
CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow
Afsal Meerankutty
4.5 (10)
As every ZigZag Indicator this Indicator Repaints . So use this only combining with other indicators or strategy.  CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow MT4 Indicator, is one of the best tool for traders looking to identify trend reversals in the markets. This powerful indicator uses the ZigZag method to help you identify key support and resistance levels, making it easier to spot significant changes in price and filter out short-term fluctuations. With CyberZingFx ZigZag Arrow, you can quickly and easi
You can download the Full version here . Introduction: Double Top(M) and Double Bottom(W) is a very repetitive common type of price reversal patterns. Double Top resembles M pattern and indicates bearish reversal whereas Double Bottom resembles W pattern and indicates a bullish reversal that they have  high win  rate. The M W Scanner indicator  has stop loss, take profits and entry point levels  with   using Fibonacci levels and candlestick checking  to find the best entry point and exit of trad
Full Stochastic
Dusan Resin
4.6 (15)
Full Stochastic - is Stochastic Oscillator which displays all three essential lines: %K Slow K %D Standard Stochastic Oscillators displays only Slow K and %D. Why it is important to analyze all three lines in SO? Standard SO users must choose if they want to use fast or slow SO. In case of fast SO traders set the slowing parameter typically to 1 or 2, or if they want to use slow SO, they set the slowing parameter usually to 3 or more. With Full Stochastic you can have both! Full Stochastic P
Andrey Spiridonov
3.67 (3)
BinaryPin is an indicator developed and adapted specifically for trading short-term binary options. The indicator's algorithm, before issuing the signal, analyzes many factors, such as market volatility, searches for the PinBar pattern, calculates the probability of success when making a deal. The indicator is set in the usual way. The indicator itself consists of an information window where the name of the trading instrument is displayed, the probability of making a successful transaction, the
Trend Analizer Bot
Pavel Predein
2.5 (2)
Automatic trading Advisor .This is a free version of the expert Advisor "Trend Analyzer Pro" https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/42792.В the robot is based on 2 strategies: at the intersection of moving averages and Bollinger bands indicator .In the paid version, three strategies are available, which increases profitability several times .Designed for the EURUSD H1 currency pair.It is possible to use it on other tools after optimization.Test only on tick data. ** Does not use such dangerou
AW Momentum EA
Alexander Nechaev
5 (3)
Fully automated trading system. Work in the direction of the current price movement. The breakdown of the Momentum indicator levels in the direction of the continuation of the price movement is used as signals. Uses averaging in its trading, as well as the function of closing the first and last orders of the basket. Has an advanced dashboard and three types of notifications. Problem solving ->   HERE  / MT5 version ->  HERE / Instruction  ->   HERE   Benefits: Advanced filtering of basket ord
45 USD
AW Parabolic SAR EA
Alexander Nechaev
Fully automated trading robot. The well-known Parabolic SAR indicator is used to identify signals . In addition, the EA implements the averaging feature, the function of closing the first and last basket orders, and the function of automatic lot calculation. Has an advanced information panel and three types of notifications. The ability to adjust the indicator signals in the advisor. Problem solving ->  HERE  / MT5 version ->  HERE   / Instruction  ->   HERE   Benefits: Can be used on any ins
45 USD
Tipu Parabolic SAR Panel
Kaleem Haider
4.78 (18)
Tipu Parabolic SAR Panel is the modified version of the original Parabolic SAR indicator published by MetaQuotes here . Dashboard Panel (multi symbol) version for this indicator is available here . Features An easy to use Panel that shows the Parabolic SAR trend and signals of selected timeframe. Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, or visual on-screen alerts. Customizable Panel. The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to allow more space. To enable th
The standard Heikin Ashi candle representation has an open value that is equivalent to an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of the Total Price , of which the alpha value of the EMA is fixed at 0.5 (equivalent to an EMA period of 3.0). In this dynamic version, the period can be changed to whatever value one wishes to use, which also allows one to approximate multi-time-frame analysis, or use the low or high value as a sort of trailing stop-loss. The crossing of the real Close price over the Heikin
MQLTA Candle Timer
MQL4 Trading Automation
5 (1)
MQLTA Candle Timer is an indicator that can show you the details about a symbol/pair and alert you before the close of a candle. Used in swing trading and not only, it can help your strategies knowing and be ready before the close of a candle. How does it work Simply add the indicator to the chart and set the notifications options. You can load a minimalistic interface or a full interface. The alert will be sent once per candle. Parameters All the parameters, that you can see in the picture,
MA Cloud mt4
Alexander Chertnik
5 (2)
Moving Average Cloud draws 4 MAs on chart simultaneously in histogram style. Indicator uses 4 MAs: slow sma & ema 200 and fast sma & ema 50. the range between 2 slows MAs and Fasts, represented by histograms on the MAs boundaries - creating kind of "cloud" that can be traded by all kind of MA strategies like support & resistance or other... Change of color of the same histogram points to momentum changing. Combined with other market analysis, can greatly improve trading results.
Midnight Blitz MT4
Scott Fredeman
4.79 (19)
MT5 Version - Click Here IC MARKETS LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE Private message me for invite links to our Group for this EA where users will share their results each week. JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real ver
199 USD
ADX Channel
Alexander Nikolaev
4.83 (6)
ADX Channel is an indicator that plots the channel depending on the values of the ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) indicator. The resulting channel is a little similar to the Envelopes, but its lines depend on the market volatility. The sell trade is usually executed fast when the price touches and bounces from the upper line of the channel, buy - from the lower. It is recommended to trade when there is no significant news. The recommended timeframes: M5 - H1. The indicator is not design
如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra feature to add on the base version. There is Demo version of this panel Dashboard Genesis Matrix Trading Demo in my product list, please try it out to get familiar with all functionalities free, LINK . This system basically utilizes Genesis Indi Set (TVI, CCI, GannHilo, and T3) as the core indicators to generate trading signal mainly on time-frame M15. The signal will be further filtered
150 USD
Sto Signal AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
This indicator displays Stochastic osc signals on the price chart and allows the user to receive notifications of such signals. The Stochastic indicator is a classic and proven indicator of the technical analysis of the markets. Despite its age, it is still relevant today. Depending on the settings, the indicator allows you to work effectively on various TFs and any markets. Signals are given on fully formed bars and are not redrawn. Custom Parameters: K_Period (>0) - The period of the main li
CrossMA With SLTP
Erwin Rustandi
4 (3)
Expert Advisor of Cross two moving averages accompanied by stop loss, take profit and multi timeframes on each moving averages. You can change all the parameters contained in the moving averages Please use as appropriate, hopefully can be useful and assist you in the transaction Don't forget to give a review if this product helps you MA Method 0 = simple 1 = exponential 2 = smoothed 3 = LW
SFE Freedom
Joel Juanpere
This EA includes 11 SmartForexExpert EAs.  These EAs belong to 3 different area types, momentum, reversal, trend. Using all EAs we can diversify risk and trade better and take advantage of different market behaviors where specific type of EA works better than others. Current Price 250. 3 of 5 left. Next Price 300 Version 3.0 on MT5 include SFE Crypto Master! A big effort has made to include the different EAs in 1 mt5 file, and keeping the low demand of the computer resources. The EA runs very
250 USD
O indicador TRIX, conforme o utilizado pelo grafista Didi Aguiar. Este indicador é composto pela Triple Exponencial Average (TRIX), que neste setup é utilizada com o período 9, e um sinal de média simples do próprio indicador que é utilizado com o período 4. Parâmetros: Período: 9 Sinal: 4 Os demais indicadores do sistema operacional de Didi Aguiar são: Bollinger: período 8, desvio 2 ADX: período 8 DidiIndex com médias simples, períodos: 3, 8 e 20 Estocástico: 8, 3 3
AV Stop Hunter
Anja Vivia Vogel
"AV Stop Hunter" is an indicator for MetaTrader 4, which draws entry arrows for long and short after so-called Stop Hunt candles and has several notifications about them. Since this is a smart money concept, the periods H1 and H4 are the best. NEW: Increasing volume improves the signal, lines and arrows are then thicker. The MQL5 variant has colored stop-hunting candles. Definition / strategy: "Stop Hunting" is when the wick of a candle extends above a previous 3 Bar Fractal Candle, b
120 USD
Read detailed description and Get Free Demo and extra indicators: https://abiroid.com/product/abiroid-halftrend-scanner Features: - Halftrend Arrow Scan: Scan Max Past Bars for Halftrend arrows. Show how many bars back the arrow occurred in a bracket - Past Bars Back Alerts: Num of bars back for which scanner will send alerts - Halftrend HTF Align: Scan Higher timeframes for Trend Direction of Halftrend Indicator and if trends align show a slanting Green/Red Arrow for Up/Down trend - Semafor
32 USD
Timed Exit EA
Rimantas Petrauskas
5 (2)
The most simple and easy to use Timed Exit EA to close all trades automatically at specific time each day (hours:minutes:seconds) (by Rimantas Petrauskas) The main idea of this EA is to automatically close trades daily at your specified time. For example if you set EA to close all trades at 15:29:30, EA will do this each day when markets are open. This way you can set the EA to close all trades before the news. EA should be attached to a separate chart of any time frame on your MT4 and it will s
30 USD
Miracle GMMA
Tomoyuki Nakazima
1 (1)
The EA is based on trend following strategy. By mainly using GMMA,this EA catches the trend. Trades is closed if the trend is changed according to GMMA. Simply put,you can win big by using this EA and keep losses minimum. What is GMMA? GMMA means "Guppy Multiple Moving Average". This strategy utilizes 12 moving averages. Because of that,GMMA is more robust and profitable than simple moving average strategy. PAIR AND TIMEFRAME The EA is especially made for EURUSD and Daily chart. It is i
69 USD
Grid Trade Panel
Dmitriy Sapegin
5 (4)
Торговая панель предназначена для установки сетки ордеров с различными параметрами на основных  FOREX валютных парах. Панель не предназначена для торговли фьючерсов, золота, нефти и других подобных инструментов! Только для валютных пар.  Имеет несколько основных функций по установке ордеров в заданном диапазоне и с заданным риском, закрытию части ордеров из сетки, переносом в безубыток, закрытие части по профиту на определённом уровне, а также отображает информацию по текущему риску и отображае
90 USD
If you found this EA, it's probably because you want to get a funded account with a prop firm, but you see a rule that most of traders fear :   Maximum Daily Drawdown.  I've been through this problem myself as   I'm a prop firm trader   and I've made a bot to solve this rule, and you can get it to solve this problem too. How does it work ? When you first setup this EA, you need to input the   initial deposit   which corresponds to the size of your funded account. For exemple if you get a 10k$
60 USD

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