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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐      DO AGAIN - this is a fully automated, low-risk, reversible software.     ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The system acts as a hedge for the DO IT system. The architecture receives approximately 99% of profitable positions. 


The System is also capable of performing hedging functions for DOIT EA 💛

DO AGAIN works perfectly in tandem with DO IT and DOES NOT increase the Overall DrawDown.

The System Uses the Morning hours to trade when the market is Stagnant. 

The trading system is multi-currency and can trade on EURUSD, USDJPY charts

To use the news filter you will need to add a URL to your MT4 terminal   http://ec.forexprostools.com/ 

⚜️  How to check the DO AGAIN system correctly                ⚜️

⚜️  The NEW and Latest settings for DO AGAIN EA               ⚜️ 

⚜️  You can additionally contact me Instagram                    ⚜️ 

MyFxBook Strategies:  www.myfxbook.com/strategies/do-again/204685

💎  NOT  Martingale! NOT GRID, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used! 💎

⚡  DO AGAIN this is a full compliance with the FIFO method ! ⚡ 

👍  The DEFAULT settings are for EURUSD H1 and GMT=2 (winter time) DST=None 

The trading system is suitable both for experienced traders and beginners !    

  • ⚡ DO AGAIN Expert uses only pending orders on the broker's server, which initially reduces the degree of risk through delays and slippages.
  • ⚡ The System has a built-in protection against increased broker Slippage
  • ⚡ DO AGAIN Has a built-in protection against large broker Spreads
  • ⚡ The trading system Does Not leave Deals on Weekends
  • ⚡ Each trade has a fixed StopLoss, each deal observes the expiration time. Each deal contains protection against slippage and spread fluctuations in the market.
  • ⚡ The system does not use risky strategies such as Grid or martingale. No more than one trade can be executed for each currency pair.
  • ⚡ DO AGAIN System trades during certain working hours when the market is most profitable!
  • ⚡ The trading system uses a searching mechanism for the most concentrated prices in the market, it allows you to predict the behavior of the market by 99% !

Input parameters


  • Allowable broker spread - maximum allowable working spread for the broker, spread protection
  • Allowable broker slippage - the maximum allowed slippage for each trade, if the slippage is greater, the trade will be completed
  • Broker GMT - fixed broker GMT (winter time GMT=2)
  • Show Info Panel - Enable Info Panel
D E P O S I T    L O A D 
  • RISK - Deposit loading for one transaction
  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed position size
  • Fixed StopLoss - fixed StopLoss
  • Enable Virtual StopLoss - virtual StopLoss
S M A R T    T R A I L I N G    S T O P 

  • Enable Fixed Profit  - enable Fixed profit taking
  • Fixed Profit for deal - fixed minimum profit for each trade
  • Trailing Start Profit - minimum profit to start Trailing
  • Trailing Step - trailing step
  • Enable Virtual Trailing - virtual Trailing
W O R K I N G    H O U R S 
  • Monday start hour - start time Monday morning
  • Friday stop hour - end time Friday night
  • Start hour - daily trading start time
  • End hour - daily trading end time

M O R E    S E T T I N G S

  • Personal comments on deals  - personal comments on transactions
  • Unique deals number - unique identifier for transactions

D E V I A T I O N 

  • Step Moving BUY -  deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Moving SELL  - deviation for SELL trades
  • Step Distance for BUY  - accepted channel deviation for BUY trades
  • Step Distance for SELL  - accepted channel deviation for SELL trades
  • Deviation for BUY -  horizontal market offset for BUY trades
  • Deviation for SELL - horizontal market offset for SELL trades

O P T I M I Z A T I O N  

  • Period ATR BUY -  ATR period to optimize the orders of the BUY type
  • Parabolic Step BUY -  Parabolic step to optimize BUY orders
  • Period ATR SELL - ATR period to optimize SELL orders
  • Parabolic Step SELL - Parabolic step to optimize SELL orders
TRADEJOKER 2020.02.20 22:12 

Definitively profitable for me and for other people, the best part is that the developer is ACTIVE and helpful, not as 99% of other developers of other EAs. Important to remember that you need to use ECN accounts only... Definitively great EA and I am sure that the developer Ildar will improve this even more. It is worth buying. This is my honest review.

Esquire Capital Investments Pty Ltd
Dallas Newham 2020.02.05 22:58 

Until i see some results this is my review...

EA was added to a EURUSD chart running on 1hr timeframe. So far it has executed 4 trades in total since purchase and 3 wins and 1 loss. The 3 wins dont total anymore than $80 and last night in my sleep i woke up to a whopping $350 loss. I have since done some more thorough backtesting of this EA and it shows that from jan 2019 - december 2019 a very perfect trade history. However when i test for the previous year the EA blows time and time again.

I do not have faith in this EA anymore. I also purchased this EA thinking it was going to have the USDJPY set file uploaded which has not yet happened.

I would like to get my money back on this EA because A) i dont feel im getting my value for money because its losses exceed the profits, and B) the USDJPY setfile you said you would upload has not been done so yet.

You said this EA can run on 2 quotes and so far the EA only works on 1.


Ildar has worked closely with me over the last week to develop a new set of parameters for Do AGAIN. Since my first review DO AGAIN has performed well. Ildar is providing excellent after sales support and is very responsive to questions.

I have high hopes for this EA and i wish Ildar the best with it.

Kad Mech
Kad Mech 2020.02.04 14:50 

I was able to note in the 1st transactions the efficiency and the logic of the strategy which acts in a complementary way with the other one of the author do-it. the author constantly improves his products. I highly recommend.

RobotGrail 2020.01.29 15:25 

Я очень доволен DoIT ! DoAgain шикарно его дополнит ! Все кто купили DoIT однозначно покупайте DoAgain ! Теперь у меня на службе 2 лучших робота ! Дополняю ! Робот продолжает радовать,кто пишет негатив,ловит стопы - пользоваться им не умеют ! У меня стопов нет !

FFBrasil 2020.01.29 11:37 

I know many EAs for Forex and Indices, bought in MQL or abroad, but I never found anything like the EAs of this developer. The experience with the first EA he launched (DoIT) gave me the confidence to buy DoAgain. And I'm already happy because I woke up with him doubling the first DoIT deal (I will post in the Discussion the first deal done by DoAgain). Thank you for your development skills and your attention to buyers Ildar Kabirov. Your EAs are being my best experience in Forex.

Version 5.77 2020.02.05
Added a news filter
Fixed a graphical typo
Added correction for brokers with a large spread