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Trend Trading


Trend Trading is an innovative analyzer designed for trend following trading. The analyzer consists of a trend line, colored bars, arrow pointers and reference information. After completion of the current bar, the trend line, the color of the bar and the arrow pointers are not redrawn.

Change of market sentiment can be calculated based on one of the fourteen basic indicators included in the standard package of MT4, it affects the color of the trend line.

Optionally colored bars, arrow pointers and reference information can be shown on the chart or hidden, and the arrow pointers can be simple and/or synergistic simultaneously.

The analyzer can send an email alerting of the appearance of the arrow pointer on the last two bars: current and previous.

Sample e-mail notification:

  • Subject: Trend Trading Info
  • Message: Signal,M1 - Bullish signal has been detected - 2014.08.06 10:18:00

Please see the attached video for the analyzer operation sample.

Input Parameters

  1. Calc_Indicator—the basic indicator used for calculating change of sentiment;
  2. Ind_Period—basic indicator calculation period;
  3. KPeriod—external parameters of Stochastic;
  4. DPeriod—external parameters of Stochastic;
  5. Slowing—external parameters of Stochastic;
  6. Stoch_Price—Stochastic price type;
  7. Price_Field—method of averaging of the Stochastic signal line;
  8. FastMA—basic indicator's Fast MA period;
  9. SlowMA—basic indicator's Slow MA period;
  10. SignalMA—period of the signal line of the basic indicator;
  11. Applied_Price—the used price of the basic indicator;
  12. MA_Method—the averaging method of the basic indicator's moving average;
  13. Mode—basic indicator's line index;
  14. Arrow_Simple—show simple arrows;
  15. Arrow_Synergy—show synergistic arrows;
  16. Candlesticks—coloring of strategy's bars;
  17. Corner—anchor point on chart for the table;
  18. X_Distance—the X coordinate of the table in points;
  19. Y_Distance—the Y coordinate of the table in points;
  20. GMT_Time—current Greenwich Mean Time;
  21. Close_Time—show time left to the end of formation of the current bar by timeframes;
  22. Play_Sound—audio signal;
  23. Sound_Mail_Numbers—the number of sound alerts or e-mail notifications for the last two bars;
  24. Send_Mail—send an e-mail notification;
  25. Info_Color—color of reference information.


The indicator can be used for manual or automated trading within an Expert Advisor. For automated trading, use any indicator buffer of the double:

  1. Bullish trend line—buffer 0;
  2. Bearish trend line—buffer 1;
  3. BUY arrow— buffer 2;
  4. SELL arrow— buffer 3;
  5. Bar coloring—any of the buffers 4, 5, 6 or 7.


In intraday trading on the current timeframe, it is recommended that you wait for the end of correction and trade in the direction of the main trend of a higher timeframe (for example, in the trend direction of the daily chart).

Trading can also be possible when signals occur in both direction.

SpeedBug 2019.04.05 05:02 

This is a very good trend indy. I use it as an exit strategy as well when color of bars turns neutral, then wait if continuation is possible to re-enter or wait for trend change.

Ivan Butko
Ivan Butko 2017.08.01 20:05 

5 звёзд! Помимо продуманной технической части, её наполненности, при торговле всегда важен тренд. Ещё лучше, когда тренды на нескольких ТФ совпадают, тогда цена в резонансе выстреливает в импульс старшего волнового уровня с минимальными коррекциями. Такие движения приятней всего ловить, ведь не приходится сидеть подолгу в просадке. С помощью этой утилиты удобно проводить такой анализ. В общем, рекомендую!

Спасибо автору!