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Bears CD HTB Global

Bears CD HTB Global (Bears Convergence/Divergence High Top Bottom Global) is an analytical bears convergence/divergence indicator (C, D or CD) between a financial instrument and 22 MT4 indicators working on all periods simultaneously. The indicator measures the power of CD for indicators and periods and is the second one out of the two possible versions (HBT and HTB).


The analyzer is not a lagging one. It works by ticks and is able to show CD in the main window even in case the MT4 indicator is absent.

As an option, the indicator can notify of a new signal using the graphical symbol instead of drawing a CD line. In most cases, CD is considered to be confirmed if it takes the form of a line with a graphical symbol remaining on the chart.

Attention: Since the analyzer is downloaded, graphical symbols are displayed in the main window only after a new CD signal appears (unlike CD lines). Graphical symbols are not displayed for the past periods.
If CD lines are absent in the main window after launching the analyzer, keep switching the periods, till they are detected. Absence of lines indicates the absence of CD on the current period. If the lines are present only in the main window, but not in the additional one, you should recheck the type and the specified parameters of the indicator, for which you want to find CD.

The analyzer online operation is shown in the video. 

The analyzer can notify of a new arrow signal and signal's threshold values using audio alerts and e-mail messages. The product also displays GMT time and the time remaining till the current bar is formed.


The analyzer can be used for manual, automatic and semi-automatic trading. double type buffers are used for the EA: 

  1. Arrow signal - buffer 0, must not be equal to 0
  2. Maximum power for the period (PTF) - buffer 1, must not be equal to 0
  3. Maximum power for МТ4 indicator (PTL) - buffer 2, must not be equal to 0

For semi-automatic trading, using the product together with Trend Trading and Stoploss Master is recommended.

Input Parameters

  1. CodeIndicator - MT4 indicator code
  2. Periods - MT4 indicator period
  3. FastMA - MACD or OsMA fast moving average period
  4. SlowMA - MACD or OsMA slow moving average period
  5. SignalMA - MACD or OsMA signal line period
  6. KPeriod - К Stoch period
  7. DPeriod - D Stoch period
  8. Slowing - Slowing Stoch period
  9. Stoch_Price - Stoch price type
  10. Price_Field - Stoch averaging type
  11. Jaw_Period - blue line (Alligator's Jaws) averaging period
  12. Jaw_Shift - blue line shift relative to the price chart
  13. Teeth_Period - red line (Alligator's Teeth) averaging period
  14. Teeth_Shift - red line shift relative to the price chart
  15. Lips_Period - green line (Alligator's Lips) averaging period
  16. Lips_Shift - green line shift relative to the price chart
  17. Applied_Price - applied price
  18. MA_Method - MA averaging method
  19. Mode - line index for calculating ADX, RVI, Stochastic, Gator or MACD
  20. Arrow_Symbol - signal's graphical symbol type (choose one of the eight preset symbols, see the screenshot)
  21. Arrow_Width - graphical symbol width (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  22. Sound_Mail_Numbers - number of audio and e-mail notifications on the last two bars
  23. DrawLineInd - display CD line
  24. Convergence - calculate CD 
  25. Ideal_Searching - search for CD in ideal or non-ideal conditions
  26. Play_Sound - audio notification
  27. Send_Mail_Signal - arrow notification by email
  28. ConvLevelColor_1 - C line color in the main window
  29. ConvLevelColor_2 - C line color in the indicator window
  30. DivLevelColor_1 - D line color in the main window
  31. DivLevelColor_2 - D line color in the indicator window
  32. Corner_Table - anchor point for the table
  33. X_Dis_Table - table's X distance
  34. Y_Dis_Table - table's Y distance
  35. PTF_Value - power by periods
  36. PSI_Value - power by indicators
  37. Vertical - table's vertical location
  38. Show_Table - show the table
  39. Transparent - transparency
  40. Title_Color - heading color
  41. Power_Color - power color
  42. Info_Color - data color
  43. Send_Mail_PTF - notify of PTF by e-mail
  44. Send_Mail_PSI - notify of PSI by e-mail
  45. Corner_Time - time anchor point
  46. X_Dis_Time - time's X distance
  47. Y_Dis_Time - time's Y distance
  48. GMT_Time - Greenwich Mean Time
  49. Close_Time - bar end time
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