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Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is a no-martingale automated system, well testable in a 15-year history period and showing good results in real trading. The default settings are suitable for EURUSD M15, however the EA is well adaptable for any currency pairs and timeframes through its input parameters.

The Expert Advisor is suitable both for beginners, because you need only to attach it to a chart, and experienced traders, because in addition to the automatic mode, the EA has options for manual settings of the lot, take profit and stop loss.

It can run with any deposit which depends on the parameters of the Expert Advisor. The spread size is not critical, but lower spread is better. But if money is not enough (30-50 dollars), better use a Cent account with low minimum lot. In any case, you can contact the author if you have any questions.

Real account monitoring and other products: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/r0s/seller
This Expert Advisor can be used in combination with Prototype 1 and Prototype 4. The Expert Advisors will not interfere with each other.

Operation Principle

The EA is trying to enter a position at the beginning of a trend or in the direction of correction, and closes it either based on an indicator or by a take profit. If a position is closed with a loss, this fact will be taken into account in the following trades (if you use parameters RememberClosingLots, RememberClosingProfit). The lot is calculated automatically based on the desired profit and distance to take profit, and is limited to the LimitLotPersent parameter.

Also, if you set MaxOpenOrders to 1, the system will work with one order.


  1. The product works by bars. The lesser timeframes and ticks are not considered. So, you can test by Open prices (increasing the test speed several times).
  2. Resilience, since its code contains the mechanism of backup of files, in which the variables used in the program are stored. In case of a failure, trading will be continued from the same place automatically. 
  3. Automatic adjustment to any account and deposit (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RUR, and others). The EA determines the lot size, adjusts the settings for the 5-digit server, as well as determines the time difference from GMT.
  4. The EA contains manual lot management parameters, lot limit as a percentage, as well as parameters for managing positions, security and controlling money management.

Please see the Comments tab for detailed testing reports shown in screenshots.

Nshan Teknedzhyan
Nshan Teknedzhyan 2017.03.25 00:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2016.02.23 22:19 

so far. Everything excellent. Just started to test the EA. Will Update Review in a few weeks.

Update: The best EÁ i have ever tested. Can easily be optimized to be very profitable on most Pairs and TF´s. Support is lightning fast, very friendly and 100% professional. 120 $$$ for this EA is the same as for free...

Evgeny Vlasov
Evgeny Vlasov 2015.09.02 16:36 

Тестирую советник уже больше полу года на реале.

Отлично работает на NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY на остальных парах никак не получается подобрать хорошие параметры. EURUSD лучше не использовать, слишком не стабильная в последнее время!!!

Оптимизировать необходимо на том сервере на котором будете запускать советника, это важно, сильно результат зависит от размера спреда.

В целом робот довольно неплох, главное тщательно подобрать параметры, и следить за рисками. 5+

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2015.05.31 01:26 

Its actually trading pretty well. Kudos!!!

Alexander Konyukhov
Alexander Konyukhov 2015.05.20 11:42 

Стабильный советник, автор отзывчивый . В общем супер !

Evgeniy Kuzevanov
Evgeniy Kuzevanov 2015.02.26 17:14 

Отличный советник, настраиваемые параметры, связь с автором, профит в +, рекомендую всем!

Perertz 2015.02.07 17:00 

Сказать - понравился советник, это ничего не сказать. Он - лучший. За год я перебрал весь Маркет на МТ4 и МТ5, заказал 20 работ на Фрилансе. Результат - слив (к счастью на демо). В конце концов я выставил на Фрилансе новый заказ с тупым названием - "Без слива за год" и Сергей (автор) откликнулся на мою заявку и предложил готовую разработку на МТ4. К продукту есть триал, который я протестировал на периоде 2005 - 2015 (10 лет) на дефолтной настройке. Депозит 1000 долл. был не только не слит, но и увеличен до 275000 долл.! Также на любом месяце робот давал плюс. В общем, выбор этого советника это плод моего годового поиска. Кому время дорого - дарю свой опыт: обратите внимание на данную разработку. Скачайте триал и все поймете.

Simas Palciauskas
Simas Palciauskas 2015.02.02 10:32 

Я торгую в течение двух месяцев, в стабильный плюс, самое главное без стресса - рекомендую.

Version 2.95 2016.05.17
Added time filter. Parameters HourStart, HourEnd. Broker time.
Version 2.94 2015.04.10
ATTENTION!!! After the upgrade, check the settings because they can be reset to default.

1) Added TrailingProfit

Works if Trailing=True & TrailProfit>0
TrailOnBars if True - trailing on open of a new bar
StartTrail = part of future profit (recomm.-0.9 to +0.9)
TrailProfit = part of future profit (recomm. 0.1-2.0)

2) Added FutureProfit in information window
Version 2.93 2015.04.01
Fixed the "jumping" GMTOfset on some servers
Version 2.92 2015.03.31
Changed the default value for ManualGMTOffset=3 (for summer time)
Version 2.91 2015.03.16
ATTENTION!!! After the upgrade, check the settings because they can be reset to default.
1. Added a comment to the order
2. Added display of information about MaxLot in the information window
3. Added option 'Extended close' (false by default, for testing requires the use of all ticks)
Version 2.83 2015.03.03
Fixed bug in version 2.82 when calculating NeedProfit (rounded value to integer)
Version 2.82 2015.02.26
1.Change order modification for compatibility with some ECN servers
2.Fixed module correction order with not enough money
Version 2.81 2015.02.05
Information window is shifted to the right
Version 2.8 2015.01.06
Fixed the effect of account leverage to the limitation of the size of the lot being opened
Version 2.7 2014.12.17
Some corrections