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Prototype 1

Prototype 1 is a fully automated system. The 15-year test results, as well as real trading ones has proven to be positive. The EA analyzes the current price status and opens positions. If the situation changes, the orders are opened in the opposite directions or closed. EURUSD M15, USDJPY M15 and USDCAD M15 are commended. The default settings are for EURUSD M15. Recommended deposit is 5000 USD (USCent) for 0.01 lot (50000 USD (USCent) for 0.1 lot). The product can be used for any purpose, such as long-term investment with the minimum risk or rapid deposit growth with high risk. Test results are as realistic as possible since the EA trades using bars.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/60571

You can use the product together with Prototype 4 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6088. Some orders of two EAs are hedged (opened in different directions).

Operation Principle

A certain profit should be achieved per each session. The EA waits for the signal and opens Buy or Sell. Take profit and stop loss are placed. After that, the two options are available:

  1. If the price moves in the unfavorable direction, more positions are opened and a new take profit is set. Positions are opened up to a certain price deviation limit. After that, they are closed and opened by the indicator the next day.
  2. If the price moves in favorable direction, the orders are closed by take profit. However, if the indicator shows the opposite direction, the EA reverses the position and places a new take profit.

P.S. Even if the EA opens 10 orders in unfavorable conditions (while it opens 3-5 orders on the average), the deposit load still remains low. (For example: With the deposit of $5 000, leverage 1:500, Risk=8, ChangeLots=1.4, the sum of all 10 open positions comprises only 0.7 lots, MarginLevel is 2 800%).


  1. Fast test and optimization with an improved EA engine (v. 2.4).
  2. The product works by bars. The lesser timeframes and ticks are not considered. So, you can test by Open prices (increasing the test speed several times).
  3. Resilience, since its code contains the mechanism of backup of files, in which the variables used in the program are stored. In case of a failure, trading will be continued from the same place automatically. 
  4. Automatic adjustment to any account and deposit (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, RUR, and others). The EA determines the lot size, adjusts the settings for the 5-digit server, as well as determines the time difference from GMT.


Option Field Description

Risk value. Values from 0.1 to 100.

ProfitFactor=16 Profit ratio. It is used for the calculation of the profit amount. Recommended values – from 0.1 to 25.
LimitDayPrice=80 Trade restrictions based on the movement of a currency for one day. Recommended values – from 70 to 120.
AutoGMT=true Calculation of difference between GMT and server time using the terminal function.
ManualGMTOffset=3 Setting the difference between the terminal time and GMT (used for testing with any value of AutoGMT and in real trading with AutoGMT = false)
ChangeLots=1.4 Lot change coefficient. Recommended values – from 1.0 to 2.0
StepLots=14 The distance between the orders. Recommended values – from 8 to 20.
MaxOpenOrders=16 The maximum number of opened orders.  You may set 10-20 for control.
Slippage=10 Acceptable slippage
MagicNumber=3251 Unique order number
StopLoss=110 Stop loss level. Set a large value if it is not required. You may set 50-150.
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error error 2017.03.26 09:43 

Прибыль небольшая, убытки равны депозиту.

Советник хорош только в тестере, оптимизирован ТОЛЬКО под историю.

Регулярно сливающиеся сигналы автора тому подтверждение.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2016.08.16 15:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2016.05.05 22:28 

I set this EA on 4 different broker Demo account and forgot about it. Upon checking, 3 of my accounts are up 50% for the 4 months or so that I’ve been using it. The only problem however, is that one of demo account was completely blown. I reviewed the setting, and it was the same as the other brokers. So with that, I advise to forward test in demo first. Compared to other failing EA’s that I used from MQL, this deserves 4 stars as the strategy does work and is stable...depending on broker

Evgeny Vlasov
Evgeny Vlasov 2015.12.08 14:50 

Работает вместе с Prototype 4 на отлично

Veronika Chursina
Veronika Chursina 2015.01.28 13:51 

Р1 у меня работает вместе с Р4, мне все нравится. Много не сливает, минусы отыгрывает, работает стабильно в плюс даже в условиях тяжелого скачущего рынка. Работает сейчас на парах eurusd и usdcad.

Отдельное спасибо разработчику за быстрые ответы на вопросы и вообще - за информационную поддержку.

Советы: точно придерживаться соотношения риска и депозиту, и не пугаться, если какие-то дни сделки закрываются в минус - это временно.

richardw66 2014.11.28 12:32 

So far so good. I first run on a Thursday and very quickly had losses of -5%. Lesson learnt be patient and start EA on Monday open. By end of following week I had recovered all 5% loss and was up 2%. I will continue to update.


Grid martingale, constantly opens positions against a strong trend. lost 20% of account in a week. 1 star

Alexey Taran
Alexey Taran 2014.11.20 17:05 

Отличные продукты купил сначала прототип1 потом прототип4 запустил на разных брокеров, работают хорошо, совершают много сделок и поэтому в добавок не маленький ребейк.Торгую неделю начал в четверг и честно говоря в пятницу был разочарован когда они закрыли все минусовые позиции,оказывается у них такая стратегия в понедельник все вернули с лихвой поэтому рекомендую запускать с начала недели чтобы меньше разочаровываться хотя разницы нет.Отдельное спасибо разработчику,молодец на все вопросы отвечал , прежде чем запускать посоветуйтесь с ним.Вот мои сигналы https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/68888 https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/68942

Borodin161 2014.11.08 20:12 

Замечательный продукт, очень красиво работает, а особенно красиво работает со вторым своим собратом прототип-4. Профессиональная поддержка разработчика и выполнение пожеланий клиентов. Все на высшем уровне, я доволен. Рекомендую. Автору особая благодарность за труд.

Version 2.12 2015.04.07
Fixed notification.
Version 2.11 2015.04.01
Fixed the "jumping" GMTOfset on some servers
Version 2.10 2015.03.31
Changed the default value for ManualGMTOffset=3 (for summer time)
Version 2.9 2015.03.16
1. Added a comment to the order
Version 2.8 2015.03.03
Fixed bug in version 2.7 when calculating NeedProfit (rounded value to integer)
Version 2.7 2015.02.26
1. Fixed incompatibility with some brokers.
2. The updated calculation of the lot, with a shortage of money.
3. Shifted to the information window to the right.
Version 2.6 2014.11.28
Improved security module
Version 2.5 2014.11.07
1. Fixed error occurring when working with certain brokers
2. Improved error handling
3. Added ability to work with ECN servers
4. Added the possibility to set the lot manually (settings AutoLot and StartLot)