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M1 Scalping Digital Indicator Assistant

M1 Scalping Digital Indicator Assistant is simultaneously an Expert Advisor as well as indicator developed to help the "scalping-minded" manual trader take as correct as possible trading decisions based on M1 (one minute) time frame.

This trading tool comes as a digital/text Expert Advisor which does not open any trades, does not take control of any manually opened trades, but only advises the User on what to do at any point in time.

How This Digital/Text Expert Advisor (Indicator) Works:

This trading tool compares current 14 days average price of an instrument with its price 15 minutes and 30 minutes backwards. It then decides whether the instrument's price is rising or falling and advises User on what to do by displaying applicable values and text prompts on the chart to which it is attached.

How To Use This Trading Tool:

  1. Use this trading tool on M1 (one minute) time frame only.
  2. Attach it to M1 chart as you would attach any other Expert Advisor and enable alerts.
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