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The Fortune Expert Advisor can be launched on any period, any currency pair and any broker's server. This is a unique trading system! Also, it is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with low spreads and use VPS. The minimum starting deposit is $100 and the minimum lot is 0.01.

The EA is for a high frequency trading. It uses two trading options: virtual and real stop levels. Virtual stop levels (take profit, stop loss and trailing stop) work the same way as conventional ones placed on the server/broker side, but they are not visible to your broker and stored only in the EA's "memory". The Expert system passes all historical data and all currency pairs with a single setup. All tests displayed in the screenshots have been made at a real broker. If there is a commission on the account, re-calculate it into a spread equivalent and fill in Commission field. The less the commission and spread, the higher the profit. The worse the connection lags of your broker, the larger stop loss, take profit and trailing stop you should set, so that the server is able to process them at a necessary price. The frequency of trading will be lower in this case. Spread can be adjusted during testing. Use the every tick mode!

High frequency trading (HFT) is the main form of algorithmic trading in financial markets. Modern equipment and algorithms are used for fast trading. This Expert system is designed for this kind of trading. The Fortune trading system can buy and sell within fractions of a second.

Having a high-speed computer and Internet connection, you can use this product. Attempts to use the product on the low-speed computer and Internet channel will not give successful results. Trading style should be confirmed by the EA parameters. Higher frequency suggests lower pips in the EA settings. Taking into account the above, you can define the strength of the frequency of your Expert Advisor.

Important - to understand the difference between the number of positions during tests and in real work (both demo and live), please read the description of the MaxSpread parameter. This will be the answer for many users.


  • Magic — the identifier of the EA's trades.
  • VirtualOrders — allows using virtual pending orders (controlled by the EA) instead of real ones.
  • VirtualStops — stop loss and take profit levels are not set really on the server, but are controlled at the Expert Advisor level (the broker does not see what the EA controls).
  • MaxSpread — the maximum spread to open a position. This is a key parameter. Note: If you are using spread of 10 pips (or 1 point) in testing, the same value should be then specified in this parameter to prevent the EA from entering the market with a higher spread. As a consequence, you will have fewer entries than during tests in testing (because really small spread is a rare thing). However, all positions will be accurate and close to the test results. This is the main difference of the tester results from real trading (preferably use a floating spread account).
  • TakeProfit—Take Profit in pips.
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss in pips.
  • TrailingStart — the distance in pips to start trailing.
  • Commission — an important parameter (just like spread) for the accounts where commissions are used. Configure this parameter both in optimization and real trading. Calculate the commission in pips and set the value in pips as an additive to spread.
  • Slippage — maximum allowed slippage.
  • Multiplier — an important parameter. An order will be placed only if volatility is above this relative parameter (the higher the parameter, the higher volatility is required for entering the market).
  • PercentageLimit — the parameter in percentage means that an order will be placed if the ratio of real volatility to the selected Multiplier parameter is greater than the specified percent.
  • ExpireSeconds — pending order lifetime in milliseconds.
  • MoneyManagement — if true, Risk filed is active. If false, ManualLotsize is used.
  • Risk — the lot is calculated based on the deposit.
  • ManualLotsize — the fixed lot is specified here.
Tao Zhang
Tao Zhang 2016.10.18 16:33   


Tareq Wasfy
Tareq Wasfy 2015.01.25 21:55 

i bought the unique Fortune , finally i'm in Sydoruk's Team .

Version 1.41 2015.05.29
Implemented compatibility with ECN and FXCC.
Version 1.3 2015.01.12
Minor modifications in checking incoming data.