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Milch Cow Turbo

MILCH COW Turbo EA is primarily a multi-currency strategy.

It supports 9 or 10 pairs as collection of currencies (GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURCHF,EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY).

If you choose Trade_Calc = false, only one pair is turned on.

The EA depends on a special indicator to set Buy stop, Buy limit, Sell stop and Sell limit orders

Note: If enabled Pendingorders = false, the EA will use the prices shown on the chart in live orders (buy and sell).

In this case, the EA uses stop loss and take profit hidden.

The pending orders differ from the data shown on the chart because the broker does not allow orders to be placed at a distance of less than 40 pips.

  • Currency: the EA works on any currency pair, but for the best results use it on AUDCAD, GBPAUD
  • Operating timeframe: the EA works on any timeframe, all periods
  • Minimum recommended amount and leverage: min leverage: 1:100, deposit to each pair: 1000 USD - lot 0.1, 100 USD - lot 0.01, 100 USD - ECN ACCOUNT 10 cent lot or equivalent amount
  • Recommended broker and spread: spread < 4 points

No specific brokerage but it is highly recommended to open account with ECN broker.

More information available upon request on the Comments tab.


  • Trade_Calc - enable/disable auto one pair or collection of pairs;
  • Autochoselot - enable/disable lot auto selection;
  • Lots – fixed lot size;
  • Target_1 = false: choose BuyTP2 or sellTP2 as take profit
  • SaveAcount - save balance to trading;
  • Start_Hour - time to start trading;
  • End_Hour - time to stop trading;
  • Autoclosedaily - enable/disable auto close order daily;
  • Pendingorders = true: choose pending orders (buystop - buylimit - sellstop - selllimit); false means choose market orders (buy and sell);
  • Magic – magic number
  • Levels - change the indicator levels (1, 2, 3 act);
  • DeviationFactor - set the deviation factor of the indicator
  • TrendMode (0=NULL, 1=Up, 2=Down, 3 = Horizontal): if Pendingorders = true, the EA sets the orders type as 0 = BUYSTOP,  SELLSTOP; 1 = BUYSTOP, BUYLIMIT; 2 = SELLLIMIT, SELLSTOP; 3 = SELLLIMIT, BUYLIMIT
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