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Gap and Lock

Trading on the gaps with insured positions by locks. Instead of stop loss, a lock is used that freezes the loss when the price moves against the main position. The position is not lost. When the price returns to the desired direction, the lock is removed, which makes it possible to restore profit.

Features of the trading strategy

The robot uses the property of closing gaps in quotes. When a gap occurs, the robot sets the main position in the direction of closing the gap. Instead of stop loss, the position is insured by a pending order-lock. When the specified profit is reached, the position and lock are closed.

If the price makes a big move in the direction of loss, the position will not be closed, and the lock will turn into a market`s lock one and will not allow the loss to develop. When the price turns in the direction of profit, the market lock closes and the loss is compensated by the profit received. Instead of a market`s lock, the robot will again set up a delayed safety lock. Adjustable trailing of deferred safety lock is provided.

The robot is equipped with all types of protections, allowing stable operation in adverse conditions of a real account. Entering the market is very accurate, after checking many criteria. Automatic money management adapts a lot of transactions to the earned volumes and allows reinvesting the funds received. All this makes trading as safe and effective as possible.

Gaps do not occur often, usually after weekends or holidays. But the high accuracy of transactions with increased volume ensures high trading efficiency.


  • Comment — comments on the settings (any text);
  • Magic — magic number for positions;
  • Language — message language of the robot (Eng / Rus);
  • Trading days — allowed trading days (Only monday / All days);
  • Max spread when opening — maximum spread at which position opening is allowed (points, if 0 - do not control the spread);
  • Transaction time limit — time limit for transactions (number of hours, if 0 - no limit);
  • Timeframe for find gaps — timeframe on which to search for gaps;
  • Size of the gap — minimum gap size, more than which it is allowed to open deals (points);
  • Coefficient of take profit — gap share used for profit (0.2-1.0);
  • Tick criterion — tick criterion (number of ticks in the direction of closing the gap, 0 - do not use the criterion);
  • Lot selection — lot management method (Automatic money management / Fixed lot);
  • Lot for 1000 units of free margin — lot per 1000 units of available funds of the base currency (for automatic money management);
  • Fixed lot — fixed lot for work without money management;
  • Timeframe for trailing — timeframe for trailing;
  • Initial Lock — initial lock (points);
  • Type of trailing — type of trailing by lock (No trailing / Simple trailing / By extremes of candles);
  • Start trailing — when to start trailing (Immediately / Only when no loss);
  • Trailing step — move step for lock during trailing (points).
  • Min locking — minimum locking depth (points), after which unlocking is allowed without loss in the lock;
  • Max loss of lock — maximum loss in lock (points). When it is reached, the lock is deleted (if 0 - it is forbidden to unlock at a loss);
  • Unlock delay coefficient — Unlock delay coefficient. The unlocking delay time is determined by this coefficient multiplied by the time before the market`s lock appears (if 0, do not use the unlocking delay);
  • Delay calculation method — method for calculating the delay of unlocking: 1- by the duration of the last pending lock, 2- the maximum value is selected from all the delays within the trading cycle;
  • Max number of unlocks — allowable number of unlocks. When it is exceeded, the lock will not close, until here is a main position.

    Recommendations for use

    It is preferable to use on 5-digit accounts with a low spread and high speed. The leverage of the account is preferably not less than 1: 500.

    New set-files will be posted here on the Comments page.

    If optimization is needed, I will tell the buyer details of it in a personal message.

    If you have questions, write me a private message. I am pleased to help on any issue.

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