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Community EA

This is a unique trading system following simple rules of the Forex market

It trades exclusively USDCHF and it trades only Long Positions and below we'll explain why

1. High interest rates attract investors
    The USD provides the highest interest rate in the market with around 2.5%

2. Low interest rates force investors to search for alternatives with a better outcome
    The CHF provides the lowest interest rate. Indeed it's negative with -0.75%

Based on these facts the USD is much more attractive for investors than the CHF.
This results in a clear uptrend for the corresponding trading pair USDCHF.
And we expect this continues for the next couple of years. 

Benefits of this strategy:

1. The strategy is constantly profitable as long as the CHF interest rate is much lower than the USD interest rate
2. Every single trade earns an additional passive income due to the positive swap paid on long positions at USDCHF    
3. 100% stress free trading due to our focus on trading H1 and the calm character of trading the CHF in general

What about the CHF flash crash in January 2015?

Before this legendary press conference, the SNB tied the CHF to EUR to achieve an almost fix exchange rate of around 1.20 to the EUR.
This means that the Swiss National Bank "manipulated" the market which makes the CHF unattractive to trade and for long-term investors.
In January 2015 they lifted this EURCHF fixing and stopped their market interventions.
Since then the CHF can be traded on regular market movements as it should be. 
(Means that any backtest before this date does not make any sense due to the intervention of the SNB)

Why it's called Community EA?

We decided to publish a safe, stable and profitable EA based on our long-term market experience. At a very affordable price.
And we are looking forward to the feedback and ideas of our trading community to get this tool better and better for everyone.

System characteristics

The system follows the economical bias and trades only long positions due to the given interest rates.
If necessary it uses a cost averaging grid recovery system with a maximum of 6 positions of the same lotsize.
Every single trade earns an additional passive income due to the positive swap paid on long positions at USDCHF.

System parameters

Users can modify the lot size, maximum spread, magic number and their equity limit for new positions.
It's really self-explaining and besides all equity preservation our major goal is a safe and steady income.

System requirements and recommendations

The minimum leverage is 1:30 and we recommend trading 0.01 lot per 1000 $ in your account.
Latency measurements are irrelevant because the EA is able to handle slow connections as well.

Happy trading and all the best

Varonos 2019.07.24 13:25 

i trust in daniel solid strategies and ideas ! hopefully this will become even better in the future ! thanks you !

Version 1.2 2019.07.26
Revised and optimized trading strategy that led to a massive improvement of the system's efficiency
Version 1.1 2019.07.23
Fixed bug in the initialization sequence