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Multiple Strategy Automation


LIMITED FREE VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32925

This expert advisor is used to automate one or more commonly used trading strategies.

Currently available strategies:

-Moving Average Crossover

-MACD Cross over 0 line

-MACD Cross over Signal

-Moving Average Crossover with MACD Signal cross

-Bollinger Band Cross

-CCI Filter for each of the above strategies.

-StochasticFilter for each of the above strategies.

-DeMarker fFilter or each of the above strategies.

All strategies can be used for opening or closing trades separately, or can be used in unison.

These strategies ARE NOT preset, and need to be tuned to your personal trading style using the trading parameters.

Suggested Use:

Pair: Any

TimeFrame: Any

Min Balace: Any, recommend 1000+


-MA Cross Opens trade, MACD Cross 0 closes trade.

-MA Cross OR MACD Cross 0 Opens trade, MACD Cross Signal closes trade.

-All 3 can open trades, SL/TP closes trade.

-Any of the above options, with a CCI filter for opening trades.



-AutoLot:                            Use the account balance to decide the trade size

-AutoCloseOrders:               Use one of the included strategies to close orders before SL/TP

-OnlyCloseInProfit:              Use strategies to close, but only if trade is in profit. Otherwise wait for SL

-Risk:                                  Used to determine trade size if AutoLot is TRUE

-LotSize:                             Used if AutoLot is FALSE

-TakeProfit:                        Closes orders to maintain profit

-StopLoss:                           Closes order to mitigate loss

-TrailingStop:                      Distance to wait before moving stoploss (stoploss can be 0, it wil ljust default to TrailingStop amount)

-TrailingStep:                      Number of pips to move when trailing is activated

-MaxOrders:                        Allow multiple open orders at the same time

-MaxSpread:                        Only open orders if spread is below this, or if set to 0

-Slippage:                           Allowed slippage when closing order

-MagicNumber:                    Number used to track trades, change if using on multiple charts


-UseMACross:                      Use the moving average crossover strategy

-UseMACDCross0:                 Use the MACD 0 crossover strategy

-UseMACDCrossSignal:          Use MACD Signal crossover strategy

-UseBandCross:                    USe a Bollinger band crossover strategy

-UseMAAndMacdSig:            Use Ma Cross and Macd Signal cross strategies in unison


-UseMACross_Close:              Use MA crossover for closing trades

-UseMACDCross0_Close:        Use the MACD 0 crossover for closing trades

-UseMACDCrossSignal_Close: Use MACD Signal crossover for closing trades

-UseBandCross_Close:          Use Bollinger band crossover for closing trades

-UseMAAndMacdSig_Close:   Use Ma Cross and Macd Signal cross for closing trades

Any other settings are parameters for indicators (eg. moving average period or type)


-UseCCIFilter:                      Use a CCI filter in unison with any of the above strategies

-UseDeMarkerFilter:             Use a DeMarker in unison with any of the above strategies

-UseStochasticFilter:           Use a Momentum filter in unison with any of the above strategies

I am open to any suggestions for new strategies, and will eventually add more filters, strategies and a proprietary Open/Close strategy




This tool is provided as-is. It is not preset for any specific results and is used to automate YOUR strategy. YOU must setup your own settings for moving averages, MACD, and filters, and do your own backtesting before use.

The creator of this tool is not liable for any misuse, lack of understanding, or monies lost during use.

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Version 5.31 2018.12.08
-Fix bug in pip calculation on some pairs
Version 5.30 2018.11.30
-fix bug that didn't apply DEM filter in certain situations
Version 5.22 2018.11.28
-Add squeeze pre-requisite to BBand cross strategy
Version 5.21 2018.11.06
-Fix Stochastic Filter
Version 5.20 2018.11.06
-Remove duplicated and redundant code, shrinking lines of code by nearly half
-Remove unneeded functions that caused SELL bias
-Clean up infobox backend code
-Apply "PipsBetweenOrders=10" only to same signals (Don't open buy if last buy open price was within 10 pips)
Version 5.10 2018.11.05
-More trade logic bugfixes
Version 5.0 2018.11.03
-Fix bug in buy logic that limited buy trades
-Fix bug where in certain conditions CCI filter was applied without being enabled
-Remove redundant code for speedups
Version 4.24 2018.11.02
-Small backend improvements for easier updating + small speedups
-Fix bug in some strategies BUY logic
-Fix MA+MACD close logic
Version 4.23 2018.11.01
-Fix Memory Leak
Version 4.22 2018.11.01
-Fix OrderClose errors
-Separate parameters for MA+MACD combo strategy
Version 4.21 2018.11.01
-Fix bug that caused orders to autoclose even though autoclose was turned off.
-Remove unneeded inputs
-Add close signal output to show which signal closed order
-Dynamically change infobox if terminal error occurs
-Dynamically add "historical accuracy" to infobox after trade occurs
Version 4.20 2018.11.01
-Add current accuracy stat in info box
Version 4.11 2018.11.01
-Minor code cleanup
-Remove duplicate functions, lessening load on terminal
Version 4.10 2018.10.31
-Add MA cross + Macd Signal cross strategy (uses macros values and macsigcross values)
-Add alerts to show when and why a trade is opened
Version 4.0 2018.10.31
-Full rewrite from scratch
-New modular backend for easier and faster updates
-Updated all filters code for less conflicts and cleaner multi-filter use
-Removed multiple unneeded loops speeding up backend
Version 3.12 2018.10.30
-Fix "Momentum" leftovers and replace with "Stoch"
Version 3.11 2018.10.30
-Fix multi-filter bugs
-Swap Momentum for Stoch filter
-Small bugfixes in Open/Close logic
-Massive code cleanup to reduce size and terminal usage
-Remove trade conflict filter
-Remove error 138 (requote) by adding refreshrates() before open/close logic
-Fix bug that stopped SELL orders from opening
Version 3.1 2018.10.28
-Code cleanup
Version 3.0 2018.10.28
-Fix DeMarker Filter SELL logic
-Allow multiple filters to be applied in unison
-Code Cleanup to lessen terminal load
Version 2.20 2018.10.28
-Add DeMarker filter option
-Make info box more informative
Version 2.12 2018.10.28
-Make TradeConflictFilter optional (eg. Allow buys and sell simultaneously if using multiple strategies)
-Multi Order handling logic cleanup
Version 2.11 2018.10.27
-Don't open conflicting trades when multiple orders open. (eg. only buys, only sells.)
Version 2.1 2018.10.27
-Add trailing step option, distance trailing stop moves in pips
Version 2.0 2018.10.27
-Add Bollinger band crossover strategy
-Add Momentum filter
-Separate trade opening parameters from trade closing parameters for more control
-Bump version
-Add Info box to left top corner
-Add more detailed comments, showing which strategy opened trade
-New logo
-Loosen close logic, trades closed late waiting for specific crossover
|- eg. if(ma>maslow) instead of if(ma>maslow && ma1<maslow1)
Version 1.31 2018.10.27
-Fix Multi-Order Opening and tracking
-Add printout to show which signal opened trade
Version 1.30 2018.10.27
-Fix bug where CCI filter would also be applied to closing signal
Version 1.21 2018.10.27
-Remove unused input variable
Version 1.2 2018.10.27
-Remove debug lines
Version 1.1 2018.10.27
-Autolot fixes
-Trailing Stop as per request by "Francisco Guerra"
-Balance Check
-Volume check