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Culmination candle x2

The indicator searches for the largest candles with minimum wicks for the last X candles. Sometimes, such candles mark the presence of a strong buyer, who quickly and strongly pushes the price in the right direction. However, most often, these are culmination candles, especially at the end of a prolonged trend when a single large candle knocks out stop losses of the most persistent traders and the price reverses instantly.

The indicator allows you to open a position on the very edge of the market, in counter-trend, behind the culmination candle, with a minimal stop loss.

Stop losses and trailing stop are mandatory.

There is also a free version of the indicator working on USDCAD only - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30273


  1. When you open a trade on the indicator signal, the stop is minimal.
  2. The indicator has signal buffers - it can be connected to EAs as a signal indicator.
  3. No repainting.
  4. The EA works on any timeframe. It is best to search for signals on M15-H1.


  • History_for_analise - number of candles to analyze when searching for a signal.
  • PercentBigCandles - percentage of the largest candles. The optimal values are 1-2%. This means, the indicator will show only signals only on 1-2% of the longest candles in history.
  • Alert_Culmination_candle - signal alert.
  • Distance - distance from a candle where the arrow is displayed, in pips.
  • SendToEmailAndPush - send emails and push messages when a new signal appears.

If you have any questions about the operation of the indicator, feel free to ask them in the Comments or in private messages.

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