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Helmsman JXR

This Expert Advisor trades on the active market. The robot virtually analyzes the chart setting two levels at a specified distance from the price. Upon expiration of 5-15 seconds (set in the parameters), the levels are re-set. As soon as the price starts moving very fast and breaks through one of the levels, a buy or a sell order is placed at once depending on what level has been broken (upper one - buy, lower one - sell).

The EA has a strict stop loss (if the bar the order has been opened at is complete, while the order is in a loss, it is closed) and a configurable trailing stop. The robot automatically adjusts to four or five decimal places and modifies the settings on its own. The EA does not use pending orders creating no excessive loads on the server.

The minimum starting deposit is 20 USD, recommended pair is GBPUSD, timeframe is H1, leverage is 1:100. Note that you need a broker with the lowest slippage in order to use EAs working on the active market! Also, we recommend using the minimum possible spread. Test the demo version carefully before buying!


  • AutoLot - auto lot. If the value is set, the lot is calculated as follows: Lot = balance/AutoLot*0.01.
  • Order Lot - order lot if Auto Lot = 0.
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop start (in points).
  • Trailing Step - trailing stop step (in points).
  • Stop Loss - stop loss. If the loss exceeds this value at the completion of the bar the order has been opened at, the order is closed.
  • Step - step for placing virtual levels.
  • Restart (s) - time interval between levels re-adjustments (in seconds).
  • Slippage - allowed slippage when an order is opened.
  • Magic number - magic number for multicurrency trading.
  • Fixed Take Profit - fixed take profit in points.
  • Fixed Stop Loss - fixed stop loss in points.
  • Max Spread - the maximum allowable spread (0 - disabled).
  • Color Levels - color of the levels on the chart.
Pedro Alvaro Garcia Juste
2018.02.07 11:58   

Not able to install versión 2.0. Could you give me any help, please? Thanks in advance. Done directly from MT4. Problem solved.

2018.02.05 16:41 

l'idea è buona, ma bisogna inserire altri parametri per renderlo valido, ad esempio un parametro sull'orario di trading e sul take profit magari.


Aggiornamento ver 2.0

L'Editore ha aggiunto un fix stop loss e un fix take profit

magari nel prossimo aggiornamento si potrebbe aggiungere anche un paramentro per i giorni e orario di trading.

Ora lo testerò e vedrò se produce profitti.

seguiranno Aggiornamenti

2018.02.04 23:45 

Mixed results. I will update review again.

Maksim Uzakov
2018.02.02 07:27 

на тесте 90 процентов просто грааль, но когда тестируешь его с точностью 99 полный слив. тоже самое на реальной торговле. если установить настройки робота например на паре GBPUSD чувствительность 33. тогда в год всего около 30 сделок если за тесты 2017 хорошо показывает то в 2016 году сливает. у робота есть потенциал но над ним еще нужно долго работать и желательно не за наш счет)

on the test 90 percent is just a grail, but when you test it with an accuracy of 99 full discharge. the same thing on real trade. if you set the robot settings for example on a pair of GBPUSD sensitivity 33. then in a year there are only about 30 deals if for tests the 2017 shows well then in 2016 it merges. the robot has the potential but it still needs to be worked on for a long time and preferably not at our expense)

2018.01.26 04:47 

Continue to observe。

Anatolii Chornenkyi
2018.01.25 14:03 

Ничего общего с тестом. Ужасное соотношение плюсовые сделки/минусовые сделки из за стоп-лосс который срабатывает ТОЛЬКО после закрытия свечи.

Если выйдет новая версия, возможно отзыв будет лучше.

2018.01.16 16:23 

I'm a big fan of the so called "naked trading" or "price-action-trading", which means that I don't like indicators at all. What does matter, is the market and what is happenening there RIGHT NOW, compared to the always backward view of indicators.

This EA is imitating my style of trading, and as it is sitting there and watching all charts (to which it is attached) all the time, it reacts much faster than I could. It is like I was looking at all charts simultaneously every 5 - 15 seconds, 24h a day.

Additionally, as backtests and demo is only for whimps and only real money can show how good an EA is, it is live in my account on several pairs.

For almost every pair I've adjusted the settings individually, of course.

With a cautious approach, I'm in profit from day one. (15.01.2018)

I'm planning to update this review every now and then, if things change, improve or for whatever other reasons. ;-)

The author reacts quite fast to comments, too.

Version 2.0 - 2018.02.02
At the request of customers, added new options:

Fixed Take Profit
Fixed Stop Loss
Max Spread - Maximum spread allowed for trading. 0 - option is disabled.
Color Levels - Color of the levels on the chart.