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Expert 10 Pips

The market is constantly fluctuating and almost always gives a roll-back of 5-20 points. If you look closely at the chart, you can see that the price never goes up or down without rollbacks. Thus, these small fluctuations can be earned if you collect a profit on each roll-back of 10 points. This EA was written a long time ago and today I want to share it with нou. When testing, the robot showed excellent results and in two months, the deposit was increased almost 10 times. I constantly took profit, which gave me the confidence that this robot has no equals, but the first strong news took away the entire working deposit.

Over the years of using it, I can say that this robot is only afraid of the news and very weak trend with no roll-backs. While you can cope with a trend by increasing the initial deposit, it is impossible to cope with the news. In order to bypass the news, I arranged the EA trading schedule for each day (first, you need to see the news release time and turn off the robot at this time).

The EA displays a lot of settings that were made while gaining experience working with it. Pay attention to the leverage, which should be at least 1:500, and, even better, 1:1000. Use a cent account because it allows you to use a huge working deposit, and it reduces the risks ($1000 become 100 000 cents with the same lot of 0.01).

Remember that a large profit always carries very high risks, so try not to overestimate the lot. When working with this EA, I put a different lot before each transaction depending on my confidence.


  • Direction - select the direction of trade. Buy/sell/automatic direction. Automatic direction always reverses the trade after a take profit. This allows you to have at the start 10 points of the price movement with no roll-backs, which increases the chance of a very fast roll-back;
  • Auto Lot - automatic lot. It is calculated by the formula: Balance / Auto Lot * X (X - the minimum allowed lot on your trading account);
  • Lot - fixed lot, if Auto Lot = 0;
  • Step - step between orders. Initially, the option has 10 points, but you can experiment and put more. Good results were achieved at 30-40 points;
  • Multiplier - multiplier of the next lot. To disable the multiplier, set the value to 1;
  • Slippage - maximum allowed slippage;
  • Step Profit - take profit. Very important option! Here you specify the step to close all orders. 1 - on the previous order, 2 - on the second order from the current one and so on. I recommend to set 1;
  • Stop Loss (%of balance) - stop loss in % of a deposit. 0 - disabled;
  • Stop Trades - stop trading after receiving a profit. Very useful option! When you need to stop trading in order to withdraw the profit, but the trades are still open, enable this option and new trades will not be opened after the profit is reached;
  • Close Trades - emergency closing of orders. If you want to stop trading abruptly, enable this option. All orders will be deleted and trading will be stopped;
  • Magic Number - magic number;
  • Information - enable/disable the display of the information;
  • Color - information color.

+ The EA has settings of working time for each day of a week.

I wish good luck to my buyers!

Yuqin Li
Yuqin Li 2018.08.15 18:14   

your this EA (Expert 10) maybe has a bug. the EA can not be used for EURUSD and GBPUSD on different chart windows in the same account at same time. wrong calculation has happened. and open & close orders continuously. i have already used different magic number.

John Obermaier
John Obermaier 2018.08.09 21:09 

Very good, simple and straightforward EA. Helpful and fast responsive developer. Nice style of EA. well done :-)

Ivo Ciavarella
Ivo Ciavarella 2018.08.02 14:16 

the robot initially seems good .. then you do not explain why, open positions continuously and close all in loss .. going to remove the gain made .. I can not understand, I tried different settings but it seems that at some point decides autonomously to commit suicide: ((......

bennie.henning 2018.07.17 00:51 

I enjoy using this EA. As the author mentions, be careful of major news events, and don't be greedy with selecting the initial lot size... it has been making money during the day on GBP/USD for me. I turn it off about an hour before major news to 30 mins after the news, so it is not one that you would leave on for 24hrs (maybe with a big account yes), but it works great if you manage it correctly. Thanks for you efforts Aleh Rabtsau.

Dmitry Efimov
Dmitry Efimov 2018.06.30 15:33 

Хороший эксперт, неплохая идея. Есть поддержка от автора.