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Expert Sniper

Trading robot Sniper (Sniper) uses seven trading indicators and many different mechanisms governing the trading process! All used indicators for obtaining the signal are known as Parabolic SAR, MACD, MA, Envelopes, CCI, RVI, Alligator! The EA continuously analyzes and keeps under control any market situation. Designed for fully automatic trading. Each order is supported by dual safe grid with very smooth martingale. To reduce the risks, try not to set a high initial lot! Recommended deposit is at least $50 (cent account) or $500. When you register an account, choose the biggest leverage (the best one is 1:1000). You should trade on H1, H4, D1, where better to see the trend/flat and roll-backs.

Trade on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/130353


  • Fixed lot - fixed lot if Auto Lot is 0.
  • Auto Lot (0 - disabled) - define the size of the deposit for 0.01 lot. If you put 500, then at the deposit of $500, the lot is automatically 0.01. If $1000 is 0.02 and so on...
  • Martingale (0 - disabled) - increase the lot in case of a drawdown. The recommended ratio is 1.6 and above. If set to 0, the martingale is disabled and only one order is opened.
  • Take Profit (in points) - take profit in points. Invisible to the broker.
  • Stop Loss (in points) - common stop loss in points. Invisible to the broker.
  • Turbo Mode - automatic calculation of profit. Depends on Take Profit. The higher the value of take profit, the more active the turbo mode.
  • Turbo Max Profit - maximum profit in the turbo mode. If you put 100 here, for example, the profit will not grow above 100 pips.
  • Trailing Stop (0 - disabled) - trailing stop in points. 0 - disabled.
  • Trailing Step - step of trailing stop.
  • Step for new orders - step between orders.
  • Close Orders - emergency closing orders. If enabled, the robot closes all trades and continues to work only after disabling this option.
  • Max Spread (0 - disabled) - maximum spread allowed for trading. 0 - disabled.
  • Magic Number - magic number
  • Output Information - chart data.

Development history

We always wanted to create a fully automatic trading system that would monitor all the process on their own and would not need the human control. We have developed and tested many strategies and have decided to collect all the best mechanisms to operate the market we were aware of in one EA. This trading robot was placed on a real account and traded successfully! For trading, we use the minimum risks that allows you to get 10-15% per month with a maximum drawdown of no more than 40%.

This is the newest and best version of the EA! The system will give you excellent results, if you do not aspire to great risks! Double grid reduces the drawdown well and exits it quickly. This robot is the best and most reliable of all that we know at the moment! We do not hike the prices to unthinkable levels and make it available for every trader.

Tip! When the robot will give you profit 100% from the initial deposit, it is highly recommended to take it! Then the robot can trade on the money it earned.

Attention! Before buying, check it well, choose the right settings. If you like the EA result in a demo account, you can buy it. Good luck!
2017.05.21 23:25 

Profit Trades: 9226 (79.63%)

Loss Trades: 2359 (20.36%)

Gross Profit: 846060 pips

Gross Loss: 1059319 pips

Profit Factor: 1.47

Performance: 41.63% YTD 6 mon.

DD: 8.70%

2017.03.16 07:47 

I want to know what " K_lot = 1.6 " mean?

I run the EA the first entry trade is okay with 0.01 lot. But on the second entry trade it enters automatically with a lot 0.06 which big and risky. Please what is the problem? I experienced this two times.

Lastly I want to know what trailing stop function is in this EA and how to have a fix lot in every entry trade to set this EA.

Lionel Niquet
2017.03.12 15:26 

Excellent product. The only problem is the martingale. The EA should stop this martingale accepting a loss, and automatically restart the EA few days later.

I think we all expect an improvement in this direction.

With fear, I get very good results on the AUDCAD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURJPY.

Matthew Todorovski
2016.08.16 15:33 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Joel Simmons
2016.05.05 00:07 

This EA is good, but i only had success using Fixed Lot. With adjusted lots, it blew my demo account. With fixed lots, the profits are extremely stable and consistent.

2015.11.25 21:17 

Сова заслуживает внимания, (не знаю как он за два дня так поднял 100%),пару тройку дней даже с моим компом ушло на тесты.

Было бы хорошо если бы автор приложил перво начальные сеты для индексов и валюты, пока результаты средние, и слива не было,

тестирую на реале.

Fallet Willy
2015.11.25 20:30 

très bon EA je recommande et pas très cher investissement rentable

bravo :)

MaxPips Max
2015.08.03 22:16 

Good Ea ;) but martingale

Plamen Ivanov
2014.12.16 19:37 

Good EA on good price. Works on every pair that I've tried.

Good results on 15M chart also.

Sergey Borisov
2014.12.04 05:10 


хороший советник .за два дня депозит на 100% поднял.

на новостях можно поменять Take_Profit = 1. Тейк-профит в валюте депозита.

1 меняем на число у кого сколько позволит жадность.

если не сработает в новости то он отработает но потом ждать дольше

Version 7.0 - 2017.08.23
Stop loss, take profit, trailing stop can now be set in fractional numbers in the deposit currency! For example, if earlier it was possible to set a minimum of 1, you now can set 0.01 and so on...
Version 6.0 - 2017.08.04
1. Since version 5.0.0 was modified to work with points, it caused a split among many clients: some like working with points, others woth the deposit currency, as it was before. To meet all needs, we have implemented the "Profit in Pips / Currency" option. You can now choose to work with points or with the deposit currency at your discretion!

2. The "Hedging" option has been removed from the EA settings, as it did not provide any benefits!

3. The default settings have been made the same as on our VPS server, which is used for providing the EA monitoring. You only need to run the robot, everything is already set up at its best!

4. Slightly improved graphics.
Version 5.1 - 2017.07.26
Performance was improved when auto lot!
Version 5.0 - 2017.07.21
1. Added the ability to enable and disable the automatic translation of items to five decimal places. If this option is enabled, the EA defines five points after the decimal point and multiplies all the options you want by 10 automatically.

2. Take profit and stop loss are translated in points! If 10 meant $10 previously, now it means 10 points.

3. Take profit and stop loss are now automatically increased when the auto lot option is enabled. Now, you can enjoy the full automated trading!

4. The trailing stop is moved to the points and added the trailing stop step option.

5. Added the ability to disable the martingale.

6. Added ability to disable hedging.

7. The EA options slightly renamed for more convenience.

8. Added option for Maximum spread. If the spread is higher, the EA does not open orders! Be careful when trading the martingale and hedging - additional orders will not open if you restrict spread and it is above this value!
Version 4.0 - 2015.09.10
In this version the graphics are much improved!

Added options:
Stop_Loss - stop loss in the Deposit currency.
TURBO - automatic calculation of profit by increasing in the scheme. Allows for very good money, but also increases the risk! Depends on selected Take_Profit. The larger the value of take profit, the more active the turbo mode.
MaxProfit - maximum profit in the turbo mode. Limits the scheme of increase of profit for large drawdowns.
Close_Orders - emergency closing orders if necessary.
Version 3.0 - 2015.04.03
1. Added trailing stop (specified in the deposit currency);
2. Improved graphics;
3. Added the option to set a currency deposit (to be displayed on the trading chart);
4. Added automatic adjustment to 5 quote characters.
Version 2.0 - 2015.02.05
Added ability to set a minimum take profit of 0.01!