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Apogeum Conservative

Apogeum Conservative is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on the Price Action principles, that features a custom algorithm for recognizing the price action and origination of a trend, which ensures accuracy when opening deals.

Apogeum Conservative, similar to all systems based on Price Action, is designed to work on volatile markets. The main signal for opening trades is the deviation of the volatility and exit from the flat zone (low volatility).

The system does not use toxic trading methods, such as martingale, averaging of losing positions or scalping (the profit level for each deals is medium-term). It also uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

Apogeum Conservative and Apogeum Price Action are completely different Expert Advisors using different Price Action strategies!

Apogeum is an investment strategy, designed for long-term use with medium-term trading style. Due to this, the system operation results are less dependent on the type of client account (ECN, STP or other), level of spread, commission and slippage, which provides a greater stability in operation.


  • Comment - Comment for orders.
  • GMT Offset (Broker Winter TimeZone) - broker's time zone.
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot size (not recommended, since the SL value is floating).
    • Risk Level - risk level.
  • Money Management - risk per trade.
  • Supported Currency Pairs - supported currency pairs.
  • One Chart Mode - activate the One Chart Mode (trade all pairs from one chart on the specified TimeFrame).
  • Symbol Prefix - prefix of the instrument, for example: "pro.", if the name of the pair is "pro. EURUSD".
  • Symbol Suffix - suffix of the traded pair, for example: ".pro", если имя пары "EURUSD.pro";
  • Special Symbol - activate the "Special Symbol" mode. For example, if your broker uses GOLD instead of XAUUSD, attach the EA (with the One Chart Mode disabled) to the chart and enter "XAUUSD" in the Special Symbol Name field.
  • Special Symbol Name - name of the special symbol.
Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2018.11.12 22:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Heradot 2018.09.22 20:27 

Apogeum Conservative is a very good Expert Advisor, based at perfect algo with the amazing middle and longterm results. I can recommend system for newbie traders and traders with the big experiense.

5 stars for EA and 5 stars for author's support.

Елена Шамоти
Елена Шамоти 2018.08.29 03:42 

Хороший советник. Главное дождаться тренд. Сколько сливала, но здесь есть надежда окупить все вложения. Кто ставит низкие оценки - не понимают. Спасибо Ивану за поддержку!

lucky37 2018.08.29 00:45 

So good so far... Here are reasons, why I have rated Apogeum Conservative 5 stars:

1. Very good backtests over 10 years with 99,9% quotes, which confirmed by Live results;

2. It's a Price Action system, so it isn't a very risky for my account;

3. Professional, honest and responsible author.

Irina Gulko
Irina Gulko 2018.08.27 04:10 

I have using it for a half year. For the start I wanted to rank it 1 star - not a lot of trades and all with the negative results, but later it became to make a profit. Apogeum Conservative make a biggest profit then losses. Later I will buy Apogeum Price Action, because it are stable systems for me.

5 stars - good system. Just wait and you will get a profit.

Daniel1017 2018.08.27 04:01 

So good so far. Very good EA and very good support from Ivan!

johnman 2018.08.26 00:44 

Good EA for longterm. I have understand it after a few month of using. Advisors, which are making 100% per month cannot be safety and they will kill your account quickly - unfortunetly I know it by own experience. Apogeum Conservative will make 5-10% per month, but stable and without big risks. It isn't a scalper or martingale and it's COOL!!! All trades have SL and TP! Lotsize of trades is a small, so it's a good for margin and risks =)

I recommend it, if you want to have conservative instrument, which will be working at future.

P.S. Thank's author for great support!

Katy Kan
Katy Kan 2018.08.25 18:46 

Thank's Ivan, that Apogeum Conservative is available again! I have bought system at January. Before version 4.0 results were not so good, but after updating results become better! System have amazing backtests results, so I believe we will get a good profit at future.

It's a Price Action system and it's a very important for me, because it don't need high leverage, size of Max DD is a small and system is a very safety!

I use Apogeum Conservative with the Apogeum PA Majors!

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2018.06.10 03:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Indy1000 2018.03.21 21:56 

I'll get straight to the point, I rented this EA in January 2018 since then the EA has not made any profitable trades.

I am no longer using this EA

Aceman123 2018.01.17 10:04 

I think this is a good EA. Conservative and with low DD (if you use correct money management techniques).

I would describe it as a multi-currency medium-term trendfollower or price action system.

It doesn't trade very often but when it does, it usually delivers.

The author is also supportive and stands behind his product.

Very solid EA.

Version 5.1 2019.05.04
- Exclude EURCAD by poor Live perfomance;
Version 4.20 2018.10.19
- Optimized OneChartMode code;
- Reoptimized EURAUD M15, H1;
- Bug fixes;
Version 4.11 2018.10.19
- Optimized OneChartMode code;
Version 4.1 2018.10.17
Updated Presets for:
EURCAD: M15, M30, H1
GBPJPY M15, M30, H1
Version 4.0 2018.05.25
- Changes in the trading strategy;
- New filters for closing trades and trailing stop;
- Full optimization for all trading instruments;
Version 3.0 2018.03.23
- Updated the trading strategy;
- New currency pair AUDJPY;
Version 2.2 2018.03.01
- Code optimization;
- New Breakeven mechanism;
Version 2.1 2018.02.16
- Increased max size of slippage
Version 2.0 2018.01.25
- New currency pairs are available: EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD.
- Reoptimized settings;
Version 1.2 2017.12.29
- Slippage control bug fix;
- New supported pairs: EURUSD;EURAUD;GBPJPY