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Risk vs Reward dashboard

Tired of online risk calculators that you manually have to fill out?

This neat little dashboard instantly shows you, your risk, reward and risk vs reward as soon as you've sat your Stop-loss or Take-profit.

Works on both market and pending orders.

By far, my most used indicator when trading manually.


  • Can handle multiple positions. And gives the total risk and reward for all positions on all manually placed or pending positions on the current chart.
  • Automatically recalculates to your main currency.
  • Automatically ignores robot trades. Which means you can trade manually on the same pair and account as robots.
  • Dashboard can be moved to any corner, letter size can be increase, row spacing can be changed and Dashboard position, relative to chosen corner.
  • Calculate risk on Hedges as well. But only simple ones with equal lot size and equal number of positions, on each side.
  • As a little bonus, I've included a function that draws "Nikos Mermigas" Set&Forget boxes, with this indicator.

Indicator Parameters

  • ATR Periods - The periods to calculate ATR in percent on
  • USE GMT to calculate todays move - Use GMT time to calculate the move of the day
  • Placing of the Dash board - Pick a corner for the Dashboard to appear in
  • Dashboard's y position - The vertical position from the chose corner in pixels
  • Dashboard's x position - The horizontal position from the chosen corner in pixels
  • Letters size - Pick a letter size
  • Space between lines - Pick a distance between lines . Current is optimized for high resolution screens
  • DashTextColor - Chose what color the text should be in
  • Paint boxes - Paints boxes of the average upper and lower range before midnight. (From Nikos Mermigas Set&Forget strategy)
  • Distance from box to lines(pips) - Distance from the box to paint the pending order lines.
  • BoxColor - Pick a color of the boxes
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Version 1.2 2018.02.02
- It now shows the required margin for a position
- Some bug fixes
- Shows ATR both in percent and points
- Now works on all types of account currencies, even Bitcoin.