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Day Breakout

Day Breakout is an Expert Advisor that trades the breakouts of the High/Low of the previous day. It does not use martingale, averaging, grids, hedging. Normal trade with setting Take Profit and Stop Loss, with the features of trailing and transferring orders to breakeven. It is possible to enable the Safe rule - when the EA simultaneously opens 2 orders with different Take profit levels, Take profit of one order is equal to Stop loss, while the second one has a normal Take profit specified in the settings. This allows to keep half of the profit, and leave the other half in the market without risk. There is also a function to reverse the Buy and Sell orders. If it is enabled, then instead of a Buy order, a Sell order will be opened, and vice versa.


  • S‌tart Lot - volume of the opened orders.
  • Auto Lot - enable/disable the automatic calculation of the volume for orders.
  • Increase Lot by 0.01 every: - enter the amount of money on the account to determine the step for increasing the volume of the opened orders.
  • Take Profit - profit fixing level.
  • Stop Loss - loss fixing level.
  • First Trail (Breakeven) - the number of points the price must pass for the order to be moved to breakeven.
  • Trailing - move the stop loss level after the price at the specified distance in points.
  • Trailing Step - step for moving the stop loss level.
  • Rule of Safe - enable/disable the Safe rule.
  • Min Bar Size - size of the daily bar from High to Low in points. If the bar is less than this value, order will not be opened.
  • Min Close Distance - distance in points from the closing price to High/Low.
  • Breakout points - the number of points the price must pass from the High/Low of the previous day before a buy/sell order is opened. It can be either positive or negative. The value "0" means that an order will be opened exactly at the High/Low level of the previous day. The value "10" means that the price should pass 10 more points after breaking. The value "-10" means that the order will be opened sooner, 10 points before the price breaks the High/Low.
  • Reverse Buy and Sell - reverse the Buy and Sell orders.
  • Draw objects? - enable/disable the display of the arrow on the chart, which indicates when and where the order was opened.
  • Magic Number - unique identifier of the EA.
2017.07.17 19:36 

Hi traders, nice work and good EA from Artem, although there are not much trades in a week but there's a reason by doing so is that less trades but more accuracy on entry and exit :)

Keep it up Artem and looking forward to see your new Expert Advisors.

Greeting Ron.