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Twenty Magic Number Auto Close With Breakeven

  • A Utility used for accounts with multiple open positions with Magic numbers added via Expert Advisors or manually.
  • The Utility closes specific Magic number open positions when a certain profit in currency $ has been reached.
  • The Utility also closes specific Magic numbers open positions with a break-even feature when the Expert Advisors or manually a certain amount of open positions has been placed.
  • The Utility also closes all buy stops and sell stops when the "Take profit sum $" has been reached or the "Break even positions" has reached "Break even Profit $
  • 0 = manual positions without magic number

This Utility works across all currencies.


  • AutoClosePositions - True or False
    • When True, "Take Profit Sum $" activated.
    • When False, "Take Profit Sum $" deactivated.
  • Take Profit Sum $ - The Amount of profit to be taken when reached with Magic numbers combined (The profit is taken by the currency amount)
  • Break even, on/off - True or False
    • When True, "Break even positions" activated
    • When False, "Break even positions" deactivated
  • Break even positions - The number of positions required by between magic numbers.
  • Magic number 1-20 - The Magic number allocated from the Expert Advisor or manual open positions, stop orders and limit orders.
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