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Unique EAs System 05 PRO

Unique_EAs_System-05_PRO is a comprehensive system developed for real trading. This means that the EA does not need special conditions, brokers, time, resources, servers, etc. The system works with any broker and under any trading conditions:

  • not sensitive to slippage;
  • not sensitive to spread expansion;
  • easily manages intraday fluctuations;
  • easily sustains small gaps.


  • No martingale;
  • No grid;
  • No averaging;
  • No scalping;
  • You can work with a small leverage (from 1:10);
  • No complicated settings;
  • Does not require optimization.


The system includes 160 different systems/strategies (EAs) for 4 currency pairs divided into two groups:

  • 80 trade on breakout;
  • 80 trade on bounce.

The system uses four-factor verification to open positions: it includes at least three different indicators + mathematical calculations.

The system uses a common function of money management (ratio of risk and profit) which automatically determines the lot size depending on your funds. Plus, all 160 systems have a built-in function for monitoring their orders. This function monitors orders of its own system and make a decision upon the lot size of the next order depending on a number of unprofitable orders.

All 160 strategies use:

  • their own entry conditions;
  • individual StopLoss: 50-90 pips (4 digits);
  • Profit: ∞ (unlimited). Can be limited by take profit value if needed;
  • individual management of its own orders;
  • individual money management (additional to the one used for common trading).

Most Important Inputs

  • MoneyManagement = true – common money management function is enabled. Disabled if set to false;
  • MaximumRisk_per_One_Order = 1.6 – maximum risk per one order in %.
  • LosOrd = 4 – number of unprofitable orders tracked by each subsystem in history. Disabled if set to 0;
  • Money management;
  • MaxLots = 50 – maximum lot size;
  • Lot = 0.01 – lot size if MoneyManagement = false;
  • Additional_Decimals = true – broker uses 5-digit quotes. 4-digit quotes if set to false;
  • UseTrailing = true – use trailing stop. Disabled if set to false;
  • TrailingStep = 1 – trailing step in points.
2017.12.13 21:14 


Antonio Martinez
2017.10.27 19:50 

Die EA ist sehr schlecht. Schade um das Geld für die EA und das Geld auf dem Konto. Schade!

Alle alle offenen Trades nun von Hand geschlossen, und beende es ab sofort.

Ich kann heute sagen, alle drei EA's von Stanislau sind nichts wert!!!


2017.03.28 18:26 


Sergey Genikhov
2016.09.28 21:02 

Below expectation.

ForYou 株式会社
2016.08.08 16:23 

That's good and stable EA! although I would love to have more entry.

ubnt77773333 Александр Максимов
2016.06.02 23:48   

Very good EA. EA working good!

Shuhua Shen
2016.04.09 17:01 

I bought the expert last year, and I lose big money...not a good system.

Jiaye Chen
2016.03.30 09:13 

This is a stable and profitable EA, I like this kind of strategy.

2016.02.13 18:35 

I bought the System last year in September. My backtests looked great. Then I let it run on demo account. I received about 14 percent in three and a half months. I just started on real money account... I think the product is good, well programmed.

2015.12.30 10:57 

I've bought the EA on 14th of December.

So far using it on a demo account and the result is negative as you can see on the author's signal of this EA: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/128560#!tab=history

Will update the result end of January.

The support of Stanislau is always on time and of good help.

2015.12.08 18:16   

Its an interesting System. I have just started it on a Demo account. Will see how would it go. I shall update my review after few months of testing.

Frederick Fung
2015.12.02 16:36 

Just bought the program!

Will rate later but for now 5 stars for friendly support!

2015.12.02 08:19 

I bought this robot and im happy with real performance,backtest also look`s great.And the seller is very helpfull,i gave him 5 stars.

I hope for the small losses and big profits.

2015.12.01 19:58 

Best EA Ever!!! Support is second to none. Definitely worth the purchase.

Georges Gholam
2015.11.14 12:48 

For me, it's the best EA. I have a good result and very small loss.

Igor Holko
2015.11.10 14:44 

Very good expert. EA is able to catch trends and get the most profit out of them. Waiting for support of additional pairs.

2015.11.08 14:19 

EA is able to catch trends and get the most profit out of them. Waiting for support of additional pairs.

Zhiping Li
2015.11.04 19:27 

I am glad to see this product, I still have the confidence in future , I will give 5 stars, looking forward to the author has achieved better!

Tiaan Pelser
2015.11.04 19:01 

Bought the EA on 11 October and is extremely happy with the performance as well as the support from Stanislau is great!!!

2015.10.05 11:55 

Interesting System

After three weeks of using, I can say that it works very well.

The entry of a trades is often the point of a rebound, there is always a trailing stop and no take profit in every open trade.

If you have a strong movement in EUR/USD, the profit could be very high.

Gary Davis
2015.08.25 17:06 

Just Renting but so far this is a GREAT Ea....

( Very good Support)

Version 8.22 - 2017.02.09
1. Added the function of closing all orders in case of achievement of a certain profit in the series of open positions of one direction.
2. Added the function of closing each position separately in case of achievement of a certain profit on strategy.
3. Added the panel. The panel displays the current situation of all strategies, and also results of trade.
4. The following strategies have been changed:

. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #1 (breakout: Buy_1)
. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #2 (rebound: Buy_22)
. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #6 (breakout and rebound: Buy_6 and Buy_62)
. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #7 (rebound: Buy_72)
. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #8 (breakout and rebound: Buy_8 and Buy_82)
. . . . . Optimized BUY strategy #9 (breakout and rebound: Buy_9 and Buy_92)

. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #1 (rebound: Sell_12)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #2 (breakout: Sell_2)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #3 (breakout and rebound: Sell_3 and Sell_32)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #4 (breakout and rebound: Sell_4 and Sell_42)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #5 (breakout and rebound: Sell_5 and Sell_52)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #6 (breakout: Sell_6)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #7 (rebound: Sell_72)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #8 (rebound: Sell_82)
. . . . . Optimized SELL strategy #9 (breakout and rebound: Sell_9 and Sell_92)
Version 7.11 - 2016.08.02
This is the final version of the 7 release (v.7.11_Final), that will not need optimization and adjustments for the next 3-6 months.

1) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #1 (breakout and rebound: Buy_1 and Buy_12).
2) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #2 (breakout: Buy_2).
3) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #5 (breakout: Buy_5).
4) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #7 (breakout and rebound: Buy_7 and Buy_72).
5) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #9 (breakout: Buy_9).
6) Updated and optimized the BUY strategy #10 (breakout and rebound: Buy_10 and Buy_102).
7) Updated and optimized the SELL strategy #8 (breakout: Sell_8).
8) Updated and optimized the SELL strategy #9 (breakout: Sell_92).
Version 7.0 - 2016.06.21
Scheduled upgrade to version 7.
Version 6.15 - 2016.03.07
This is the final version of the 6 release (v.6.15_Final), that will not need optimization and correction for the next 3-6 months.
Updated and optimized the strategies:
- BUY_1,
- BUY_12,
- BUY_32,
- BUY_4,
- BUY_5,
- BUY_52,
- BUY_62,
- BUY_72,
- BUY_10,
- BUY_102,
- SELL_2,
- SELL_32,
- SELL_7,
- SELL_82,
- SELL_102,
Version 6.0 - 2016.01.29
1) Replaced the MaximumRisk parameter with MaximumRisk_per_One_Order. Now, the parameter corresponds to the calculated value, i.e. if the value is 1.3, the risk per a single order is 1.3%.

2) Fixed an error in order comments - currently, comments are displayed.

3) Updated and optimized the strategies BUY_12, BUY_4, BUY_102, and SELL_7.
Version 5.6 - 2015.11.27
This is a forced update due to an error that occurred after the MT4 build 910 - can not load Indicators/Pivot.ex4

The update does not affect the system algorithms, structure and parameters, no optimization was made!

Nevertheless, I made some additions:

1. Added restriction for using EA on the EURUSD pair only. This is a protective measure to prevent erroneous/random use of EA on other pairs. To trade on other symbols, separate additions are used.
2. Added ability to change prefix and suffix for symbols like mEURUSD or EURUSD.ct, etc.
3. Added a comment to the order.
4. Magic numbers used by orders can be modified now.
5. Added ability to disable the sound notification when opening an order.
Version 5.5 - 2015.09.17
This is the final release of the version 5 (v.5.5_Final) that does not require optimization and correction for the next 3-6 months.
The final update includes:
1) Optimized sell strategy #5 (breakthrough and roll-back: Sell_5 and Sell_52).
2) Optimized sell strategy #8 (roll-back: Sell_82).
3) Optimized buy strategy #9 (roll-back: Buy_92).
Version 5.4 - 2015.08.21
Two of 40 strategies have been changed and optimized:
1) BUY_12.
2) SELL_82.